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Book TypeAuthorTitleLarge Print NovelBrown, SandraRicochetLarge Print NovelBrown, DanThe Lost SymbolLarge Print NovelGrisham, JohnThe ConfessionLarge Print NovelGrisham, JohnThe Innocent ManLarge Print NovelMerriam-WebsterCrossword Puzzle DictionaryLarge Print NovelPatterson, JamesDon't BlinkLarge Print NovelPatterson, JamesHoneymoonLarge Print NovelPatterson, James2nd ChanceLarge Print NovelPuzo, MarioThe Family CorleoneNovelAlbom, MitchThe Magic Strings of Frankie PrestoNovelAlbom, MitchTuesdays with MorrieNovelAlbom, MitchFor One More DayNovelAlbom, MitchThe Five People You Meet in HeavenNovelAlexandre dos Santos, ArmandoThe Story of the Miraculous MedalNovelAlexander, Dr. EbenProof of HeavenNovelAlexander, Dr. EbenProof of HeavenNovelAlighieri, DanteThe Divine ComedyNovelAllison, JayThis I BelieveNovelAndrecovich, MaryManresaNovelAndrews, AndyThe Traveler's GiftNovelAquilina, MikeThe Mass of the Early ChrisitiansNovelArminjon, Fr. CharlesThe End of the Present World and the Mysteriesof the Future LifeNovelAtherton, NancyAunt Dimity and the Duke

Book TypeAuthorTitleNovelBackland, GedAunty Acid's Guide to LifeNovelBaldacci, DavidThe FallenNovelBangley, BernardThe Cloud of UnknowingNovelBarron, RobertThe Strangest Way Walking the Christian PathNovelBarry, William A. SJPraying the Truth-Deepening Your Friendshipwith GodNovelBell, HilariThe Last KnightNovelBernardin, Joseph CardinalThe Gift of PeaceNovelBerry, SteveThe Bishop's PawnNovelBerry, SteveThe Malta ExchangeNovelBlanchard, KenThe Heart of a LeaderNovelBombeck, ErmaThe Best of BombeckNovelBoo, KatherineBehind the Beautiful ForeversNovelBooth, LeoWhen God Becomes a DrugNovelBourgeault, CynthiaThe Wisdom JesusNovelBoyd, MalcolmFree to Live, Free to DieNovelBradshaw, JohnHealing the Shame That Binds YouNovelBrady, JoanGod on a HarleyNovelBroocls, RiceGod's Not DeadNovelBrown, SandraFrench SilkNovelBruno, TomJesus Ph.D, PsychologistNovelBuckell, Tobias S.Crystal RainNovelBulbrook, Fr. RobertPop John Paul IINovelBurns, Olive AnnCold Sassy Tree

Book TypeAuthorTitleNovelDaniel, AlmaAsk Your AngelsNovelBurnham, SophyAngel LettersNovelBurnham, SophyA Book of AngelsNovelBurpo, ToddHeaven if for RealNovelButler, JonBecomiong America, The Revolution Before 1776NovelCameron, W. BruceA Dog's PurposeNovelCanfield, JackChicken Soup for the SoulNovelCanfield, JackChicken Soup for the SoulNovelCanfield, JackChicken Soup for the Christian SoulNovelCanfield, JackChicken Soup for the Writer's SoulNovelCarlin, GeorgeWhen Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?NovelCarretto, CarloJourney Without EndNovelCassidy, Richard J.Jesus, Politics and Society - A Study of Luke'sGospelNovelChild, LeeNight SchoolNovelChittister, JoanListen with the Heart - Sacred Moments inEveryday LifeNovelChittister, Joan40 Stories to Stir the SoulNovelChittister, JoanHappinessNovelChopra, GautamaChild of the Dawn - A Magical Journey ofAwakeningNovelClairmont, PatsyNormal is Just a Setting on Your DryerNovelClairmont, PatsyStardust on my PillowNovelClancy, TomExecutive OrdersNovelClancy, TomFiring PointNovelClark, Mary JaneFootprints in the Sand

Book TypeAuthorTitleNovelClark, B.J.NovelClarke, JohnNovelCloud, Dr. HenryNovelCole, NathanExiting the MazeNovelConnell, Janice T.Meetings with Mary - Visions of the BlessedMotherNovelConnelly, MichaelTwo Kinds of TruthNovelConnelly, MichaelCrime BeatNovelConnelly, MichaelFair WarningNovelConroy, PatThe Lords of DisciplineNovelCook, RobinHostNovelCornwell, JohnThe Hiding Places of GodNovelCrichton, MichaelAirframeNovelCrosby, Michael H."Do You Love Me?" Jesus Questions the ChurchNovelCrosby, Michael H.NovelCurran, Charles A.NovelDaily, JanetHappy HolidaysNovelDale, VeronicaNight CruiserNovelDaniels, JimLives of Service Stories from MaryknollNovelDear. JohnDisarming the HeartNovelDear. JohnThe Sound of ListeningNovelDeaver, JefferyThe Cutting EdgeNovelDees, MorrisA Lawyer's JourneyNovelDiamant, AnitaThe Red TentWhat, Me Worthy? How you can live a life thatmattersStory of a Soul - the Autobiography of St. Therseof Lisieux9 Things You Simply Must Do to succeed in Loveand LifeThank God Ahead of Time - The Life andSpirituality of Solanus CaseyUnderstanding - An Essentail Ingredient inHuman Belonging

Book TypeAuthorTitleNovelDickens, CharlesWorks of Charles Dickens Complete andUnabridgedNovelDodds, Bill & MichaelThe Seeker's Guide to 7 Life Changing VirtuesNovelDornacher, KarlaDown a Garden Path to Places of Love and JoyNovelDossey, Dr. LarryHealing Words - The Power of Prayer and ThePractice of MedicineNovelDowd, Rev. John C.You Cannot Hold Back the DawnNovelDoyle, BrianLeaping - Revelations and EpiphaniesNovelDuane, DianeA Wizard of MarsNovelDunne, John S.The Homing SpiritNovelEadie, Betty J.Embraced by the LightNovelEggerichs, Dr. EmersonLove & Respect (book)NovelEggerichs, Dr. EmersonLove & Respect (workbook)NovelElliott, LawrenceI Will be Called John - A Biography of Pope JohnXXIIINovelEmoto, MasaruThe Hidden Messages in WaterNovelEnsley, Deacon Eddie, Ph.D.Healing the Soul - finding peace and consolationwhen life hurtsNovelEvanovich, JanetThree Plums in OneNovelFernandez, Jorge I.The Seduction of Africa - A Missionary'sRecollectionsNovelFarrell, Edward J.Disciples and Other StrangersNovelFerrara, Christopher A,The Still Hidden SecretNovelFluke, LauraIt Was All Worth It - A Journey Back to LifeNovelFlynn, AveryThe Wedding Date DisasterNovelFollett, KenNight Over WaterNovelForest, JimNovelFoster, JeffMaking Friends of Enemies - Reflections on theTeachings of JesusFalling in Love with Where You Are - A year ofProse an Poetry

Book TypeAuthorTitleNovelFrancis, PopeOn Care for Our Common HomeNovelFreed, Dr. MarkThe Magic of Children - a celebration of life, love,& happinessNovelGaillardetz, Richard R.Transforming Our DaysNovelGilman, DorothyMrs.Pollifax and the Second ThiefNovelGirzone, Joseph F,Joshua's FamilyNovelGirzone, Joseph F,Joshua and the ChildrenNovelGraham, BillyNearing Home - life, faith an finishing wellNovelGray, JohnHow to Get What You Want and Want What YouHaveNovelGriffiths, BedeThe Golden StringNovelGrisham, JohnA Painted HouseNovelGrisham, JohnThe AppealNovelGrisham, JohnSkipping ChristmasNovelGrogan, JohnMarley & MeNovelGross, AndrewNo Way BackNovelHahn, ScottFirst Comes LoveNovelHahn, ScottThe Lamb's Supper The Mass as Heaven on EarthNovelHailey, ArthurWheelsNovelHall Kelly, MarthaLilac GirlsNovelHallmark BooksLifesongs Giving Voice to the Spirit WithinNovelHannah, KristinWinter GardenNovelHaring, BernardEmbattled Witness Memories of a Time of WarNovelHaugk, Kenneth C.Christian Caregiving a Way of LifeNovelHaugk, Kenneth C.Christian Caregiving a Way of Life

Book TypeAuthorTitleNovelHaughton, Rosemary LulingGifts in the Ruins - Rediscovering What MattersMostNovelHawkins, PaulaThe Girl on the TrainNovelHays, EdwardThe Christmas Eve StorytellerNovelHays, EdwardThe Christmas Eve StorytellerNovelHendra, TonyFather Joe - The Man Who Saved My SoulNovelHerr, Vincent V.Religious PsychologyNovelHesemann, MichaelGeorge Ratzomger - My Brother, The PopeNovelHuebsch, BillGrace - God's Greatest GiftNovelHugo, Fr. JohnWeapons of the SpiritNovelIles, Greg24 HoursNovelIles, GregCemetery RoadNovelJanda, Louis Ph.D.The Psychologist's Book of Self Help TestsNovelJeremiah, Dr. DavidWhat Are You Afraid Of? Facing down your Fearswith FaithNovelJohnson, BarbaraLaughter from HeavenNovelJohnson, Dr. SpencerWho Moved My Cheese?NovelKaron, JanNovelKasper, WalterNovelKelly, MatthewThe Rhythm of LifeNovelKelly, MatthewWhy I Love Being CatholicNovelKelly, MatthewThe Four Signs of a Dynamic CatholicNovelKelly, MatthewThe Four Signs of a Dynamic CatholicNovelKelly, MatthewNovelKelly, MatthewA Continual Feast - Words of comfort andcelebration by Fr. TimMercy - the essence of the Gospel and the key toChristian LifePerfectly Yourself Discovering God's Dream forYouPerfectly Yourself Discovering God's Dream forYou

Book TypeAuthorTitleNovelKelly, MatthewBeautiful Hope - finding hope every day in aBroken WorldNovelKelly, MatthewResisting HappinessNovelKelly, MatthewResisting HappinessNovelKelly, MatthewThe Biggest Lie in the History of ChristianityNovelKelly, MatthewThe Biggest Lie in the History of ChristianityNovelKelly, MatthewThe Biggest Lie in the History of ChristianityNovelKidd, Sue MonkNovelKiechle, StefanNovelKirvan, JohnGod Hunger - Discovering the Mystic in All of UsNovelKjos, Nelson J.Challenge to VictoryNovelKnowles, LeoNovelKraybill, Donald B.NovelKresnak, JackHope for the CityNovelKresnak, JackHope for the CityNovelKushner, Harold S.When Bad Things Happen to Good PeopleNovelLamott, AnneSmall VictoriesNovelLeonard, ElmoreGet ShortyNovelLeonard, Richard SJWhere The Hell is God?NovelLeonard, Richard SJWhere The Hell is God?NovelLeonard, Richard SJWhere The Hell is God?NovelLernoux, PennyPeople of GodNovelLincoln, EvelynMy 12 Years with John F. KennedyNovelLinn, Dennis-Sheila-MatthewSleeping With Bread - Holding What Gives YouLifeTraveling with Pomegranates - a mother daughter storyThe Art of Discernment - making good decisionsin your worldThe Prey of the Priest Catchers-the lives of fortymartyrsAmish Grace How Forgiveness TranscendedTragedy

Book TypeAuthorTitleNovelLord, Bob & PennyWe Came Back to JesusNovelLucado, MaxA Gentle Thunder - Hearing God Through theStormNovelLucado, MaxWhen God Whispers Your NameNovelLucado, MaxFearlessNovelLucado, MaxCure for the Common Life - Living in Your SweetSpotNovelMacomber, DebbieChristmas LettersNovelMacomber, DebbieThe Perfect ChristmasNovelMacomber, DebbieFinding You AgainNovelMacomber, DebbieMorning Comes SoftlyNovelMacomber, DebbiePromise, TexasNovelMacomber, DebbieSummer on Blossom StreetNovelMacomber, DebbieThe Gift of LifeNovelMacomber, DebbieSusannah's GardenNovelMacomber, DebbieThe Inn at Rose HarborNovelMacomber, DebbieThe Shop on Blosspm StreetNovelMahfood, FerdinandTaking God Seriously - Are you Serious?NovelMain, JohnThe Heart of Creation - The Meditative WayNovelMaloney, George A, S.J.Nesting in the RockNovelMaloney, George A, S.J.In Jesus We TrustNovelMarshall, CatherineTo Live Again Beyond Our SelvesNovelMartin, James S.J.The Abbey - A Story of DiscoveryNovelMartin, James S.J.The Jesuit Guide to Almost EverythingNovelMartin, James S.J.Becoming Who You Are

Book TypeAuthorTitleNovelMartin, James S.J.Between Heaven and MirthNovelMartin, James S.J.Searching for God at Ground ZeroNovelMartin, James S.J.How Can I Find God?NovelMartin, James S.J.Seven Last WordsNovelMay, Dr. Gerald G.Addiction & Grace-Love and Spirituality in theHealing of AddictionsNovelMcCarver-Snyder, BernadetteGraham Crackers, Galoshes and GodNovelMcCormick, Patrick C.M.Sin as AddictionNovelMcGeady, Sr. Mary RoseSometimes God Has a Kid's FaceNovelMcGeady, Sr. Mary RoseSometimes God Has a Kid's FaceNovelMcGhee, David R.Whole Stole My Bike?NovelMeberg, MarilynThe Zippered Heart - Healing for the Secrets WeHide InsideNovelMello, Anthony deThe Song of the BirdNovelMerton, ThomasCompassionate fireNovelMerton, ThomasEntering the SilenceNovelMerton, ThomasLove and LivingNovelMerton, ThomasNo Man is an IslandNovelMerton, ThomasSeedsNovelMerton, ThomasThe Seven Story MountainNovelMerton, ThomasThe Seven Story MountainNovelMichaels, FernCut and RunNovelMiller, CalvinLoving God Up CloseNovelMilhaven, J. GilesGood AngerNovelMosse, KateSepulchre

Book TypeAuthorTitleNovelMoyes, JojoStill MeNovelNagel, Elizabeth M.Be a BlessingNovelNeal, Dr. Mary C.To Heaven and BackNovelNeal, Dr. Mary C.To Heaven and BackNovelNeedleman, JacobA Little Book on LoveNovelNeff, Dr. KristinSelf-CompassionNovelNorris, KathleenThe Cloister WalkNovelNorris, KathleenAmazing GraceNovelNouwen, Henri J.M.Can You Drink the Cup?NovelObama, MichelleBecomingNovelO'Connor, Ann LangThe Twelve Unbreakable Principles of ParentingNovelOdell, Catherine M.Father Solanus Casey Revised and UpdatedNovelOgilvie, Lloyd J.If God Cares, Why Do I Still Have Problems?NovelO'Malley, William J. S.J.Dangerous Prayer Being Vulnerable to GodNovelO'Malley, William J. S.J.Redemptive SufferingNovelO'Malley, William J. S.J.Redemptive SufferingNovelO'Murchu, DiarmuidOur World in TransitionNovelO'Reilly, BillKilling JesusNovelO'Reilly, BillKilling LincolnNovelO'Reilly, BillKilling PattonNovelOrtberg, JohnAll the Places To GoNovelOrtberg, JohnGod is Closer Than You ThinkNovelOrtberg, JohnIf You Want to Walk on Water, You've Got to GetOut of the Water

Book TypeAuthorTitleNovelOrtberg, JohnImagine Life God's WayNovelOrtberg, JohnLiving the God LifeNovelOrtberg, JohnSoul KeepingNovelOrtberg, JohnThe Me I Want to BeNovelOrtberg, JohnWho is This Man?NovelOrtberg, JohnWho is This Man?NovelPacwa, Fr. Mitch SJWinning the Battle Against SinNovelPalmer, DianaWyoming HeartNovelPalmer, DianaWyoming StromgNovelPascual, F.Sanchez-Ventura YThe Apparitions of Carabamda;NovelPausch, RandyThe Last LectureNovelPatterson, JamesThe Summer HouseNovelPaulus, TrinaHope for the FlowersNovelPayne, Richard J.Early DominicansNovelPeck, Dr. M. ScottNovelPeck, Dr. M. ScottNovelPeck, Dr. M. ScottNovelPeck, Dr. M. ScottNovelPelzer, DaveA Man Named DaveNovelPenney, KathyDivine AppointmentsNovelPicoult, JodiA Spark of LightNovelPiper, Don90 Minutes in HeavenNovelPiper, Don90 Minutes in HeavenThe Road Less Traveled the Unending JourneyToward Spiritual GrowthThe Road Less Traveled A New Psychology ofLove, Traditional ValuesPeople of the Lie - The Hope for Healing HumanEvilThe Road Less Traveled and Beyond SpiritualGrowth in an Age of Anxiety

Book TypeAuthorTitleNovelPollard, Miriam OCSOThe Listening GodNovelPope John Paul IIThe Gospel of LifeNovelPope John Paul IICrossing the Threshold of HopeNovelPope John Paul IICrossing the Threshold of HopeNovelPope FrancisThe Joy of DiscipleshipNovelPope FrancisOn Care of Our Common HomeNovelPowers, IsaiasLetters From an Understanding FriendNovelPraagh, van JamesTalking to HeavenNovelPratchett, TerryCarpe JugulumNovelPreston, DouglasCity of Endless NightNovelPreston, DouglasTyrannosaur CanyonNovelPritchard, RayAn Anchor for the SoulNovelQuinn, BillClimbing the Mountain - Discovering Your Pathto HolinessNovelRives, David A.Walk Yourself ThinNovelRoberto, BrotherA Rose for RitaNovelRoberts, NoraStarlit Winter NightsNovelRoberts, NoraWelcome HomeNovelRoberts, NoraThe Last BoyfriendNovelRoberts, NoraThe MacKade Brothers: Devin & ShaneNovelRoberts, SheilaOne Charmed ChristmasNovelRoberts, SheilaChristmas from the HeartNovelRobertson, C.K.A Dangerous DozenNovelRohr, RichardThe Divine Dance

Book TypeAuthorTitleNovelRohr, RichardSilent CompassionNovelRohr, RichardThe Naked NowNovelRohr, RichardThe Naked NowNovelRohr, RichardFalling Upward-A Spirituality for the Two Halvesof LifeNovelRohr, RichardImmortal DiamondNovelRolheiser, RonaldBruised & WoundedNovelRolheiser, RonaldBruised & WoundedNovelRolheiser, RonaldSacred FireNovelRooney, PeggyUncommon Conversations with GodNovelRuffin, C. BernardPadre Pio: The True StoryNovelRupp, JoyceYour Sorrow is My JoyNovelSamra, Cal & RoseMore Holy HumorNovelSanford, John A.Healing and WholenessNovelSanford, John A.Dreams God's Forgotten LanguageNovelSanford, John A.The Kingdom WithinNovelSchaffer, Edy GarciaA-Z Crossword DictionaryNovelScottoline, LisaSomeone KnowsNovelScottoline, LisaI See Life Through Rose-Colored GlassesNovelShannon, William H.Silence on Fire - A Prayer of AwarenessNovelShannon, William H.Seeking The Face of GodNovelShannon, William H.Paradise JourneyNovelShea, JohnStories of FaithNovelSheen, Fulton J.Life is Worth Living

Book TypeAuthorTitleNovelSheen, Fulton J.From the Angel's BlackboardNovelSherry, Mary KavanaghSometimes I Haven't Got a PrayerNovelShiels, MichaelJ.P.McCarthy Just Don't Tell 'Em Where I AmNovelSilf, MargaretWayfaring-A Gospel Journey in Everyday LifeNovelSilf, MargaretClose to the HeartNovelSister Katherine, O.S.CWrapped in JoyNovelSmith, WilburCourtney's WarNovelSnyder, Bernadette McCarverMore Graham Crackers, Galoshes and GodNovelSorensen, Theodore C.The Kennedy LegacyNovelSotomayor, SoniaMy Beloved WorldNovelSparks, NicholasThe Best of MeNovelSparrow, G. ScottI Am With You Always-True Stories ofEncounters with JesusNovelStanford, RayFatima ProphecyNovelSteel, DanielleTurning PointNovelSteel, DanielleIn His Father's FootstepsNovelSteel, DanielleThe Good FightNovelStewert, JimmyJimmy Stewert and His PoemsNovelSt. John of the CrossDark Night of the SoulNovelStorm, HowardMy Descent into DeathNovelStroud, J. FrancisPraying NakedNovelSwenson, Rev. Roger A.Prayer and RemembranceNovelThayne, RaeanneSummer at Lake HavenNovelThomas, HelenFront Row at the White House

Book TypeAuthorTitleNovelTipping, Colin C.Radical ForgivenessNovelTodi, de JacoponeThe LaudsNovelUntener, Bishop KenThe Practical ProphetNovelUntener, Bishop KenMy Name is Ken and I Will Be Your Waiter for aLong, Long Time NovelValles, Carlos G.Let Go of FearNovelVanier, JeanBefriending the StrangerNovelVan Thuan, Francis Xavier NguyThe Road of Hope - A Gospel From PrisonNovelVardey, LucindaBelongingNovelVardey, LucindaMother Teresa-A Simple PathNovelVaticANA, Libreria EditriceKeep Watch-Year of Consecrated LifeNovelVaughan-Lee,LlewellynSufism The Transformation of the HeartNovelVeninga, RobertA Gift of Hope - How We Survive Our TragediesNovelVentline, Lawrence M.Cries of the PeopleNovelWagner, LoriQuilting Patches of LifeNovelWalsh, Neale DonaldConversations with God book 3NovelWicks, Robert J.Riding the DragonNovelWicks, Robert J.Living a Gentle, Passionate LifeNovelWicks, Robert J.Touching the HolyNovelWiederkehr, MacrinaGold in Your Memories-sacred moments,glimpses of GodNovelWiederkehr, Macrinaa Tree Full of AngelsNovelWiesenthal, SimonThe Sunflower on the Possibilities and Limits ofForgivenessnovelWilkinson, BruceThe Prayer of JabezNovelWilkinson, BruceThe Prayer of Jabez

Book TypeAuthorTitleNovelWilliamson, MarthaTouched by an Angel - A Christmas MiracleNovelWolff, PierreMay I Hate God?NovelWiggs, SusanThe Apple OrchardNovelWoodruff, PaulFacing EvilNovelWoods, SherrylA Chesapeake Shores ChristmasNovelWoods, Sherryla Slice of HeavenNovelWright, N.T.Simply Christian - Why Christianity Makes SenseNovelYancey, PhilipFinding God in Unexpected PlacesNovelYoung, William PaulThe ShackNovelZaleski, CarolThe Life of the World to ComeSaintsNoneThe Prophecies of St.MalachySaintsNoneNovelNoneSaintsNoneConfessions of St. AugustineSaintsNoneThe Way of Perfection - Teresa of AvilaSaintsNoneDivine Mercy in My Soul - Diary of St. MariaFaustina KowalskaSaintsAthanasius, St.St. Anthony of the Desert (251-356)SaintsBeevers, JohnThe Autobiography of St. Therese of LisieuxSaintsBeevers, JohnThe Autobiography of St. Therese of LisieuxSaintsBodo, MurrayThe Way of St. FrancisSaintsBroughton, RosemaryPraying with Teresa of AvilaSaintsCampbell, James P.Mary and the Saints Companions on the JourneySaintsCassidy, Richard J.Paul in Chains-Roman Imprisonment and theLetters of St. PaulHow to Converse Continually and Familiarly WithGodA Story of a Soul The Autobiography of St.Therese of Lisieux

Book TypeAuthorTitleSaintsDelaney, John J.Dictionary of SaintsSaintsEnsley, Deacon Eddie, Ph.D.Everyday Mysticism Meeting God Face to FaceSaintsCook, William R.The Lives of Great ChristiansSaintsCousins, EwertBonaventure - The Life of St. FrancisSaintsEsper, Fr. JosephLessons From the Lives of the SaintsSaintsFalanga, AgostinoThe Venerable Maria Lorenzo LongoSaintsFarmer, DavidOxford Dictionary of SaintsSaintsFatula, Mary Ann OPCatherine of Siena's WaySaintsFoley, LeonardSaint of the Day Volume 1 Jan-JuneSaintsFoley, LeonardSaint of the Day Volume 2SaintsFreze, MichaelPatron SaintsSaintsGlavich, Mary KathleenBlessed Teresa of CalcuttaSaintsGaucher, GuyThe Story of a Life St. Therese of LisieuxSaintsGuimond, JohnThe Spirit and Life of Father Solanus CaseySaintsHenderson, SilasFrom Season to Season - A Book of SaintlyWisdomSaintsHoman, Helen WalkerFrancis and Clare - Saints of AssisiSaintsHunt, AngelaPaul Apostle of ChristSaintsJarrett, Bede O.P.Life of St. DominicSaintsKelly, MatthewRediscover the SaintsSaintsKelly, MatthewRediscover the SaintsSaintsLine, Francis RaymondMan With a SongSaintsMaalouf, JeanExperiencing Jesus With Mother TeresaSaintsMartin, James S.J.My Life with the Saints

Book TypeAuthorTitleSaintsMcBrien, Richard P.Lives of the SaintsSaintsMcNamara, Sr. Marie AquinasFriends and Frienship for Saint AugustineSaintsMeinardus, Otto F.A.St. Paul in GreeceSaintsMeisel, Anthony C.The Rule of St. BenedictSaintsMerton, ThomasThe Ascent to TruthSaintsPeers, E. AllisonAscent of Mount CarmelSaintsPeers, E. AllisonAscent of Mount CarmelSaintsPeers, E. AllisonDark Night of the SoulSaintsPower-Waters, AlmaSt. Catherine Laboure and the Miraculous MedalSaintsSkinner, JohnThe Confession of Saint PatrickSaintsUnderhill, EvelynMystics of the ChurchInspirationNoneTime-Out for the SpiritInspirationNoneCoping, Healing, Surviving & ThrivingInspirationNoneThe Language of Positive ThinkingInspirationNoneLiving in the Presence of GodInspirationNoneGod's Little Book of ProverbsInspirationBarry, William A. SJLetting God Come CloseInspirationBettinger, Jim & JulieThe Book of Bowden-Words of Wisdom, Faithand MotivationInspirationCarlson, Dr. RichardHandbook for the SpiritInspirationChapman, GaryThe Five Love LanguagesInspirationChittister, JoanIn Search of BeliefInspirationChittister, JoanIn Search of BeliefInspirationCloud, Dr. HenryChanges That Heal

Book TypeAuthorTitleInspirationLane, Edmond C.Do Not Be Afraid, I am With YouInspirationLeder, DrewSparks of the DivineInspirationMeberg, MarilynLiving in JesusInspirationMetz, JudithElizabeth Seton - Meeting Our GraceInspirationO'Malley, William J. S.J.The Pursuit of HappinessInspirationPainter, Christine ValtersThe Soul's Slow RipeningInspirationPetty, JoApples of GoldInspirationPisegna, Fr. CedricLive Passionately!InspirationRupp, JoyceOpen the Door - A Journey to the True SelfInspirationRyan, Barbara ShlemonHealing the Hidden SelfInspirationSchmidt, Kenneth W.Conscious Contact with GodInspirationSiegel, Dr. Bernie S.Prayer, Faith and HealingInspirationWeddell, Sherry A.Forming Intentional DisciplesLiturgical HolidaysNoneA Guide to the PassionLiturgical HolidaysNoneTree of Hope - Our Advent CelebrationLiturgical HolidaysNoneThe Triduum BookLiturgical HolidaysNoneAdventLiturgical HolidaysAdams, James E.Finding Peace in LentLiturgical HolidaysAlborghetti, MarciBeing the Body of ChristLiturgical HolidaysAnderson, RaymondThe Jesse TreeLiturgical HolidaysArnoldWatch for the Light - Readings for Advent andChristmasLiturgical HolidaysArthur, Kay & DavidBehold, Jesus is ComingLiturgical HolidaysBarron, Fr. RobertLent Reflections

Book TypeAuthorTitleLiturgical HolidaysBarron, Fr. RobertLent ReflectionsLiturgical HolidaysBerger, RupertCelebrating the Easter VigilLiturgical HolidaysBreighner, Joseph F.Beyond Easter SundayLiturgical HolidaysBrown, Raymond E.A Coming Christ in AdventLiturgical HolidaysBrown, Raymond E.A Crucified Christ in Holy WeekLiturgical HolidaysChittister, JoanIn the Light of the Messengers - LentenReflectionsLiturgical HolidaysNoneCHRISTMASLiturgical HolidaysCotter, TheresaChrist is Coming-Celebrating Advent, Christmas &EpiphanyLiturgical HolidaysEmmerich, Anne CatherineThe Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus ChristLiturgical HolidaysFitzgerald, William JohnBeyond Easter A Catholic JourneyLiturgical HolidaysGriffin, EltinCelebrating the Season of AdventLiturgical HolidaysHuck, GabeLiturgical HolidaysHuck, GabeLiturgical HolidaysHuston, PaulaSimplifying The SoulLiturgical HolidaysKelly, MatthewRediscover LentLiturgical HolidaysKelly, MatthewRediscover LentLiturgical HolidaysKindall, BradActs of Faith Advent to EasterLiturgical HolidaysNoneLENT Book 1Liturgical HolidaysNoneLENT Book 2Liturgical HolidaysLewis, MaryLiturgical HolidaysLewis, MaryLiturgical HolidaysMartin, Roberta ParkerThe Walk With Jesus - A Guide Through LentLiturgical HolidaysMeehan, Bridget MaryYour Prayerful Journal for AdventThe Three Days Parish Prayer in the PaschalTriduumThe Three Days Parish Prayer in the PaschalTriduumLiving and Celebrating the Advent-ChristmasSeasonsLiving and Celebrating the Advent-ChristmasSeasons

Book TypeAuthorTitleLiturgical HolidaysMeehan, Bridget MaryYour Prayerful Journal for AdventLiturgical HolidaysNieman, Paul J.The Lent, Triduum and Easter Answer BookLiturgical HolidaysNouwen, Henri J.M.Show Me the Way - Daily Lenten ReadingsLiturgical HolidaysQuisenberry, J.B.A Great Light - Services for Advent WreathLightingLiturgical HolidaysRohr, RichardWondrous Encounter Scripture for LentLiturgical HolidaysShelton, Rev. Joan A.Stone Turning Into Star - Prayer and Meditationfor LentLiturgical HolidaysStuhmueller, CarrollBiblical Meditations for the Easter SeasonLiturgical HolidaysSwenson, Rev. Roger A.The Serious Season Daily Meditations for LentLiturgical HolidaysNoneTRIDUUMLiturgical HolidaysNoneTRIDUUMLiturgical HolidaysWhitley, Katerina KatsarkaWaiting for the Wonder - Voices of AdventWomen/MaryNoneOne Heart Full of Love-Mother TeresaWomen/MaryNoneFatima - Tragedy and TriumphWomen/MaryNoneMary Undoer of KnotsWomen/MaryNoneWomen of CharacterWomen/MaryAshe, KayeThe Feminization of the Church?Women/MaryBacher, June MastersQuiet Moments for WomenWomen/MaryBatchelor, DougThe Truth About Mary MagdaleneWomen/MaryBrakeman, Rev. LynSpiritual Lemons-Biblical Women, IrreverentLaughterWomen/MaryBernardo, AntonioLourdes-The Life of BernadetteWomen/MaryBrinkmann, SusanWe Need to Talk - God Speaks to a Modern GirlWomen/MaryCalloway, Donald H.The Virgin Mary and Theology fo the BodyWomen/MaryCanfield, JackChicken Soup for the Woman's Soul

Book TypeAuthorTitleWomen/MaryCanfield, JackChicken Soup for the Christian Woman's SoulWomen/MaryCatherineCatherine of Siena The DialogueWomen/MaryCoffey, KathyHidden Women of the GospelsWomen/MaryCole, Nancy CorbettTapestry of Life - Devotions for the UniqueWomanWomen/MaryDear, JohnMary of Nazareth, Prophet of PeaceWomen/MaryDeliguori, St. AlphonsusThe Glories of MaryWomen/MaryDeliguori, St. AlphonsusThe Glories of MaryWomen/MaryDe Montfort, St. Louis MarieTrue Devotion to MaryWomen/MaryDickow, CherylElizabet: A Holy Land PilgrimageWomen/MaryDillow, LindaCalm My Anxious HeartWomen/MaryDriscoll, Martha E.Reading Between the Lines-The Hidden Wisdomof Women in GospelsWomen/MaryDunlop, EileenQueen Margaret of ScotlandWomen/MaryElwell, Ellen BanksDevotions for MomsWomen/MaryEinley, MitchSurprising MaryWomen/MaryFox, Fr. Robert J.The Intimate Life of Sister LuciaWomen/MaryFryar, Jane L.Be Blessed 25 Devotions for WomenWomen/MaryFryar, Jane L.God's Promises to a Woman's HeartWomen/MaryJulian of NorwichRevelations of Divine LoveWomen/MaryGabaldon, DianaMothers & DaughtersWomen/MaryGabriele, Edward FrancisWomen/MaryGateley, EdwinWomen/MaryGaventa, Beverly RobertsMary - Glimpses of the Mother of JesusWomen/MaryGeorge, ElizabethWoman After God's Own HeartMy Soul Magnifies the Lord-15 PrayersCelebrating MarySoul Sisters-Women in Scripture Speak toWomen Today

Book TypeAuthorTitleWomen/MaryHemenway, PriyaThe Little Book of MaryWomen/MaryHourselander, CaryllThe Reed of GodWomen/MaryKadlecek, JoDesperate Women of the BibleWomen/MaryKadlecek, JoDesperate Women of the BibleWomen/MaryKelly-Gangi, CarolMother Teresa Her Essential WisdomWomen/MaryKwiecinski, Carolyn BelprezHeavenly GraceWomen/MaryLaurent, Fr. Raymond de ThomasThe Virgin MaryWomen/MaryLucia, SisterCalls from the Message of FatimaWomen/MaryMacarthur, JohnTwelve Extraordinary WomenWomen/MaryMcNichols, William HartMother of God - Similar to FireWomen/MaryMeehan, Bridget MaryPraying with Women of the BibleWomen/MaryMenotti. GiuliaLourdes-The Life of BernadetteWomen/MaryMitchell, Colleen C,Who Does He Say You Are?Women/MaryMontofrt, St. Louis deTrue Devotion to MaryWomen/MaryMother TeresaCome Be My LightWomen/MaryMother TeresaIn My Own WordsWomen/MaryNeff, LaVonneA Life for God - The Mother Teresa ReaderWomen/MaryNolan, Mary CatherineMary's Song - Living Her Timeless PrayerWomen/MaryObbard, Elizabeth RuthRuth & NaomiWomen/MaryOmartian, StormieThe Power of a Praying WifeWomen/MaryPayne, Richard J.Julian of Norwich ShowingsWomen/MaryPayne, Richard J.Teresa of Avila - The Interior CastleWomen/MaryPerrotta, KevinMary: Jesus' Mother-and Ours

Book TypeAuthorTitleWomen/MaryPowers, JsaiasWomen of the GospelWomen/MaryReilly, Patricia LynnA God Who Looks Like MeWomen/MarySchneiders, Sandra M.Women and the WordWomen/MarySpong, John ShelbyWomen/MaryStokes, Penelope J.Women/MaryWeaver, Mary JoNew Catholic WomenWomen/MaryWeaver, JoannaHaving a Mary Heart in a Martha WorldJesusNoneWho Do You Say I Am? Luke-ActsJesusAurelio, John R.Myth Man - A Storyteller's JesusJesusBarry, William A. SJJesusBorer, Wilbur J.JesusDear, JohnThe Questions of JesusJesusEldredge, JohnBeautiful OutlawJesusExley, RichardWitness the PassionJesusGhezzi, BertDiscover ChristJesusGlavich, Mary KathleenThe Catholic Companion to JesusJesusGutierrez, GustavoThe God of LifeJesusHemenway, PriyaThe Little Book of JesusJesusJohnson, Luke TimothyThe Real JesusJesusKelly, MatthewRediscover JesusJesusKelly, MatthewRediscover JesusJesusKelly, MatthewRediscover JesusJesusKelly, MatthewRediscover JesusBorn of a Woman - A Bishop Rethinks the Birth ofJesusSimple Words of Wisdom - 52 Virtues for EveryWomanWho Do You Say I Am? Meeting the HistoricalJesus in PrayerBook of the Lord - Reflections on the Life ofChrist

Book TypeAuthorTitleJesusLIFEJesus - Who Do you Say I AM?JesusMaloney, George A, S.J.Bright Darkness Jesus-The Lover of MankindJesusMartin, James S.J.Jesus a PilgrimageJesusMarison, FiscarCity of God Volume 1JesusMarison, FiscarCity of God Volume 2 The IncarnationJesusMarison, FiscarCity of God Volume 3 The TransfixionJesusMarison, FiscarCity of God Volume 4 The CoronationJesusMcBride, AlfredThe Seven Last Words of JesusJesusMurphy, Richard T.A.Day of Glory - The Passion, Death andResurrection of Jesus ChristJesusNolan, AlbertJesus TodayJesusNouwen, Henri J.M.In the Name of JesusJesusRice

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