CP-109: Costpoint & Importance Of Process Design


CP-109:Costpoint & Importanceof Process DesignRafael Perez & Barbara Bill,Infotek Consulting LLC

INTRODUCTIONDo you have process documentation?And, does your process documentation reflectwhat happens in your operations today?Documented Process Importance Best PracticesWhether making the leap into manufacturingor seeking process improvement, making sureyour systems that maintain your records fityour processes is important! Metrics Design Relationship System Implementation RelationshipThis Session Will Teach You How Important Process Design Is To A System Implementation!

Tribal Knowledge?LET’S TALK PROCESS TOOLSGozinto ChartSIPOC/Turtle DiagramValue Stream MapCross-FunctionalProcess Map?Let’s Put The Process To Paper And Explore How You Can Help Optimize Your Organization.

ACTIVITY INTRODUCTIONProcess Mapping is a group activity performed by teams of subject matter experts tocreate step-by-step diagrams documenting how work is processed. It can be used todocument current state and/or future state, and helps identify process improvementopportunities.LET’S DO IT! Break into two teams You will be assigned roles The team will be given a task You will have 30 minutesThe activity will begin once roles are assigned .

ACTIVITY - CHARTERPROJECT CHARTERPROJECT TITLE: Future State Purchase Requisition Processing w/CostpointBusiness CaseProblem/Opportunity StatementThe company has purchased Costpoint to be the system of recordfor purchase approval processing. This will allow the company toobtain reporting on the process and streamline the purchaserequisition approval process.The company has grown too large for everyone to have P-cards,there is not a clear record of purchases, nor of approvals per thecompany policy. Additionally, the company has purchased aprocurement system and current state use of P-cards will not work.Goal StatementScopeDevelop a cross-functional process map in 30 minutes thatrepresents a future state purchase requisition process that will beused for the Costpoint implementation.Design the process that will be used for the Costpoint systemimplementation.From initiation of purchase request to purchase order.

WHAT DID YOU LEARN? What Are The Differences In Outcomes? Is One More Wrong Or Right? Why? Did This Help You Understand Process Interaction? How Does This Apply To A Costpoint Implementation?

SUMMARYDoes Your Current State Have A Process Map?Do You Think It Needs One?A Documented Process Is Important Because Relationship To A System / Costpoint Implementation System Requirements Roles and Responsibilities for Security Groups What Out of the Box andRelationship To Metrics Design Reports Needed For Monitoring ProcessAnd For These Reasons It Is Important!Benefits Reduction in Rework Increased Productivity Clean Implementation of NewSystem Identified Improvement Opportunities Quality and Compliance Documented Tribal Knowledge

TRIBAL KNOWLEDGE AND OUR WORLD TODAY Defense Spending & DoD Funded Process Improvement Initiatives Aerospace and Defense Statistics Work Force Challenges

REFORM FOR GREATER PERFORMANCE ANDAFFORDABILITY Business Process Improvement – Refining actions, personnel, and timelines to increase effectiveness, efficiency, andreliability of the Department’s delivery of goods and services. (FY 2020 2.3 billion) Business System Improvement – Modernizing and eliminating legacy business systems and processes to increase theeffectiveness and reduce duplication of the Department’s IT business systems and deliver information at the speed ofrelevance. (FY 2020 250.5 million) Weapon System Acquisition – Procuring and sustaining weapon systems differently to prioritize speed of delivery,continuous adaptation, and frequent modular upgrades. (FY 2020 100.6 million investment)1 UnitedStates Dept. of Defense FY2020 Budget Request

A&D PROFESSIONAL STATISTICSChoose Washing Study by New Mid Market Airplane (NMA) Council - 2018

WORK FORCE CHALLENGES A total of 5,525 SPEEA technicians and engineers and 8,700 machinists with IAM 751 wereage 55 and over in 2018.Choose Washington Study by New Mid Market Airplane (NMA) Council - 2018

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This Session: CP-109Costpoint & Importance of Process Design

SIPOC/Turtle Diagram Gozinto Chart Cross-Functional Process Map? Tribal Knowledge? Value Stream Map. ACTIVITY INTRODUCTION Process Mapping is a group activity performed by teams of subject matter experts to create step-by-step diagrams documenting how work is processed. It can be used to document current state and/or future state, and helps identify process improvement