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FROM THE PRESIDENTAMichael Parker2016-17 FRA Presidenthighlight of the FRA Annual Conference is the Roy F. KenzieAwards, which recognizes outstanding efforts by redevelopmentagencies throughout the state. I am always amazed and encouragedby the innovative and exciting projects presented, and 2017 was a banner year.This year’s award applications demonstrate the great diversity of our communities and the unique role CRAs play in addressing local needs. All of the applicants are to be commended on their projects, which covered a wide varietyof community priorities. The breadth of this year’s applications is impressive.I have selected Overtown Plaza, which was submitted by the SoutheastOvertown Park West CRA, for the 2017 President’s Award. The OvertownPlaza project involved the acquisition and renovation of a shopping centerin the historic Overtown neighborhood. The Southeast Overtown Park WestCRA invested 2.2 million in the project and has made available an additional 500,000 for business assistance to prospective tenants. This successfulproject has attracted a number of new businesses to Overtown, including afull-service grocery store.I selected Overtown Plaza project for the President’s Award because it demonstrates the important role CRAs can play in addressing the most pressing needs faced by many low-income neighborhoods. Those needs includereinvestment in commercial centers that have difficulty in attracting privatesector investment and bringing full-service grocery stores to communities thathave become “food deserts.” This project demonstrates how CRAs can buildbridges between the public and private sectors to meet a community’s needs.I would like to express my sincere thanks to the members of the awards committee for their hard work in promoting and supporting this year’s awardsprogram.Sincerely,Michael Parker2016-17 FRA President

TABLE OF CONTENTSLeadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. Author unknownMake no littleplans. They haveno magic to stir men’sblood and probablythemselves will not be2About the Florida Redevelopment Association3About the FRA Roy F. Kenzie Award Program42017 Roy F. Kenzie Award Winners6President’s Awardrealized. Make big plans;8aim high in hope and9work, remembering thata noble, logical diagram 10once recorded will never11die, but long after we 12are gone will be a living13thing, asserting itself withever-growing insistency. 14Remember that our sons 15and grandsons are going16to do things that would17stagger us. Let yourwatchword be orderand your beacon beauty. 18Think big.19 Daniel Burnham,20Chicago architect37Top Cover Photo: 2016 President’s Award Winner –City of Miami, Southeast Overtown/Park West CRAAnnual ReportCapital Projects and BeautificationCreative Organizational Development and FundingCultural EnhancementCultural EnhancementManagement Programs/Creative PartnershipsOut of the BoxOutstanding Housing ProjectOutstanding New Building ProjectOutstanding Rehabilitation, Renovationor Reuse ProjectPlanning StudiesPromotion2017 Roy F. Kenzie Award Entries2017 FRA Board of DirectorsTHE 2017 FRA AWARDS BEST BOOK1

ABOUT THE FLORIDA REDEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATIONExciting changes are transforming Florida’s urban centers. Innovative approachesto design, mixed-use areas and cooperative development are creating vibrantcommercial districts, centers for culture and entertainment, and stimulatingplaces to live.The Florida Redevelopment Association (FRA) unites professionals from around thestate who are involved in preserving and improving Florida’s communities. Founded in1974 to promote redevelopment and growth of downtowns, the focus of the FRA laterbroadened to encompass community development agencies (CRAs) and Main Streetprograms. Today, the FRA also includes nonprofit organizations, consultants and privatedevelopers, as well as cities without downtown development authorities, CRAs orMain Street programs. Our goal is to be a comprehensive association of stakeholders inFlorida’s urban revitalization network.An independent association governed by a member-elected board of directors, the FRAis staffed through an annual contract with the Florida League of Cities, Inc. The FRA’smission is to provide a forum for members to share experience in redevelopment, including opportunities and problems; to encourage adoption of programs and the legal andfinancial tools necessary to community redevelopment; and to serve as a statewide clearinghouse for redevelopment information.For more information on the Florida Redevelopment Association and resources to helpyour community’s redevelopment efforts, please contact:Florida Redevelopment Association301 S. Bronough Street, Suite 300Tallahassee, FL 32301(850) 701-3608Carol Westmoreland, Executive Director850.701.3608Email: cwestmoreland@flcities.comJan Piland, Executive Assistant850.701.3622Email: jpiland@flcities.comwww.redevelopment.net2THE 2017 FRA AWARDS BEST BOOK

ABOUT THE FRA ROY F. KENZIE AWARDS PROGRAMThe Florida Redevelopment Association Awards program recognizes the best inredevelopment in Florida. It is open to any member of the association.To recognize the projects and people involved in redevelopment throughout the state,three awards series have been established. The Roy F. Kenzie and Thomas J. MillsAwards are given for outstanding examples of redevelopment and leadership, respectively, in Florida. Additionally, the President’s Award is given for the “Best of the Best,”to honor the top project across all categories. A winning entry acknowledges excellencein an organization’s work.Within 14 juried categories, the Roy F. Kenzie Awards celebrate the most innovative andeffective redevelopment programs in Florida. Winners demonstrate innovation and positive impact on their communities inspire other Florida communities. The 14 categoriesare: President’s Award, Annual Report, Capital Projects and Beautification, CreativeOrganizational Development and Funding, Cultural Enhancement, Fiscal ImpactStudy, Management Programs and Creative Partnerships, Out of the Box, Outstanding Housing Project, Outstanding New Building Project, Outstanding Rehabilitation,Renovation or Reuse Project, Planning Studies, Promotion, Transportation and TransitEnhancements.The Best Book highlights this year’s winners, and all of the quality entries received, asa celebration of the innovative redevelopment work that has transformed Florida thisyear. The FRA encourages you to use the Best Book to gather innovative ideas andshare them within your community. They are true success stories.THE 2017 FRA AWARDS BEST BOOK3



PRESIDENT’S AWARD WINNEROutstanding Rehabilitation, Renovation or Reuse ProjectOvertown PlazaCity of Miami, Southeast Overtown/Park West CRAThe Overtown Plaza is the oldest and largest shopping center in the Southeast Overtown/Park WestCRA area. Over the years, the shopping center had become rundown and sorely in need of a facelift.To attract more businesses to the area, it underwent a 2.2 million renovation financed by the CRA. Theimprovements included exterior and interior renovations to house a large-scale grocery store. This wassignificant given the absence of a large grocer in the area. The renovations have led to an increase insmall businesses, job opportunities and the opening of a new grocery store in the redevelopment area.6THE 2017 FRA AWARDS BEST BOOK

AfterBeforeBeforeTHE 2017 FRA AWARDS BEST BOOK7

ANNUAL REPORTFort Myers CRA 2016 Annual ReportFort Myers CRAFocused on proving the value of CRAs while reporting on the fiscal year 2016 activities of the Fort MyersCRA, the 2016 Annual Report used an innovative, Mondrian-inspired design to increase readabilitythrough bite-sized color areas of information. The well-received publication highlighted facts in call-outblocks, through quick-scan charts and columns, with targeted imagery and by composition adjusted toshow content in its best light. Meeting the Agency’s sustainability goals, a single scrollable design readswell on electronic devices, prints on standard paper and, for added transparency, each page may bedisplayed as an individual piece of art.8THE 2017 FRA AWARDS BEST BOOK

CAPITAL PROJECTS AND BEAUTIFICATIONCleveland Avenue Offsite Stormwater Credits ProgramFort Myers CRAThe Fort Myers CRA partnered with the City on a stormwater retrofit project at the City’s golf course,building additional water treatment/volume into the existing system. Creating a stormwater mitigationbank that developers could use in lieu of building their own onsite treatment systems, this program usesoffsite credits, that can be sold or given to developers as an incentive, to increase private investment,property values and public enthusiasm. As the first municipal offsite credit bank ever permitted by SouthFlorida Water Management District, this nutrient-removal system improves the impaired water body itfeeds at the same time it spurs urban infill and redevelopment.THE 2017 FRA AWARDS BEST BOOK9

CREATIVE ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND FUNDINGRedevelopment Incentives for Pilot Project AreasHillsborough County Economic Development DepartmentThe primary objective of the Redevelopment Incentives for Pilot Project Areas Program is to focuson job creation through encouraging investment in office and industrial development, specifically forinfill and the redevelopment of obsolete structures. The key objective is to encourage private-sectorinvestment in sites and buildings that will retain and attract businesses and jobs for our community.This program presents financial incentives for revitalization that are designed to reduce and eliminatedecline and deterioration, stimulate new investment, stabilize the tax base and maintain existingbusinesses.10THE 2017 FRA AWARDS BEST BOOK

CULTURAL ENHANCEMENTA. Quinn Jones Museum and Cultural CenterGainesville CRAThe A. Quinn Jones Museum and Cultural Center involved the rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of theformer home of A. Quinn Jones, a community leader who made great improvements to the educationalsystem for African Americans in the days of segregation. The home is listed on the National Registerof Historic Places because of Jones’ contributions to education. The Gainesville CRA transformed thehome into a museum where visitors learn about the people from the Fifth Avenue-Pleasant StreetNeighborhood, their histories, triumphs and setbacks and how these events related to the broadercontext of our national history.THE 2017 FRA AWARDS BEST BOOK11

CULTURAL ENHANCEMENTCreative City ProjectCity of Orlando, CRAThe Creative City Project emerged from the belief that artists can change a city for the better by makingit a more beautiful, meaningful and interesting place to live. In the fall of 2016, the project came toDowntown Orlando. More than 800 artists took part, and 20,000 people experienced performancesat various Downtown locations including CityArts Factory, the Gallery at Avalon Island, locations alongOrange Avenue from Robinson Street to Central Boulevard, and more.12THE 2017 FRA AWARDS BEST BOOK

MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS AND CREATIVE PARTNERSHIPSCourtyards on 12thCity of Delray Beach CRA2016 marked the completion of Courtyards on 12th Project, a long-anticipated workforce housingproject consisting of six duplexes (12 units), providing the City of Delray Beach with permanent housingstock while building the capacity of its non-profit housing partner, the Delray Beach CommunityLand Trust, through a ground lease-management agreement. The CRA invested significant capital inthe acquisition and renovation of the properties it was better to maintain ownership of the units tostabilize the neighborhood. The partnership implemented the CRA’s goals of redevelopment withoutdisplacement and prevention of gentrification.THE 2017 FRA AWARDS BEST BOOK13

OUT OF THE BOXOmni ParkCity of Miami, Omni CRAOmni Park transformed 7.5 acres of blighted Florida Department of Transportation-owned vacant lotsinto an active community green space in the heart of Miami’s urban core. This project promotes economic development, enhances walkability and improves quality of life through short-term interventionsintended to affect long-term change in the neighborhood. The park includes art installations, a popuplibrary, Omni Kitchen (a sit-down cafe), Magic City Bike Collective and a skate park. Omni Park hostscommunity events for thousands of locals. The space eventually will be incorporated into a permanentproject as part of the long-term development of the area.14THE 2017 FRA AWARDS BEST BOOK

OUTSTANDING HOUSING PROJECTRiviera Beach Renaissance: A Blueprint for Neighborhood RevivalRiviera Beach CRAIn October 2013, the Riviera Beach Community Redevelopment Corporation was awarded a 1,014,152.97Home Investment Partnerships Program grant to complete at least five homes for low-to moderateincome, first time homebuyers. The pipeline of buyers eagerly prepared for this super opportunity toachieve the American Dream, and to stabilize one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods. All five of theattractive, energy-efficient homes are completed, with closings in February 2017. The buyers are localsingle mothers or grandmothers.THE 2017 FRA AWARDS BEST BOOK15

OUTSTANDING NEW BUILDING PROJECT500 OceanBoynton Beach CRAThe 500 Ocean project is located at the southwest corner of Federal Highway and Ocean Avenue on a4.8-acre parcel. The project is a mixed-used development with 341 residential units, 13,300 square feet ofretail and 6, 600 square feet of office space. Located ½ a mile from the intercostal waterway, the projectwill add approximately 600 residents to the downtown area increasing demand for goods and services.The project will add life and economic benefit to Ocean Avenue.16THE 2017 FRA AWARDS BEST BOOK

OUTSTANDING REHABILITATION, RENOVATION OR REUSEAfterBeforeAfterBefore820 North Massachusetts AvenueLakeland CRA820 North Massachusetts Avenue began in 1920 as an A&P supermarket and later was used as afurniture warehouse filled from floor to ceiling with items including toilets, street lights, carpet andinterior light fixtures. The unsightly storage was visible through the storefront on MassachusettsAvenue. The renovation of the 15,000-square foot building highlight the industrial elements, retainedthe naturally distressed white brick walls, and exposed wooden rafters. Now this premier event venuerepresents the perfect balance of vintage and modern.THE 2017 FRA AWARDS BEST BOOK17

PLANNING STUDIESWhat’s Your Unique Market Position? Developing a Realistic, Actionable,Strategic Marketing and Communications Plan for Downtown NorthNorth Miami CRAWhat is Downtown NoMi’s unique market position? Downtown North Miami is one target area in theNorth Miami CRA Plan, which identifies 14 economic development goals. To achieve these goals, astrategic marketing plan was developed as a step-by-step guide, prioritizing objectives, strategies,tactics and budget. Downtown NoMi is now positioned in the market as a “tasteful, rhythmic, eccentricand artistic” place to dine, watch live music, find unusual mid-century modern furnishings or high-endboutique fashion and experience an art-filled cultural scene. To NoMi is to Love Me!18THE 2017 FRA AWARDS BEST BOOK

PROMOTIONMargate Under the MoonMargate CRAMargate Under the Moon is a continuing event series held on one of Margate’s biggest roadways. It isintended to increase awareness and bring attendance to the area including in hopes of developing adowntown district. The event occurs during the off-season months (August-November). Attendancelast season was in the thousands, a younger demographic. The goal is to encourage attendees to thinkof the downtown as a place to work and play. Local merchants benefit by having a free vendor space topromote their businesses.THE 2017 FRA AWARDS BEST BOOK19

2017 ROY F. KENZIE AWARD PARTICIPANT ENTRIESANNUAL REPORTBoynton Beach CRA Annual ReportBoynton Beach CRAThe Boynton Beach CRA Annual Report isan informative booklet highlighting activitiesduring the past fiscal year, consisting of financialinformation regarding assets, liabilities, incomeand operating expenses. In addition, the reportincludes detailed information on capital projects,improvements to Boynton Beach’s downtown andspecial events. The report is an ideal marketingtool delivered to the Palm Beach County BusinessDevelopment Board, which serves to inform andattract developers to Boynton Beach. Distributedto 5,000 residents within the 33435 zip code asan insert in the Boynton Forum, Sun Sentinel andJewish Journal to increase public awareness.Crestview CRA Annual ReportCrestview CRAThe Crestview CRA had stalled until December2014, when the Board hired a CRA/Main Street director. An assessment of the CRA’s organizationalstructure and financial projects showed that muchwork had to be done. Since the CRA has time limits on funding, it was essential to create as muchcommunity awareness of the tasks at hand thana recap of the projects the CRA was working on.In the past, the CRA Annual report consisted ofan Excel spreadsheet and was posted according,to the statutory requirements. For the first-time,the CRA used a marketing/promotional formatfor its Annual Report was produced highlightingprogram accomplishments and celebrating of thepast and now, plan for the future.20THE 2017 FRA AWARDS BEST BOOK2015-2016 Annual ReportDelray Beach Downtown Development AuthorityThe Delray Beach Downtown Development Authority’s 2015-16 Annual Report is divided into sectionsthat reflect the four main-focus areas in the strategic plan: Economic Vitality, Placemaking, PositionMarketing and Organization. The Annual Reportopens with a brief introduction to the DDA, itsmission and an overview of the downtown neighborhoods. The remainder of the document outlinesthe purpose, initiatives, tactics and results of theDDA’s major projects/programs (categorized byfocus area) completed in fiscal year 2015/2016. Thelayout allows the reader to easily identify the DDA’sEconomic Vitality, Placemaking, Position Marketing& Organizational efforts.2016 Annual ReportDelray Beach CRAThe CRA 2016 Annual Report celebrates fivehighly anticipated projects that have beencompleted that fiscal year, ranging from a newneighborhood branding initiative to a four-blockmultimodal streetscape project, all of whichshowcase the vibrancy and diversity of DelrayBeach. This report fulfills the state’s reportingrequirements while visually engaging andinforming readers about the CRA’s mission andactivities. Stakeholder testimonials throughoutthe pages highlight the significance of thefeatured projects. The 2016 Annual Report bringsawareness of how the CRA’s tax incrementfinancing funds are spent, while promoting thetransformation of one of Delray Beach’s oldestneighborhoods.

2017 ROY F. KENZIE AWARD PARTICIPANT ENTRIESLake Worth CRA Annual ReportLake Worth CRAThe Lake Worth CRA’s goal in this year’s annualreport was to not only report on its accomplishments and promote financial transparency butalso to emphasize all its projects and programswith an artistic flair that highlighted images thatmake up the fabric of Lake Worth’s community.2016 Annual Report for the Margate CRAMargate CRAThe Margate CRA 2016 Annual Report is an eyecatching publication that tells the story of the agency’s activities while reinforcing the city’s brandingefforts during the year. The report is an 8.5” by 11”booklet formatted with faceted shapes throughouteach page that reflects Margate’s brand identity.Each page reflects the same careful attention todetail and multidimensional thinking that the CRAputs into its projects and promotional pieces.St. Cloud CRA 2016 Annual ReportSt. Cloud CRAA redevelopment plan is a tool that helps guidecommunity revitalization, redevelopment andeconomic growth for the citizens of St. Cloud andfor future generations to come. Therefore, theCRA Annual Report should highlight the accomplishments, maintain transparency of spending,explain planning and strategy and an understanding explain the return on investment that the CRAand redevelopment plan provides for the community. Communities across the state and countryhave, over the 10 years, experienced a decline inthe economy, a crash in the real-estate marketand a downward economic spiral that for manyhas been hard to overcome. As a community, weare just starting to recover and the CRA wanted toprovide an annual report that explains our missionand presents a clear understanding of the CRA’sgoals and how we can help in the recovery acrossour CRA districts. The CRA believes in providingclear insight into planning for the future. We alsobelieve in planting seeds for growth and development through thoughtful redevelopment whileplanning for a sustainable community.CAPITAL PROJECTS ANDBEAUTIFICATIONThe Boynton Harbor MarinaRedevelopment ProjectBoynton Beach CRAThe Boynton Harbor Marina is the eastern anchorto Boynton Beach’s downtown district andcontinues to add to the overall success of theCRA’s redevelopment efforts. January 2017 markedcompletion of the final phase, the Marina OpenSpace Project, one of three redevelopment phasesof the Marina Redevelopment Plan. The completionof the Boynton Harbor Marina RedevelopmentProject creates an attractive functional economicdriver and is an integral component of the BoyntonBeach Downtown Vision & Master Plan and 2016Boynton Beach Community Redevelopment Plan.Sullivan ParkDeerfield Beach CRASullivan Park is a vibrant three-acre urban parkand marina located on the Intracoastal Waterwayfeaturing an 11-slip public marina, floating docks,THE 2017 FRA AWARDS BEST BOOK21

2017 ROY F. KENZIE AWARD PARTICIPANT ENTRIESshaded playgrounds, a picnic pavilion, restrooms,an amphitheater, winding waterfront pedestrianpromenade and a splash pad water feature thatalso is Deerfield Beach’s first public art installation. The 4 million project was funded in part bya 2 million grant from the Florida Inland Navigation District. It has been highly praised by thecommunity, addresses slum and blight conditionsfar beyond project boundaries; and has spurredmore than 40 million in private sector investments in the surrounding neighborhood. https://youtu.be/XAjMC2JjJo4Huntley AvenueCity of DunedinWorking in concert with planned private projectsalong Huntley Avenue, the city saw an opportunityto obtain Community Development Block Grantfunding to assist with streetscaping enhancementsalong Huntley Avenue. This effort was like therecent Douglas Avenue improvements facilitatedby Penny for Pinellas funding, and the awardof a 205,000 Community Development Blockgrant. The completed Douglas Avenue projecttransformed the road by adding brick pavers,landscaping, curbing and a new artistic entrance,and set the foundation for private redevelopment.The enhancements to Huntley Avenue are expected to follow the same course while providinga defined connection to the Pinellas Trail, and thecreation of additional public parking. The improvements to this section of downtown, which includethe streetscape of Monroe Street from Broadway(U.S. Alternate 19) to the Pinellas Trail are designedto stimulate redevelopment. Several buildings22THE 2017 FRA AWARDS BEST BOOKin the area are set for adaptive reuse, includingconversion of the former Huettig electrical buildinginto a restaurant and beer establishment (DunedinHouse of Beer), the former plumbing building intoa distillery (Catherman Distillery), and new shops atthe small center former Lair shopping.Renovation of Sims ParkCity of New Port RicheyShortly after incorporation in 1924, the first act ofthe New Port Richey City Council was to acceptthe park as a gift from city pioneer George Sims.The city’s first adopted ordinance establishesthat the park will forever belong to the citizens.The city completed the renovation of Sims Parkin January 2016. The park was improved withadditional parking, walkways, a playground andexercise equipment, children’s splash pad, kayaklaunches, an amphitheater, new restroom facilitiesand landscaping enhancements. The park is thecenter of community activity, hosting festivals,family movie nights, holiday firework displays,concerts, art fairs and races.Oakland Park Grand PlazaOakland Park CRAThe Grand Plaza was conceived to create a saferand more attractive entrance to Jaco PastoriusPark, and to connect the downtown to the park.The park is the site of most of the major eventshosted by the City and the CRA. It is located within the Culinary Arts District, a local activity centerin downtown Oakland Park, a major focus of theOakland Park CRA. The plaza was constructed inCity and Florida East Coast Railway right of way.

2017 ROY F. KENZIE AWARD PARTICIPANT ENTRIESA beautiful fountain with music and colored lighting allows the public to “walk under water.”Downtown Dog RunCity of Orlando, CRAIn 2015, the city purchased privately-ownedConstitution Green, preserving this importantgreen space in the heart of Downtown Orlandoand saving the historic live oak tree locatedthere. The City sought ways to further enhancethis community gathering space. Proposed plansincluded the creation of downtown’s first publicdog run. By investing in unique public spaces likeConstitution Green, we provide our residents,families and children important opportunities tointeract, gather, share, create memories, relax andenjoy our awesome outdoor city.The Playgrounds at Puc Puggy LandingCity of PalatkaNature-based playgrounds teach children independence mobility and assist them in developinglife skills and resilience they need. Composed ofmainly wooden equipment, The Playgrounds atPuc Puggy Landing achieve this without sacrificing aesthetic beauty. Ant Springers sit in sight ofthe shaded pavilion. A water runnel surroundedby sand, twigs and leaves flows across a carvedFlorida fieldstone boulder. Stilts, balance beams,parkour, an embankment slide and a zip line areavailable. A small table, stools and large woodsculptures encourage the imagination as childrenromp and roam within the gates.Riverside ParkPalmetto CRAThe new Riverside Park features a multimodaltrail and a unique living seawall, marking thefirst major step in the City of Palmetto’s plan forwaterfront redevelopment. Spanning about 1,000linear feet alongside the Green Bridge, this capitalimprovement project was a chance for the CRAto turn a blighted corridor into the first phaseof a citywide trail system. Low-impact designmakes this park an environmental asset, filteringstormwater, reducing energy use, and fosteringmarine life. Florida-friendly landscaping and viewsof the Manatee River make the park a recreationalattraction as well-whether on the trail or watchingfish along the living seawall, Riverside Park makesthe most of this 4 million investment in Palmetto.Downtown Pompano Beach StreetscapeCity of Pompano BeachThe public streets in Downtown Pompano Beachwere severely blighted, with narrow sidewalks andhardly any landscape to soften the hardscape. TheCRA saw an opportunity to change the dynamicsof the neighborhood. The plan was to re-establishthe area as an attractive place for people to live,dine and enjoy. The design proposed wider sidewalks, new light fixtures, inviting street furnitureand plenty of shade provided by canopy trees.The community now can navigate the area safely,dine in sidewalk cafes and enjoy the urban setting.THE 2017 FRA AWARDS BEST BOOK23

2017 ROY F. KENZIE AWARD PARTICIPANT ENTRIESCascades ParkTallahassee CRAWhat do you do with 24 acres of downtownproperty, including a brownfield, that floods?You establish a collaborative effort between localgovernments and citizens to create CascadesPark, a stormwater and water quality controlfacility disguised as a park with walking trails,an interactive water fountain, a 3,500-personamphitheater and other amenities. This 33.5million project was funded through a one-centsales tax option, private donations and 1.1 millionfrom the Tallahassee CRA. The result is a premierdowntown park that has hosted 83 events withmore than 131,000 attendees in the past 18months.CREATIVE ORGANIZATIONALDEVELOPMENT AND FUNDINGPompano Beach Downtown Innovation DistrictPompano Beach CRAThe Pompano Beach CRA embarked on anambitious campaign to build a downtown. In2016 the vision evolved into the Pompano BeachDowntown Innovation District. The intent is tocreate a vibrant and pedestrian friendly, mixeduse environment that will generate economicopportunities for residents. The redevelopmentis inspired by the global rise of the “innovationdistrict” concept that emphasizes a combinationof business, technical, corporate, government,hospitality, education and cultural uses. ThePompano Beach Downtown Innovation Districtincorporates daytime and nighttime economic24THE 2017 FRA AWARDS BEST BOOKuses with workforce development programs,cultural amenities, a unique drainage system,pedestrian-oriented design and a denseresidential component.Historic Northwest RisingWest Palm Beach CRAA recipient of the Knight Cities Challenge Grant,the West Palm Beach CRA and its partners at880 Cities and Better Block engaged the HistoricNorthwest community t

Tallahassee, FL 32301 (850) 701-3608 ABOUT THE FLORIDA REDEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION www.redevelopment.net Carol Westmoreland, Executive Director 850.701.3608 Email: cwestmoreland@flcities.com Jan Piland, Executive Assistant 850.701.3622 Email: jpiland@flcities.com