FG1825 Eyewash, Pedestal Mounted, Stainless Steel Bowl


EyewashesG1825 Eyewash, Pedestal Mounted, Stainless Steel BowlG1825P Eyewash, Pedestal Mounted, Plastic BowlApplication: Free standing, pedestal mounted eyewash. TwoGS-Plus spray-type spray heads deliver a flood of water forrinsing eyes.Spray Head Assembly: Two GS-Plus spray heads. Each headhas a “flip top” dust cover, internal flow control and filter toremove impurities from the water flow.Valve: 1/2" IPS chrome plated brass stay-open ball valve. Valveis US-made with chrome plated brass ball and Teflon seals.Bowl: 11-1/2" diameter. Bowl is stainless steel (G1825) ororange ABS plastic (G1825P).Pipe and Fittings: Schedule 40 galvanized steel. Furnishedwith orange polyethylene covers for vertical piping for highvisibility and corrosion resistance.Supply: 1/2" NPT female inlet.Waste: 1-1/4" NPT female outlet.Sign: ANSI-compliant identification sign.Quality Assurance: Valve, bowl and spray head assembly isfactory assembled and water tested prior to shipment.Available OptionsBC Stainless steel bowl cover (G1825 only). Cover protectsunit against contaminants. Cover is automatically raisedwhen unit is activated.DC Stainless steel dust cover for each spray head.HFC Hand and foot control. Eyewash is activated by flaghandle or foot treadle.HS Auxiliary hand-held drench hose for rinsing eyes, faceor body.SC Self-closing ball valve. Note: Eyewashes with self-closingvalves do not comply with ANSI Z358.1-2014.TMV G3600LF thermostatic mixing valve precisely blendshot and cold water to deliver warm (tepid) water asrequired by ANSI Z358.1-2014. Refer to “Tempering Units”section for complete technical and product selectioninformation.

EyewashesG1825 Eyewash, Pedestal Mounted, Stainless Steel BowlG1825P Eyewash, Pedestal Mounted, Plastic BowlØ11 1/8"(283mm)(2) GS-PLUSSPRAY HEADSPOWDER COATED CASTALUMINUM FLAG HANDLE6 1/2"(165mm)STAINLESS STEEL BOWL1/2" NPT FEMALE INLET4 5/8"(117mm)4 7/8"(127mm)1/2" CHROME-PLATEDBRASS STAYOPEN BALL VALVEGALVANIZED STEELPIPE AND FITTINGS39 1/2"(1003mm)33 1/2"(851mm)DETAIL "A"UNIVERSAL FLOOR FLANGE1-1/4" NPTFEMALE OUTLET9 1/4"(235mm)Ø7/16" MOUNTING SLOTSON 7-5/8" BOLT CIRCLE9"(229mm)POWDER COATEDCAST ALUMINUMFLOOR FLANGE(SEE DETAIL A)this space for architect/engineer approvalDue to continuing product improvement, the information contained in this documentis subject to change without notice. All dimensions are 1/4" (6mm).NOTE:EACH GS-PLUS SPRAY HEAD HAS A"FLIP-TOP" DUST COVER, INTERNALFLOW CONTROL AND FILTER TO REMOVEIMPURITIES FROM THE WATER FLOW.Sign Included

Parts ListEyewashes(2 GS-Plus Spray Heads)Item Part 0-008RAP100-011AGDescriptionHOrange ABS Plastic BowlIGreen ABS Plastic BowlYellow ABS Plastic BowlBStainless Steel BowlStn. Stl. Flanged Bowl For Deck MountADrain Plate AssembliesBAP150-012AAP150-012BDrain Plate Assembly for Plastic BowlsDrain Plate Assembly for Stainless BowlsAssemblyDetailNote: Includes Drain Plate, Cupped Washer, And GasketWaste ReceptorsC150-014E-2150-066-2CCast Aluminum Waste Receptor for WallMount UnitsCast Aluminum Waste Receptor forPedestal UnitsHGHGBall Valve -101V-HFCAP600-1041/2”IPS Stay-Open Chrome Plated BrassBall Valve with Flag Handle, Horizontal1/2”IPS Stay-Open Chrome Plated BrassBall Valve with Flag Handle, VerticalCCRecessed DeckMounted1/2”IPS Stay-Open Chrome Plated BrassBall Valve with Flag Handle, for Hand/Foot Control, HorizontalD1/2”IPS Stay-Open Chrome Plated BrassBall Valve with Flag Handle, for Hand/Foot Control, VerticalHG1/2” IPS Brass Stay-Open Ball Valve, PushDown ControlEAP050-010Stainless Steel Foot Treadle and ReturnSpring with Aluminum Clevis PinF150-032Powder Coated Cast Aluminum FloorFlange, 1-1/4” NPT Female ConnectionGAP470-001GS-Plus Spray Head Assy.HAP470-100R(2) GS-Plus Spray Heads with ChromePlated Brass FittingsIBI136-02-043/8” IPS X 2-1/4” Brass ShankCEWallMountedFHGPedestalMountedDSwing DeckMountedD

Parts ListGS-Plus Spray HeadsThis guardian equipment product is equipped withGS-Plus spray heads. Each head features: Tough polypropylene plastic construction Highly visible integrated nylon dust cover Easily accessible 1.8 GPM flow controlA Dense (60 pore per inch) polyurethane filter Unique design provides a consistently soft, full spray of wateracross a range of working pressures from 30 to 100 PSI.ItemABCDPart onGS-Plus Spray Head (assembled)Dust Cover and Cap Assembly60 PPI Polyurethane Filter1.8 GPM Flow ControlBCIMPORTANTIn order to operate properly,the flow control must beinserted into the bodyconcave end first.D

A. EW-12* – Pedestal mounted eye wash with stainless steel bowl, Schedule 40galvanized pipe and fittings, ½” U.S. made chrome plated stay open ball valve,powder coated cast aluminum flag handle and floor flange. Unit shall have (2)polypropylene ‘GS Plus’ spray heads with integral “flip-top” dust covers, filters and1.8-GPM flow control orifices mounted on a chrome plated brass eyewash assembly.Unit shall include ANSI compliant sign.B. Performance: Unit shall be hydrostatically tested to meet or exceed ANSI Z358.1 –2009, and come with a full 2-year warranty.C. Fixture: Guardian Equipment G1825

Eyewashes F F G1825 Eyewash, Pedestal Mounted, Stainless Steel Bowl G1825P Eyewash, Pedestal Mounted, Plastic Bowl Application: Free standing, pedestal mounted eyewash. Two GS-Plus spray-type spray heads deliver a flood of water for rinsing eyes.