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DATA SHEETBrocade 6505 SwitchFlexible, Easy-to-Use Entry-Level SAN Switch for PrivateCloud StorageHIGHLIGHTS Provides exceptional price/performancevalue, combining flexibility, simplicity,and enterprise-class functionality in a24-port, 1U entry-level switch Enables fast, easy, and cost-effectivescaling from 12 to 24 ports Leverages Brocade Fabric Visiontechnology’s powerful monitoring,management, and diagnostic tools tosimplify administration, increase uptime,and reduce costs Helps pinpoint problems fasterand simplify SAN configurationand management with BrocadeNetwork Advisor Simplifies deployment with the BrocadeEZSwitchSetup wizard and supportshigh-performance fabrics by usingBrocade ClearLink D Ports to identifyoptic and cable issues Maximizes resiliency with non-disruptivesoftware upgrades and an optionalredundant power supplyTo keep pace with growing business demands, data centers aretransitioning to highly virtualized, private cloud storage environments.This approach enables organizations to consolidate and simplify theirIT resources, resulting in increased business agility and lower capitaland operating expenses. But virtualization is not without its challenges.Data centers must keep up with the explosive data growth and dynamicchanges driven by virtualized workloads. Selecting the right network is keyto realizing the full benefits of these cloud-based architectures.The Brocade 6505 Switch with Gen5 Fibre Channel provides exceptionalprice/performance value, combiningflexibility, simplicity, and enterprise-classfunctionality in an entry-level switch.Designed to enable maximum flexibilityand reliability, the Brocade 6505 isconfigurable in 12 or 24 ports andsupports 2, 4, 8, or 16 Gbps speeds in anefficiently designed 1U package. It comesstandard with a single power supply withintegrated fans. A second, optional powersupply provides additional redundancy forincreased resiliency.A simplified deployment process and apoint-and-click user interface make theBrocade 6505 both powerful and easy touse. Moreover, the Brocade 6505 offerslow-cost access to industry-leading Gen 5Fibre Channel technology while providing“pay-as-you-grow” scalability to meet theneeds of an evolving storage environment.Exceptional Price/Performancefor Growing SAN WorkloadsThe Brocade 6505 combines marketleading throughput with an affordableswitch form factor, making it ideal forgrowing SAN workloads. The 24 portsproduce an aggregate 384 Gbps fullduplex throughput; any eight ports canbe trunked for 128 Gbps Inter-SwitchLinks (ISLs). Exchange-based DynamicPath Selection (DPS) optimizes fabricwide performance and load balancing byautomatically routing data to the mostefficient and available path in the fabric(see Figure 1). It augments Brocade ISLTrunking to provide more effective loadbalancing in certain configurations.In addition, the Brocade 6505 providesa low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)thanks to a 12-port base configuration,easy administration, 1U footprint, and lowenergy consumption—0.22 watts

GEN 5 FIBRE CHANNELGen 5 Fibre Channel is the purposebuilt, data center-proven networkinfrastructure for storage, deliveringunmatched reliability, simplicity, and16 Gbps performance. The Brocade6505 with Gen 5 Fibre Channel andBrocade Fabric Vision technologyunleashes the full potential of highdensity server virtualization, cloudarchitectures, and next-generationstorage.per Gbps and 3.3 watts per port.Enterprise-class capabilities combinedwith a low TCO yield 40 percent higherperformance compared to 10 GigabitEthernet (GbE) alternatives at a similarcost.Industry-Leading TechnologyThat Is Flexible, Simple, and Easyto UseThe Brocade 6505 delivers industryleading Gen 5 Fibre Channel technologywithin a flexible, simple, and easy-to-usesolution. The base configuration includes12 ports, with up to 24 ports on demand.In addition to providing best-in-classscalability, the Brocade 6505 is easy todeploy with the Brocade EZSwitchSetupwizard and the ClearLink Diagnostic Ports(D Ports) feature, which simplifies setup.A Building Block for Virtualized,Private Cloud StorageThe Brocade 6505 provides a criticalbuilding block for today’s highlyvirtualized, private cloud storageenvironments. It simplifies servervirtualization and Virtual DesktopInfrastructure (VDI) management whilemeeting the high-throughput demandsof Solid State Disks (SSDs). The Brocade6505 also supports multi-tenancy incloud environments through Qualityof Service (QoS) and fabric-basedzoning features.The Brocade 6505 can be deployedas a full-fabric switch or as a BrocadeAccess Gateway, which simplifies fabrictopologies and heterogeneous fabricconnectivity (the default mode setting is aswitch). Brocade Access Gateway modeutilizes N Port ID Virtualization (NPIV)switch standards to present physicaland virtual servers directly to the coreof SAN fabrics. This makes BrocadeAccess Gateway transparent to the SANfabric, greatly reducing management ofthe network edge. The Brocade 6505in Brocade Access Gateway mode*can connect servers to NPIV-enabledBrocade B-Series, Brocade M-Series,and other SAN fabrics.Organizations can easily enable BrocadeAccess Gateway mode via BrocadeNetwork Advisor or a CLI. Key benefits ofBrocade Access Gateway mode include: Improved scalability for large orrapidly growing server and virtualserver environments Reduced management of the networkedge, since Brocade Access Gatewaydoes not have a domain identity andappears transparent to the core fabric Support for heterogeneous SANconfigurations without reducedfunctionality for server connectivitySimplified Management andBrocade Access Gateway ModeFrame-based TrunkingASIC Preserves In-order DeliveryUp to8.5 Gbps128 Gbps6 Gbps2 Gbps10.5 Gbps4.5 Gbps9 Gbps.n GbpsDynamic Path Selection (DPS)Balancing data flow betweenmultiple trunk groupsTrunk groupTrunk group8.5 Gbps6 Gbps2 Gbps10.5 Gbps4.5 GbpsUp to128 Gbps9 Gbps .n GbpsFigure 1: Dynamic Path Selection (DPS) augments Brocade ISL Trunkingto route data efficiently between multiple trunk groups.* Brocade Access Gateway mode for the Brocade 6505 is supported only in 24-port configurations.2DPSTrunk groupTrunk group

Robust Network AnalyticsBrocade Fabric Vision technologyprovides a breakthrough hardware andsoftware solution that helps simplifymonitoring, maximize network availability,and dramatically reduce costs. Featuringinnovative monitoring, management,and diagnostic capabilities, Fabric Visiontechnology enables administrators toavoid problems before they impactoperations, helping their organizationsmeet Service Level Agreements (SLAs).Fabric Vision technology includes: Monitoring and Alerting Policy Suite(MAPS): Provides an easy-to-usesolution for pre-built, policy-basedthreshold monitoring and alerting.MAPS proactively monitors thehealth and performance of the SANinfrastructure to ensure applicationuptime and availability. By leveragingpre-built, rule-/policy-based templates,MAPS simplifies fabric-wide thresholdconfiguration, monitoring, and alerting.Administrators can configure the entirefabric (or multiple fabrics) at one timeusing common rules and policies, orcustomize policies for specific ports orswitch elements. Fabric Performance Impact (FPI)Monitoring: Leverages pre-definedMAPS policies to automatically detectand alert administrators to differentlatency severity levels, and identifiesslow drain devices that could impactnetwork performance. This feature usesadvanced monitoring capabilities andintuitive MAPS dashboard reportingto indicate various latency severitylevels, pinpointing exactly which devicesare causing or are impacted by abottlenecked port. Dashboards: Provides integrateddashboards that display an overall SANhealth view, along with details on out-ofrange conditions, to help administratorseasily identify trends and quicklypinpoint issues occurring on aswitch or in a fabric. Configuration and OperationalMonitoring Policy AutomationServices Suite (COMPASS): Simplifiesdeployment, safeguards consistency,and increases operational efficienciesof larger environments with automatedswitch and fabric configuration services.Administrators can configure a templateor adopt an existing configuration asa template and seamlessly deploythe configuration across the fabric. Inaddition, they can ensure that settingsdo not drift over time with COMPASSconfiguration and policy violationmonitoring within Brocade NetworkAdvisor dashboards. Brocade ClearLink Diagnostics:Ensures optical and signal integrity forGen 5 Fibre Channel optics and cables,simplifying deployment and support ofhigh-performance fabrics. ClearLinkDiagnostic Port (D Port) is an advancedcapability of Gen 5 Fibre Channelplatforms. Flow Vision: Enables administrators toidentify, monitor, and analyze specificapplication flows in order to simplifytroubleshooting, maximize performance,avoid congestion, and optimizeresources. Flow Vision includes:-- Flow Monitor: Providescomprehensive visibility into flowswithin the fabric, including the ability toautomatically learn flows and nondisruptively monitor flow performance.Administrators can monitor all flowsfrom a specific host to multipleBROCADE FABRIC VISIONTECHNOLOGYBrocade Fabric Vision technology,an extension of Gen 5 Fibre Channel,provides unprecedented insight andvisibility across the storage network withpowerful built-in monitoring, management,and diagnostic tools that enableorganizations to: Simplify monitoring:–– Deploy more than 15 years of SANbest practices in one click to simplifythe deployment of monitoring withpre-defined, threshold-based rules,actions, and policies–– Gain comprehensive visibility intonetwork health, performance, latencyand congestion issues in the fabricusing browser-accessible dashboardswith drill-down and point-in-timeplayback capabilities Increase availability:–– Avoid 50 percent of common networkproblems with proactive monitoringand advanced diagnostic tools thataddress problems before they impactoperations–– Identify hot spots and automaticallymitigate network problems—beforethey impact application performance—through intuitive reporting, trendanalysis, and integrated actions Dramatically reduce costs:–– Eliminate nearly 50 percent ofmaintenance costs through automatedtesting and diagnostic tools thatvalidate the health, reliability, andperformance of the network priorto deployment–– Save up to millions of dollars onCapEx costs by eliminating the needfor expensive third-party tools throughbuilt-in monitoring and diagnostics3

targets/LUNs, from multiple hoststo a specific target/LUN, or acrossa specific ISL. Additionally, theycan perform LUN-level monitoringof specific frame types to identifyresource contention or congestion thatis impacting application performance.-- Flow Generator: Provides a builtin traffic generator for pre-testingand validating the data centerinfrastructure—including routeverification and integrity of optics,cables, ports, back-end connections,and ISLs—for robustness beforedeploying applications. Forward Error Correction (FEC):Enables recovery from bit errors inISLs, enhancing transmission reliabilityand performance. Credit Loss Recovery: Helps overcomeperformance degradation andcongestion due to buffer credit loss.4Brocade Network AdvisorBrocade Global ServicesBrocade Network Advisor simplifies Gen5 Fibre Channel management and helpsusers proactively diagnose and resolveissues to maximize uptime, increaseoperational efficiency, and reduce costs.The wizard-driven interface dramaticallyreduces deployment and configurationtimes by allowing fabrics, switches,and ports to be managed as groups.Customizable dashboards graphicallydisplay performance and healthindicators out of the box, including all datacaptured using Brocade Fabric Visiontechnology. To accelerate troubleshooting,administrators can use dashboardplayback to quickly review past eventsand identify problems in the fabric. Inaddition, dashboards and reports can beconfigured to show only the most relevantdata, enabling administrators to moreefficiently prioritize their actionsand maintain network performance.Brocade Global Services has theexpertise to help organizations buildscalable, efficient cloud infrastructures.Leveraging 15 years of expertise instorage, networking, and virtualization,Brocade Global Services delivers worldclass professional services, technicalsupport, network monitoring services,and education, enabling organizationsto maximize their Brocade investments,accelerate new technology deployments,and optimize the performance ofnetworking infrastructures.Maximizing InvestmentsTo help optimize technology investments,Brocade and its partners offer completesolutions that include professionalservices, technical support, and education.For more information, contact a Brocadesales partner or visit

BROCADE 6505 SPECIFICATIONSSystem ArchitectureFibre Channel portsSwitch mode (default): 12- and 24-portconfigurations (12-port increment throughPorts on Demand [PoD] license); E, F, M, DportsBrocade Access Gateway default portmapping: 16 F Ports, 8 N PortsScalabilityFull-fabric architecture with a maximum of239 switchesCertified maximum6,000 active nodes; 56 switches, 19 hopsin Brocade Fabric OS fabrics; larger fabricscertified as requiredPerformanceISL trunkingFibre Channel: 2.125 Gbps line speed, fullduplex; 4.25 Gbps line speed, full duplex;8.5 Gbps line speed, full duplex; 14.025Gbps line speed, full duplex; auto-sensingof 2, 4, 8, and 16 Gbps port speedsFrame-based Trunking with up toeight 16 Gbps ports per ISL trunk; upto 128 Gbps per ISL trunk. Exchangebased load balancing across ISLs withDPS included in Brocade Fabric OS.Aggregate bandwidth384 Gbps end-to-end full duplexMaximum fabric latencyLatency for locally switched ports is 700 ns;Forward Error Correction (FEC) adds 400ns between E Ports (enabled by default).Maximum frame size2,112-byte payloadFrame buffers8,192 dynamically allocatedClasses of serviceClass 2, Class 3, Class F (inter-switchframes)Port typesD Port (ClearLink Diagnostic Port), E Port,F Port, M Port (Mirror Port); optional porttype controlBrocade Access Gateway mode: F Portand NPIV-enabled N PortData traffic typesFabric switches supporting unicastMedia types16 Gbps: Brocade 6505 requires Brocadehot-pluggable SFP , LC connector; 16 GbpsSWL, LWL, ELWL8 Gbps: Brocade 6505 requires Brocadehot-pluggable SFP , LC connector; 8 GbpsSWL, LWL, ELWLFibre Channel distance subject to fiberoptic cable and port speedUSBOne USB port for system log filedownloads or firmware upgradesFabric servicesMonitoring and Alerting Policy Suite(MAPS); Flow Vision; Top Talkers for EPorts, F Ports, and Fabric mode; BrocadeAdaptive Networking (Ingress Rate Limiting,Traffic Isolation, QoS); Bottleneck Detection;Brocade Advanced Zoning (default zoning,port/WWN zoning, broadcast zoning,peer zoning); Dynamic Fabric Provisioning(DFP); Dynamic Path Selection (DPS);Brocade Extended Fabrics; Enhanced BBcredit recovery; FDMI; Frame Redirection;Frame-based Trunking; FSPF; IPoFC;Brocade ISL Trunking; Management Server;NPIV; NTP v3; Port Fencing; RegisteredState Change Notification (RSCN); ReliableCommit Service (RCS); Server ApplicationOptimization (SAO); Simple Name Server(SNS)Note: Some fabric servicesdo not apply or are unavailable inBrocade Access Gateway mode.5

BROCADE 6505 SPECIFICATIONS (Continued)ManagementSystem weight7.82 kg (17.25 lb) with one power supply,without transceiversSupported management HTTP, SNMP v1/v3 (FE MIB, FCsoftwareManagement MIB), SSH; Auditing, Syslog;Brocade Advanced Web Tools; BrocadeNetwork Advisor SAN Enterprise or BrocadeNetwork Advisor SAN Professional/Professional Plus; Command Line Interface(CLI); SMI-S compliant; AdministrativeDomains; trial licenses for add-on nmentTemperature: –25 C to 70 C/–13 F to 158 FOperating altitudeUp to 3,000 m (9,843 ft)Storage altitudeUp to 12 km (39,370 ft)ShockOperating: Up to 20 G, 6 ms half-sineManagement accessDiagnosticsDH-CHAP (between switches and enddevices), FCAP switch authentication;HTTPS, IPsec, IP filtering, LDAP withIPv6, OpenLDAP, Port Binding, RADIUS,TACACS , User-defined Role-Based AccessControl (RBAC), Secure Copy (SCP), SecureRPC, SFTP, SSH v2, SSL, Switch Binding,Trusted Switch10/100 Mbps Ethernet (RJ-45), in-band overFibre Channel, serial port (RJ-45), and oneUSB portClearLink optics and cable diagnostics,including electrical/optical loopback, linktraffic/latency/distance; flow mirroring; built-inflow generator; POST and embedded online/offline diagnostics, including environmentalmonitoring, FCping and Pathinfo (FCtraceroute), frame viewer, non-disruptivedaemon restart, port mirroring, optics healthmonitoring, power monitoring, RAStracelogging, and Rolling Reboot Detection (RRD)Mechanical9.16 kg (20.19 lb) with two power supplyFRUs, without transceiversOperating environmentTemperature: 0 C to 40 C/32 F to 104 FHumidity: 10% to 85% (non-condensing)Humidity: 10% to 90% (non-condensing)Non-operating: Half-sine, 33 G 11 ms,3/eg axisVibrationOperating: 0.5 g sine, 0.4 grms random,5 Hz to 500 HzNon-operating: 2.0 g sine, 1.1 grms random,5 Hz to 500 HzHeat dissipation24 ports at 338 BTU/hrPowerPower supplyBase switch includes a single, hot-swappablepower supply with integrated system coolingfans. Optional dual redundant hot-swappablepower supply.AC input85 V to 264 V 5 A to 2.5 AEnclosureBack-to-front airflow (port-side exhaust);power from back, 1UInput line frequency47 Hz to 63 HzSizeWidth: 437.64 mm (17.23 in.)Power consumption80 W with all 24 ports populated with16 Gbps SWL opticsHeight: 43.18 mm (1.7 in.)60 W for empty chassis with no opticsDepth: 443.23 mm (17.45 in.)Corporate HeadquartersSan Jose, CA USAT: 1-408-333-8000info@brocade.comEuropean HeadquartersGeneva, SwitzerlandT: 41-22-799-56-40emea-info@brocade.comAsia Pacific HeadquartersSingaporeT: 2015 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 06/15 GA-DS-1642-08ADX, Brocade, Brocade Assurance, the B-wing symbol, DCX, Fabric OS, HyperEdge, ICX, MLX, MyBrocade, OpenScript,The Effortless Network, VCS, VDX, Vplane, and Vyatta are registered trademarks, and Fabric Vision and vADX are trademarksof Brocade Communications Systems, Inc., in the United States and/or in other countries. Other brands, products, or servicenames mentioned may be trademarks of others.Notice: This document is for informational purposes only and does not set forth any warranty, expressed or implied, concerning anyequipment, equipment features, or service offered or to be offered by Brocade. Brocade reserves the right to make changes to thisdocument at any time, without notice, and assumes no responsibility for its use. This information document describes features thatmay not be currently available. Contact a Brocade sales office for information on feature and product availability. Export of technicaldata contained in this document may require an export license from the United States government.6

the network edge. The Brocade 6505 in Brocade Access Gateway mode* can connect servers to NPIV-enabled Brocade B-Series, Brocade M-Series, and other SAN fabrics. Organizations can easily enable Brocade Access Gateway mode via Brocade Network Advisor or a CLI. Key benefits of Brocade Access Gateway mode include: Improved scalability for large or