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Aerosol Fire SuppressionYour Choice for SpecialHazard Fire Protection

Traditional Special Hazard Fire ProtectionCenters Around Two TechnologiesWater deluge and chemical agent fixed systemsprotect high value assets and processes not possiblewith sprinkler-based fire protection.But this technology remains basically unchangedover the years; a supply of agent is stored underpressure, released through a piping distributionnetwork, floods the space, and suppresses the fire.Traditional piped systems require costly installationadaptations like:n Extra space for agent containers and pipingn Robust fixtures to handle weight and dischargen System isn’t easily reconfigured if space changesn Extensive and frequent maintenance burdenn Special measures for recharging at remote sitesWater Deluge SystemChemical Agent Fixed Systemn Water Mist (NFPA 750)n Foam-water spray (NFPA 16)n Inert Gas (NFPA 2001)n Dry Chemical (NFPA 17)n Carbon Dioxide (NFPA 12)n Halocarbon Gas (NFPA 2001)Stat-X Aerosol TechnologyAn Effective and Economical AlternativeFor safety professionals who need effective andeconomical special hazard fire protection, Stat-Xaerosol technology delivers up to 35% savingsStat-X aerosol technologyis different:n NO distribution piping, manifold,or nozzlesn NO floor space requirement orshoring up for weightn NO special handling for compressedgas cylindersn NO venting or ceiling tile clips fordischarge forcesn NO solenoid actuators, controlheads, or hosesn NO water drains or pipe freezeprotectionn NO system pressurization or roomintegrity testsin equipment and lifecycle costs compared totraditional systems. This is due to lower initialexpense plus minimal ongoing service costs.Stat-X Aerosol Fire Suppressionn Fixed Areosol Fire-extinguishingSystem (NFPA 2010)

How it WorksStat-X devices are termed condensed aerosol agent generatorsbecause they generate an ultra-fine suspension of highly ionizedpotassium fire-fighting particles upon actuation.The key elements in the generation process are:n Device is sealed and stable until actuatedn Actuator at top energizes proprietary compound, creatingaerosol agent by exothermic oxidationn Build-up of ultra-fine particles and nitrogen gas breaksmembrane seal and exits through portsn Discharge fills protected area with a soft suspension ofStat-X agent without “super-pressurizing” spacen Potassium ions combine with fragments ofcombustion, inhibiting the fire chain reactionn Agent particles also absorb heat from the fireand form inert gases upon decompositionn Minute Stat-X agent particles ( 2 µm) remainin suspension afterwards, helping checkre-ignitionn Post-fire area is easily vented and cleaned, withno harmful byproducts generatedThe superior effectiveness of condensed aerosols is dueto a unique set of characteristics unmatched by other specialhazard agents. This is why it is by far the most efficient firesuppression agent by weight.n Most efficient firesuppression by weightLESS AGENT FOR THE SAME HAZARD SPACEFor a 2,550 ft 3 (72.2 m3) hazard volume:n Effective on A, B & CClass firesn Negligible residue,minimal clean-upDryChemical(11 lb/5 kg)(50 lb/22.7 kg)Halocarbon(130 lb/59 kg)CO2(160 lb/73 kg)Inert Gas(114 lb/52 kg)n Non-toxic, EPA listedhalon substituteKey Approvals WorldwideAerosol fire suppression technology is well-knownthroughout Europe and Asia. In the past few years, morefire protection engineers in the Americas are recognizingits worth for protecting special hazards.Stat-X technology is also listed by the USAEnvironmental Protection Agency as a Halonalternative under its Significant New Alternatives Policy(SNAP) program.Norms such as NFPA 2010: Standard for Fixed AerosolFire Extinguishing Systems and UL 2775: Fixed AerosolExtinguishing Systems Units now govern its use in awide variety of applications.It has no Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and zeroeffective Global Warming Potential (GWP) meaningStat-X agent is not prone to future bans like manyhalocarbon agents.

Wide Range of SolutionsBy Size and Activation TypeElectricalSeriesStat-X RoomProtection Control PanelThermalSeriesStat-X CabinetProtection Thermal HeadManualSeriesStat-X EngineProtection Manual PullStat-XFirstResponder Stat-X ConfinedSpace Protection Hand-deployedCompatible With Popular Control PanelsStat-X aerosol generators use the same actuationmethods as other special hazard fire systems:n simple manual release,n automatic thermal release, orn sophisticated electronic detection and controlCompatibility with many manufactuers’ UL listed agentrelease panels means Stat-X fire suppression can integrate into networks for central reporting or to massnotification systems per NFPA 72 National Fire Alarm andSignaling Code.

Low Cost of OwnershipTECHNOLOGY KEY MAINTENANCE TASKSNFPA standards and manufacturer guidelines all requireregular system maintenance. This is essential to helpensure your suppression system is ready to respondin a fire emergency.But maintenance costs can be significant over the lifeof a system and must be considered early on.Because Stat-X fire suppression has no distributionpiping or pressurized agent vessels, maintenanceactivity is minimized. This dramatically decreasestotal cost of ownership compared to other systems.MAINTENANCE COSTS OVER 10 YEARSWaterMistFlow alarm & drain testClean or replace screensNozzle water test flowValve tear-down, Test FACP actuation,weigh cylindersBlow out pipingHydrostatic test hoseSemi-annualTest FACP actuation,blow out pipingTear-down & replace agentSemi-annualDryChemicalCO2Inert Gas(Service call: 785 /day)Stat-XStat-XDry Chemical2-years5-years6-yearsTest FACP actuation, checkpressure & agent quantityHydrostatic test cylinder,refill unrecovered agentSemi-annualTest FACP actuation, checkpressure & agent quantityHydrostatic test cylinders,refill unrecovered agentSemi-annualTest FACP actuation,examine Stat-X hardwareSemi-annual5-years5-yearsThe number of required maintenance tasks, theircomplexity and frequency determine costs over time.Tasks shown above are taken from UL-listed design,installation, operation and maintenance manuals fromvarious manufacturers.CO2HalocarbonInert GasWater Mist0INTERVALS 5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000 30,000By comparison, Stat-X system inspection andmaintenance has fewer tasks, saving both time and labor.Fire Professionals Are Switching to Stat-X!Fire safety professionals who do cost-to-benefit riskanalysis quickly realize Stat-X fire suppression is themost economical system, offering the most effectivefire protection, for many special hazard applications.The inherent flexibility of design combined with equipmentand labor savings allows them to enhance coverage forcurrently protected assets and add coverage to previouslyneglected areas.What Our Customers Are Saying} Stat-X protecting one of our CNC machines discharged due to fire, suppressing it. The area was unmannedand the automatic system stopped the fire from spreading. We were up and running again fast! - Manufacturer, Geneva, IL} It works wonders. One Stat-X First Responder knocked down the fire. They are life savers. - Firefighter, Deer Park, NY} After researching available special hazard systems for the very best protection as well as compliance withsafety and environmental issues we found Stat-X technology as the product leader. – Engineer, Leicestershire, UK

Quality You Can Count OnOur high quality aerosol fire suppression generators arebuilt to last and built to be effective. Their outstanding firesuppression performance and long service life is rootedin meticulous manufacturing practices.n Proprietary fire suppression compound is preciselyformulated, milled and blended from the best reagentgrade chemicalsn Architectural grade stainless steel and an imperviousmetallized membrane create a highly corrosion andoxidation resistant housingOur Mission:Protect Lives and PropertyThis is what we do.Our team has decades of experience in special hazardfire protection and is dedicated to finding the mosteffective and economical ways to apply aerosol firesuppression technology in the widest range ofapplications.Contact us. Let’s work together to protect lives, property,and fight off the disruptive costs of fire at your for videoFireaway Inc.5852 Baker RoadMinnetonka, MN 55345 USA952-935-9745 2013 Fireaway Inc. All rights reservedMade in USAPN 19090 07/13Stat-X and Stat-X First Responder are registered trademarks of Fireaway Inc.n Manufacture to the tightest engineering tolerancesand tested to MIL-STD-810 so units resist environmental effects and temperature extremesn Partner with leading fire panel makers to ensurefull detection and control integration with Stat-Xhardwaren State-of-the-art processes are regularly auditedand inspected by certified third partiesn ISO-9001 n American Bureau of Shippingn Bureau Veritas n Underwriters Laboratories

Stat-X Aerosol Fire Suppression n Fixed Areosol Fire-extinguishing System (NFPA 2010) Chemical Agent Fixed System n Inert Gas (NFPA 2001) n Dry Chemical (NFPA 17) n Carbon Dioxide (NFPA 12) n Halocarbon Gas (NFPA 2001) Water deluge and chemical agent fixed systems protect high value assets and processes not possible with sprinkler-based fire .