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Strong as an ox; quiet as a mouseClimbs 4 8 % grades without breathing hard. Youhave a choice of a powerful 10 h.p. twin cylinder,horizontally opposed gasoline model or a 2!/4h.p. electric model with speeds u p to 10 m p h .Yet, despite this power, they're so quiet youhardly know they're there.Proof: the Golfmaster is a real money-makerThe following example is based on a golf ciub using a 3-year Toro finance plan. Theclub is privately owned and has approximately 300 playing members. The club hassigned a contract for the purchase of 15 Toro Golfmasters including the cost offreight and local taxes for a total of 19,600. The playing season lasts approximately 6 months.Typical operating statementI N C O M E F R O M GOLF CARRENTALS:The 15 cars averaged 161 rounds each during theseason for a total of 2459 18-hole rounds of play. (gl 7.00 per rd, 17,213.00EXPENSES:Interest on payments for 15 golf cars. 980.00Insurance for 15 golf cars500.00Gasoline and oil for 15 golf cars766.00Depreciation based on a 5-year schedule3,750.00Routine repair parts and tabor expense per car at 5 0 , 0 0 per yearx 15750.00Reserve for major overhaul at 8 5 . 0 0 per year x l 51,275.00Accounting based on 1 day per month (6 months)100.00Total Operating Expense 8,121.00Net Operating Profit (Before applicable income taxes) 9,092.00Your Toro distributor will help you set up a profitable "Golfmaster" plan and discuss financialarrangements. Why not call him now and get full information on the profitable "Golfmaster.""GOLFMASTER",TORO(Exclusive mark of Toro Mfg. Corp.Toro Manufacturing Corporation, 4000 Snelling Ave., Minneapolis 6, Minnesota

TORO'S NEW ELECTRIC CADDY CART PROMISES YOUHappier Golfers,Fewer Caddy Problemsand a Profit!Solves these fourgolf course problems:1GOLFERS WHO WANT TO WALK,BUT NOT W O R K . Toro'S newbattery-powered " C a d d y m a s t e C ' t isideal for the golfer who refuses golfcars because he wants to exercise, butdoesn't want to work pulling a cart.O SHORTAGE OF CADDIES. A life saver when school, illness or absenteeism leaves you short of caddies.And you pocket the fee. Solves problem of off season and odd-hours golfers,3HIGH CADDY OR GOLF CAR FEES.Many golfers don't want to pay 6to 8 for a golf car or go to the expenseof caddies. The "Caddymaster" at asuggested 2 a round is the answer.A SN AIL-PACEDGOLFERS. "Caddy' master" keeps the golfer from getting tired and slowing down profits.Gently but firmly it keeps him moving.Fun for the golfer to operate, too.Follows Golfer with a Touch of the Handle.Plenty of Power. Easily goes 18holes before charging. Easy to charge—each battery has its own charger andtimer. 110 AC current. Change to afresh battery in 30 seconds.Just push down on the handle and the battery takesover. The "Caddymaster" follows the golfer, matching his stride at any speed he sets. The more pressure on the handle, the greater the speed; the less,the slower. Highly maneuverable—inside turningradius of 11". Climbs hills easily,

Try the "Caddymaster" on yourgolf course for one week.FREE!HERE'S HOW OUR FREE, NO OBLIGATION, NO COSTGOLF COURSE TRIAL WORKS. Use the "Caddymaster" for one week, Rent the "Caddymaster" to your golfers at 2.00 a round, At the end of one week you keep 50% of all rental fees, Then the Toro salesman will contact you to pick u p the demonstration model,That's all there is to it.MAIL THIS COUPON TODAY TO GET A FREE TRIAL "CADDYMASTER" ON YOURGOLF COURSE. Within one week your Toro distributor will reach you by phone ormail and arrange for a demonstration at a time convenient for you. Absolutely noobligation or cost. But hurry. Fill out, tear out and send in the card today. Thisunique offer is good for a limited time only,tExclusLve mark ol ToroCorp,"CADDYMASTER",TOROToro Manufacturing Corporation, 3069 Snelling Avenue, Minneapolis 6, MinnesotaTORO MANUFACTURING CORP3069A Snelling Ave.Minneapolis 6, Minn.Yesl I am interested in obtaining the free Caddymastei trial program, t understand thereis no obligation or cost and that the trial is to last one week. Please handle this immediately before the time limit on this offer runs out.NAME OF P E R S O N TO C O N T A C T .PHONE.POSITION.NAME OF C L U BADDRESS.CITYZONESTATE

fie Exclusive.with(Continuedfrom page 8)fairly well distributed 10 hours of business six days a week . . . Used ballsales at some of the Par 3s is amazinglylarge , . . There are repaints sold thathave several deep cuts in them but theballs are white and somewhat round andsatisfactory for the beginners . . , Salesof low price clubs of open sets is bigand getting bigger at these golf nurseries.You can offer 1962 CART-BAGS ina new "Rainbow Variety" of colorsa n d b a g designs — to give eachmember practically an "exclusive"a n your course, a " p e r s o n a l "color a n d pattern!Your members enjoy, too, CARTBAG'S new eosier-rolfmg wheels—polished aluminum, lighter,with wider, smoother tires . . .Also the unique Seat thatdoubles as a handycarrying strap.4 MODELSOnly 32.50 to 39.5fSOLD O N L Ya\ P R O SHOPSWrite far thefacts. . .SIT-N-REST GOLF BAG CORP.Among Par 3s being built; Ron AirCorp. 18 with 9 lighted, east of Cincinnati . . . Taylor Boyd, Cincinnati, architect . , . National Bank of Austin, III.has petitioned DuPage County, 111., zoning board of appeals for Par 3 near Lombard. Ill, . . . Par 27 9-hole for city ofSan Leandro, Calif. , , , Bingham ton,N , Y. park commissioner, Bednar, publicw o r k s commissioner, Barber, and Ely Parkpro, Ernest E. Smith, planning to buildPar 3 9-hole course at Ely P a r k . . .City labor to build it . . . Open -10 teerange and lighted 9-hole Par 3 PacificPalisades C C at Pearl City, Honolulu. . . Dudley Simmons is v p and gen.mgr. . . . Tony Morse is pro . . . BillBell is the architect . . . To build 9-holeTILE-LIKE RAMUCT00L ENAMELsteps up attendance.makes maintenance costs dive!Ramuc Enamel's tile-like finish and fade-resistant colors areproved attendance boosters. "We specify Ramuc Enamel forswimmer appeal, beauty, easy cleaning, long wear," says Cityof Austin. Texas' Joe Prowse, Jr. (Austin Recreation Department). The Lake Club of Wilton, Connecticut, ("The Execufives* Club") reports: "Ramuc retains its color and glossinessremarkably well."Thousands of managers of other commercial and publicpools echo the same sentiments. Ramuc Pool Enamelsaves money, because it keeps a pool attractive and cutsdown on upkeep. The beautiful tile-like finish discourages the build-up of dirt and algae. It's easier toclean. Pastel colors promote safety by increasingunderwater visibility.Send us your pool's dimensions, tell whetherit's metal, concrete or plaster, and the type ofpainl now on pool. On receipt, we'll send, free,color chart, 32-page Handbook on Painting Pools,and specific advtcc on your pool.Write for imi)i« ofIklCDTfllOil1110maretl dUtributor,U1CIIIUL, UU ( l l l U ,47» rrflln tiv?Mn Ave., Ntw r* H, H , . J7-» t w n Ftm,ft*wttoo J, CI,

Keep your eye on his walletThat bulge in his h i p pocket is what pays your rent. A n d it's theperformanceof the Super Maxfli he's playing that makes himreach for that wallet to buy more.The satisfaction that golfers get from playing a Super Maxflicomes straight from this ball's four key features:DISTANCE . N o ball gives a golfer greater distance thanthe Super Maxfli. Regularly conducted tests provethat there is no longer ball.ACCURACY, N o ball plays more accurately offevery club because no golf ball is built to moreexacting standards of manufacturing precision.CONSISTENCY, Noballdeliversmoreconsistentperformance than the Super Maxfli. EverySuper Maxfli is constructed and tested withinexceedingly narrow limits of internal com pression. Every Super Maxfli plays outstandingly the same!W H I T E N E S S , N o ball has a tougheror longer-lasting white finish! Chemically Iwnded to the ball itself, theSuper Maxfli's resilient white armorstays pro-shop white hole after hole.*The biggest advertising campaign inMaxfli history is pre-selling this ballto millions of golfers just like yours.Keep well-stocked w i t h the SuperMaxfli.Division500 Fifth AvenueNew York 3», N.Y,

pFur 3 at Monona course, Madison, Wis.To build 18-hule Par 3 at RocklandLake park of Palisades Inter-state (N. Y.N . J,) Park Commission . . . A d a m Hartto build Par 3 at Harwich, Mass. . . .Newporter I n n building Par 3 course atNewport Beach, Calif. . . . Urban HillsC C , planning to build club at Monee insouth suburban Chicago, is going to startwith Par 3 course and range,R0"QleateitGR 41litemAU"PIt prepared especially Far t h * l*ath*i g r i p i elG o l f C l u h i . It givei a firm, tacky grip withlight h a n d p r « n u r « , permitting an eoty relaxing rhythmic (wing. Your Accuracy will improv*,you'll feel relaxed — and tho»» "Extra S t r o k t i "will vamth.Manufacturers' Specialty Co. Inc.2736 Sidney Slreat St. Louit 4, MliiouriRobert Chakales to build Par 3 inRichmond, Va. . . . Charles R. Seay tobe supt. of construction and maintenance. . . Sam Snead Ail-American Golf, build 18-hole Par 3 with 9 lightednear Colton, Calif. , . . Robert TrentJones is architect , . . First of ten Par3 and motel combinations planned forsouthern California by the Snead organization . , . Royal Little, former boardchairman of Textron, is in the deal andho is said to have more and bigger cansof money buried in the banks than Samhas planted in his W . Va. hills.liiviera C l u b pres., Hofier ). Greene,to build Par 3 9 in Macon, GaJoe F. Park building Parkland G C Par3 with several Par 4 holes and lightedrange at Greenwood, S. C. . . . Syracuse,Longest "DRIVER" igolf carsTrojan Mileage Master GolfCar batteries are of special designfor deep cycling and built forrugged service. you get: months of serviceMore rounds of golfSpecial "QuickWater" vent capsService time reduced 7 5 %5. Lowest maintenance andmonthly costTRO JAN BUILT THE FIRST GO IFCARBATTERIES."MILEAGEMASTER"features*'QU I C K - W A T E R "quarterturnventcapsTROJAN GOLF CAR BATTERIESTROJAN BATTERY CO., 724 E. 61st, LOS ANGELES 1r CALIFORNIA

--another bird, w i t h then e w D I S T A N C E DOTDistance,distance,ilistanre— and besides delivering the yardageyour customers want, DOTS are tops for trueness. They're true on thefly—true on the green, and they stay whiter and scuff-free far longer.Spalding's new DISTANCE DOT delivers maximum distance, performance and amazing durability ball after ball, game after game.Sell the DISTANCE DOT. Sold through golf professional shops only, } /\ld1HGsets the pace Insporti

N . Y. park dept. to build 9-hole Par 3. . . Mobilife Corp., Sarasota. Fla. (Sydney Adler, pres.) planning mobile-homeretirement community near ThousandPalms, Calif., which will have Par 318-hole course,Manuel Cardoza, 1501 E. Bardsley Hd.,Tulare, Calif,, and others to build Par 3and range at Tulare . . . Russ Z alcana sen,Hopkins, M i n n . , to build Par 3 and wintersports resort near Hopkins . . . GoldenTee lighted Par 3 and range openedat Covington, Ky, . . . Steve Flowers isthe pro-mgr. . . . Nine hole Par 3 to Inbuilt at e! Antonio resort bote), SanAntonio, Tex. . . . John E. Lattimorc,pres. . , . India, Calif, considering building innny Par 3 . . , Muskegon (Mich.) C Cto build standard 18 and lighted Par 3.a new idea thatMULTIPLIES PROSHOP SALESNow . . . a siwet-pstakes EVERY clay,no matter how few players you have.Now proven in shops from coast tocoast . . . in the finest clubs andpublic couraes. Write for informationJohn Waibel now mgr. of the Oakmont East course, formerly called Blackburn G C , adjoining the famed Pittsburghcourse where National Open will beplayed June 14-16 , . . Chicago Tribune's30th annual golf school, in which manyChicago area P C A members teach freeone day a week at four Chicago ParkTODAY!The Pro Dough franchiseforyour area may beavailable!PRO-DOUGH3838ADivision ofA l l i e d SteelW y n k o o p Street, D e n v e r S,Colorado(ContinuedREPLACE W I T Hon page 78)BOWERSBATTERIESand end your GOLF CARBATTERYTroublesNEWSnap-In Srtop-oulVentCopForty years'experience building qualitybatteries for battery-driven equipment-industrial material handling trucks, minelocomotives, mine shuttle cars—is builtinto every Bowers Golf Car Battery,You tan be certain your current batteryproblems will end when you change toBowers Big Ram Batteries. Their ExtraQuality mean ! Greater Power, LongerTrouble-Free l i f e . . . and at a lowerimtiai cost.B O W CHSBATTERY & SPARK PLUG CO., READING, PA. Dlv. or General Battery and Ceramic Corp.)P L A N T S : Reedlnn. P i , ; Greer, S. C . ; New Philadelphia, OhioB R A N C H E S : Charlotte, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Haven,Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Macon, Columbus

SelectiveGolfers1 V * rwr—I*.Choosingthe.Ulalker Executive I it1 J1styled ii f )in steel"Five years of practical know how &Craftsmanship. Gas Powered for economy. Easy on and off"BucketPot, No, 184547»ati1light!optional.MANUFACTURING CO.Phone Ml 6-5588, fowler, Konsas

Insurance for 15 golf cars 500.00 Gasoline and oil for 15 golf cars 766.00 Routine repair parts and tabor expense per car at 50,00 per yearx 15 750.00 Accounting based on 1 day per month (6 months) 100.00 Your Toro distributor will help you set up a profitable "Golfmaster" plan and discuss financial arrangements. Why not call him now and get full information on the profitable "Golfmaster .