Lapley, Stretton & Wheaton Aston Parish Council


Minutes of the Meeting of Lapley, Stretton & Wheaton Aston Parish Council held on Thursday 14th July 2022 atLapley and Wheaton Aston village hallIn attendance:Cllr W Millington - Wheaton Aston (Chairman)Cllr Sue Whittingham - Wheaton AstonCllr R Nelson -Wheaton Aston (Vice Chairman)Cllr V Renfrew – LapleyCllr J Hodgkiss- Wheaton AstonCllr M Smith - Wheaton AstonAlso in Attendance:Mrs A Watson - Parish ClerkCllr M Sutton - Staffordshire County CouncilApologies:Cllr. M. Griffiths - LapleyCllr A Anderson - StrettonCllr T Noblett - Wheaton AstonCllr E Dadd – StrettonAbsent:Cllr S Whittingham - Wheaton AstonPublic forumNo public in attendanceStanding orders were imposed 7.00pm30.To consider apologiesApologies and reasons of absence were accepted from Cllr Noblett, Cllr Griffiths, Cllr Dadd and Cllr Anderson31.Declaration of InterestsNone to declare32. Approval of minutesThe minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 19th May 2022 and the minutes of the Extra Ordinary ParishCouncil meeting held on June 20th 2022 were agreed to be a true and correct copy.Cllr Hodgkiss was in attendance on 19th May , the attendance box(June 20th minutes) is to be amended to reflectthisPage 1 of 8

33. To receive a presentation from Officers South Staffordshire CouncilDue to officer illness this item is deferred until the next meeting34.To receive report from Parish Council ClerkLapley, Stretton and Wheaton Aston Parish CouncilClerks ReportInformation SSC are investigating changing the bins at WA green, these will be blue plastic ones Unstable litter bins on Marston Field reported to SSDC- job complete Graffiti on the skatepark over the Jubilee weekend pensions contact details form returned 6.622 graffiti at the skate park reported. CCTV footage checked. 13.6.22 broken glass at the youth shelter reported Request for the yellow lines to be reinstated in WA following the road resurface A representative from AFEB has kindly donated their time to repair posts at Lapley Green and install a new noticeboard at Wheaton Aston free of charge Grant form completed ref 1047-4190-8388Maintenance 19.5.22 Request for the triangular verge near the Bradford Arms to be cut urgently 7.6.22 Reported mole activity at Marston Field 14.6.22 – Skate park – underneath ramps cleared 20.6.22 work on the columns at Chapel bank are being carried out by EON as highlighted in the pole inspectionsreports issued September 2022 27.6 emailed highways officer regarding ref 4286024 as the person reporting the issue was advised that theissue does not require action, request this is reassessed Outstanding items update Allotments- SSC are progressing the landownership with the corporate leadership team Birkenshaw Lane update- No update Stretton right of way update- No update Defib at Marston Field- defib ordered, awaiting an installation date Lapley Green registration-. Ssc legal team cannot offer support due to a conflict in interest, SCC advise that theyno longer have the capacity to support. Difficulty finding solicitors who can help Map board- progressed to production. Wil need an onsite visit with officers of ssc and Afeb to determineinstallation locationConsultationsMeetings/Events28.4.22 11am zoom Hr working group28.4.22 Building a two-way conversation with your community – Cllr nelson4.5.22 teams ssc allotments meeting5.5.22 Forest of Mercia on site meeting (clerk)9.6.22 Clerks meeting27.6.22 SSC high street recovery meeting30.6.22 locality forum 6pm23.7.22 SSC official opening of the new community hubTraining/CPD/ SPCA Upcoming coursesItems emailed to councillors16.5.22 Brewood car scheme report for APM16.5.22 SPCA news bulletin16.5.22 Speed watch statsPage 2 of 8

23.5.22 SPCA newsbulletin23.5.22 SCC Planning application 22/00329/FUL7.6.22 Village hall fees update9.6.22 SSC locality forum agenda13.6.22 SPCA news bulletin13.6.22 SSC proposed peed changes location map15.6.22 Road closure affecting Church Lane Lapley 22.6.22-24.6.2216.6.22 planning app 22/00583/FUL20.6.22 NALC civility and respect update22.6.22 planning app 22/00062/AGRRES27.6.22 planning app 22/00601/FUL27.6.22 planning application 22/00613/FUL27.6.22 SPCA news bulletinUse of devolved powersResponse to planning comments:Planning app ‘22/00305/full, ‘no objections’‘Bridge Croft’ recommended name for the development at Bridge farm 13.99 storage bags for bunting 17.49 masonry paint22/00583/FUL LSWAPC does not have any objections22/00329/full LSWAPC does not have any objections to this application but does raise a concern about the locationof the entrance to the property and would encourage highways to undertake a site visitSSC Planning Decision22/00305/FUL - Approved with conditions22/00338/FUL - Approved with conditions22/00404/COU- Approved with conditionsClerk advised that the access (field) gate at the far end of Marston Field is rotting, Cllr Sue Whittingham to confirmownershipPolice have requested the following is noted: there have been two Audi vehicle thefts within Wheaton Aston that arebeing investigated. Police are aware of the graffiti at Marston Field35. To receive report from Staffordshire County Council Update given on the WMI community liaison group meeting- presentation on work schedule andaccess, a phone number will be available to discuss any issues that arise. Archology finds have beenmade. Environmental issues are being investigated, a tree has been highlighted as rare and cuttingshave been taken, the tree when removed, will be carved and displayed. Rail interchange work willcommence, a traffic order along A449 will be in place. HGV drivers will have allocated facilities andparking. Funding for sound concerns for a number of properties within a certain radius. Once thenew road is complete (junction A449 to a new round about on A5) will become the responsibility ofthe Highway’s agency. Green spaces within the area will be maintained. Suggestion that acommunity fund is made available, this has not been allocated at this time. Aim to work with localschools from SeptemberPage 3 of 8

Three tier working suggestion request from SSC- has suggested that the evening is changed as parishmeetings are held on Thursdays in locality twoShire Hall in Stafford market square has been underused, investment will be made in it‘Staffordshire meets back to business’ has 3million pounds allocated to local businessesLighting to be replaced by LED lighting within the next 5 yearsResolved to bring forward agenda item 43 for discussion to include Cllr Sutton43. Traffic speed reduction at Ivetsey Road and Lapley RoadResolved to contribute 1500 to SCC highways to reduce the speed limit to 40mph (to the areas of 30mph) alongIvestey Road and Lapley Road. Shark teeth will also be implemented. Funding has been sourced. Consultation to takeplaceCllr Sutton confirmed that this project is to be deducted from his member budget as reducing the speed has beenhighlighted repeatedly.Community Speedwatch sign is to remain in placeStarkeys Lane was highlighted to Cllr Sutton as being in a state of disrepair36.To receive report from South Staffordshire CouncilMembers unavailable to report37.Financial mattersResolved:a) To approve the expenditure and income for May and June 2022b) To receive the UT reconciliation to 30th June 2022c) To note payments/decisions made under delegated powersd) To add Cllr R Nelson to the UT bank account mandate. R Nelson, T Noblett, W Millington and AAnderson are to approve payments. Clerk, Assistant Clerk and W Millington are to process paymentse) To vire funds as follows:2021/22 pay increase on salaries: 1600Pay contingency 1500 500 legal advice 1300 well-being session Total 4900 2650 vired to fund the assistant clerk role 1500 for speed reduction at Ivetsey project 750 to 2022/23 pay contingency38. Planning recommendationsResolved to submit he following responses:a) planning applications received- 22/00062/AGRRES- ‘No objection’planning application 22/00601/FUL- ‘No objections’Planning application 22/00613/FUL- ‘No objections’b) Planning applications received after the agenda papers distributed- none received39. Code of conduct & Other PoliciesResolved to adopt the new revised code of conduct & review the following Asset and disposal policy GDPR - Employment records: retention and erasure guidelines GDPR - Information security guidelines / procedures & SAR GDPR - Personal Data Breach Plan GDPR - Privacy (Data Protection) Policy GDPR - Privacy Notice for Staff Councillors and role Holders GDPR - Response procedure Equality and diversity Policy Expenses Policy Maternity pay and leave policy Paternity pay and leave policy SID risk AssessmentPage 4 of 8

Whistle Blowing Policy Marking death of senior national figure policy Bring your own device policyCode of conduct signed by members40. Working group reportsForward Planning and Maintenance working groupTo consider the recommendations: Zip wire investigation – noted the inspection. Resolved to begin the process to renovate the play area atMarston Field within the next twelve months Tree removal- vote: Should the PC take responsibility and remove the tree? Yes: 1 no: 5 resolved not to takeany action with the tree. SSC and SCC have been notified about the condition of it Pothole repair at Marston playing fields: resolved to defer to September meeting as Cllr Sutton to liaise withhighways to tackle issue with drainageMeeting suspended at 8.08 pm to admit a member of the public who wishes to raise a concern. Member of thepublic invited to speak. Concern raised about graffiti at the skate park. Advised to contact PCSO Price who hasbeen made aware of the situation via the Clerk. Council made aware of posting on social media and apologiesmade for any distress causedCllr Sutton left the meetingMeeting reconvened 20.20pm Replacement bins at WA green- resolved not to replace at this point as ssc only offer blue plastic bins. Anythe pc install they must service themFence installation for the Oak at primrose 785 plus vat – resolved to install the fence using the remainingbudget from the notice board installation ( 900 remaining to be vired to village repairs)41. Allotments update Plans- resolved to have two compost bins on each bin and one large communal water butt. Clerk to shareamended plans. Once all is agreed then the planning application can be submittedResolved to Elite ecology for an ecology report at a cost of 475 plus vatResolved to appoint Elite ecology for a sustainable drainage report at a cost of 1200 plus vatResolved to appoint Morfe Valley for an Arboricultural Impact Assessment at a cost of 350 (BS 5837:2012arboricultural assessment and a report)42. Lapley Green registrationTedstone solicitors have confirmed that there will not be a charge to support the PC with the legalities involved inregistering Lapley Green as a village green. There will be a charge of 80 to land registry for the remainingunregistered area.Clerk has shared details of the proposed management scheme, previously agreed at council, with the solicitor incharge.Solicitor advised that there is a concern that the land was privately owned (prior to the and being gifted to the PC)and the legislation surrounding the time frame that this needs to be an open space for is being investigated. Anupdate will be given when available44. Expense requestResolved to reimburse a parishioner for 230 for expenses incurred for facilities for the jubilee event45.CONFIDENTIAL AGENDAPUBLIC BODIES (ADMISSION TO MEETINGS) ACT 1960In pursuance of the powers contained in section 1 of the above act, I move that the press and public be nowexcluded from the meeting on the grounds that the business about to be transacted is of a confidential nature andthat publicity will be prejudicial to the public interestPage 5 of 8

46. Assistant clerk vacancyResolved to extend the closing date to 25th august 2022 advert to include further information47. Items for futureNone raised48. Date of next meeting: 1st September 2022 at 7pm at Lapley and Wheaton Aston Village Hall. This is subject tochange due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation.PC Surgery: a representative from the Council will be available from 6.30pm for parishioners to raise any concerns.Signed . Chairman .Meeting closed at 8.50pmCouncil AttendanceDateRNJHMSWMTNSWSue /22XApApXXApXApXApAp514/7/22XXXXApAbXApApXAp6Crime and Disorder ImplicationsSection 17 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 places a duty on local authorities to consider the crime and disorderimplications when exercising its functions with due regard to the likely effect of the exercise of those functions andto do all that is reasonably can to prevent crime and disorder in its area. Where relevant any decisions made at theParish Council meeting have taken this duty of Care into considerationLapley Stretton & Wheaton Aston Parish CouncilExpenditure transactions - payments approval listStart of year01/04/22Tn noChequeGross Heading InvoiceDetails79 1,282.00Ditton Services - may monthly charge120/1/1 09/05/2240fp220519m 103.80s100/19/1 19/05/2241fp220519jrb 142.79120/5 19/05/2242fp220519spc 30.002 way communications - RN43fp220519rsr 300.00100/3/2 19/05/22140/9 19/05/22ChequeMicroshade Business Consultants Ltd - Hosting - May 103.80JRB Enterprises Ltd - Dog Bags 142.79Staffordshire Parish Councils' Association - BuildingRadii - Skate Park InspectionPage 6 of 8 30.00 300.00

44fp220519ee 32.12100/10 19/05/22EE - Mobile Phone45dd220516m 163.16sd100/10 19/05/22Mainstream Digital Ltd. - Phone and Broadband46 Equals220503 21.1447fp642333831aw 62.991 48.60170 19/05/2219/05/22 163.16Amazon - Adobe Export 21.14Mrs Amy Watson - Expenses - May 22 62.99100/18/1 Milage2 14.3948fp403064977mb 32.12120/1/5 Zoom March 373 1429 03 11.70Mr. Malcolm Bissell - Expenses - Apr 22 11.7049fp31969706 30.00100/3/2 19/05/226spcPowers, Policies & CommunitiesStaffordshire Parish Councils' Association - Legal 30.0050fp81184418 270.00slcSLCC Enterprises Ltd - Membership Fee 22-231 11.7051fp27420815kd19/05/22100/18/1 Milage 7.6552fp21564495 139.062ric150/1 19/05/22100/18/1 19/05/22Mrs Karen Daker - Expenses - Apr19/05/22Ricoh U K Limited - Copier Charges1 83.26100/12 Copier Rental May-July2 55.80100/12 Charges - 1 Feb - 30 Apr 270.00 7.65 139.0653fp58809857 279.600ssc19 Apr-18 May100/2 19/05/22South Staffordshire District Council - Rent 2022/23 279.6054fp260522sbc 432.601.6.22-31.5.23120/6 26/05/22Stafford Borough Council - pest control contract 432.60Asda Stores Ltd - cakes for jubilee event 166.3055fxcardpmt 166.3026/05/221 95.00170 sainsburys cakes2 71.30170 asda63fp97710891 1,282.003ds120/1/1 17/06/22Ditton Services - Grounds Contract 22/23 - 3rd 1,282.00Bank Account Reconciled StatementUnity Trust - Current AccountStatement NumberStatement Opening BalanceStatement Closing BalanceTrue/ Cashbook ClosingBalanceDateCheque/ Ref.19 69,098.86 53,645.16Bank Statement No.19Opening DateClosing Date01/05/2230/06/22 53,616.66Supplier/ CustomerDebit ( )Credit ( )Balance ( )24/05/22cost of jubille 8,518.8628.500.0068,490.3630/06/22Untity Trust30/06/22Ditton npNpower tream Digital am Digital 66,698.9930/06/22fo979361057mbMr. Malcolm croshade BusinessConsultants LtdMrs. Josie Morris475.2030/06/22Ricoh U K Limitedfp215644952ricPage 7 of 8

30/06/22fp220519adMrs. Alexa Davies30/06/22fp220519awMrs Amy 0/06/22fp220519jmMrs. Josie Morris30/06/22fp220519jrbJRB Enterprises Ltd30/06/22fp220519kdMrs Karen Daker30/06/22fp220519mbMr. Malcolm 0.0063,120.7030/06/22fp220519msConsultants LtdMicroshade uncils' AssociationStaffordshire Parish30/06/22fp220519spfSuperannuation FundStaffordshire County Council30/06/22fp260522sbcStafford Borough Council30/06/22fp27420815kdMrs Karen Daker30/06/22fp319697066spcCouncils' AssociationStaffordshire Parish30/06/22fp385106832afeA F E B Limited30/06/22fp403064977mbMr. Malcolm Bissell30/06/22Councilfp403494498sscSouth Staffordshire aydale468.440.0059,502.8030/06/22fp564720765kdMrs Karen Daker30/06/22Councilfp588098570sscSouth Staffordshire Superannuation FundStaffordshire County Council30/06/22fp632182642ppPink Print52.800.0058,099.2630/06/22fp7537902awMrs Amy Watson51.740.0056,342.7730/06/22fp81184418slcSLCC Enterprises ants LtdMicroshade RC731.600.0055,237.3730/06/22fp921778205mbMr. Malcolm Bissell30/06/22fp977108913dsDitton Mrs. Alexa DaviesReconciled byAmy WatsonSignedClerk / Responsible Financial OfficerChairDatePage 8 of 8

Page 6 of 8 46. Assistant clerk vacancy Resolved to extend the closing date to 25th august 2022 advert to include further information 47. Items for future None raised 48. Date of next meeting: 1st September 2022 at 7pm at Lapley and Wheaton Aston Village Hall. This is subject to change due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation