Since 1940, The QUIKRETE Companies has served the constructionand home improvement industries. The QUIKRETE brand is the mostrespected and trusted brand of cement and concrete products in theUnited States.With more than 100 manufacturing locations throughout the United States, PuertoRico, Canada, Central and South America, The QUIKRETE Companies iscommitted to providing reliable, high performance and innovative products for thecontractor and homeowner.What America’s Made Of.

Concrete MixesCONCRETE MIXCONCRETE MIXESOriginal 4000 psi average compressive strength blend ofPortland cement, sand, gravel or stone, and other approvedingredients. Just add water. Use For: Floors Footings Steps Sidewalks Patios Curbs Setting PostsExceeds the requirements of ASTM C 387Item No.Package SizeMetricQuantity1101-1010 lb. bag4.5 kg6/bale1101-4040 lb. bag18.1 kg80/pallet1101-6060 lb. bag27.2 kg56/pallet80 lb. bag1101-80* 90 lb. bags available regionally.36.2 kg42/palletFAST-SETTING CONCRETE MIXA special blend of fast-setting cements, sand and gravel designedto set hard in approximately 20-40 minutes. Use for building andsetting posts. Sets posts without mixing. Pour dry mix into holeand soak with water.Use For Setting:Use For Building:Item No.Package SizeMetricQuantity1004-5050 lb. bag22.7 kg64/pallet Fence posts Steps Mailbox posts Sidewalks Swing sets Air conditioner padsExceeds the requirements of ASTM C 387QUIKRETE 5000 CONCRETE MIXCommercial Grade concrete mix designed for higher-earlystrength gain. Achieves 2500 PSI in 3 days and 5000 PSI in 28days. Ideal for cold weather application. Use For:Item No.Package SizeMetricQuantity1007-0160 lb. bag27.2 kg56/pallet1007-0080 lb. bag36.2 kg42/palletNEW! Concrete projects 2” thick or more that require high strength Driveway aprons Patios Curbs Sign footings Deck supports FloorsExceeds the requirements of ASTM C 387Q MAX PRO CONCRETE MIXFiber reinforced, rapid hardening concrete formulated to providea 1-hour working time, a walk-on time of 3 hours, and achievea compressive strength of 6500 PSI. The mix provides superiorworkability and finishing characteristics and resists dryingshrinkage cracks. Air entrained for improved freeze-thaw durabilityand contains a corrosion inhibitor to protect reinforced steel.Item No.Package SizeMetricQuantity1004-8180 lb. bag36.2 kg42/palletCRACK RESISTANT CONCRETE MIXCommercial Grade concrete mix with air entraining admixture,and alkali-resistant reinforcing fibers. Formula significantlyreduces cracking from drying shrinkage and is designed foruse in structural concrete applications. Achieves 4000 PSI in28 days. Other benefits & features include: Superior workability Provides greater impact resistance Air entrained for improved freeze-thaw durability Eliminates the need for wire mesh in typical slab-on-grade slabsExceeds the requirements of ASTM C 387Item No.Package SizeMetricQuantity1006-6760 lb. bag27.2 kg56/pallet1006-8080 lb. bag36.2 kg42/palletCOUNTERTOP MIXA specially formulated flowable high strength concrete mixfor use in pre-cast and cast-in-place concrete countertopapplications. Available in Gray & Tint-Base White. Otherbenefits and features include: High flow formula minimizes the need for mechanical vibration Reduced shrinkage formulation Strip forms in 18 hours Exceeds 2,500 PSI (17.7 MPa) @ 3 days3,500 PSI (24.1 MPa) @ 7 days5,000 PSI (34.5 MPa) @ 28 daysItem No.Package SizeMetricQuantityGray80 lb. bag36.2 kg42/pallet80 lb. bag36.2 kg42/pallet1106-80Tint Base White1106-81QUIKRETE Timeline: 1940-2015May 22, 1940 MaintenanceProducts Inc - QUIKRETE Founded3April 1951 Produces first QUIKRETE branded product: Gemaco QUIKRETE August 1954 QUIKRETE receives US trademark registration

Mortar & Masonry ProductsMORTAR MIXA blend of masonry cement and graded sand. Just add water.Use for non structural construction & repair of brick,block and stone: Barbecues Pillars Planters Tuck pointing mortar Veneers Non-structural wallsMeets the requirements of ASTM C 270 & C 1714 for Type N MortarMASON MIXItem No.Package SizeMetricQuantity1102-1010 lb. bag4.5 kg6/bale1102-4040 lb. bag18.1 kg80/pallet1102-6060 lb. bag27.2 kg56/pallet1102-8080 lb. bag36.2 kg42/palletPackage SizeMetricQuantity1136-0060 lb. bag27.2 kg56/pallet1136-8080 lb. bag36.2 kg42/pallet1136-8680 lb. bag36.2 kg42/palletType M1136-8580 lb. bag36.2 kg42/palletItem No.Package SizeMetricQuantity80 lb. bag36.2 kg42/pallet1136-7280 lb. bag36.2 kg42/palletItem No.Package SizeMetricQuantity1610-0050 lb. bag22.7 kg63/palletHigh strength, contractor grade, pre-blended mortar mix.Mason Mix contains properly graded masonry sand andrequires only the addition of water. Use for structural &non-structural masonry applications above and belowgrade:Item No. Walls Brick/stone veneers Columns Tuck pointingMeets the requirements of ASTM C 270 & C 1714* Also available in 3000 lb. bulk bagsType SType NMORTAR & MASONRY PRODUCTSMASON MIX - COLORED FORMULAHigh strength, contractor grade, pre-blended mortar mix.Colored Mason Mix contains properly graded masonrysand and color pigment. Use for structural masonryapplications above and below grade:Type S1136-71 Walls Brick/stone veneers Columns Tuck pointing Also available in Type “N” and “M” formulationsMeets the requirements of ASTM C 270 & C 1714Type N* Contact your local representative for exact color availability.* Also available in 3000 lb. bulk bagsGLASS BLOCK MORTARSpecifically formulated blend of white sand, white cement,hydrated lime and waterproofing additives. Just add water.Use For: Laying glass block for interior and exterior walls Laying brick, block or tile where white mortar is desiredMeets the requirements of ASTM C 270 & C 1714 for Type S MortarVENEER STONE MORTARSA Portland cement and hydrated lime based mortar designedfor veneer applications and tuck pointing of manufacturedand natural stone. Also available in Polymer-Modifiedand Natural Stone formulas. Apply directly to concrete and masonry surfaces or overexpanded metal lath Superior bond strength Consistent, pre-blended mixMeets the requirements of ASTM C 270 & C 1714* Also available in 3000 lb. bulk bagsJanuary 1959 IntroducesQUIKRETE Vinyl Concrete PatcherJanuary 1967 IntroducesHydra-Hold (Hydraulic Water Stop)Item No.Package SizeMetricQuantity1137-8080 lb. bag36.2 kg42/pallet80 lb. bag36.2 kg42/pallet80 lb. bag36.2 kg42/palletPoly-Mod1137-85Natural Stone1137-88April 1968 Publishes Do-It-YourselfWith Packaged ConcreteAnd Mortar Guide1972410th Plant

Mortar & Masonry ProductsROOF TILE MORTAR FL-15Contractor grade, high bond strength mortar. Use For: Setting flat and low profile clay, cement and other roof tile Roofs up to 15 feet highMeets the requirements of ASTM C 270 for Type M MortarItem No.Package SizeMetricQuantity1140-8080 lb. bag36.6 kg42/palletCORE-FILL GROUTSA properly proportioned mixture of Portland cement, gradedaggregate, and other ingredients designed to provide aflowable grout, requiring only the addition of water. Availablein Fine and Coarse. Use For:Item No.MORTAR & MASONRY PRODUCTSPackage SizeMetricQuantity80 lb. bag36.2 kg42/pallet80 lb. bag36.2 kg42/palletCoarse Filling masonry block cores Pumped or poured applications Use Fine Core-Fill Grout when grout space is less than 4 inchesin either direction Use Coarse Core-Fill Grout when grout space it greater than 4inches in either direction1585-07Fine1585-08Meets the strength requirements of ASTM C 476SELF-CONSOLIDATING CORE-FILLGROUTA Portland cement based highly fluid grout specificallydesigned to fill masonry block cores without segregationOther benefits & features include: Eliminates the need for vibrating. Can be placed in single lifts up to 12 ft. 8 in. high Contains 3/8 in. (9.5 mm) aggregate. For use when grout space is greater than 4 in. (100 mm)in both directions.Item No.Package SizeMetricQuantity1585-0680 lb. bag36.2 kg42/palletMeets the requirements of ASTM C 476 at 24-28 in. (600-700 mm)slump flowSeptember 1974 First nationalQUIKRETE ad: The Turnover Twins1977520th PlantJanuary 1977Introduces QUIKWALLSurface Bonding Cement

PORTLAND & MASONRY CEMENTSPORTLAND CEMENTMixed with aggregate and other ingredients to makeconcrete mix, mortar mix and base coat stucco.Available in Type I, Type I/II, Type II and Type III.To make Concrete Mix:To make Type S Mortar Mix: 3 Parts Gravel 3½ to 4½ Parts Masonry Sand 2 Parts All-Purpose Sand ½ Part Hydrated Lime 1 Part Portland Cement (by volume) 1 Part Portland Cement (by volume)Item No.Package SizeMetricQuantity1124-3131 lb. bag14.1 kg100/pallet1124-4747 lb. bag21.3 kg63/pallet1124-9494 lb. bag42.6 kg35/pallet1124-4292.6 lb. bag42 kg35/palletMeets the requirements of ASTM C 150 and Federal Specifications for Portland cement.MASONRY CEMENTAvailable in Type N and Type S masonry cement.To make Type N Mortar Mix: 3 Parts Masonry Sand 1 Part Type N Masonry Cement (by volume)To make Type S Mortar Mix: 3 Parts Masonry Sand 1 Part Type S Masonry Cement (by volume)Item No.Package SizeMetricQuantity70 lb. bag31.7 kg40/pallet70 lb. bag31.7 kg40/palletType S1125-71Type N1125-70Meets the requirements of ASTM C 91 and Federal Specifications for masonry cement.PORTLAND-LIME CEMENTBlend of Portland cement and hydrated lime meetingthe Type S proportions.Available Regionally.To make Type S Mortar Mix: 2½ to 3 Parts Masonry Sand 1 Part Portland-Lime Cement (by volume)Item No.Package SizeMetricQuantity1125-2170 lb. bag31.7 kg40/palletItem No.Package SizeMetricQuantity1125-9894 lb. bag42.6 kg35/palletItem No.Package SizeMetricQuantity1201-8580 lb. bag36.2 kg42/palletItem No.Package SizeMetricQuantity2121-9494 lb. bag42.6 kg35/palletMeets the requirements of ASTM C 91 and Federal Specifications for masonry cement.PREMIUM PLASTERING CEMENTProperly proportioned blend of Portland cement with airentraining and plasticized admixtures for use in basecoat and finish coat mixes. Formulation provides improvedworkability, reduced shrinkage and low-sag characteristics.Available Regionally.Meets the requirements of ASTM C 91 and Federal Specifications for masonry cement.Blended cement designed for use with plaster sand to makebase coat stucco and finish coat stucco mixes.Available Regionally.To make base coat stucco mix: 3-4 parts plaster sand (ASTM C 897) 1 part stucco cement (by volume)Meets the requirements of ASTM C 91PLASTIC CEMENTBlended cement specifically designed for use with plastersand to make Base Coat Stucco. Available Regionally.To make Scratch and Base Coat Stucco Mix: 3 to 4 Parts Plaster Sand 1 Part Plastic Cement (by volume)Portland & masonry cementsSTUCCO CEMENTMeets the requirements of ASTM C 1328 Type M and S.May 1980 Introduces color-codedpails for QUIKRETE Repair ProductsJune 1982 FirstQUIKRETE Profit Manual1981630th Plant

CONCRETE REPAIR & WATERPROOFINGConcrete Repair & WaterproofingCONCRETE RESURFACERA special blend of Portland cement, sand, polymer modifiersand other additives. Designed to provide a shrinkagecompensated repair material for making thin repairs to soundconcrete in need of surface renewal. Can be squeegee, trowelor brush applied. Use For: Sidewalks Driveways Curbs Pool decks Patios Concrete floors Parking decks FloorsItem No.Package SizeMetricQuantity1131-2020 lb. pail9.1 kg60/pallet1131-4040 lb. bag18.1 kg64/pallet1131-4040 lb. bag18.1 kg35/mini pallet1131-8080 lb. bag36.2 kg42/palletSAND/TOPPING MIXConsists of a uniformly blended mixture of Portland cement,graded sand and other approved ingredients.Use For: Repairing and topping damaged concrete surfaces less than2 inches thick As a base for laying flagstone and paving bricksItem No.Package SizeMetricQuantity1103-1010 lb. bag4.5 kg6/bale1103-4040 lb. bag18.1 kg80/pallet1103-6060 lb. bag27.2 kg56/pallet1103-8080 lb. bag36.2 kg42/palletVINYL CONCRETE PATCHERMulti-purpose concrete repair material with strong adhesiveproperties. Trowels to a feather edge of 1 16”. Made of aspecial blend of exterior grade vinyl resin, fine sand, andPortland cement. Just add water. Available in gray and white.Use For: Making smooth repairs to cracked or chipped concretefloors, sidewalks or stepsQUICK-SETTING CEMENTSpecially formulated to set in approximately 10–15 minutes.Can be molded or sculpted into pl

Meets the requirements of ASTM C 91 and Federal Specifications for masonry cement. Item No. 1125-21 Metric 31.7 kg Package Size 70 lb. bag Quantity 40/pallet Item No. 1124-31 1124-47 1124-94 1124-42 Metric 14.1 kg 21.3 kg 42.6 kg 42 kg Package Size 31 lb. bag 47 lb. bag 94 lb. bag 92.6 lb. bag Quantity 100/pallet 63/pallet 35/pallet 35/pallet PORTLAND CEMENT Mixed with aggregate and other .