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HS Allegra 900Precise and quickTradition and innovation – Since 1858 visionary thinking and afascination with technology have guided us to develop innovative productsof outstanding reliability: Anticipating trends to improve quality of life.

Enjoy the easeOur highlights:HS ALLEGRA 900 is optimized for surgical procedures in day clinics,surgical centers, and hospitals. It is mainly recommended to be used forophthalmic, ENT, and reconstructive surgery.With its newly designed electromagnetic brake, the microscope isexceptionally easy to move but stable in the working position. It isequipped with 1:6 zoom, X-Y coupling, inclinable eyepiece head, and10x wide angle oculars. In ophthalmic surgery a red reflex enhancerprovides ideal recognition of the capsula.Optionally, HS ALLEGRA 900 is available with an integrated video cameramodule (1 CCD).2

X-Y couplingfor soft lateralmovements, range60 mm x 60 mmM.DISChoose halogen orLED illuminationEyepiece head with160 inclination angle5 filters and 2 diaphragmsfor individual light adjustment»Best depth perception and 3D vision»The specialist for surgical centers»Integrated red reflex enhancer»High comfort due to the zoom optics,HS MIOSelectromagnetic brakes, and X-Y couplingHS ALLEGRA 900EF 5001on floor stand FS 2-11 / FS 2-15

Optics, light & accessoriesEIBOS 2The apochromatic optics provides a sharp and contrasty image forthe surgeon at any zoom setting. Due to the large stereo base of25 mm, a unique depth perception is achieved.A special advantage for multidisciplinary use is the large inclinationrange of -8 to 100 , e.g. in ophthalmology and ENT – even laryngoscopy as well as ear examinations and surgeries are possible.KERATOSCOPEIn addition to the motorized focusing device, HS ALLEGRA 900 contains an X-Y coupling for horizontal tracking in ophthalmology. Asa standard, the microscope is equipped with a 200 mm front lens.Other lenses up to 400 mm focal lengths, and especially a 175 mmlens, can be chosen.The microscope always remains balanced. No springs need to betightened, no knobs turned. The electromagnetic brake retains themicroscope safely in its working position.TOCULARAccessoriesTo facilitate the alignment of toric IOLs during operation, TOCULARis recommended. Also the keratoscope and EIBOS 2, the noncontact wide-angle ophthalmoscope for vitreoretinal surgery, areavailable.For coobservation HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL offers various observer scopes, attached via a beam splitter. Furthermore, the highresolution monitor M.DIS with touch functionality can be mountedto the microscope arm. It allows viewing and controlling of videorecordings and snapshots during surgery.Intraoperative light managementHS ALLEGRA 900 contains a filter disk for daylight, softlight, UVprotection (yellow filter), blue light (excitation of fluorescence), andgreen light (better recognition of blood vessels). In addition, twospot diaphragms are integrated against glare.Turning knob for the filter disk4

ImagingC.MOR HDC.MOR HD is a full HD color video camera adjusted to theHAAG-STREIT SURGICAL microscope. Its ultra compactcamera head houses a 1/3‘‘ CMOS sensor that fulfills highdemands. With a resolution of 900 TV lines and an S/N ratioof 500 dB images are crisp and sharp. Different user settingsallow individual adjustments.C.MON HDWith its flat design and the size of 21.5“ the brilliant HDmonitor C.MON HD can easily be attached to the microscope‘sfloor stand. Its touch function accepts operation even withmedical gloves. Due to the planar screen and glass surface itallows easy disinfection. For the safety of the systemC.MON HD is fully medical approved.HS MIOSMIOS stands for Microscope Imaging and Operation System. Its prime functions are recording of operation scenes,capturing and recording of snapshots, together with proper identification of patients’ and hospital data. Images andvideo streams can be stored on DVD-R/-RW, HDD, USB stick, andexternal USB hard disk drive or transmitted to the hospitalPACS via DICOM.5

Floor stand solutionsHigh-resolution monitorHigh-tech solutionsElectromagnetic brakes in the floor stands FS 2-21 (halogen) and FS 2-25 (LED) support the smooth movements of HS ALLEGRA 900. A holder for a foot switchcan be mounted directly to the column as can trays(with transformers) for camera control units or otherequipment. The front side accepts a high-resolutionmonitor (optional).Both versions are computer-controlled with a graphicdisplay for programming the individual start settingsof the operating surgeons and the surgical procedures. The microscope parameters, brightness, and thecarrying weight of the articulated arm are also adjustable and controlled on the graphic display.The shape and internal reinforcements of the columns make the floor stands extremely stable againstvibrations. The cables are inside a cable duct. A plastic surface protects the base of the floor stand againstcorrosive liquids.HS ALLEGRA 900on floor stand FS 2-21 / FS 2-256

Mechanical solutionsThe floor stands FS 2-11 (halogen) and FS 2-15 (LED) areequipped with newly designed mechanical brakes, which arepreadjusted in the factory for free-floating movements andfor stable working positions. The light source is mounted externally for easy access. A tray (with transformer) to carry acamera control unit may be attached to the column.For only little space in the operating room and systems withfew accessories, HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL offers the floorstand FS 1-12 with mechanical brakes and two 150 W halogen light sources with a quick switchover mechanism.HS ALLEGRA 900on floor stand FS 1-12The newly designed foot switches EF 5000 and EF 5001 arerecommended for hands-free control of the microscopefunctions. While EF 5000 is connected to the floor stand viacable, EF 5001 controls 14 functions of the microscope wireless via Bluetooth.HS ALLEGRA 900on floor stand FS 2-11 / FS 2-15Foot switches EF 5000 andEF 5001 with 14 functions7Ceiling units on request. Subject to alterations.

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HS Allegra 900Technical Data

Technical Data HS ALLEGRA 900Microscope HS ALLEGRA 900OpticsStereo baseFocusingWorking distanceMagnification (Mot. zoom 1:6)Diameter of visual fieldIlluminated fieldInclinable eyepiece head (10x wide angle oculars)Diopter settingsInclination anglesX-Y couplingBrakesFilter diskWeight (without accessories)apochromatic25 mm-30 mm to 20 mm200 mm, more lenses available4.3x to 25.7x8.2 mm to 49.0 mm3 mm to 60 mm160 -8 D to 5 D-8 to 100 60 mm x 60 mmelectromagnetic2 diaphragms, 5 filters7.4 kg773 mm1777 mm1285 mm - 1965 mm450 mm650 mm x 650 mmFloor standsFS 2-21 / FS 2-25Floor standsFS 2-11 / FS 2-15Floor standsFS 1-12FS 2-11FS 2-15Arm reach (max.)Swivel areaDoor heightFloor stand carriageCarrying capacityBrakesBalancingHeight at ocularsIlluminationProtection filterOperating voltageMax. power consumptionWeightFoot switch1120 mm1223 mm2 x 360 2 x 270 1640 mm1777 mm600 mm x 600 mm650 mm x 650 mm4.5 kg to 9.0 kg4.5 kg to 15.0 kgmechanicalmechanical, preadjustedmechanical839 mm to 1599 mm964 mm to 1644 mm2 x 150 W2 x 150 W2 x 50 WhalogenhalogenLEDUV, IR100 VAC to 240 VAC400 VA600 VA450 VA80 kg198 kg14 functions14 functionsFS 2-21FS 2-251320 mm1936 mm732 mm x 727 mm5.5 kg to 17.0 kgelectromagneticmechanical, sensor-aided1069 mm to 1789 mm2 x 150 W2 x 50 WhalogenLED1200 VA1000 VA240 kg14 functionsCeiling units on request. Subject to alterations.HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL GmbH Rosengarten 10 D-22880 Wedel, Germany Telephone 49-4103-709 04 Fax 49-4103-709 355 info@haag-streit-surgical.com www.haag-streit-surgical.com50 026 02 – Printed in GermanyFloor standFS 1-12

HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL GmbH Rosengarten 10 D-22880 Wedel, Germany Telephone 49-4103-709 04 Fax 49-4103-709 355 info@haag-streit-surgical.com www.haag-streit-surgical.com Floor stands FS 2-21 / FS 2-25 650 mm x 650 mm 1777 mm 1285 mm - 1965 mm 450 mm 773 mm Floor stands FS 2-11 / FS 2-15