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Curriculum VitaeJeff KaplanAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Dance & TheatreManhattanville College2900 Purchase StreetPurchase, NY 10577(940) 300-4515 atre and Performance StudiesUniversity of Maryland, College ParkDissertation: “A Show of One’s Own: Dorothy Sands and the Rise of Solo Performancein America.” Advisor and Chair: Faedra Chatard Carpenter. Committee: Esther KimLee, James Harding, Robyn Muncy, Bruce McConachie2006MFADanceTexas Woman’s University1996BAHistoryGrinnell CollegeAcademic 2006-72003-06Assistant ProfessorGraduate AssistantGraduate FellowAdjunct FacultyAdjunct FacultyAdjunct FacultyGraduate FellowshipManhattanville College, Purchase, NYUniversity of Maryland, College Park, MDUniversity of Maryland, College Park, MDRichland College, Dallas, TXTarrant County College, Ft. Worth, TXUniversity of Texas at Dallas, Dallas, TXTexas Woman’s UniversityScholarshipBook (Monograph) Projects:Involuntary Motion: The Somatics of Refugee Performance (under contract with Routledge, manuscript submissiondate: March 15, 2020).Protean Acts: Dorothy Sands and the Solo Performance of Theater History (revision complete, in conversation withpublisher)1

Peer-Reviewed Articles:“Dancing with the Dragon: Orality and (Body) Language(s) in a Live Performance of Beowulf,” Nordic TheatreStudies 28, no. 2, “Theatre and Language” (Dec. 2017).“The Dance of Distance Poetry: Plato’s Ion and the Psychology of Acting,” Journal of Dramatic Theory andCriticism 33, vol. 1 (Fall 2017).Book Chapters:“Metaphor and Semiotics in Text and Movement Dance Performance,” in Text andPresentation 2006, edited by Stratos Constantinidis (Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Co., 2007).Trade Publications:“Theatre of the Brain: The Science of Mental Rehearsal,” Teaching Theatre, Nov. 2019.“10 Landmark Plays by Women that You Should Know,”, Oct. 14, 2019.“How to Find the Truth in Your Onstage Performance,”, May 23, 2019.“The Breathing Exercise that Can Strengthen Your Performance,”, Mar. 29, 2019.“How to be a Versatile—And Better—Performer,”, Dec. 11, 2018.“Choosing Between a B.A. and a B.F.A.,”, Nov. 14, 2018.Conference Presentations/Performance Papers“Sea Creatures: Monstrosity and Refugee Bodies,” ASTR (American Society for Theatre Research), Arlington,VA, Nov. 7-10, 2019.“Undocumented Zombies: Immigration and the Walking Dead,” ASTR (American Society for TheatreResearch), San Diego, CA, Nov. 15-18, 2018.“The Non-Hero's Journey: Refugees and the Absent Archetype,” IFTR (International Federation for TheatreResearch), Belgrade, Serbia, July 9-13, 2018.“Involuntary Motion: Dance and the Refugee Experience,” DSA (Dance Studies Association), University ofMalta in Valleta, Malta, July 5-8, 2018.“Involuntary Motion,” Faculty Research Symposium, Manhattanville College, May 3, 2018.“A Sympathetic Elastic” Anti-Minstrelsy in the 1920s Lower East Side,” CDC (Comparative DramaConference), Orlando, FL, 2018, Apr. 5-7, 2018.“Gender, Death, and Knowledge: Representations of the Witch of Endor,” ASTR (American Society forTheatre Research), Atlanta, GA, Nov. 16-19, 2017.2

“Creation and Overflow: ‘The Making of Art through the Unfolding of Time,’” PSi#23 (Performance StudiesInternational), Hamburg, Germany, June 8-11, 2017.“‘Gestures in the Shadows’: A Performance Translation of the Witch of En-dor,” (original 25-minute solo text andmovement performance), ASTR (American Society for Theatre Research), Minneapolis, MN, Nov. 3-6,2016.“The Word of Your Body: Redemption, Extasis, and Sex with Trees in an Interdisciplinary Spring Awakening,”ATHE (Association for Theatre in Higher Education), Chicago, IL, Aug. 11-14, 2016.“Dramaturging the Past: Dorothy Sands and Styles in Acting (1932),” IFTR (International Federation of TheatreResearch), Stockholm, Sweden, June 13-17, 2016.“‘Sicklied o’er’: The Neighborhood Playhouse, The Grand Street Follies, and Constructions of Whiteness andJewishness in 1920s Broadway,” MATC (Mid-America Theatre Conference), Minneapolis, MN, Mar. 1720, 2016.“The Poetry of Madness: Plato’s Ion and the Psychology of Acting,” CDC (Comparative Drama Conference),Baltimore, MD, Mar. 26-28, 2015.“‘Written in Bone’ – Skeleton Stories at the National Museum of Natural History,” CDC (Comparative DramaConference), Baltimore, MD, Apr. 4, 2014.“Siglo de Oro, Siglo de Ojo, Siglo de la Oreja (‘Century of Gold, Century of the Eye, Century of the Ear’):Changing Embodiments in Spanish Golden Age Theatre,” IFTR (International Federation of TheatreResearch), Barcelona, Spain, July 22-26, 2013.“Tense and Release – A Movement Exploration of Verbs, Time, and Embodiment” (40-minute performance/paper),Psi#17 (Performance Studies International), Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA, June 26-30, 2013.“Involuntary Motion: A Movement Meditation on Dis-Placement and Refugee Status” (20 minuteperformance/paper), Global Lives Graduate Student Conference, SUNY Stony Brook – ManhattanCampus, Oct. 13, 2012.“The Body as Intertext: A Movement Analysis of Meyerhold Technique.” Text and Presentation, CDC(Comparative Drama Conference), Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA, Apr., 2007.“Towards a New Semiotics of Dance: Preliminary Considerations,” American Semiotics SocietyAnnual Meeting, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, Sept., 2006.“Metaphor and Semiotics in Text and Movement Dance Performance,” CDC (Comparative DramaConference), Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA, Apr., 2006.Invited Lectures“The ‘Other’ Onstage in Theater History,” for Learning in Retirement, Stamford, CT, Oct. 17, 2019.“What’s this Mishegas on the Radio?: Yiddish Theater and the WPA,” for Jewish Historical Society of FairfieldCounty, Stamford, CT, Apr. 28, 2019.“A Show of Her Own: Dorothy Sands and the Rise of Solo Performance in America,” for ManhattanvilleCollege Faculty Lecture Series, Sept. 26, 2018.3

“From Shakespeare to Silent Movies: How Theatre and Acting Has Evolved,” for Lifetime Learners Institute,Norwalk, CT, Sept. 21, 2018.“Involuntary Motion: Dance and the Refugee Experience,” for Manhattanville College Faculty ResearchSymposium, May 3, 2018.“Bards and Beats: How Actors Learn Their Lines,” for Learning in Retirement, Stamford, CT, Apr. 17, 2018.Artistic CreditsDirecting:2018Eurydice, by Sarah Ruhl, Manhattanville College2012Stained Glass (original), Iowa State University (in collaboration with Grinnell College MusicDramaturgy:2018Public Conversation with Sarah RuhlReid Castle, Manhattanville College2016-17Interim Director of DramaturgyDepartment of Theatre, Dance, and Performance StudiesUniversity of Maryland, College Park2016Kennedy Center New Voices/New Visions Int’l Playwriting Intensive – Asst. Dir. Of DramaturgyUniversity of Maryland, College Park2014Spring AwakeningDirected by Brian MacDevitt, Sara Pearson, and Patrik WidrigKay Theatre, University of Maryland2013Apple Falling (MFA Dance Thesis Concert)Directed by Graham BrownDance Theatre, University of MarylandSolo “Text and Movement” Work (Premiere listed):2019Odysseus and the Sirens (solo performer/adapter)Five-minute text-and-movement solo as part of a group-telling of the Odyssey.The Dragon’s Egg, Ledyard, CT.2018Iftu’s Story (8 min.) (solo performer/adapter)In this six-minute solo piece, I tell the story of Iftu Omar, a 15-year old Ethiopian refugee,speaking and dancing simultaneously. The piece is part of a larger emerging performance andpublication project titled Involuntary Motion.Little Theatre, Manhattanville College, Purchase, NY.2016Gestures in the Shadows (20 min.) (solo performer/adapter)4

The “Witch of Endor,” from the Old Testament, (1 Samuel 28), in which King Saul, havingbanished diviners, seeks a woman who can converse with the dead, in the face of an overwhelmingPhilistine onslaught – Hebrew, Aramaic, English, and modern dance.Tawes Hall, University of Maryland Campus, College Park, MD.2009Beowulf is min nama (75 min.) (solo performer/adapter)Author unknown. Beowulf confronts his fate in the form of an angry dragon, awoken by theft after300 years of slumber. “Part 3” of the Beowulf epic, narrated in its original Anglo-Saxon, whiledancing.Ft. Worth Community Arts Center, Sanders Theatre, Ft. Worth, TX.2008She Sells Shells (12 min.) (with Lacreacia Sanders)Text traditional. A basketball-themed tongue-twister hip-bop battle, while dancing.“Choreography Network” dance concertDenton Community Theatre, Denton, TX2007K.Lear (55 min.) (solo performer/adapter)Text by William Shakespeare. King Lear, Act III (the “storm scene”) played as a solo whiledancing in a straitjacket.Robeson Theater, Tarrant County College – SE, Arlington, TX2006The Man Who Planted Trees (30 min.) (solo performer/adapter)Text by Jean Giono. Character-driven morality tale told against the backdrop of early to mid-20thcentury Provence.Texas Woman’s University (site specific), Denton, TX2003The Erl King (60 min.) (solo performer/writer)Deceased WWI German cavalry officer finds himself lost in the world of Goethe’s Erlkönig.Frank’s Place at Dallas Theater Center, Dallas, TX2003Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town (5 min.) (solo performer/adapter)Bittersweet ee cummings poem.Governor’s Mansion, Des Moines, IA2000What’s in the Box? (25 min.) (solo performer/writer)Exploration of differently-abled bodies as told through the visual metaphor of an enormouspresent and ribbons restricting various body parts.Ames and Marshalltown, Iowa, school districts1999Color and Modernism (With Laurie Sanda) (20 min.)Montage of Harlem Renaissance poetry. Program in support of Des Moines Art Center exhibit.Des Moines Art Center, Des Moines, IAChoreography (premiere listed):2012Zombie Prom (musical – 25 min. of choreography)Lewisville High School, Lewisville, TX2010Intimate Letters (6.5 min.)Solo – American soldier unsuccessfully attempts to capture his wartime experiences in letters. Seto Leos Janacek’s “Listney Duverne” (“Intimate Letters.”)Tarrant County College, SE Campus, Ft. Worth, TX2010ee [love/love] cummings (6 min.)5

Solo text and movement – two contrasting takes on love – “may I feel, said he?” and “anyonelived in a pretty how town,” by ee cummings.Tarrant County College, NW Campus, Ft. Worth, TX2010Spiral and Fall (4 min.)Fall informal piece for my Modern II class. Investigation of classroom phrases, rhythms,;evel changes, and directional shifts.Tarrant County College, NW Campus, Ft. Worth, TX2009Karuka! (“To fly!”) (10 min.)High-energy trio with live drum ensemble. Mixture of African dance, Modern dance, and stickfighting.Tarrant County College, NE Campus, Ft. Worth, TX2008She Sells Shells, Jr. (12 min.)With Lacreacia Sanders, Old School/New School hip hop battle in dance and rapped tonguetwisters.Choreography Network Dance Concert, Denton, TX2007Bach Visions (5 min.)Athletic modern ballet, mixed group unison piece. Ensemble-driven, pastel, and fast.Carillon Theater, Tarrant County College – South Campus, Ft. Worth, TX2007Tumare Dushan (4 min.)Henna-painted woman dances with a sword.Carillon Theater, Tarrant County College – South Campus, Ft. Worth, TX2006Dido and Aeneas (15 min.)Intermezzi for Texas Woman’s University Opera production of Dido and Aeneas.Margo Jones Performance Hall, TWU Campus, Denton, TX2006Sidelight (6 min.)Attempt to convey the sense of how a dance looks from the wings. Music composed for the danceby TWU Music Chair Dr. James Chenevert and recorded for performance by campusfaculty ensemble, Zephyr Winds.Studio Concert, Texas Woman’s University, Denton, TX2003The Valley (12 min.)Large group work set to Ralph Vaughn William’s 16th century masterwork, Spem in Alium.Movement vocabulary incorporated Aikido and gymnastics.Margo Jones Performance Hall, TWU Campus, Denton, TX2002Stained Glass (120 min.) (also directed and produced)Gesamtkunstwerk dance/drama/opera set to live choral performance of Rachmaninoff’s All NightVigil. In collaboration with Iowa State University Theater and Dance, and Grinnell CollegeMusic.Fisher Theater, Iowa State University, Ames, IA2001Encantados (7 min.)Male duet based on mythology surrounding Brazilian pink dolphins in the Amazon basin.Fisher Theater, Iowa State University, Ames, IA2001By Design01 (30 min.)Dance/theater performance in support of Des Moines Art Museum exhibition by the same name.In collaboration with Hurley and Dancers.Des Moines Art Center, Des Moines, IA6

2001Pirates of Penzance (with Laurie Sanda)Choreography for Ames Musical Theater’s full production of the G & S classic.Civic Auditorium, Ames, IA2001Caffeine (8 min.)Ensemble piece set to Miles Davis’ seminal studio jam, All Blue.Fisher Theater, Iowa State University, Ames, IA2000Mother, Maiden, Crone (7 min.)3-song cycle for 3 women and a large piece of fabric.Studio Theater, Iowa State University, Ames, IA2000Wolf (4 min.)Solo modern piece dramatizing a shamanic invocation of a Wolf Spirit, set to Native Americandrumming.Fisher Theater, Iowa State University, Ames, IA1999Dancing for Dollars (3 min.)Silly piece about the grant application process.“M-Shop,” Iowa State University Campus, Ames, IADance Performance (selected):(see also “Text and Movement” solo work above)(see also performance papers in “Conference Papers/Performance Papers” above)2019“Iftu’s Story”Alvin Ailey Citigroup TheaterNew York City“Blue”Little TheatreManhattnaville College, Purchase, NY“Odysseus and the Sirens”The Dragon’s EggLedyard, CT2018“Iftu’s Story”Little TheatreManhattanville College, Purchase, NY2014Shared Graduate Dance Concert (with Stephanie Miracle, and Ana Farfan)Clarice Smith Performing Arts CenterUniversity of Maryland, College Park, MD2010“Before Night Falls” (John de los Santos, Choreographer)Dancer, Fort Worth OperaBass Hall, Ft. Worth, Texas2010“K.Lear” (See Text and Movement Solo Work)The Hydrant Café, Denton, TX2010Swag it Out! (Lacreacia Sanders, choreography)7

Momentum Dance ConcertTarrant County College, NW Campus, Ft. Worth, TX2010Intimate Letters (Solo modern dance)Spring Dance ConcertRichland College, Dallas, TX2010ee [love/love] cummings (Solo text and movement)Faculty Dance ConcertTarrant County College, NW Campus, Ft. Worth, TX2010Anyone lived (Solo text and movement)Studio Dance ConcertRichland College, Dallas, TX2010“Beowulf is min nama.” (See Text and Movement Solo Work)The Hydrant Café, Denton, TX2008-2012Jeff Kaplan Arts (Solo company)Multiple venues2008Choreography Network (with Laurie Sanda, Kihyoung Choi, and Jiae Park –modern danceconcert)Campus Theatre, Denton, TX2007Bach Cello Suite (Catherine Turocy, Choreography)Duet with Glenda Norcross, New York Baroque Dance Co.Highland-Cashiers Early Music FestivalHighland and Cashiers, North Carolina2007Orpheus and Eurydice (Laurie Sanda, Choreography)Texas Woman’s University Opera CompanyMargo Jones Performance Hall, TWU Campus, Denton, TX2007Welcome (Laurie Sanda, Choreography)Faculty Dance ConcertTarrant County College, NW Campus, Ft. Worth TX2005La Traviata (John de los Santos, Choreographer)Gypsy Dancer, Ft. Worth Opera, Bass Hall, Ft. Worth2005NOVA Dancing Company – Loris Beckles, DirectorCompany member, Dallas, TX2005Contemporary Ballet DallasCompany member, Dallas TX2004Salomé (John de los Santos, Choreographer)Harem Dancer, Ft. Worth Opera, Bass Hall, Ft. Worth, TX1999-2001Co-Motion Dance Theater – Valerie Williams, DirectorCompany member, regional touring, Ames, IA2000-01Hurley and Dancers – Kathleen Hurley, DirectorCompany member, Des Moines, IA8

1999Sleeping BeautySuper, Ballet Austin, Austin, TX1999CinderellaPrince, Austin Youth Ballet, Austin, TX1998Jason and MedeaSon, Austin Youth Ballet, Austin, TX1997When Worlds Collide: Percy “the Pulverizer” Shelley meets Dorothy “the Destroyer” Parker(Laurie Sanda, Choreography)Percy Shelley, University of Chicago, Chicago, ILStudio Theater, Iowa State University, Ames, IA1997Doug Wood Dance CompanyCompany Member, University of Chicago Campus, Chicago, IL1996The Unicorn, the Gorgon, and the Manitcore (Mark Coates, Choreography)Iowa Dance Theater with Ames Choral SocietyWestminster Presbyterian Church, Des Moines, IAMusic Performance:2010It’s all about Me: Divas and Their SuperegosOriginal musical theater satireMultiple singing and dancing rolesLewisville Community Theater, Lewisville TX1996Broken Ground with Grinnell College SingersCarnegie Hall, New York, following nationwide bus tour1996Piano ImprovisationsBob’s Underground, Grinnell College, Grinnell, IATheater Performance:2015Dante: A Celebration (Directed by Leslie Felbain)Staged Reading, Italian Cultural Center, Chevy Chase, MDCafritz Theater, University of MD Campus, College Park, MD2015Experiment, by Jen Barclay (Directed by Leslie Felbain)Staged Reading,Physics Building, University of MD Campus, College Park MD2010Honeymoon from Hell (Directed by Jeff Winkler)Jeff Winkler Players, Dallas, TX2005The Long March (Directed by Patrick Sutton)Ensemble, Gaiety Theater, Dublin, Ireland2004Nuts (Directed by Jeff Winkler)Arthur (the creepy stepfather), Texas Woman’s UniversityTheater, Denton County Courthouse, Denton, TX9

Television and Film Credits:2010How to Give a Deposition Training Film(The Crouch Group for the Texas Bar Association)“Lawyer”2000-01Agent: Copeland Creative Talent – Des Moines, IAGateway Infomercial (AGMA)“Computer Shopper”Principal Life Insurance Commercial“Wedding Guest Extra”Respectful Workplace Environment (DMACC Media Productions)“Drew” (whistleblower)Pella Windows Training Film“Window Buyer”Workplace Violence (Vision Point Productions)“White Collar Extra”Iowa Grocers Redemption Campaign“Dumpster Diver”ServiceCommittee Work:2018-20Assessment CommitteeManhattanville CollegeFaculty Council RepresentativeManhattanville CollegeFirst-Generation Student Support Working GroupManhattanville CollegeCommunications and Digital Media Job Search CommitteeManhattanville College2012-14Graduate Student Advisory BoardUniversity of MarylandCourses Taught:Manhattanville College:*indicates rewrote the course10

DTH 4410DTH 4400DTH 4120DTH 4016DTH 3244DTH 3202DTH 3203DTH 2319DTH 2216DTH 2214FYP: 1100DTH 1003DTH 1001DTH 1000Performance Project: Dance [Choreographing for Spring mainstage concert]Performance Project: Theatre [Directing Eurydice, by Sarah Ruhl]Dance CompositionActing IIISurvey of Dramatic Literature ISurvey of Dramatic Literature IIJunior SeminarDance History II: Contemporary TraditionsRomantic & Classical Traditions [Retitling to “History of Global Dance I”]First-Year Seminar: “Principles and Prejudices”Introduction to ActingActing ICreative ProcessUniversity of Maryland, College Park:THET 408DTHET 408DTHET 290THET 285THET 110DramaturgyDramaturgy (TA)Race, Gender, and Ethnicity in American Theatre and Culture, 1750-1900 (TA)The Art of Communication & PresentationIntroduction to Theatre (TA)University of Texas at Dallas:DANC 3340Dance in Historical ContextUniversity of North Texas:DANC 1100Stress Reduction through MovementJunior College Classes Taught – Tarrant County College – SE, NW, NE, SO, and Central campuses (Ft.Worth area, TX), Collin County Community College (Richland College, Dallas, TX):Ballet – Beg., I, and IIBody ConditioningDance AppreciationDance CompositionDance PerformanceJazz Dance – Beg., I, and IIModern Dance – Beg., I, II, and IIIPerformancePilatesYogaGrants and Awards201820182017Provost Summer Research Stipend (Manhattanville College)Research Travel Award (Manhattanville College)Research Travel Award (Manhattanville College)11

6Undergraduate Studies Program Teaching Award (nomination)Graduate “All-S.T.A.R.” Fellowship (nomination)Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies (UMD) Travel AwardGoldhaber Travel Award (UMD)International Conference Student Support Award (UMD)Joseph M. Mitchell and Michell Humanick Memorial Scholarship (UMD)Departmental Summer Travel/Research Grant (UMD)International Initia

2010-11 Adjunct Faculty Richland College, Dallas, TX 2006-11 Adjunct Faculty Tarrant County College, Ft. Worth, TX 2006-7 Adjunct Faculty University of Texas at Dallas, Dallas, TX 2003-06 Graduate Fellowship Texas Woman’s University . 2008-2012 Jeff Kaplan Arts (So