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Power 8POWER8 is the fastest around

Power Systems RangeOperating SystemsHypervisorsScale-out Systems (1 & 2 sockets)ManagementEnterprise Systems (4 sockets)2014 IBM Power Systems Announce: April 28, 2014Power E870Power E880Power E850Power S812LPower S822LPower S824LPower S822Power S814Power S824Announce: May 11, 2015Announce: October 6, 2014

OpenPOWER drives industry innovationOpen DevelopmentOpenPOWER enables greater innovation throughboth open software and open hardwareCollaboration across multiple thought leadersCollaborative development model drives collectivethought leadership, simultaneously across multiple disciplinesPerformance of leading POWER architectureBroadens the capability and performance of the POWER platformThe OpenPOWER Foundation creates an open ecosystem,using the POWER Architecture to share expertise, investment, andserver-class intellectual property to serve the evolving needs of customers.

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Power SystemS812LC and S822LC

Introducing a new line of servers for Linux Clouds & Clusters –IBM Power Systems LC LineS822LCCommercialKey Client ValueSpecificationsOptimize your datacenter for cloud, big data,and business-critical applicationswith new solutions to deliver superior cloud economicsthrough greater efficiency and agility, developed with an openecosystem of innovators including members of theOpenPOWER Foundation» 2-socket, 2U» Up to 20 cores (2.9-3.3Ghz)» 1 TB Memory (32 DIMMs)» 230GB/sec memory bandwidth» 2x SFF (HDD/SSD), 2 TB storage» 5 PCIe slots, 4 CAPI enabled I/O available» Default 3 yr 9x5 Warranty 100% CRUAccess all data, build models quickly, iterate fasterwith new solutions to deliver analytics in the cloud at theS822LCspeed of data creation. Developed with anHighopen ecosystem of innovators, including OpenPOWERPerformanceFoundation members, data scientists can deliver resultsComputingfaster with Power Systems, an open platform that tightlyintegrates the best acceleration technologiesS812LCAct faster and make better decisionswith systems designed for dataPower Systems unique design for data is built to address thespecific memory and multithreading demands that analyticsapplications built with Hadoop and Spark present» 2-socket, 2U» Up to 20 cores (2.9-3.3Ghz)» 1 TB Memory (32 DIMMs)» 230GB/sec memory bandwidth» 2 integrated NVIDIA GPUs» 5 PCIe slots, 2 CAPI enabled I/O available» Default 3 yr 9x5 Warranty 100% CRU» 1-socket, 2U» Up to 10 cores (2.9-3.3Ghz)» 1 TB Memory (32 DIMMs)» 115GB/sec memory bandwidth» 14x 3.5” drives, 112TB Storage» 4 PCIe slots, 2 CAPI enabled» Default 3 yr 9x5 Warranty 100% CRUAdvantages vs. Competition» Over 2X performance per core than Xeon E5-2600v3» 40% better price/performance vs Xeon E5-2600v3-based servers» Over 2X greater memory bandwidth than XeonE5-2600v3 with fully configured memory capacity» Available CAPI-attached accelerators forcompute, storage, fabric with lower latency» Over 2X greater memory bandwidth than XeonE5-2600v3 with fully configured memory capacity» Optimized for Spark and Hadoop» 16X the memory capacity of Xeon E3 servers, 2X1P Xeon E5 servers

IBM Research - 7 Nanometer and BeyondCarbon Nanotubes IBM demonstrated a 10,000 transistor chip IBM demonstrated a 9nm transistor 5x-10x better performanceGraphene IBM demonstrated a 100 GHz transistor IBM demonstrated a functional circuit 10,000x better performance

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AIX 7.2

AIX Release Life Cycle View201320142015201620172018AIX NextGA 4Q20192020TL0AIX 7.2GA 12/2015TL0P8 EntryAIX 7.1GA 09/2010SPTL3AIX 6.1GA 4EOS 4Q27P8 High EndSPSPP8 MidrangeTL9TL4EOM 4/16TL5EOS 4/17Marketed and servicedFee-based service extensionServiced onlyWeb support onlyEOM 4/2021EOS 4/22EOL 4/20Technology Level (TL)Last TLNew AIX level ships every four yearsNew Technology Levels (TL) initially ship yearly for new AIX releases, then transition to a TL every two yearsEOL 4/25IBMConfidentialSP Service Pack

AIX 7.2 HighlightsIBM is introducing AIX 7.2, the IBM strategic UNIX operating system formission-critical, core business applications, with the following features:AIX Live Update for Interim Fixes.Cluster Aware AIX (CAA) automation with repository replacement mechanism.SRIOV-backed Virtual Network Interface Card (VNIC).RDSv3 over RoCE, which adds support of the Oracle RDSv3 protocol over the Mellanox Connect RoCEadapters. Flash caching. Workloads can take advantage of a read-only cache. Planned availability date - December 4, 2015

AIX 7.2 Next Generation AIX Live Update TechnologyProject Requirements Use existing maintenance model and administrative tools (NIM, emgr, installp) Start with live AIX kernel replacement for i-fixes, then in future extend to SPs and possibly TLs Long term goal is to provide non-disruptive updates for all of AIX (kernel, commands, and Libs)CECOriginal LPARSurrogate LPARLive MigrationRunningWorkloadOriginal kernelVirt. entVSCSIOriginal rootvgVirt. entVIOSNew SIUpdated kernelOriginal rootvgNew rootvg(Alt-disk-install)

AIX 7.2 – Workload Optimization with FlashKey message – Potential performance improvement with caching of SAN data in server-attached Flash storage . Noapplication change is required. All storage solution such as SSD or SAS attached drawer are supported. Additionalperformance improvements are seen from off-loading SAN traffic closer to the serverTarget customers: Enterprise customers willing to invest in technology for better I/O performanceTypical customer use cases: I/O intensive workloads with a transactional DB Data Warehouse applicationsSystem requirement: Standard AIX 7.2 Requires Flash storageSteps for adoption: Can be adopted right away. Simple admin set-up required to enable. Flash storage will be required

AIX 7.2 – Simplified and Optimized Oracle RAC on POWERKey message – Infrastructure simplification with users, applications and DB on one topology, eliminates need for specializedinterconnect technology, and provides better performance and scalingTarget customers: Oracle RAC on POWER customersTypical customer use cases: Customers who are on or evaluating 40GB ethernet in their data centers Customers evaluating PurePower which integrates 40 GB into the systemSystem Requirement: Standard AIX 7.2 40 GB Ethernet adapter. This is a feature code in POWER8 40GB switch is included in PurePOWER, or can be ordered directly from MellanoxSteps for adoption: Oracle support of 40GB over IP on AIX was announced on September 1, ready to deploy today on AIX 7.1 and 6.1! Oracle certification of AIX 7.2 with RDS for improved DB performance is being worked for future growth

AIX 7.2 – vNIC Adapter with SR-IOV Virtualization(Performance Optimized Virtual Networking)Key message – vNIC enables Live Partition Mobility for SR-IOV adapters, SR-IOV adapters provide better QOS controlswhich allow guaranteed bandwidth to be assigned to each VM and reduced server resource consumptionTarget customers: Customers that have a need higher performing network adapters, better QOS and that use LivePartition MobilityTypical customer use cases: Consolidated workloads on large high end servers where some workloads may require larger bandwidthSystem requirement: AIX software is part of standard AIX 7.2, and AIX 7.1 TL 4 PowerVM 2.2.4 is required SR-IOV adapter is requiredSteps for adoption: Can be adopted right away. Simple admin set-up required to enable. Supported on servers with POWER8 processors running PowerVM

Other AIX 7.2 FeaturesCAA automation with repository replacement mechanism When the Storage Framework (SFW) detects primary (active) repository disk DOWN, it will notify CAA and CAA willautomatically replace the failed repository disk with a user-specified backup repository diskRDSv3 over RoCE adds support of the Oracle RDSv3 protocol over the Mellanox Connect RoCE adapters. Instead ofrequiring the IB network infrastructure, the feature allows the user to leverage the high-speed Ethernet connect and runthe RDSv3 protocol over Oracle RAC cluster for higher performance.AIX Dynamic System Optimizer is now included as part of AIX 7.2.IBM BigFix Lifecycle provides an automated, simplified patching process that is administered from a single console. Itprovides near real-time visibility and enforcement to deploy and manage patches to all distributed endpoints. Thisoffering will ship with AIX Enterprise editions.

AIX Enterprise EditionAIX Enterprise Edition V1.1 includes the following offerings: Dynamic System Optimizer V1.1 (5765-PWO) (AIX 7.1 Only as included in AIX 7.2) IBM PowerSC Std Ed V1.1 (5765-PSE) PowerVC Standard Edition V1 (5765-VCS) Cloud Manager with OpenStack V4.3 (5765-CMO) ITM V6.3 IBM BigFix Lifecycle Mozilla Firefox (ESD only)

Power Systems Range Power S824L Power S822 Announce: October 6, 2014 . IBM Power Systems LC Line. IBM Research - 7 Nanometer and Beyond Carbon Nanotubes IBM demonstrated a 10,000 transistor chip IBM demonstra