IndexTypeDescriptionFigure NumberPageHangers.Hinged Split Ring.7001.5Stainless Steel No Hinge Split Ring. 7001S.6Standard Duty Adjustable Clevis - Epoxy. 7005E.7Standard Duty Large O.D. Adjustable Clevis - Epoxy. 7005E.8Standard Duty Adjustable Clevis Hanger - Plain. 7005P.9Standard Duty Adjustable Clevis Hanger - Plain. 7005P.10Standard Duty Adjustable Clevis Hanger - Plated. 7005Z. 11Standard Duty Adjustable Clevis Hanger - Plated. 7005Z.12Standard Duty Adjustable Clevis - Stainless. 7005S.13Light Duty Adjustable Clevis - Epoxy. 7006E.14Light Duty Adjustable Clevis Hangers - Plain. 7006P.15Light Duty Adjustable Clevis Hangers - Plated. 7006Z.16Adjustable Clevis for Copper Tube.7008.17Adjustable Swivel Ring - Epoxy. 7010E.18Adjustable Swivel Ring Hangers - Plated. 7010Z.18Felt Lined Adjustable Swivel Ring.7012.19Adjustable Swivel Ring for Copper Tube.7015.20Adjustable “J”.7025.21Steel Yoke Roller Hanger .7901.22Clamps.Medium Split Horizontal Pipe Clamp.7020.23Riser Clamp - Epoxy. 7022E.24Riser Clamp - Plain. 7022P.24Riser Clamp - Plated. 7022Z.25Riser Clamp - Stainless. 7022S.25Riser Clamp for Copper Tube.7023.26U-Bolts.Standard U-Bolt.7610.26Beam Clamps.Steel C-Clamp.7201.27Malleable Iron C-Clamp.7202.27Jr. Beam Clamp.7203.27Wide Mouth Beam Clamp.7204.28Malleable Iron Center Load Beam Clamp.7205.28Window Type Strut to Beam Clamp.7801.28Strut to Beam Spreader Caps.7802.28Square U-Bolt Strut to Beam Clamp (short).7803.29Square U-Bolt Strut to Beam Clamp (long).7804.29Notched Type Strut to Beam Clamp.7805.29Universal Beam Clamp.7806.29Right Angle Beam Clamp.7868.29Beam Clamp Retaining Strap.7250.30Rollers.Roller Trolley 4-Bearing Assembly.7865.30Brackets.Bracket Channel 1-5/8” Channel 2-HL.7811.30Pipe Support Systems.50# Pipe Support.7701.30150# Pipe Support.7715.30300# Pipe Support.7730.30Elevation Kit. ELKITC.31Channel Nuts.Long Spring Channel Nut.7818.31No Spring Channel Nut.7819.31No Spring Channel Nut.7820.31Regular Spring Channel Nut.7821.31Short Spring Channel Nut.7822.32Top Spring Channel Nut.7824.32End Caps.PVC Channel End Cap (1-5/8”).7830.32Channel End Cap (1-5/8”).7831.32Angle Fittings.No Twist 2-Hole Corner Angle Fitting.7840.322-Hole Corner Angle Fitting.7841.32Cross Corner Angle Fitting.7842.333-Way Cross Corner Angle Fitting.7843.337-Hole Gusset Corner Angle Fitting.7844.332-Hole Open 45 Corner Angle Fitting.7845.332-Hole Closed 45 Corner Angle Fitting.7846.334-Hole Open 45 Corner Angle Fitting.7847.342-Hole Angle Brace.7848.34Flat Fittings.Square Washer Flat Fitting.7835.34Notched Square Washer Flat Fitting.7836.34Splice Plate Flat Fitting.7837.353-Hole Corner Plate Flat Fitting.7838.354-Hole Tee Plate Flat Fitting.7839.35U-Fittings.5-Hole Cross U-Fitting.7891.354-Hole Splice U-Fitting.7895.35Post Base.Single Channel 2-Hole Base.7850.36Single Channel 2-Hole Flush Base.7851.36Single Channel 4-Hole Standard.7852.36Single Channel 4-Hole Base (tall).7853.36Single Channel 4-Hole Base (short).7855.36Strut Clamps.Cushioned Pipe Strut Clamp.7815.37Cushioned Tubing Strut Clamp.7816.37Copper Tubing Strut Clamp.7870.38EMT Strut Clamp.7871.38O.D. Strut Clamp.7872.39Rigid Strut Clamp.7873.40

Universal Strut Clamp.7874.40Pipe Wrap.7862.41Attachments.Beam Connector.7501.42Ceiling Flange.7502.42Conduit/Pipe Clamps.Rigid/EMT Clamp.7310.42Copper Pipe Clamp.7311.42Shields.Insulation Protection Shields.7750.43Insulation Protection Shields (Domestic).7751.43Light Duty Insulation Protection Shields.7753.44Material SpecificationsMalleable Iron. ASTM A47 Grade 32510Carbon Steel.ASTM A283 Gr. CCarbon Steel. ASTM A1011-00 SS GR 33Carbon Steel. ASTM A1011-00CS Type B304 Stainless Steel. ASTM A240 (Type 304)316 Stainless Steel. ASTM A240 (Type 316)Approvals & StandardsWhere indicated, FNW hanger products have the following approvals or are made to the following standards:MSS SP-58MSS SP-69WW-H-171NFPA 13UL Category VXFT/VXFT7 (UL 203 / ULC/ORD-C203)FM Class 1951Epoxy plating is tested according to:ASTM B117-03 (Epoxy Plating Test)ASTM D 3359-08 (Epoxy Plating Test)ASTM D 3363-05 (Epoxy Plating Test)Bolt and nut hardware dimensions for epoxy plated products per:ASME B.18.2.1 (Bolt)ASME B.18.2.2 (Nut)FinishesP. PlainNo finish appliedZ. Electroplated Zinc (Electro-Galvanized)Electroplating deposits zinc on the surface of the steel by electrolysis from a bath of zinc salts. This coating is recommendedfor relatively dry indoor use. This is the standard coating for most FNW strut accessory products. The thickness of zincapplied in this method is between 0.2 mils to 0.5 mils [5.1 μm to 12.7 μm]and meet ASTM B633 SC3 Type I.orHot Dip Galvanized After FabricationThe steel is zinc coated by hot dipping the fabricated product. The product is dipped in molten zinc and is completelycovered on all surfaces. This coating is

MSS SP-58 MSS SP-69 WW-H-171 NFPA 13 UL Category VXFT/VXFT7 (UL 203 / ULC/ORD-C203) FM Class 1951 Epoxy plating is tested according to: ASTM B117-03 (Epoxy Plating Test) ASTM D 3359-08 (Epoxy Plating Test) ASTM D 3363-05 (Epoxy Plating Test) Bolt and nut hardware dimensions for epoxy plated products per: ASME B.18.2.1 (Bolt) ASME B.18.2.2 (Nut)