SOLUTIONS FORBUSINESSES ANDO R GA N I Z AT I O N SWe offer the following investment and insuranceservices for businesses and organizations: Group Health and/or Personal AccidentInsurance to protect the physical well-being ofyour employees. Property Insurance, Liability Insuranceand Surety Bonds to protect your businessoperations, inventory and assets Professional Liability Insurance to protectprofessionals and directors Group Life Insurance to cover your employees Travel Insurance to protect your employeeswhile on official business trips

SOLUTIONS FORINDIVIDUALS ANDFAMILIESWe offer the following investment and insuranceservices for individuals and families: Health and/or Personal Accident Insurancefor children, adults and senior citizens. Bothlocal and international coverage are available. General Insurance coverage to protect yourcar, house and other personal assets. Life and Mortgage Redemption (MRI) Insuranceto protect your family if something happens toyou. Travel Insurance for a worry-free trip.

H E A LT HINSURANCEInsurance to protect you when you get sick. Benefitsinclude (but not limited to) doctor and specialist visits,hospitalization, prescription, dental and emergencybenefits.Our partners in health insurance:Asian Life and General Assurance Corp.Pacific Cross Insurance Inc. (Formerly Blue Cross)Cocolife Health CareGlobalhealth AsiaInsular Life Health Care, Inc.Intellicare (Pryce Care)Maxicare Healthcare Corp.Medicard Philippines, Inc.Philam Care Health Systems, Inc.Value Care Health Systems, Inc.

GENERALI N S (URANCENON-LIFE)Insurance to protect your personal and business assetsagainst almost any risk. Motor Car Insurance Cargo Insurance Hull Insurance Fire (Property) Insurance Personal Accident andTravel Insurance Surety Bonds Electronic Equipment (EEI)Insurance and Contractor’sAll Risk (CAR) Insurance Liability Insurance Personal,Product,Professional andComprehensive GeneralLiability (CGL)Our partners in general insurance: Alpha Insurance and SuretyCo., Inc. Asia Insurance Commonwealth InsuranceCompany Corporate Guarantee &Insurance Company Federal Phoenix AssuranceCo., Inc. Malayan Insurance Co., Inc. Mapfre Insular InsuranceCorp. Oriental Assurance Corp. Prudential Guarantee Paramount Life and GeneralInsurance Philippine First InsuranceCo., Inc. Pioneer Insurance & SuretyCorp. QBE Insurance Standard Insurance Co., Inc. Stronghold Insurance Co.,Inc.

S O, W H Y U S?We offer our experienceWe are Registered FinancialConsultants (RFC)We are members of the InternationalAssociation of Registered Financial Consultants(IARFC) and we adhere to its mission that financialprofessionals are dedicated to helping people do abetter job of spending, saving, investing, insuring, andplanning.We are independent. We work foryou.We are not owned by, any bank, insurancecompany or financial institution, so our clientsare our number one priority!We will get you the best deal.Because of the different number of suppliers wedeal with and our large client base, becoming ourclient doesn’t mean added cost. It actually meansa lower cost and better negotiationWe give excellent customer service.All your requests don’t need to be followed-upfrom time to time. Once you’ve made the call tous, it becomes our responsibility to see to it thateverything will run smoothly.

hospitalization, prescription, dental and emergency benefits. HEALTH INSURANCE Asian Life and General Assurance Corp. Pacific Cross Insurance Inc. (Formerly Blue Cross) Cocolife Health Care Globalhealth Asia Insular Life Health Care, Inc. Intellicare (Pryce Care) Maxicare Healthcare Corp. Medicard Philippines, Inc. Philam Care Health Systems, Inc.