Payment Gateways Supported By Hotelogix (Detailed)


HOTELOGIXPayment Gateways Supported by Hotelogix(Detailed)Hotelogix 2.0w w w . h o t elogix . comRelease Date: October 08, 2021

Payment Gateways Supported by HotelogixPayment Gateways Supported by HotelogixHotelogix is already connected to the world’s leading Payment Gateways and the list isexpanding every single day. Here is the list of Payment Gateways that are readily availablewith Hotelogix. The list f urther brief s all the details that would be required f or theirintegration into Hotelogix.S. NoName of PaymentGatewaySupported forDetails Required forIntegration1.2CheckoutWebAccount Number, SecretWord, Payment GatewayCurrency2.3G Direct Pay(Background)Web, FrontDesk, andPOSCompany Token, ServiceType, Service Description,Currency3.3G Direct Pay(Foreground)WebCompany Token, ServiceType, Service Description,Currency4.airpayWebMerchant ID, Username,Password, Secret Key,Currency (INR in Def ault)5.airpay MPOSFrontDesk and POSMerchant ID, Username,Password, Secret Key, ISOCurrency, Currency6.Allied WalletWebMerchant ID, Site ID,Payment Gateway Currency7.Atlantic BankWebMerchant ID, Terminal ID,GUID, Payment GatewayCurrency8.Authorize.NetWeb, FrontDesk, andPOSMerchant ID, Transaction ID,Signature Key, PaymentGateway Currency9.Axis BankWebMerchant ID, Secure Hash,Access Mode, PaymentGateway CurrencyPage 1

Payment Gateways Supported by HotelogixS. NoName of PaymentGatewaySupported forDetails Required forIntegration10.Banorte PayworksWeb, FrontDesk, andPOSName, Password, Client ID,Payment Gateway Currency11.BorgunWeb, FrontDesk, andPOSVersion, Processor, MerchantID, Merchant ContractNumber, Username,Password, Payment GatewayCurrency12.Braspag(Background)Web, FrontDesk, andPOSMerchant ID, PaymentMethods, Payment GatewayCurrency, Payment GatewayCountry13.Braspag(Foreground withInstallmentOption)Web, FrontDesk, andPOSMerchant ID, PaymentGateway Currency, PaymentMethods and PaymentGateway Country14.CCAvenueCheckoutWebMerchant ID, Working Key,Access Code, Currency,Language and Post URL15.CenPOSWebMerchant ID, PaymentGateway Currency, User ID,Login Password16.CredomaticWeb, FrontDesk, andPOSUsername, Public Key,Private Key, PaymentGateway Currency17.CyberSourceWeb, FrontDesk, andPOSMerchant ID, TransactionKey, Currency, TransactionMode18.DOKUWebMall ID, Shared Key, ChainMerchant, Payment GatewayCurrency19.eGHLWebService ID, Password,Payment Gateway Currency(Only MYR, SGD, THB, CNY,PHP), Payment GatewayLanguage (Only EN, BM, TH,CN)Page 2

Payment Gateways Supported by HotelogixS. NoName of PaymentGatewaySupported forDetails Required forIntegration20.eSELECTplusWeb, FrontDesk, andPOSStore ID, API Token,Payment Gateway Currency21.eWAYWeb, FrontDesk, andPOSCustomer ID, PaymentGateway Currency22.First Data GlobalGatewayWeb, FrontDesk, andPOSExact ID, Password,Payment Gateway Currency23.First Data InternetPayment GatewayWebLogin(x login), TransactionKey, Response Key, PaymentGateway Currency24.GTPayWebMerchant ID, Hash Key,Payment Gateway Currency25.Heartland PorticoWebUsername, Password,License ID, Site ID, DeviceID, Payment GatewayCurrency26.Heartland Portico(EMV Terminal)FrontDesk and POSUsername, Password,License ID, Site ID, DeviceID, Payment GatewayCurrency27.Infinitium EPaymentWebMerchant ID, Password,Payment Method, HandshakeParam, Language Code,Currency, Post URL,Payment Indicator andPayment Criteria28.iPay88WebMerchant Key, MerchantCode, Payment GatewayCurrency, Payment ID(Def ault - 2(Credit Card), 20or EMPTY (All PaymentOptions))29.K-PaymentGatewayWebMerchant 2, Term 2,Payment Gateway Currency30.MarocTélécommerceWebMerchant ID/Store ID, HashKey, Payment GatewayCurrency, LanguagePage 3

Payment Gateways Supported by HotelogixS. NoName of PaymentGatewaySupported forDetails Required forIntegration31.MCB – MPGSWebMerchant ID, API Password,Currency Code, Notif icationSecret32.MOLPayWebMerchant ID, Verif y Key,Payment Gateway Currency33.PaygistixWebMerchant ID, Hash/SecretKey, Currency34.PayHost – PayGateWeb, FrontDesk, andPOSPayGate ID, Password,Payment Gateway Currency35.Payment ExpressWebUser ID, Key, PaymentGateway Currency36.PayPal PaymentsProWeb, FrontDesk, andPOSAPI Login ID, API LoginPassword, API LoginSignature, Payment GatewayCurrency37.PayPal PaymentsStandardWebLogin ID, Payment GatewayCurrency38.PayPal PlusWebClient ID, Secret Key,Payment Gateway Currency39.PayU Latam(Background)Web, FrontDesk, andPOSAccount ID, Merchant ID,API Key, API Login,Currency, Country ISO 240.PayU Latam(Foreground)WebMerchant ID, API Key,Account ID, Currency41.QuickPayWebMerchant ID, MD Secret,Payment Gateway Currency42.RHB BankWebMerchant ID, Access Code,Hash Secret, PaymentGateway Currency43.Sage PayWebVendor Name, PaymentGateway Currency44.SentryPaymentsWebMerchant ID, TransactionPassword, Acquirer ID,Payment Gateway CurrencyPage 4

Payment Gateways Supported by HotelogixS. NoName of PaymentGatewaySupported forDetails Required forIntegration45.SiamPayWebMerchant ID, PaymentGateway Currency46.StripeWeb, FrontDesk, andPOSSecret Key, Publishable Key,Currency Code (e.g. - USD)47.TechProcessWebMarket Code/Merchant ID,Account No, Bank Code,Checksum Key, PaymentGateway Currency48.WorldlineWebMerchant ID, EncryptionKey, Currency49.Zeamster (Fortis)Web, FrontDesk, andPOSUser ID, User API Key,Developer ID, Location ID,Product Transaction ID,Payment Gateway CurrencyPage 5

CyberSource Web, FrontDesk, and POS Merchant ID, Transaction Key, Currency, Transaction Mode 18. DOKU Web Mall ID, Shared Key, Chain Merchant, Payment Gateway . TechProcess Web Market Code/Merchant ID, Account No, Bank Code, Checksum Key, Payment Gateway Currency 48. Worldline Web Merchant ID, Encryption Key, Currency 49. Zeamster (Fortis .