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Cheryl MatsonKennesaw State UniversityTed WilliamsGeorgia Southern UniversityGeorgia Summit 2014Robin MockGeorgia Southern UniversityPurging Records from Banner& Electronic Document Imaging SystemsGeorgia Southern University & Kennesaw State University lead a group discussion aboutpurging records from Banner and electronic document systems according to the USGRecords Retention Policy & Schedule. We discuss lessons learned, current processes, andfuture plans.

Agenda Kennesaw State University A Current Implementation Purged Manually in the Past Automated Process Banner Data Georgia Southern University In Planning Data Purging Why? Who? Where? How? Concerns Document Imaging Purge

KSU. At a Glance. Kennesaw State University: a comprehensive university 26,000 enrollment Rolling admission processing standard Banner SIS Perceptive Imaging : an enterprise imaging system many across system see documents Application Count 2013 – 2014 Year: Fall 2013: Spring 2014: Summer 2014: 2014 – 2015 Year: Fall 2014:18, 1704,5323,17725,87919,746

KSU. Purging in the Past. After add/drop was over for a term,we would go through our paper filesand determine who was registered.Those files would get “checked out”to the Registrar’s Office. Next we would pull out files over 1year old and manually go through our“Quickflow”, deleting the appropriateBanner forms for these applicants.

KSU. Why Change? Amount of time spent to do this was becoming more and moretaxing on other processes Found that another institution was running lists of applied butnot enrolled applicants and using this to purge documents. If we could run lists, could we automate the process too?

KSU. Target & Retention Schedule. We purge information for: Those who applied at least two years ago, but did notattend, or update to another term USG Records and Management Records Retention Schedule forinternational applicant documents: “ 2 years for non-admittedapplicants records; until admitted ” Board of Regents, University System of GA Records RetentionManual (K56, pg 120)

KSU. The Process & Imaging. Process first runs a report We go into our imaging product, Perceptive, and rename mostdocuments “PURGED” We do not rename other area’s documents Only a few people are allowed to see these documents (limitedrights by role) There is an indicator that tells viewer there are “Purged”documents (Red “Y”)

KSU. The Process & Banner Data. Process allows us to choose undergraduate vs. graduate It will not purge folders if: there is registration for the chosen term there is payment history for the chosen term there is previous enrollment Once documents are renamed “PURGED” in imaging, we runthe process It deletes information in all Admission’s forms (No A/R, No F/A),EXCEPT: SPAIDEN (Biographical tab; E-mail tab; Emergency tab) ZOAGARP SOAHOLD Process will put comment on SPACMNT form, indicates purged date Process will put purge information on GLRSLCT indicates term purged, who ran process, activity date

KSU. Purge Numbers this Cycle. Spring 2012:1315 Summer 2012: 825 Fall 2012:7852

KSU. Concerns. We do not want to purge files/documents that are notAdmission’s documents or that others on campus are using. Keeping purged documents in imaging system is helpful: forhistorical purposes; to occasionally use for processing; for otherareas’ use (future faculty?). Concern about keeping electronic process current with Bannerupgrades. Historical numbers – Enterprise Information Management teamtakes a “snap shot” of application numbers at census for futurereporting.

Georgia Southern. At a Glance. Georgia Southern University Fall 2013 enrollment: 20,500 Fall 2013 applications: 14,500 Banner Document Management System

Banner Data Purging. Why? Guidelines of the Georgia Records Act detail requirements forretention &/or disposition of university system records. Georgia Southern has not purged persons’ Banner databaserecords since Banner implementation in 1996. We are using this policy to highlight a target group but arepurging across all Banner tables to prevent orphaning data.

Banner Data Purging. Stakeholders. Stakeholders: AdmissionsGrad AdmissionsRegistrar’s OfficeStrategic Research & AnalysisFinancial AidStudent FeesBusiness & FinanceAdvancement/Donor RelationsLegal AffairsArchives & Records Managementour central IT Services

Banner Data Purging. Who? Pilot target: Persons with data “eligible to be purged” are defined ashaving been recruited &/or applied for admission from thebeginning of time until 3 years ago and never enrolled.3 years ago(pilot)N E V E R1 year ago(policy)E N R O L L E D

Banner Data Purging. Where? Vendor applications we considered: Banner Banner Document Management Axiom for Higher Education Blackboard Analytics Hobsons Connect CRM Maxient Titanium Schedule Accommodate CSM by Simplicity Dynamic Forms Other: Local tables/views Data warehouseTarget:Total: 353,019 applicants& recruits who never enrolledRecruits: 308,381Applicants: 131,877

Banner Data Purging. How? Baseline purge processes: SAPADMS – AdmissionsSRTPURG – ProspectsRNAPURG – Financial AidSFPREGS – RegistrationSGPSTDN – General Student 11% of tables containing our targets are included in baselinepurge processes


Banner Data Purging. Concerns. Prevent purging some data for: Active faculty/staff who were recruited &/or applied butnever enrolled Donors who were recruited &/or applied but neverenrolled. Pre-1980 enrollees since their enrollment was not broughtover to Banner Other: Different retention schedules for different departmentsacross institution Frozen data within our data warehouse & analytical tools

Document Imaging Purge. BDR. Banner Document Retention: “Automatically dispose of documents stored in BannerDocument Management, according to flexible dispositionrules & institutional policy.” Mid-fall implementation Must execute before Banner data purge as the data isreferenced in the disposition rules in BDR

Questions? Experiences to Share?

Hobsons Connect CRM Maxient Titanium Schedule Accommodate CSM by Simplicity Dynamic Forms Other: Local tables/views Data warehouse Banner Data Purging. Where? Total: 353,019 applicants & recruits who nev