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OWNER'S MANUAL Microprocessor Controlled,Operation Battery Chargerwith Engine StarterFully AutomaticPlus BatteryTesterand Alternator2 AMP SLOW CHARGE12 AMP FAST CHARGE30 AMP RAPID80 AIVIP ENGINEFOR 6 ANDBATTERIESCHARGESTART12-VOLTModel No.200.71225CAUTION:Read all Safety Rules and Operating Instructions,and follow them with each use of this product.Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A.00-99-000536/0506

GERYour ChargerUsing An Extension5Cord .5YOUROPERATINGINSTRUCTIONSBATTERYTO BE CHARGEDBatteryIn The NTROLFrom The argerto accommodate71225with Engineabout7 am to 4:30 pm(1-800 732-7764).THREE YEARFULLIf this BatteryChargervary fromREADPlus BatterysafelyFullyand Alternatorand eEACHAutomaticTesterUSE.Operationoffers featuresuse. This manualPleasefromthroughwill explainread and followtheseanywhereFriday.in theU.S.A.1-800-SEARS-64WARRANTYfails due to a defectin materialgives you specificand Co.,or workmanshipRETURNIT TO ANY SEARS STORESTATES FOR FREE REPLACEMENT.legal rights,and you may alsostate to rom the date of purchase,OUTLET IN THE UNITEDThis warrantyStarterchargerand precautionsFor informationMANUALANDMicroprocessorthe needs for home or light commercialhow to use the batteryinstructions16.SAVE rt .CHARGERBATTERY.ChargingEngine5.PREPARINGUSING5It In .AssemblingUsing.HoffmanEstates,IL 60179withinor OTHERhave otherthreeyearsDIEHARDrights which

WARNING - RISK OF EXPLOSIVE GASESWORKINGTERIESIN VICINITYGENERATEOPERATION.EACH TRUCTIONSof batterybattery e cord on thisof Californiaharm.mayRead all instructionsprintedhandsafterand vehiclecharger,or equipmentUse chargeronly on lead-acidbatteries,used in cars, trucks,planes,vans,This chargerpowersystemRVs, trollingotherBatteryentirebat-chargertypeetc.to supplyelectricalfor chargingappliancescontrols,teriesmay burstdryusedlike radios,ste-etc. Thesebat-and causein a well-ven-chargersgetand must haveAir needscharger.to flowDo not seton flammablematerialsupholstery,paper,board,etc. Chargerleatherand melt plasticlikecard-may damageand rubber.air-that are commonlyremotebatteryoperationHELPUS HELP YOU k,any maintenanceventilation.than in a starter-motoruse chargerwith homepersonalinjury.Doas far awaychargedfromtheas the chargerwill permit.notexposechargertorainorsnow,Neverchargea frozenfluid (electrolyte)batterybattery.becomesinto a warmIf batteryfrozen,bringarea to thaw beforeyou begin charging.Do not disassembleto a qualifiedserviceattemptingaroundmotors,is not intendedoffrom the outlethot duringsuch as thosetractors,to a low voltagecell batteries beforeproperapplication. Neverthe chargercarpeting,rechargeablerisk of electricalunplug WARNING:tery. byand on engine.battery,usingpublishedto use in vicinityor cleaning.and cautionson the batteryand those Always chargetilated area.handling. BAT-BATTERYyou intend To reduceknownor otherWashinstructionsproductswith ac-to causeand birth defectstheseon thesesold with this product,reproductiveNORMALof any equipmentmarkingsyou to lead, a chemicalto the StateIS DANGEROUS.DURINGEXACTLY.followand manufactureror cords associatedcessoriesBATTERYGASESFOR THIS REASON,IT IS OF UTMOST IMPORTANCETHATBEFOREUSING YOUR CHARGER,YOU READ THIS MANUALFOLLOWTo reduceOF A LEAD-ACIDEXPLOSIVEserviceor repaircharger.professionalis required.assemblymay resultcal shock.Take itifIncorrectin fire or electri-Neverallowchargerwhenor fillingbattery.Neverger.batteryacidreadingset a batterytospecificdripongravityon top of the char-

Neverplace chargerbeing charged.will corrodeNeverand damagetouchthe batterywhen the chargera spark.Neverdirectlyoperatea hard blow,damaged.above batteryThe gases from the batterybeenclampsNever ingsurerangeof your voicewhileplentyfromis withinworkingto comeof freshyour eyes,this happens,washsoap and water.tention. Avoidworkingtouchingand soapbatteryeyesimmediatelycold water for at leastimmediatelyget medi-onto the battery.operateThisthe batterydevicethat maysmokeor allowbakingchargera sparkany acid spillsor flameor engine.explosivesoda beforeinarea.of the batterygenerate Neutralizeup.the batterywell-ventilatedin the vicinitycleanburn.not to drop any metal toolelectricalwithcurrentan explosion.Batteries10a severeor another NeverIfa short circuitto weld a ring (or the like)or short circuitcausewhilebattery. A bat-may sparkan open,whileflush eyescal attention.at-Acid particlesthis occurs,Thenitemsand watches,causing Take care Alwaysmay get into your eyes.minutes.Ifwithget medical(corrosion)with runningmetalatheas rings, brace-with a lead-acidor metal objectacidimmediatelyyourHaveall personalhigh enoughskin, or clothing.with a battery.if it hasor plug.your body suchto metal,waterThenPullingon theto the cord orchargercordtery can produceto yourbattery.for use in casecontactsthepower Removeyou work with orare near a lead-acidnearbyoperatelets, necklacesthat someoneaid if needed Havenotwith lead-acid batteries. Makethe charger.cause damagecord replaced.eye and clothingwhenon, trippedpull out the plug by the cord whenunpluggingcord mayor otherwiseand repair.protectionpower cordthe plug.if it has receiveddropped,the chargerit from being steppedover, or damaged.Take itto a qualifiedfor inspectionto preventthe charger.is on. You couldchargerBe sure to positiongases.thoroughlyattemptingto

lrequirementsandhowtopreparea runpluggingtheYourchargerrequiresa 120VAC2-prong einstalledaccording ordis akesurethatyoufollowtheseguidelines: eoftheclamp stocorrespond UMEXTENSIONCORDLengthof RECOMMENDEDCord, in Feeti -?.-5N 1---N15N---i IAWG* Size of Cord AWG AmericanIt is importantthat you read and followthese guidelines18161210Wire Gaugewhileyou are preparingtimetoto chargethe battery. Makesure that you have a 6 or 12 voltlead-acidbattery.Determinebatteryby referringmanualor the batterybatteryinitiallyyour eyesIf required,readmanufacturer'ssuch as removingChargecaps whilelowestrate.Be careful tofrom gettingin or aroundPrecautions"for batteries"Per-on page 4.with removableoftheor not removingcharging,terythatthearea aroundis well ventilatedGascanwhilethe batit is beingbe forcefully If it is necessarythe batteryit, alwaysreacheslevelremovethe groundedThisbatteryfirst. Turn off all vehicleby the manufacturer.will help purge excessivegases from thecells. Be careful notto overfill.If you havea sealed battery with non-removablecaps,no actionis necessary.ventsories NOTE:vehicleto chargeuntilrecommendedtheto avoidA marineorto removefromtheblownaway by using a piece of cardboardother nonmetallicmaterial as a fan.water to each cellacidventand recommendedvent caps, add distilledthe batterybatteryprecautions,rates of charge. Be surecharged.See additionalallspecificowner'sor on your hands.sonal Safety Takemarkings.at charger's Wear safety glasses. ofto vehicle Clean the battery terminals.keep corrosionvoltagesparks(boat)terminalfrom theacces-from occurring.batteryin a boat must be removedon shore.installedand charged

geyourbatteryina wellventilatedarea.CHARGINGBATTERYINTHEpart of the chassis or engine block,VEHICLE:away from the battery (see figure).DO NOT connect clamp to negative1.Avoidpersonalinjurybykeepingclearbattery post, carburetor,fuel line oroffanblades,belts,pulleysandothersheet metal part.engineparts.Connectingto a positive ect the black (NEGAingthepowercordandoutputcordsTIVE) output clamp to the NEGATIVEawayfromthehood,doorormovingpost of the battery. Rock and twistengineparts.the clamp back and forth to be sure3. Notethepolarityofthebatterypostsa solid electrical connectionis made.bycheckingtheidentificationmarksThen connect the red (POSITIVE)onthebattery:POSITIVE(POS,Poroutput clamp to a heavy, unpainted )andNEGATIVE(NEG,Nor-).Themetal part of the chassis or enginepositivepostisusuallylargerthantheblock, away from the battery. DO NOTnegativepost.connect clamp to positive battery4. Identifywhichbatterypostisgroundpost, carburetor,fuel line or sheetedorconnectedtothechassis.THISmetal part.ISNORMALLYTHENEGATIVE6. Plug power cord into a 120V ACPOST.2-prong wall outlet. The charger willbe set to the defaultREGULARbatteryrate (testermode).state of 12Vtype, no charge7. Press the appropriateto selectbatterycontrolthe desiredtype. Withinthe CHARGINGchargebuttonsrate anda few seconds,(yellow)light and the chargingLED shouldprocessshouldstart. If the CHECK (red) LED is on,check for correct cable connections.8. To disconnectNEGATIVEGROUNDED5. Connectingsystem:to a negative groundedConnectoutputSYSTEMclampthe red (POSITIVE)to the POSITIVEpost ofthe battery. Rock and twist the clampback and forth to be sure a solidelectricalconnectclampconnectionis made. Thenthe black (NEGATIVE)to a heavy,unpaintedoutputmetalits powerdisconnectstandingmovethe charger,cord beforethe outputclamps.toThen,away from the battery,the outputsis or enginethe outputunplugattemptingclampblock.clampre-from the chas-Finally,removefrom the batterypost.9. Clean and store the chargerlocation.in a dry

CHARGING BATTERY REMOVEDFROM THE GERSTARTiMPORTANT:feature.Follow all safety instructionsand precautionsCORDPOWERTOGROUNDEDPOWEROUTLET1. Note the polaritycheckingbattery:of the batterypostsbythe identificationmarks on thePOSITIVE(POS, P or ) andNEGATIVE(NEG, N or -). The positivepost is usually larger than the negativepost.2. Attach at least a EGATIVE(NEG, N or -) battery post.Rock and twist the clamp back and forthto be sure a solid electricalconnectionis made.3. Connecttheclamp to thered (POSITIVE)outputPOSITIVEbatterypost.Rock and twist the clamp back and forthto be sure a solid electricalconnectionis made.4. Positionyourselfas far away fromthebattery as possible, and then connectthe black (NEGATIVE)output clamp tothe free end of the cable.5. Plug thepowercordinto a 120V AC2-prong wall outlet. The chargerwillbe setto the default state of 12V REGULAR battery type, no charge rate (tester mode).6. Press the appropriatecontrol buttonsto selectthedesiredchargecan be used to jumpstart your car if the batteryis low. Follow these instructionson how to use theNEGATIVEBATTERYENGINEYour batteryrate andtery.Wearwhencompleteclothingprotection.in a THOUTthe vehiclecouldvehicle's electricalchargingyour bat-eye protectionyourthe ENGINEa batteryandbatte

7 am to 4:30 pm Central Time Monday through Friday. 1-800-SEARS-64 (1-800 732-7764). THREE YEAR FULL WARRANTY If this Battery Charger fails due to a defect in material or workmanship within three years from the date of purchase, RETURN IT TO ANY SEARS STORE or OTHER DIEHARD OUTLET IN THE UNITED STATES FOR FREE REPLACEMENT. This warranty gives you specific