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READER BEWARE!BOO! Did that scare you?If i did maybe you should put his bookdown and pick Something else that's alittle less scary. There are Some goodbooks about unicorns and puppies andother happy things that you can read untilyoure ready for a book like this.But if you like stories about skeletonsand zombies and human heads, then crawlunder he covers and turn the page.And if you get oo scared then you canalways Sleep in your parents bed, Butplease don tell them the reason yougot spooked because I really don want hem o be mad at me.I WARNEDyou!

There once was a boy named Rowan,and Rowan was a happy child. He had woparents who loved him very much and hehad lots of toys o play with.Sometimes Rowan would bring his toys o school and play with them at recess,bu he stopped doing that after he gotbullied by Some jerks.GROWUP OU BABY?

That made Rowan sad because he thoughtplaying with toys was the best thingabout being a kid. But Rowan’s classmatesdidn feel the Same way and they werealways rying o act older than theyreally were.One day when Rowan was in class he felta strange tickling Sensation under hisarmpit. He didn know what it was Sohe asked his teacher Mrs. Penningtonif he could please be excused to use therestroom.

When Rowan got o the bathroom he ook off his shir and was shocked o seea single hair growing from the center ofhis armpit.Rowan didn' know what o do so heput his shirt back on and returned oclass. And when he sat down he fel likeeveryone in the classroom could ellSomething was different about him, evenMrs, Pennington.

When the final bell rang, Rowan ran allthe way home. He knew his mother keptSome tweezers in the bathroom and hecouldn' wait o use them o pull out hat hair.Bu when Rowan took his shir off hecould See it was oo late for tweezers.Suddenly hair started Sprouting all OVERRowan’'s body. And before long he waspractically COVERED in it.

By now Rowan was totally panicking, Hewent through his parents bathroomcabinet o See if there was anythingthat might help and he found somethinghe thought would do the trick.But here’s a reason kids shouldn' gopoking around in their parents bathroomcabinets. Because two Seconds afterRowan opened the bottle he passed outfrom the fumes.

When Rowan woke up he was in his bed,A first he thought maybe the wholething with the hair was just a bad dreambut one look at his arm told him i wasn .Rowan's parents walked into his roomand he was afraid they were gonna bemad at him for opening that bottleof hair remover without asking, Butthey didn't look mad at all. In fact, theyseemed kind of HAPPY.

Rowan's parents said they'd been waitingfor this day for years and it was timefor them o have the “Talk.”Rowan thought they had already had theTalk when his parents told him how babieswere made. But they Said this one was atotally different Talk.His parents Said that Sometimes whena child turns a certain age their bodyStarts o go through a ‘Changing. Andthat made Rowan sad because he likedhimself just the way he was,By now Rowan thought he knew wherethis was heading so he asked he queStionthat had been on his mind all day.

Well hat made Rowan’s parents laughand laugh. And Rowan fel embarrassedbecause it took them a long time oSTOP laughing.After Rowan’s dad wiped the tears fromhis eyes he said Rowan was still a boybut he was a different KIND of boy. Andwhen Rowan asked what he meant bythat his dad gave him some bad news.YOU'RE AWEREWOLFSON?

This was definitely NOT what Rowanwanted o hear. Bu when Rowan’s momSaw the worried look on her sons faceShe Said this was a day o CELEBRATE.Rowan’s parents told him he came from along line of werewolves. And suddenly thepictures on the Staircase wall made a lotmore sense o Rowan.Then Rowan’s parents gave him SomeMORE bad news. They said THEY wereboth werewolves too,

Rowan star ed remembering cluesgrowing up that shouldve told himhis parents were werewolves, But heguessed deep down he didn want oadmit the truth.

Then Rowan started crying, He said hejust wanted o be a regular kid and havea normal life.But his parents Said a werewolf’ could live aperfectly normal life as long as they kepton top of their grooming and hid who theyreally were from the rest of the world.aioees coe gel ag WM Rowan didn' WANT o hide who he wasthough. He had always been taught obe yourself and thats what he planned o do,But Rowan’s parents told him there areignorant people in he world who don’ like anyone who is different.13

And Rowan knew exactly the type ofpeople his parents were talking about.Then Rowan asked his parents a questionhe wasn sure he was ready to hear theanswer o,BUT DON’TWEREWOLVESEAT PEOPLE?Rowan's parents looked a littleuncomfortable and said that was asubject for another Talk later on.14

But Rowan had a feeling he knew theanswer o his question So the next dayhe brought his toys with him o recess.And his time nobody dared o messwith him.Rowan's example inspired his parents ostop hiding who THEY were too, Andfrom that day on Rowan and his familylived as their rue Selves and everyoneelse just had o deal with it.

In a little seaside village Somewhere inEurope there lived a man named Jasper.And everyone knew who Jasper wasbecause he was the village prankster.Most of Jaspers pranks were prettyharmless. One time he covered thebaker's car in gif wrap, and anothertime he filled the village's only phonebooth with popcorn,

Sometimes Jasper would even prankhis own family members. And his mothernever reallyforgave him for gluing all ofher furniture o the ceiling.But Jasper s most famous prank wasthe time he put the mayor's underwearup a flagpole, which everyone thoughtwas pretty hilarious, Well everyoneexcept the MAYOR.

That was the thing about Jasperspranks. Most people thought they werepretty hilarious unless they were the onebeing pranked.Anyway one morning Jasper woke uptrying to figure out who he was gonnaprank next. He couldn decide if hewanted to toilet paper his next-doorneighbor's house or replace the baker'scream-filled donuts with toothpaste.

The toilet paper thing felt like a lot ofwork and i had been a while since Jasperpranked Joris the baker so Jasperdecided hed go with the donut thing fortoday.Jasper got out of bed and brushedhis hair, then headed up he hill o hebakery. And on the way there he passeda few people he knew.He waved to Marian the dressmaker andMiki he cheesemonger but neither onewaved back. But he figured they werejust Sore at him for covering their shopwindows in mustard the week before.

Things got stranger when Jasper walkedinto the bakery. His friend Dieter theshoemaker was walking out and whenJasper Said hello, Dieter ignored him.And a few seconds later when Martathe librarian walked in o buy her dailybaguette she walked past Jasper like shedidn' even see him.When Marta went o the counter obuy her bread Joris was distracted andthats when Jasper made his move. Hepulled the tube of toothpaste out of hispocket and grabbed the glass lid off thedonut platter.21

Or at least he TRIED to, Because whenJasper reached for the lid his hand wentright THROUGH it.Jasper was So confused that he ranoutside and onto the street. Butwhat happened next upset him evenMORE. Because when he stood in frontof the mirror shop he didn have aREFLECTION.

Jasper realized ha no one could See orhear him. And when he made a completefool of himself nobody noticed.Even when Jasper barged in on theMommy and Me class a the yoga Studio,everyone just kept doing their thing likehe didn exiSt.A YAA HASaA5

Jasper tried talking himself into thinkingthis was a GOOD thing. Because if no onecould see him he could pull of f some reallyepic pranks.Just then a line of people walked pastJasper. There was Brom, his bes friendgrowing up, and his firs school teacher,Mrs. Van Dijk. Everyone was dressed inblack and looked really sad.24

Then Jasper saw his own mother at theback of the line, bawling her eyes out.Everyone was headed into the church,so Jasper followed them inside. And even hough Jasper knew no one could see himhe felt a little underdressed so he Sat inthe back pew by himself.

I didn take long for Jasper to figureout that he was at a funeral. Bu he wasStill pretty Shocked when he realized who he funeral was FOR.The preacher said the guy who died wastoilet papering Somebody's front yardwhen he got struck by lightning. And youprobably already figured out that personwas JASPER.So now Jasper knew the truth, Hewasn invisible all this time, he was DEAD,And he had to sit there while everyonecame up to the front of the church oSay a few words,26

Usually at funerals people say NICEthings about the person who died, Butall anyone could talk about was Jaspersannoying pranks.For the first time ever, Jasper could seethat Sometimes he took his pranks 00far. And he wished he could live his wholelife over again and become a fishermanor a librarian or just about anythingother than the village prankster.ZT

Af er the last person Spoke i was timefor final goodbyes. And when Jaspersmom went up o the casket it was alittle hard for Jasper o watch.Jasper had no idea what youre Supposed o do at a funeral when youre theperson who died, So even though it feltweird he went up to Say his goodbyesTOO,But there wasn a body in the casketat ALL.28

There was just a pumpkin with a facedrawn on it which kind of looked like Jasper.Then everyone started laughing at once.And hat was the moment when Jasperrealized he wasn really dead and hatthis was all one big PRANK.HA HA m HEE HEE a HO HO)Jasper was happy he was alive but o behonest he was annoyed that the othervillagers got him So good,24

Besides he had a lot of QUESTIONS,For one thing he couldn' figure out howhis hand went hrough that glass donutlid at the bakery. Then Joris explainedthat his nephew was a whiz withtechnology and he whole donut platterwas a hologram.And when Jasper asked why he couldn see his reflection in the mirror the guywho owned the mirror shop said hedreplaced the mirrors with televisionsthat Showed an empty sidewalk,FA

Then the people who were in the yogaStudio Said they almos lost i whenJasper walked in on their class.BLOOGIE WOOWOOBIF NooeiesI turned out the whole VILLAGE wasin on the joke, And since pranking waskind of Jaspers thing he had a hard timeadmitting they got him.HEE P HO, BAW HAWreJasper told everyone it was a decentprank but his were way BETTER.31

Then he preacher said this was actuallya DOUBLE prank because the daybefore, a meteor wiped out the villageand everyone in it.That meant they were ALL dead andEVERYONE was a ghost.Well this was the Second time Jasperfound out he was dead in one day, but hiS time he didn' take i as hard,Jasper always wanted o travel, and ifhe was a ghost he could fly wherever hewanted,oe

So he climbed to the top of thelighthouse and aimed himself towardParis.But i turns out the Story about themeteor was a prank too, And this time thevillagers thought maybe THEY were theones who took a prank a little too far.

Rusty and Gabe were bes friends fromthe time they were little. They hung outat Rusty's house every day after school,and on weekends theyd watch theirfavorite Soccer team play on TV.Most of the time Rusty and Gabe gotalong great but every once in a while Gabedid something that annoyed Rusty. ButRusty knew that even bes friends cansometimes get on each other's nerves.Then one day Something terriblehappened o Gabe. And I don' wanna getinto the details because it'S way too Sadfor a kid's book.A

Later on that year Rusty was really sadbecause he missed his best friend, Andeven though Gabe did a lot of annoyingthings Rusty knew he would do anything 0 Spend just one more afternoon withhis pal,Suddenly a cold gust of wind blew intoRusty's room and when he turned around here was his best friend Gabe.36

Right now you are probably saying "OhI guess Gabe wasn dead after alll’ bu youre WRONG. Because his was theGHOST version of Gabe,Gabe Said he came back from the Spiritworld because he knew Rusty reallyneeded him. And that kind of made Rustyfeel bad for thinking about all the timesGabe annoyed him.Bu Gabe said now that he was a ghosthe wouldn't have o go home and theycould hang out all night if they wanted,37

Well Rusty was glad to have his friendback but the thing about Staying up latemade him a little nervous because hiswas a school night and he liked to get obed early. But Rusty didn' Say anythingbecause he knew Gabe would tell him hewas being a Goody wo-shoes.Rusty Said he should probably godownstairs and tell his parents that Gabewas back bu Gabe said that would spoiltheir fun and they should keep this ghostthing a Secret.Gabe said they should jus hang out andplay video games like they did in the olddays.38

Bu when Rusty handed Gabe a controllerit went right through his hands.?jiifDAOP OEI turned out since Gabe was a ghos hecouldn’ touch anything, So he had Rustyplay the game FOR him which wasn' really that much fun for Rusty.After a few hours Rusty Said he needed o do his homework.a

Gabe said he was glad HE didn’ have odo homework anymore since he was dead.And he kept talking which made i reallyhard for Rusty o concentrate.—Finally Rusty put a soccer game on TVso Gabe would stop bugging him for awhile, But Gabe booed he whole time, andRusty couldn't tell if that was becauseGabe didn't like one of he teams or if hewas just making ghos noises.

Af er a while Gabe got bored with thegame and he started trying out hisghost powers like walking through walls,And hat made it even harder for Rusty o concentrate on his homework,Rusty gave up on his homework and toldGabe he needed o go to sleep. But Gabesaid that was kind of inconvenient forHIM because ghosts don sleep.141

Rusty got ready for bed and hoped Gabewould just float away o wherever i isthat ghos s go at night. But even afterRusty got under the covers and turnedoff he lights Gabe kep hanging aroundtalking.And all Gabe wanted o do was talk aboutthis girl named Kelsey Reed who he had acrush on.Somehow Rusty fell asleep and when hewoke up Gabe was STILL talking. Andhe kept right on talking while Rusty gotready for school.42

Rusty told Gabe he'd catch up withhim when he got back from school, ButGabe Said it would be too boring o waitin Rusty's bedroom all day so he wascoming WITH him.I turns out Rusty was the only one whocould See or hear Gabe, and he talked thewhole way o School, But Rusty didn' really respond because he didn wantanyone thinking he was talking o himself.

First period for Rusty was Science. Andunf or unately Marcus Meeks was abSent So that meant there was an empty Seatright behind Rusty.QORRRING?The next period was Spanish and therewas a pop quiz. Rusty didn't get a chance o look over his notes the night beforeSo he knew he was in trouble, But hiswas where having a ghost friend came inhandy for Rusty.LAGARTIJA.PERRA.PATATA.*)--SCRIBBLE

Rusty's teacher graded the quizzesduring class, And when Rusty got hisquiz back he remembered hat Gabe hadalways been lousy in Spanish.5. motherperra X6. father -patata X7e brother -moco XA recess, Rusty was oo tired o playkickball with the other kids so he Sat onthe bench. Then Kelsey Reed sat downnext o him.45

Kelsey started talking to Rusty and shewas really nice, But when Rusty tried otalk he could barely think because Gabewas being really annoying.ASK IF SHE'D DATE4GHOST. ASK! ASiKpOn the walk home all Gabe could alkabout was Kelsey Reed, And this timeRusty didn' even bother responding.DO YoU THINK SHE NOTICEDME? I THINK SHE46

That night Rusty needed to study fora test but of course Gabe made thatimpossible.By now Rusty was overtired and crankyand finally he just SNAPPED.Rusty blamed Gabe for his bad grade inSpanish and said his constant talking wasdriving him nuts. And he said maybe i wouldve been better if Gabe hadn' comeback in the FIRST place.47

Bu as Soon as the words lef Rusty'smouth he wished he could take them backbecause he could tell he'd hurt his friend'sfeelings.Gabe said that if Rusty felt that waythen maybe he should just go back to thespirit world, And that kind of got Rustya little teary-eyed because he knew ifGabe was gone for good hed probablyStart missing him again.48

Rusty said he was sorry and that hedidn want Gabe to go to the spiritworld,So Gabe stuck around, and i wasn for alittle while either. Rusty's grades wentdownhill and he didn bother going ocollege because he knew he d never get anywork done with Gabe in the picture, Plushe never got a girlfriend because he knewGabe would probably mess that up too.And even though Rusty thought i was nice o have his bes friend around, Sometimeshe wondered if hed made a terrible mistake,

Once there was a girl named Lilli, Andfrom the time She was a baby, Lilli likedputting things in her mouth.Right now youre probably saying “ALLbabies like putting things in their mouths.’But trust me this kid was DIFFERENT.I wasn't just baby toys, it wasEVERY THING. So Lill’s parents had oget used to their stuff being covered inbaby drool all he time.51

Lil's pediatrician told her parents theirbaby was teething and thats why shealways needed Something to chew on.So Lill’s parents just tried o ignore herand le Lilli do her thing, But hen Lilli'steeth Started coming in and they wereSHARP,Lil's parents kept hoping shed grow outof his stage but she never did.a

When Lilli got a little older her parentstried o Set Up playdates with otherkids, but they always ended in tears.Lil's parents bought a bunch of books ohelp teach their daughter that biting wasbad bu the lesson never seemed o sinkin. Plus books were some of Lil's favoritethings o chew on.53

By the time Lilli was old enough o go o full-day kindergarten she didn havemany friends, Her parents were kind ofnervous sending her o school because ofher biting issue but they thought maybeLil's teacher could figure out how ohandle i better han they could.But they probably should've given herteacher a heads-up about Lilli when theydropped her off for school.Aa Bbre teasSo Lilli got sent home early on her firstday of kindergarten. And this was a bigproblem for her parents because theyboth worked from home so they couldn' be watching her every Second,GA

They took her back o the pediatrician o See if there was anything she coulddo. The doctor ran Some es s and afew days later she called them in toshare the results.I urns out the reason Lilli liked bitingthings So much was because she was aVAMPIRE. And even though i was hardfor Lilis parents o hear that, theywere glad they finally had some answers.The doctor said the good news was thatvampires aren contagious until theyrefull-grown, So right now the biting wasmore annoying than anything.55

Lil's parents didn understand howtheir daughter was a vampire sinceneither of THEM were vampires.But then Lil's mom remembered hatwhen she was pregnant she got bittenby a vampire bat So that mustve beenhow i happened.Lil's parents were happy o know whatwas going on with their daughter butit Still didn solve their problem, Theyreally needed her o be in school but theycouldn send her if she was gonna keepbiting people.56

Lil's pediatrician Said there was a Specialschool where Lilli could learn with otherkids just like her. But even though thebrochure looked nice, Lili 5parents knewthey could never afford o send her o aplace like that.TRANSYLVANIASCHOOLFOF BITERSS7

Lil's parents asked her pediatrician ifthere was anything else she could do fortheir daughter. So the doctor wrotea note o Lillis school explaining thesituation.FROM THE DESK OF NISHA SAAD, MD Dear Principal Septian XLilli is a vampire, and vampiresneed o bite.Well i turned ou he school was GREATabou it. They made all sor s of changesin he classroom and from then on whenLilli bit her eacher i was really no bigdeal.58

They even made changes in the cafeteriaso Lilli could feel included,Lillis classmates thought being a vampirewas cool So now everybody wanted obe her friend. And they all wanted o bejust like her so they started AC TING likeher 00,a

Things were going pretty great forLilli at School and she had a ton of newfriends, And now EVERYONE wanted ocome over for playdates.But then one day the pediatrician calledand asked Lillis parents o come backinto her of fice, She said she had read thetest results wrong and that Lilli wasn a vampire after all, She was just a badkid who liked biting people, fs

Well you would think that Lillis parentswould be thrilled to find out that theirdaughter wasn' a vampire.But Lilli was doing great at School andthey really didn' want her home duringthe workday.So they decided to keep the test results o themselves. And when Lilli had abirthday party and everyone in her classcame, her parents felt like they dmadethe right choice,A: a A,( HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILLI?6l

Everybody's heard the legend of heHeadless Horseman who terrorized thetown of Sleepy Hollow a long time ago.But Ill bet youve never heard the Storyof he Human Head who lived a fewmiles away in the town of Elmsford. Andjust because the Human Head didn' goaround chucking flaming jack-o -lanternsat people doesn mean his Story isntworth telling too.63

So let's Start at the beginning. Before he Human Head of Elmsford got hisnickname he was just a regular kid namedAnders.Anders was normal in every way excepthe was born without a body. But thatdidn' stop Anders from doing all hethings other kids his age did.Anderss parents loved him very muchand told him he could be whatever hewanted o be. And that made Anders feelgood.64

Anders had lots of friends in elementaryschool and was So popular hat he gotvoted class president in the fifth grade.HEAD AND SHOULDERSABOVE THE RESTBut things changed when it came timefor Anders to go o middle school. A fewof his closest friends moved away during he Summer and Some others went oprivate School. So when September camearound, Anders felt like he was startingover.65

The first day of middle school isn' easyfor anyone but it s even harder whenyoure a late bloomer like Anders and youhaven hit your growth Spurt yet.Back in elementary school, Anders stayedin one classroom the whole day. Butmiddle school was a different thing andsometimes Anders had rouble gettingfrom one class o another before the bell*neeg"4ore66

When lunchtime came, Anders was happybecause he really needed a break andplus his mom had packed him a bolognasandwich and his favorite snack. But bythe time he got to the cafeteria all thegood Seats were already taken.Anders spotted a table across thecafeteria with a bunch of empty Seats.And that’s where Anders saw theHeadless Horseman for the first time.67

Right now you're probably thinking “Ohno the Headless Horseman is gonna doSomething terrible o Anders!” bu don' worry because this was way beforethe Headless Horseman turned evil. Infact his was way before he got thatnickname and a few years before he evenlearned o ride a horse.For now the Headless Horseman justwent by his real name which was Gunther.And like I said he wasn evil yet So whenhe spotted Anders he invited him o sitat his table.Well from the moment they met, Andersand Gunther became fast friends.68

Gunther didn mind that Anders was alittle chatty and Anders didn mind thatGunther shoveled food down his neck hole O eat.The two boys started hanging out afterschool almos every day. Anders helpedGunther with his homework and Guntherhelped Anders with just about everythingelse.64

Fall turned to winter and he two bestfriends made lots of happy memoriestogether.When February rolled around, everyoneat School was buzzing about the bigValentine s Dance.et AFebruary fih, 71:00-9:00pm70

But both boys were oo Shy o askanyone o go with them and before longit seemed like everyone at school waspaired up.Gunther and Anders were Sad becausethey knew theyd be Spending the nightof the dance playing video games likethey always did.

But something happened the week beforeValentine's Day that changed everything.A girl named Prudence whose family hadjust moved o town Showed up at theschool, and She was So pretty that Someof the guys who d asked other girls to thedance were kind of kicking hemselves.Even though Gunther and Anders boththought Prudence was cute neither oneof them was brave enough to ask her othe Valentines Dance. Bu then Andershad an idea.72

He Said maybe if the two of hem eamed up they could convince Prudence o go o the dance with them. Andafter alot of rehearsing in fron of hemirror they felt like this might actuallyWORK.The next day the guys brought abouquet of flowers o school and gotthe courage o ask Prudence to thedance. And believe i or no she said YES,73

On the night of he big dance Anders puton some of his dad's cologne so hed Smellgood for his date. And Gunther's parentsrented him a cape so hed look extrahandsome.So when the guys showed up atPrudence’s house they were lookingpretty Sharp.When the three kids go o the Schoolthey didn know what to expect becausethis was the first time any of them hadbeen o a real dance.74

But the Party Planning Committeehad really done their job because thecafeteria looked totally AMAZING.Anders, Gunther, and Prudence hung outby the refreshments table for a whileand Anders told a few jokes he had beenpracticing. And when Prudence laughed,Anders thought things couldn be goingany bet er.ninn

When he music really got cranking no onewanted o be the first to Step onto thedance floor. But then Gunther surprisedeveryone by totally going for it.I turns ou Gunther was a reallyawesome dancer. And no one was happieri abou that than ANDERS,NMyAA/PANIED\PVA?

That was all it took to get everyoneELSE out on the dance floor. And beforelong the party was in high gear.Anders and Gunther started a congaline and everyone joined in. But Anderswasn looking where he was going andthat led o disaster.TT

Prudence was kind of upset because untilnow she thought Gunther and Anderswere one person.She was a little sore at the guys for notbeing honest with her about who theyreally were, But after Anders apologizedshe forgave them, and when a slow songcame on, Gunther asked her o dance.78

Even though Anders had a great Spotright next o the cookie platter, therest of the night wasn very much funfor him.After that night, things started ochange between Anders and Gunther.Both of them liked Prudence, and atschool they fought for her attention.79

But Prudence liked both guys fordifferent reasons, So on Friday nightsshe'd go roller-skating with Gunther andon Saturdays she'd go with Anders o amuseum or a foreign-language film.80

Even though Anders really enjoyedSpending time with Prudence he missedhanging out with his pal even more. Soone day at lunch Anders told Guntherthat if he was in love with Prudence thenAnders wouldn get in his way.That night Gunther went o Prudence’shouse with a bouquet of flowers odeclare his love for her. Bu Prudencesaid her heart belonged to somebody else,and Gunther lef brokenhear ed.8l

And you can probably guess who Prudencechose instead,altsGunther never got over his heartbreak.And when he grew up he became thelegendary Headless Horseman whoterrorized young couples on Valentine'sDay and no on Halloween night likeeveryone always thinks,TheDai CrieralHORSEMAN STRIK8

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