IBM Cognos 10 Introduction To Report Studio And Cognos .


IBM Cognos 10Introduction to ReportStudio and CognosWorkspace AdvancedTraining GuideCAROL OLSEN & ASSOCIATES, INC.11/16/2012

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Table of ContentsPreface . 13Course Setup . 13Course Data . 14Course Structure . 14Course Goals . 15Who Should Attend? . 15Prerequisites . 15How to Use This Guide . 15Chapter 1: What is IBM Cognos 10? . 16Objectives. 16What is IBM Cognos 10? . 17What are Studios? . 18Report Studio Overview . 19Query Studio Overview . 20Analysis Studio Overview . 21GO Office . 22What’s New – New Products in IBM Cognos 10 . 23Cognos Workspace. 24Cognos Workspace Advanced . 25Statistics . 26Demo 1-1: Create a Folder . 27Summary . 28Chapter 2: IBM Cognos Connection Quick Review . 29Objectives. 29Best Practices . 30Run a Report . 31Run with Options . 32Report Views . 33Chapter 3: Introduction to Cognos Workspace Advanced . 34

Objectives. 34Why IBM Cognos 10? . 35What is Cognos Workspace Advanced . 36Why Use Cognos Workspace Advanced . 37Developing Data Models for IBM Cognos 10 . 38Framework Manager . 39Packages . 40Cubes. 41Relational Package Model Components . 42Definitions: Measures . 43Definitions: Dimensions . 44Definitions: Levels, Members and Sets . 45The Cognos Workspace Advanced Interface . 46The Source Tab. 47The Toolbox Tab . 48Toolbars . 49Menus . 50Property Sheets. 51Create a Report – Best Practices. 52Templates. 53Add Filters . 54Add Data Items to a Report . 55Create a List Report. 56Demo 3-1: Open Cognos Workspace Advanced and Create a List . 57Change Packages . 59Demo 3-2: Create a List with a Different Package . 60Summary . 62Chapter 4: Organizing Reports . 63Objectives. 63

Sorting . 64Grouping . 65Grouping . 66Demo 4-1: Add Grouping and Sorting. 67Edit Layout Sorting . 69Sections . 70Demo 4-2: Create a List with Sections and Sorting. 71Summary . 75Workshop 4-1. 76Chapter 5: Create Crosstabs and Charts . 81Objectives. 81Create Crosstabs . 82Swap Rows and Columns . 83Demo 5-1: Create a Crosstab . 84Advanced Crosstabs . 87Demo 5-2: Create a Crosstab . 88Create Charts . 91Chart Color Palettes . 92Formatting Charts . 93Demo 5-3: Create a Chart . 94Converting Charts . 98Exploding Pie Slices . 99Charts and Crosstabs . 100Demo 5-4: Create a Chart and Crosstab . 101Summary . 105Workshop 5-1. 106Chapter 6: Filters and Prompts . 112Objectives. 112What are Filters? . 113

Model Filters . 114Create Simple Filters . 115Filter for Report . 116Create Custom Filters. 117Create Custom Filters. 118Demo 6-1: Create a List with Custom Filters . 119Prompts . 123Create Prompts . 124Demo 6-2: Create a List with Filters and Prompts .

to IBM Cognos Connection in order to analyze information or view reports. Based on job function and security, each student will have access to specific reports and information in a work environment. All students will have the same security access for training. All activities in this guide identify one possible solution to solve the business .