An Annotated Guide To Euphonium Methods And Solo .


An annotated Guide to Euphonium Methods and Solo LiteratureDr. George Palton1

Table of ContentsSectionPage Number(s)Table of Contents, Section 1:Table of Contents, Section 2:Table of Contents, Section 3:Section 1:Section 2:Section 3:3456-2021-3030-36Section 1:Section 2:Section 3:Major works written for the euphoniumNon-major works written for the euphonium and majortranscriptions arranged for the euphoniumStandard method or etude books used by the euphoniumRange Notation Guide2

Table of ContentsSection 1- Annotations of Major Euphonium SolosCOMPOSERPIECEPAGEBach, JanBach, JanBowen, BrianButterworth, ArthurClarke, NigelCorwell, NealCosma, VladamirCurnow, JamesCurnow, JamesEllerby, MartinFritze, GregoryGallagher, ChristopherGeorge, Thom RitterGillingham, DavidGillingham, DavidGolland, JohnGower, AlbertHartley, WalterHartley, WalterHorovitz, JosephHorwath, AndreasJacob, GordonJager, RobertLatham, William LeeMadsen, TrigyeNelhybel, BaslavPonchielli, AmilcareRoss, WalterSparke, PhilipSparke, PhilipSparke, PhilipStevens, JohnTownsend, DouglasUber, DavidWhite, Donala LittleWilby, PhillipWilder, AlecWilhelm, RolfConcert VariationsConcertoEuphonium MusicPartitaCity Under the SeaOdysseyConcertoSymphonic VariantsRhapsodyConcertoConcertoSonataSonataBlue Lake FantasiesVintageConcertoThree Short PiecesSonata EuphonicaTwo oliloquiesChamber Concerto No. 2SonataLyric 233

Table of ContentsSection 2- Annotations of non-major works written for the euphonium andmajor transcriptions arranged for the euphoniumCOMPOSERPIECEPAGEAlary, GBach, J.S.Contest PieceSonata No. 1Arranged by Robert MarstellerSonata No. 3Arranged by Robert MarstellerAndante and AllegroIntroduction and DanceEdited by Glen SmithConcert Sketch No. 5Fantasia di ConcertoTrombone ConcertoAndante and RondoArranged by Philip CatelinetSonataRomanzeConcert PieceBeautiful ColoradoSonatas 1-6Edited by Josef MarxConcert PieceConcerto in F MinorArranged by Robert MartstellerConcertino No. 1 in B Flat MajorArranged by Leonard FalconeIntradaConcerto in B FlatEdited by Robert MarstellerAllegro SpiritosoFive Pieces in Folk StyleArranged by Paul DrosteSix Studies in English Folk SongFantasy Variations2424Bach, J.S.Barat, J.E.Barat, J.E.Blazhevich, V.Boccalari, E.Bourgeois, DerekCapuzzi, AntonioClinard, FredCords, G.De La Nux, P.V.De Luca, JosephGalliard, Johann ErnstGuilmant, AlexandreHandel, G.F.Klengel, JuliusKetting, OttoMozart, W.A.Senaille, John BaptisteSchumann, RobertVaughan Williams, R.Yosuhide, Ito2425252626262727282828292930303031313232324

Table of ContentsSection 3: Standard method or etude books used by the euphoniumCOMPOSERTITLEPAGEArban, J.B.Blazhevich, V.Technical MethodClef Studies for TromboneEd. Donald HunsbergerSequences31 Brilliant Etudes36 Studies for TromboneEd. Reginald FinkFirst Book of Practical Studies24 Easy VocalisesEtudes Transcendantes32 EtudesDevelop Sight ReadingEd. Roger Louis VoisinStudies in Legato70 Progressive StudiesSixty Selected Studies (Vol. 1-2)Rubank Elementary MethodAdvanced Concert Studies20 Dances for EuphoniumBasic RoutinesStudies in Contemporary MusicPares ScalesEd. Harvey S. WhistlerMelodious Etudes for Trombone (Vol. 1-3)Daily Drills and Technical StudiesRubank Intermediate Method66 Basic Studies40 Progressive StudiesVander Cook EtudesRubank Advanced Method Vol. 2Selected Studies3333Blazhevich, V.Blecer, M.Blume, O.Bordner, GeraldBordogni, MarcoCharlier, TheoCharlier, TheoDufresne, GastonFink, ReginaldGillis, LewKopprasch, C.Long, NewellMead, StevenMead, StevenMarsteller, RobertNagel, RobertPares, GabrielRochut, JoannesSchlossber, MaxSkornicka, J.E.Slama, AntonTyrrell, H.W.Vander Cook, H. A.Voxman, H.Voxman, 395

Section 1: Major works written for the euphoniumCOMPOSER:TITLE:PUBLISHER:DATE OFCOMPOSITION:APPROXIMATETIME:RANGE:NUMBER/ TITLE OFMOVEMENTS:DECICATED TO:DIFFICULTY LEVEL:PERFORMANCENOTES:Bach, JanConcert VariationsTuba-Euphonium Press1977COMPOSER:TITLE:PUBLISHER:DATE OFCOMPOSITION:APPROXIMATETIME:RANGE:NUMBER/ TITLE OFMOVEMENTS:Bach, JanConcerto for Euphonium and OrchestraTuba-Euphonium Press1990DECICATED TO:DIFFICULTY TE OFCOMPOSITION:22 minFsharp-b1Theme and 7 variations in one movements.Tubists Universal Brotherhood AssociationIV-VThis standard isn’t too difficult in terms of range, but is quitelong. It has many rhythmic challenges, and interpretivechallenges.20 minF-c2I. Legend, II. Burlesca, III. Meditation. Three movements inattaca with alternate endings provided if the performer wishes toend after a particular movement.IVSome alternate clef reading required. This piece is fairly longwith not too many rests, it could provide a challenge forendurance, however the range is not too challenging. Althoughthe range isn’t too taxing, this piece has no shortage of densetechnical phrases and rhythmic complexities.Bowen, BrianEuphonium MusicRosehill Music19846

APPROXIMATETIME:RANGE:NUMBER/ TITLE OFMOVEMENTS:DECICATED TO:DIFFICULTY LEVEL:PERFORMANCENOTES:F-c2I. Andante, II. Andante con Expressivo, III. ModeratoTrevor GroomIII-IVSome brisk phrases in the third movement with some tripletonguing but not too terribly challenging. Simple rhythms andmost of the faster runs are chromatic. A very lush melodicpiece.COMPOSER:TITLE:PUBLISHER:DATE OFCOMPOSITION:APPROXIMATETIME:RANGE:NUMBER/ TITLE OFMOVEMENTS:DECICATED TO:DIFFICULTY LEVEL:PERFORMANCENOTES:Butterworth, ArthurPartita op. 89Comus EditionCOMPOSER:TITLE:PUBLISHER:DATE OFCOMPOSITION:APPROXIMATETIME:RANGE:NUMBER/ TITLE OFMOVEMENTS:DECICATED TO:DIFFICULTY LEVEL:PERFORMANCENOTES:Clarke, NigelCity Under the SeaMacenas International19989 minFF-csharp2I. Prelude, II. Capriccio, III. Sarabande, IV. Bourree, V. ScherzoIV-VA light hearted tonal suite in five movements. Use of mixedmeter in scherzo. Fairly challenging technically with a widetessitura and dynamic range.Further information not available.7

COMPOSER:TITLE:PUBLISHER:DATE OFCOMPOSITION:APPROXIMATETIME:RANGE:NUMBER/ TITLE OFMOVEMENTS:DECICATED TO:DIFFICULTY LEVEL:PERFORMANCENOTES:Corwell, NealOdysseyNeal Corwell1990COMPOSER:TITLE:PUBLISHER:DATE OFCOMPOSITION:APPROXIMATETIME:RANGE:NUMBER/ TITLE OFMOVEMENTS:DECICATED TO:DIFFICULTY LEVEL:PERFORMANCENOTES:Cosma, VladimirEuphonium ConcertoLarghetto MusicCOMPOSER:TITLE:PUBLISHER:DATE OFCOMPOSITION:APPROXIMATETIME:RANGE:NUMBER/ TITLE OFMOVEMENTS:DECICATED TO:Curnow, JamesRhapsody for EuphoniumRosehill Music1990EE-c1Theme and variations in one movementBrian BowmanIII-IVThis piece is for euphonium and taped synthesizer. It’s keysignatures are not too difficult.C-d2I. Allegro Assai, II. Andantino, III. GiocosoVA melodically lush and technically virtuosic piece that utilizesits entire tessitura. Even though it is a fairly long piece, thesoloist does have opportunity to rest.d-a1One movementLeonard Falcone8

DIFFICULTY LEVEL:PERFORMANCENOTES:II-IIIA tonal work with limited accidentals. Not very challengingtechnically, most fast runs are chromatic. Easy key signatureand rhythmically straight forward themes.COMPOSER:TITLE:Curnow, JamesSymphonic VariantsFor Euphonium, Trombone, or Tuba and Piano (or band)Tuba-Euphonium Press1980PUBLISHER:DATE OFCOMPOSITION:APPROXIMATETIME:RANGE:NUMBER/ TITLE OFMOVEMENTS:DECICATED TO:DIFFICULTY LEVEL:PERFORMANCENOTES:15 minCC-d2Theme and variations in one continuous movement.Harry Begian/University of Illinois BandIV-VThis piece is the winner of the 1984 American BandmastersAssociation- NABIM Band Composition Award. This piece is amelodic work that has a wide range and tessitura which couldpose some endurance challenges. Some alternate clef readingrequired. Key is in C with many accidentals that do not appeartoo challenging.COMPOSER:TITLE:PUBLISHER:DATE OFCOMPOSITION:APPROXIMATETIME:RANGE:NUMBER/ TITLE OFMOVEMENTS:DECICATED TO:DIFFICULTY LEVEL:PERFORMANCENOTES:Ellerby, MartinEuphonium ConcertoStudio Music Company1995COMPOSER:Fritze, Gregory22 minC-eflat2I. Fantasy, II. Capriccio, III. Rhapsody, IV. DiversionsSteven MeadVA standard and virtuosic piece. This is an accessible piecemelodically that isn’t too rhythmically difficult but verytechnically difficult.9

TITLE:PUBLISHER:DATE OFCOMPOSITION:APPROXIMATETIME:RANGE:NUMBER/ TITLE OFMOVEMENTS:DECICATED TO:DIFFICULTY LEVEL:PERFORMANCENOTES:Concertino for Euphonium and BandTuba-Euphonium Press1995COMPOSER:TITLE:PUBLISHER:DATE OFCOMPOSITION:APPROXIMATETIME:RANGE:NUMBER/ TITLE OFMOVEMENTS:DECICATED TO:DIFFICULTY LEVEL:PERFORMANCENOTES:Gallagher, ChristopherSonata for Euphonium with PianoCOMPOSER:TITLE:PUBLISHER:DATE OFCOMPOSITION:APPROXIMATETIME:RANGE:NUMBER/ TITLE OFMOVEMENTS:DECICATED TO:DIFFICULTY LEVEL:George, Thom RitterSonata for Baritone Horn/Trombone and PianoEnsemble Publications, Inc.1962/ revised 19889 minutesGG-d2One movement, three sectionsRobert Poweres/United States Army BandIII-IVA tonal and melodic piece that is fairly repetitive and accessible,but not rhythmically complex. Potential endurance builder.198512 minGG-d2I. Moderately Brisk, II. Slow, III. Allegro, IV. Interlude, V.BrightEarle LouderIVSome alternate clef reading. Wind chimes required and somerhythmic tapping also used. This piece uses a lot ofchromaticism in a weaving fashion, some of the faster temposmay have challenging fingerings. Moderately narrow tessitura.G-dflat2I. Allegro, II. Andante, III. PrestoIII-IV10

PERFORMANCENOTES:Tessitura is not too high, some alternate clef reading required. Aplayful piece with some elements of tonality. Brisk tripletonguing required in movement III.COMPOSER:TITLE:PUBLISHER:DATE OFCOMPOSITION:APPROXIMATETIME:RANGE:NUMBER/ TITLE OFMOVEMENTS:Gillingham, DavidBlue Lake FantasiesBlue Lake Fine Arts Camp1995DECICATED TO:DIFFICULTY LEVEL:PERFORMANCENOTES:BBflat-g2Suite in five movements: I. Firefly, II. Moonlight Across theWater, III. All That Jazz, IV. Ancient Native Air, V. PartyAntics.BLFAC, Commissioned for 10th anniversary of the FalconeFestival. Premiered by Brian Bowman.VUnaccompanied suite five movements in length. Eachmovement is programmatic, corresponding to a location/event atBLFAC. Virtuosic technique and flexibility of range anddynamics. Some alternate clef reading, multi-phonics, andflutter tongue.COMPOSER:TITLE:PUBLISHER:DATE OFCOMPOSITION:APPROXIMATETIME:RANGE:NUMBER/ TITLE OFMOVEMENTS:DECICATED TO:DIFFICULTY LEVEL:PERFORMANCENOTES:Gillingham, DavidVintageTuba-Euphonium PressCOMPOSER:Golland, John10 minCsharp-eflat2One movementIV-VA very melodic and intense work with many “heroic” themesthat are developed throughout the piece. A wide range andtessitura is needed as well as the ability to play a wide dynamicrange. Frequent changing of meter and virtuosic technique usedthroughout the piece.11

TITLE:PUBLISHER:DATE OFCOMPOSITION:APPROXIMATETIME:RANGE:NUMBER/ TITLE OFMOVEMENTS:DECICATED TO:DIFFICULTY LEVEL:PERFORMANCENOTES:Euphonium Concerto, op. 64Chester MusicRobert Childs with Grimethorpe Colliery Band, conducted byRay Farr. 3/2/198215 minCOMPOSER:TITLE:PUBLISHER:DATE OFCOMPOSITION:APPROXIMATETIME:RANGE:NUMBER/ TITLE OFMOVEMENTS:DECICATED TO:DIFFICULTY LEVEL:PERFORMANCENOTES:Gower, AlbertThree Short Pieces for Baritone Horn and PianoTenuto Publications1967COMPOSER:TITLE:PUBLISHER:DATE OFCOMPOSITION:APPROXIMATETIME:RANGE:NUMBER/ TITLE OFMOVEMENTS:DECICATED TO:DIFFICULTY LEVEL:Hartley, Walter S.Sonata EuphonicaTenuto Publications1979DD-d1I. Allegro, II. Andante Tranquillo, III. Allegro. Attaca.Composer’s ParentsIVOriginally written for euphonium and wind/brass band, pianoreduction done by the composer. Some use of mixed-meter. Atonal work with some technique and endurance required.FF-c1I. Grocoso, II. Cantabile, III. AllegroGene VollenIVAn atonal work in three brief movements. Mostly simplerhythms with some metric changes. Ability to perform andinterpret some dissonant melodies necessary.BBBflat-dflat1One movement with 6 subsections.Barry KilpatrickIV-V12

PERFORMANCENOTES:Ability to perform in alto clef necessary. Some dissonant anddisjunct atonal melodies present. Wide tessitura with largeleaps. Wide dynamic range.COMPOSER:TITLE:PUBLISHER:DATE OFCOMPOSITION:APPROXIMATETIME:RANGE:NUMBER/ TITLE OFMOVEMENTS:DECICATED TO:DIFFICULTY LEVEL:PERFORMANCENOTES:Hartley, Walter S.Two PiecesTenuto Publications1976COMPOSER:TITLE:PUBLISHER:DATE OFCOMPOSITION:APPROXIMATETIME:RANGE:NUMBER/ TITLE OFMOVEMENTS:DECICATED TO:DIFFICULTY LEVEL:PERFORMANCENOTES:Horovitz, JosephEuphonium ConcertoNovello1972COMPOSER:TITLE:PUBLISHER:DATE OFCOMPOSITION:Horwath, AndreasConcertoCarpe DiemTwo brief movements.AA-c1I. Lyrical Piece, II. ScherzinoIII-IVThis piece’s challenge is not in the range, endurance, ortechnique. Like many other Hartley compositions, its challengeis hearing all of the intervals written, and making melodic senseof them.16 min.BBflat-c2I. Moderato, II. Lento, III. Con MotoTrevor GroomIII-IVThe piece is in easy key signatures and does not have much inthe way of accidentals. It is rhythmically fairly simple, and hassome phrases that may be technically challenging.13

APPROXIMATETIME:RANGE:NUMBER/ TITLE OFMOVEMENTS:DECICATED TO:DIFFICULTY LEVEL:PERFORMANCENOTES:D-Bflat1I. Moderato, II. Sate, III. Satz-Scherzo.IIIA tonal work. This piece seems very accessible for a youngermusician. The range is not too wide, the key signatures aresimple, and the rhythms are very simple. There is sometechnique in the third movement, but it is not to difficult.COMPOSER:TITLE:PUBLISHER:DATE OFCOMPOSITION:APPROXIMATETIME:RANGE:NUMBER/ TITLE OFMOVEMENTS:DECICATED TO:DIFFICULTY LEVEL:PERFORMANCENOTES:Jacob, GordonFantasiaBoosey & Hawkes1973COMPOSER:TITLE:PUBLISHER:DATE OFCOMPOSITION:APPROXIMATETIME:RANGE:NUMBER/ TITLE OFMOVEMENTS:DECICATED TO:Jager, RobertConcerto for Euphonium and Concert BandHal Leona

De Luca, Joseph Beautiful Colorado 28 Galliard, Johann Ernst Sonatas 1-6 29 Edited by Josef Marx Guilmant, Alexandre Concert Piece 29 Handel, G.F. Concerto in F Minor 30 Arranged by Robert Martsteller Klengel, Julius Concertino No. 1 in B Flat Major 30 Arranged by Leonard Falcone Ketting, Otto Intrada 30 Mozart, W.A. Concerto in B Flat 31 Edited by Robert Marsteller Senaille, John Baptiste .