Alabama Community College System And ACCUPLACER


12/3/2015What is ACCUPLACER?A program from College Board that provides: Alabama Community CollegeSystem and ACCUPLACER Rigorous, reliable, and valid test content Placement testing Diagnostic testingA robust test delivery platform Internet-based 24/7 access Continuous enhancementAn array of services at no additional cost Consulting Professional Development Technical SupportACCUPLACER TestsACCUPLACER BackgroundPlacement Part of the CollegeBoard suite ofassessments Reading Comprehension - 20Sentence Skills - 20WritePlacer *Arithmetic - 17Elementary Algebra - 12College Level Math - 20Computer Skills Placement*- 30/70Available since 1986Institutions:2 year4 yearHigh schoolsScore range 20-120Fixed-length, adaptive testsUntimed*Not AdaptiveESL Suite Reading Skills - 20Sentence Meaning- 20Language Usage- 20Listening - 20WritePlacer ESL*Diagnostics Reading Comprehension - 40Sentence Skills - 40Arithmetic - 40Elementary Algebra - 40State or system‐wide ACCUPLACER use1

12/3/2015Computer Adaptive TestingDelivers a customized testing experience by using prior answers to estimatewhich items the student is likely to answer ore is calculated and thenext best item is selectedbased on: DifficultyReading ComprehensionPlacement content categoriesare: Identifying Main Ideas Secondary / Supporting Idea Inference Applications Sentence Relationships ContentDiagnostic content categoriesare: Main Idea Supporting Detail Sentence Relationships Inference Author's Purpose/RhetoricalStrategies Test SpecificationsDecreasedDifficulty Adaptive for bothplacement and diagnosticsSentence SkillsPlacement content categoriesare: Recognizing CompleteSentences Coordination/Subordination Sentence RelationshipPlacement 20 itemsDiagnostic 40 itemsEssay WritingDiagnostic Content Categoriesare: Agreement Modifiers Diction/Logic Sentence Structure Sentence BoundariesWritePlacer8-point holistic scoring rubricwith 6 dimensions: Purpose and FocusWritePlacer Options: Timed or Untimed Organization and Structure Development and Support Critical ThinkingPlacement 20 itemsDiagnostic 40 items13 prompts available On or off Count down or count up Word count Timing alert Sentence Variety and Style Mechanical ConventionsIn 10 minute increments up to 2 hoursClock On or off On or off 10 minutes left 5 minutes left2

12/3/2015ArithmeticPlacement content categoriesare: Whole numbers andFractions Decimals and Percents ApplicationsElementary AlgebraDiagnostic content categoriesare: Computation with Integers andFractions Computation with DecimalNumbers Problems Involving Percent Estimation, Ordering, andNumber Sense Word Problems and ApplicationsPlacement content categoriesare: Integers and Rationals Algebraic Expressions Equations, Inequalities, andWord ProblemsPlacement 17 itemsDiagnostic 40 itemsPlacement 12 itemsDiagnostic 40 itemsCollege Level MathCollege Level MathPlacement content categories are: Algebraic Operations Solutions of Equations and Inequalities Coordinate Geometry Applications and Other Algebra Topics Functions TrigonometryEach student is administered a total of 20 items(placement test only).Diagnostic content categoriesare: Real Numbers Linear Equations, Inequalities,and Systems Quadratic Expressions andEquations Algebraic Expressions andEquations Word Problems and ApplicationsACCUPLACER Key Features Fully Internet-based, no downloads orregistrations required One click system check to confirmcomputer set-up Local control of welcome screen, reportmessages, and student directions Standardized accessibility formats(online & paper/pencil) 24/7 access with 99.75% platformreliability Robust on-demand reporting Retest policy support Student practice testsCalculators Recommend studentsnot allowed to usehand-held calculators Calculators areavailable in the platformon item-appropriatebasis Applies to all Math tests3

12/3/2015User Permission LevelsAccount HierarchyInstitution settings flow to campuses Background Questions Branching Profiles Placement Rules Multiple MeasuresMain CampusData flows up to the mpusHigh SchoolTesting #1Demo SiteHigh SchoolTesting #2All ACCS institutions can be “grouped” to facilitate set –up, communication and reporting.The College Board level provides resources to allusers in the ACCUPLACER platform includingdefault settings and tests.GroupAdministrationInstitution AThe Testing Site Level is used to test studentsand manage student data and results. AnInstitution Administrator creates Testing Sites.Institutional AdministratorControls the entire institution account Site ManagerControls an individual testing site ProctorTests and prints Individual Score Reports Proctor ReporterTests and generates reports Reporters Institutional or Site ReportersGenerates reports Institutional or Site Score ReportersReprints Individual Score Reports WritePlacer ReportersPrints essays written during testingCOMPANION: Accessibility FormatsCollege BoardLevel The Group Level can be used for system or statewideimplementations to provide centralized account setupand data access. Most institutions are not part of aGroup.Data flows to higher levelsSettings, Branching Profiles,Placement Rules flow to lower levelsAccount Hierarchy Pencil/paper versions Braille version Large print version Audio CDs Scannable answer sheets—upload toACCUPLACER platform Additional ACCUPLACER Features to expandonline testing options:The Institution Level is used for individual campusesInstitution B or systems. New accounts are created at this level.Testing Site ATesting Site ATesting Site BTesting Site B Compatible with reading software programs Accessibility Wizard feature for visuallyimpaired testers.Note: All test are untimed4

12/3/2015Flexible Technical RequirementsFlexible Test AdministrationOn Demand Testing No scheduling or pre‐planning required Walk in testing on campusFast Track Test Administration No scheduling or pre‐planning required Designed for group testing on or off campusWindows, Mac, and MobileSupports tablet testingVouchers Pre‐register students in advance Designed for group testing on or off campusRemote Testing Network Pre‐register students in advance Testing at participating collegesRemote Virtual Proctoring Pre‐register students in advance 24/7 virtual proctoring anywhereVirtual Remote ProctoringAllows Students to test at a time that isconvenient for them:working adultson‐line studentshome bound studentsInternational studentsSaves travel time to a campusFour students per Virtual ProctorTest Set Up – Branching ProfilesBranching Profiles include: Test Settings Background Questions Tests Conditions to control tests givenStatewide Branching Profiles Set up consistent testing practices Save time Avoid mistakesUse background questions to: Get pertinent information Determine testing start point Reduces excess testing5

12/3/2015Branching Profiles:Background QuestionsWhat was thehighest mathcourse you’vepassed in thelast five years?Algebra I orAlgebra yCalculusPlacementAlgebraCollege CollegeLevelMathArithmeticRobust Support of Multiple MeasuresPlacementDiagnosticTestingAn Example: Fine Tuning PlacementTest Score Background Question ResponsesScores barely above the cutTest ScoresBackground responses indicateless desirable characteristicsBackgroundQuestionsExternal DataScores barely below the cut Did you pass Algebra inHigh School? How often do you use mathin your life outside ofschool? Do you read for pleasure?Placement SAT/ACT Scores High School GPA Non-CognitiveBackground responses indicatehighly desirable characteristics6

12/3/2015Reporting FeaturesIndividual Score Report On-Demand Available to the student at theconclusion of testing Customizable to institutionalspecifications Multiple reportsreport options available (11)Including Custom Reports Exportable file formatsExcel XML CSV Delimited Text WebCan display: Test scores Testing times Course Placements Custom Messages Background Question responsesScore Service for automatic data exportDiagnostic Individual Score ReportWeb Score ServiceScoresDomain scores range from 1 to 15. Category scores Needs Improvement (1-4) Limited Proficiency (5-9) Proficient (10-15)Automatically transfer data fromACCUPLACER to a specifiedlocation Select download interval Select file Format Can be setup on a per campusbasis and also system-wide7

12/3/2015Student Engagement and PreparationStudent Engagement andPreparationSample Questionsfor StudentsWeb Study AppRemediationPlannerMyFoundationsLab Downloadable PDF Questions with Answer Key Free to students as of mid‐May Scored mini‐tests with overall and strand scores Rationale on answering each question Interpret Diagnostic scores Assign topics for study based on Diagnostic scores Plan individual intervention or design curriculum Results from Diagnostic provide individualized learning paths Online content available 24/7Web Study AppACCUPLACER Pricing8

12/3/2015Unit-Based Pricing All tests are 1 unit except WritePlacer (2), WritePlacer ESL (2) andESL Listening (2.5 units) Unit Pricing isImplementationBasic 2.20 per unit College Board Members 2.05 per unit System‐wide adoption 1.85 per unit There are no additional costs beyond the unit price.The followingare included in the unit cost: Consulting Licensing Training Unlimited Sites/Users Set‐Up Specialists Validity Studies Maintenance Background Questions Multiple Measures Student RecordsScaled Implementation – Step 1Scaled Implementation – Step 2Ability to Benefit TestingReplacement for Compass Placement Testing Immediateimplementation of testingand access are available now Testing could start as soon as a week Concurrent usage with Compass TrainingScope of Work Proctorcertification Purchase Units Allowcolleges to begin usage when they are readytraining arranged after discussion of goals,policies Testing could start for summer or fall or spring2017 CustomJoint Scope of Work Placementpolicies and cut scores Test set up and staff training9

12/3/2015Scaled Implementation – Step 3Resources Inside ACCUPLACERSystem-wide review current placementpractices Getting Started with ACCUPLACER ACCUPLACER User’s Guide ACCUPLACER Program Manual Allowtime for thoughtful consideration of what is bestfor a more robust placement process Identify the meaningful aspects to include Add Multiple measures when colleges are readyJoint Scope of Work Variesdepending on solutionsupport for options and set up provided Validity Study FullProfessional Development ResourcesACCUPLACER Outreach and Support als/professionaldevelopmentThe Outreach Team Senior Assessment Managers Staff dedicated to troubleshooting,problem solving, Q/A Live Provide service to institutions at thecampus, system, and state levels Available 12 hours/day – 6 days/week Phone: 866-607-5223 Email: Live chatwebcasts held on selected special topics Recorded sessions on a variety of topics ACCUPLACER Account Setup presentation Setup process overview Step by step instructions Links to video demonstrations Consultation, training, professionaldevelopment, and advocacy On campus, face-to-face service Virtual service via webcast andphoneACCUPLACER Support10

12/3/2015Thank YouKeith HenrySenior Assessment ManagerFor additional information or questions, contact:Suzanne McGurk843/513-3915smcgurk@collegeboard.org11

ACCUPLACER Key Features Fully Internet-based, no downloads or registrations required One click system check to confirm computer set-up Local control of welcome screen, report messages, and student directions Standardized accessibility formats (online & paper/pencil) 24/7 access with 99.75% platform reliability