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INTRODUCTIONThis FrontRunners analysisIn the Residential Propertyis a data-driven assessmentManagement FrontRunnersidentifying products in theinfographic, the minimum qualifyingResidential Property Managementscores were 3.93 for Usability andsoftware market that offer the3.76 for User capability and value for smallbusinesses. For a given market,products are evaluated and givena score for Usability (x-axis) andUser Recommended (y-axis).FrontRunners then plots 10-15products each on a Small Vendorand an Enterprise Vendor graphic,based on vendor business size, percategory.To be considered for theResidential Property ManagementFrontRunners, a product neededa minimum of 20 user reviewspublished within 18 months of theevaluation period. Products neededa minimum user rating score of3.0 for both Usability and UserRecommended.3

IntroductionThe minimum score cutoff to be included inthe FrontRunners graphic varies by category,depending on the range of scores in each category.No product with a score less than 3.0 in eitherdimension is included in any FrontRunners graphic.For products included, the Usability and UserRecommended scores determine their positions onthe FrontRunners graphic.4

DEFININGRESIDENTIALPROPERTYMANAGEMENTS O F T WA R EResidential Property ManagementResidential Property Managementsoftware helps propertysoftware market. We identify thismanagers oversee their dailyset of core capabilities for theoperations for multi- and single-Residential Property Managementfamily properties, providingsoftware category: residentiala centralized location whereproperty management support,managers with multiple propertiestenant and lease tracking.can view all of them at once.Software Advice’s FrontRunnersis focused on the North American5

FRONTRUNNERS(SMALL & ENTERPRISE VENDORS)F R O N TR U N N ER S FO R RE S IDE NT IA L PRO PE RT YM A NAG EME NT, MA RC H 2 0 1 9For each individual rating in both the Usability andUser Recommended criteria, the methodologyweighs recent reviews more heavily.6

FRONTRUNNERSSCORES(SMALL & ENTERPRISE VENDORS)TOTALSCOREUSABILITYSCOREUS E RR E CO M M E N DEDS CO R E1Property Vista9.524.774.752Hemlane9.344.744.603AppFolio PropertyManager9.024.514.504Rentec .844.524.327Condo Control Central8.764.484.288Rent 8.304.194.1111MRI Software8.284.174.1112Tenant File PropertyManagement Software8.284.174.1113Entrata Core8.163.944.2114Yardi Voyager8.053.964.0915LandlordTracks8.004.233.777

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METHODOLOGYBASICSThe FrontRunners methodologyassesses and calculates ascore for products on two primarydimensions: Usability on the x-axisand User Recommended on they-axis.The Usability score is a weightedaverage of user ratings including: End-user ratings of one to fivestars on how valuable usersconsider the product to berelative to its price. End-user ratings of one to fivestars on how likely they areto recommend the product toothers.There are up to two FrontRunners End-user ratings of one to fivestars on the product’s ease of for each market, one End-user ratings of one tofive stars on the product’sfunctionality.Vendors graphic. The Small VendorsThe User Recommended score isan overall weighted average ofscores including:Small Vendors and one Enterprisegraphic highlights qualifiers fromsmaller (by employee size) vendors,while the Enterprise Vendorsgraphic displays qualifiers for larger(by employee size) vendors.12

M ethodology BasicsMarkets are defined by a core set of functionality,and to be eligible for FrontRunners, productsmust offer that core set of functionality. Corefunctionality required is determined by ourresearch analysts, who provide coverage for andhave familiarity with products in that market.Additionally, a product must have at least 20unique user-submitted product reviews publishedwithin 18 months of the start of the analysis periodacross the three Gartner Digital Markets webproperties:, in the Small Vendor or EnterpriseVendor FrontRunners graphics is based on vendoremployee count. Vendors eligible for the EnterpriseVendor graphic must have more than the medianemployee count for all vendors in the market, or100 employees—whichever is greater. Vendorswhose employee counts do not meet either ofthose thresholds qualify for the Small Vendorgraphic.In the event fewer than 10 products qualify for either a SmallVendors or Enterprise Vendors FrontRunners graphic, the vendorsthat do qualify will be combined into a single graphic.113

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Bigfoot CMMS Bixby Bookalet Bookex Bookster Budgetrac Building Engines BuildingLink CIC Total Manager ComVibe Condo Manager Corrigo CoStar Real Estate Manager Cozy Cubilis Dashbell . relative to its price. End-user ratings of one to five stars o