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Table of ContentsSectionPages Hydration3-4 Sleep5 Macronutrients6-8 Carbohydrates6 Protein7 Fat8 Putting Together a Plate9-10 Meal Ideas Ft. Snack-bag Swag11-13 Cooking Basics14-15 Recipes16-24 Meal-Prep Hacks24 Grocery Shopping Guide25-27 Healthy Eating on a Budget28 Dining Out29-35 Pre-/Post-Exercise Fueling36-37 Alcohol, Caffeine, and Supplements38 Resources/References39-402

HydrationTips to stay hydrated: Always carry a water bottle Focus on fluid intake throughout the day Use water enhancers (Crystal Light, Mio, etc.) toadd flavor and increase your desire to drink morewater. Check your urine to determine your hydrationstatus as follows:HYDRATED V.Hydrated:Increased:Mental functionMotor controlBody temperaturecools gthMuscle crampingFatigueNausea/VomitingHeadachesDizzinessIf bad enough:heatstroke, coma,and deathHow much do you need to drink?And the winner is staying hydrated!!MINIMUM: Women 2.7 L/day (about 12 cups)Men 3.7 L/day (about 16 cups)Your needs will increase as you exercise and lose fluid through sweat.3

** Remember: 8 oz 1 cup **16.9-ounce bottles32-ounce Hydro FlaskWhat should I drink?Type of DrinkWaterGatorade/PoweradeMilkFruit smoothies/100% Fruit JuiceSoda/Energy DrinksWhen to Drink itBest drink for daily hydration.During exercise lasting 60 minutes.After exercise.During the day as tolerated.Chocolate milk is a great post-exercise drink.During the day as tolerated.After exercise.LIMIT-Fruits and vegetables also add fluid to your diet. For this reason, smoothies are agreat way to improve your hydration.4

SleepFeel as tired as these two do?You probably are not getting enough sleep!In addition to making healthy eating a priority, adequate sleep needs to be a priority as well.You should be getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night.If you are not getting enough sleep, try following these Top 5 Sleep Tips: a sleep schedule and stick to it: Go to sleep and wake upat the same time each day to regulate your body’s internal clock.Keep your bedroom completely DARK and maintain a COOLtemperature in the room.Keep the bedroom extremely quiet: or use a white noisegenerator (such as a fan).Create a relaxing bedtime routine: Stay away from loud noises,bright lights (including your phone), and any activity that cancause stress or anxiety.Follow the 10-3-2-1-0 routine:10 hours before bed: No more caffeine/stimulants3 hours before bed: No heavy meals2 hours before bed: No more work1 hour before bed: No more screen time (phone, TV, laptop)0: the # of times you hit the snooze button in the morning5

CarbohydratesFunctions ofCarbohydrates:Nutrient-rich carbohydrates toprovide sustained energy: Fibrous fruit (berries, apples, bananas) Fibrous vegetables (broccoli,asparagus, carrots, Brussel sprouts) Potatoes (regular and sweet) Legumes (beans) Oatmeal/Cereal Rice Pasta Bread/Bagels Tortillas Dairy products (milk and yogurt)When are carbohydrates important to consume?o Before exercise to provide you with energy.o Before class! Remember, your brain relies oncarbohydrates for function. The body’sprimary sourceof energy Provideessential fuelfor the brainand muscles Fuel the bodyduring exerciseover a largerange ofintensitiesResults of not EatingEnoughCarbohydrates: Fatigue Decreasedwork rates Impaired skillsandconcentration.6

ProteinProtein is important for many functions, especially building tissues and muscle.Muscles arebroken downduring exerciseMuscles are builtwhen protein (alongwith carbohydrates)is consumed afterexerciseBy repairing the damagedone during exercise,protein increases musclemass and strengthTip: Consume protein with each meal and snack to optimize your muscle mass/strengthProtein can be found in many foods, including: Lean meats (chicken, turkey, lean beef, etc.)Fish (salmon, tuna, shrimp, etc.)EggsDairy products (milk, Greek yogurt, cheese)Legumes (beans) with riceNuts/Nut buttersWhole grainsSoy/TofuProtein Supplements: The highest quality protein is found in whole foods When whole foods are not available or convenient, protein supplements can be used Supplements are of the greatest value when added to a balanced diet7

FatFun Fat Facts (say that 5 times quickly): Fats secrete hormones that regulate the appetite andinfluence other body functions. Fat provides insulation for the body in extremetemperatures and protection for vital organs. Fats are needed to absorb important fat-solublevitamins (Vitamin A, D, E, K) that contribute to overallhealth.The MVP of all Fats: Omega-3 Fatty AcidsOmega-3’s function to: Decrease inflammation Increase brain function Promote heart healthSources of Omega-3’s: Fatty fish (salmon, tuna, cod, etc.)-Eat fish at least twice per week! Walnuts Canola oil FlaxseedHealthy Fat Options: Fatty fish (salmon, tuna, cod, etc.)AvocadoNuts (walnuts, almonds, cashews, etc.)Nut butters (peanut butter, almond butter, etc.)Oils (olive, canola, etc.)EggsCheeseChia seeds/Flaxseeds8

Putting Together a PlateThe United StatesDepartment of Agriculture(USDA) developed theMyPlate graphic to showthe public what a nutritiousmeal looks like.This plate shows balancedportions of different typesof healthy foods.Building your plate in thisway will allow you toconsume a variety ofhealthy foods.See the next page forexamples of healthy optionsto use when building yourplate. Check out for more information and tips!9

Dairy: Grains/Carbohydrates:Fruits: ApplesBananasBerriesMelonPineappleVegetables: Low-fat milkGreek nachRicePastaBreadPotatoesOats Protein: ChickenFishLean beefEggsBeansTofuVariety is key.o Different foods contain different nutrients that your body needs for optimal health.o Fruits and vegetables contain different phytonutrients, which are nutrients that areespecially beneficial for your health.o The difference in colors between fruits and vegetables is indicative of differentphytonutrients that they contain.#TasteTheRainbow #TheHealthyOne10

Meal IdeasBreakfast Ideas:1. Omelet (or a scramble if you aren’t up for thechallenge)-In addition to the eggs, add ingredients such as avocado,cheese, fibrous vegetables, meat, etc. Pair with a glass ofmilk and fruit.2. Breakfast sandwich/burrito-Add the same ingredients of a scramble to two pieces oftoast or a tortilla. Pair with a glass of milk and fruit.3. Oatmeal-Use add-ins such as milk, nuts, peanut butter, chia seeds,flaxseed, coconut, honey, fruit (fresh or dried), etc.4. Smoothie/Protein Shake-Use milk, 100% fruit juice, Greek yogurt, nuts/nut butter,fibrous fruits, spinach, protein powder, oats,chia/flaxseed, cinnamon, honey, etc.BREAKFAST FACTSBreakfast gets itsname from beingthe meal thatBREAKs theovernight FASTwhile you slept.Breakfast is usedto fill up yourempty tank.Breakfast startsyour metabolismand gives youenergy throughoutthe day.Tips for Breakfast:Do NOT skip itEat it within 1hour of waking upChoose foods thatwill give youlasting energyNo time for breakfast? Choose an on-the-go option: Make overnight oats at night to enjoy in the morningGrab Greek yogurt and top it with trail mix/granolaBring a protein bar and a piece of fruitMake a PB&J at night and place it in the fridge for the next morning*See the Recipes section for step-by-step instructions for meals11

Top 10 Lunch/Dinner Ideas:1. Stir-Fry-Sauté fibrous vegetables along with chicken, steak, or fish. Youcan also add rice or noodles.2. Tacos/Burritos/Fajitas-User’s choice! Add a lean protein, beans, rice, vegetables,avocado, salsa, etc.3. Enchiladas-Use lean meats and cheese. Bake in bulk to last you a few days.4. Chicken and Rice Bowl-Use different seasonings and dressings. Add vegetables.5. Power Salad-Add lean protein, avocado, cheese, nuts/seeds, fibrous fruits andvegetables, etc. Top with a dressing of your choice.6. Sandwich/Wrap-Get creative! PB & banana with honey, tuna salad, turkey andcheese, steak and vegetables, etc. Try them fresh, grilled, orpanini style using a panini press (Ex: George Foreman Grill).7. Roasted Vegetables-Season and roast your favorite vegetables. Pair with a protein.8. Pasta-From good old spaghetti, to baked ziti and chicken parmesan.9. Loaded Potatoes-Use regular or sweet potatoes and fill them to the top withhealthy fats, protein, and vegetables.10. Baked Chicken Fingers and Fries-A healthy alternative to a classic favorite. Simple and easy.*See the Recipes section for step-by-step instructions for meals12

Snack-bag SwagHungry in class? No problem.Keeping some “Snack-bag Swag” in yourbackpack will make sure that you stayfueled wherever you are!Sandwich (PB&J)NutsAlmondsClif BarKind BarBeef JerkyAppleGranola/Protein BarString cheeseWalnutsAny fibrous fruit or vegetableGreat value trail mix (Walmart’s finest!)13

Cooking BasicsCooking Meat:Cooking Method with Temperature and TimeBake: Line aGrill: Place meatbaking sheet withtin-foil and spraywith cooking spray.Cook in oven.375 F20-30 minutesto a pan and cookthe meat overmedium heat untildone.6-8 minutes persideon a heated grill.Flip over half-waythrough cookingtime.10-15 minutes persideSteakNot AdvisedGroundBeef/TurkeyNot Advised3-8 minutes perside based ondesired wellnessAbout 8-10 minutesFish400 F15-20 minutes4-5 minutes perside5-10 minutes perside based ondesired wellness5-6 minutes perside (burgerpatties)About 5-6 minutesper sideChickenType of MeatPan-Fry: Add oilWhen is my meat done cooking?Chicken: The inside is WHITE with NO PINK.Steak: This is a personal choice. Can beanywhere from rare (pink inside) to welldone (no pink inside).Ground Beef/Turkey:No pink inside.Fish: Flaky whencut with a fork.“Opaque”: notable to be seenthrough.14

Cooking Grains:3 Options for Rice:1. Use a rice-cooker and follow thelabel’s instructions. Easy!2. Microwave: Add 1 cup of instant-riceand 1 cup of water to a microwavesafe bowl. Microwave on high forabout 7 minutes.3. Stove-top: For every 1 cup of dry riceuse 1 ¼ cup water. Boil water. Addrice, cover with a lid, turn to low heat,simmer for about 15-18 minutesdepending on label’s instructions.Remove from heat, let cool for 5minutes, fluff with fork.Pasta:1. Boil water (enough to coverthe pasta) and add salt totaste in a large pot. Addpasta into boiling water.Cook until pasta is desiredtexture. Usually about 8-12minutes. Drain the pastaand let it cool.*Cooked pasta will stick to thewall when it is thrown at it.(Only try one noodle at a time)15

RecipesUse this Spice Guide as a reference for whichspices go best with certain foods when cooking.These spice blends can also beeasily used when cooking. Simplychoose the type that matches thefood that you are preparing.For all recipes below, remember to include these types of seasonings.Add seasonings to meats and vegetables before &/or during cooking.Try new seasonings and learn the types and amounts that you enjoy.16

Breakfast:1. Omelet/ScrambleIngredients:EggsMilkCooked Protein (chicken, ham,etc.)Cheese (shredded)Vegetables (onions,mushrooms, spinach,asparagus, tomatoes, etc.)Avocado Pair with toast, fruit, yogurt, milk,etc.Instructions:1. Slice protein and vegetables2. In a bowl whisk the eggs and milk together3. Spray pan with cooking spray or coat withoil4. Sautee vegetables and protein for about 1minute5. Pour egg/milk mixture into pan withprotein and vegetables6. Stir for another minute (or flip after oneminute for an omelet)7. Sprinkle with cheese. Top with slicedavocado and enjoy!2. Breakfast Sandwich/BurritoIngredients:Same as the omelet/scramble 3. OatmealIngredients: OatsMilkToppings: Nut butter, nuts,fresh/dried fruit, chia seeds,flaxseed, coconut, honey, etc.Instructions:1. Same as the omelet/scramble2. Add to two pieces of toast to make asandwich, or into a cooked tortilla for aburrito.Microwave Instructions:1. Pour ½ cup oats into a microwave safebowl2. Add ½ to 1 cup of milk (less milk makesthicker oatmeal, more makes it runny)3. Cook for 1 ½ minutes4. Add any toppings. Make it your own!17

4. Smoothie/Protein ShakeIngredients: IceMilk &/or juiceFruit (fresh or frozen)Vegetables (spinach, kale,etc.)OatsNuts/Nut buttersAvocadoProtein PowderChia/FlaxseedCinnamonHoneyInstructions:1. Add all of the ingredients that youwant into the blender2. Blend until desired consistency3. Give it a cool name4. Start sippin’!***BONUS RECIPE***5. Overnight OatsIngredients: OatsMilkProtein PowderChia seeds/FlaxseedBrown SugarHoneyCinnamonNuts/Nut buttersFruitInstructions:1. Add ½ cup oats to Tupperware orMason Jar2. Add ½- ¾ cup milk3. Add any add-ins you want! (Checkresources section for recipe ideas)4. Place the Tupperware or Mason Jarin the fridge to sit overnight5. Wake up and enjoy your easyovernight oats!Also needed: Tupperware or aMason Jar18

Lunch/Dinner:1. Stir-FryIngredients: Olive or canola oilVegetables (fresh or frozen)Protein (chicken, steak, fish,tofu, etc.)Rice/noodlesTeriyaki sauceInstructions: oil to a panCook protein until done and set asideAdd oil to a large panSauté vegetables until softAdd cooked protein and teriyaki sauceStir for about 1 minute7. Either stir in cooked rice/noodles or pourthe stir-fry over cooked rice/noodles.2. Tacos/Burritos/FajitasIngredients: Olive or canola oilProtein (chicken, lean beef,steak, tofu, etc.)Ultimate Southwest Blendfrozen vegetables (beans, corns,onions, red peppers, chilies)Lettuce, tomatoes, cilantroAvocado, cheese, salsaInstructions:1. Add olive oil to pan2. Cook protein until done and removefrom pan3. Add oil to another pan and cook frozenvegetables until done4. Slice the avocado (or make guacamole)5. Heat up tortillas on the stovetop ormicrowave and load them up with anyingredients that you want6. Invite your friends over and enjoy yourtaco/burrito bar!19

3. EnchiladasIngredients: TortillasProtein (chicken, lean beef)Cheese (shredded)Enchilada sauceVegetables (onions, corn,peppers, etc.)Bake in large batches to save andenjoy throughout the week!Instructions: the oven to 350 FCook protein in a pan with olive oilSet protein aside once it is cookedAdd oil to a new pan and cook the vegetablesuntil they are soft5. Spray a baking dish with cooking spray6. Add enchilada sauce to the baking dish7. Mix the meat, vegetables, and cheese in abowl8. Add the meat, vegetable, and cheesemixture to tortillas and roll them9. Add the rolled enchiladas seal-side downinto the baking dish10. Sprinkle the top with more cheese and sauceif desired11. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until cheese isbrowned. Let cool and enjoy!4. Chicken and Rice BowlIngredients: Chicken (boneless, skinless,breast or tenderloins)RiceThe possibilities are endless! Mixin all kinds of toppings likevegetables, beans, cheese,avocado, nuts, sauces, & grainsInstructions:1. Season chicken. Options: Marinate: Place chicken in a zip lockbag and pour in sauce being used tomarinate. Let it sit in the refrigeratorfor a couple of hours or overnight. Season: Add any spices or seasoningsdirectly to the chicken and pat it on.2. Cook chicken3. Cook rice4. Make your bowl! Add any fresh or cookedvegetables and additional toppings that youwant. Save extra for leftovers.20

5. Power SaladIngredients: Lettuce, spinach, kale, etc. ORBuy a pre-packaged choppedsalad kit.Vegetables (the more thebetter!)Fruit (add some color to thesalad)Other toppings: nuts, seeds,cheese, avocado, meat, tofu,grains, dressing, etc.Instructions:1. Chop up the lettuce (or get out thepre-chopped salad kit) and place in alarge bowl2. Add in all of the toppings that youwant. Load it up!3. Pour in dressing and stir it alltogether.4. Send your family a picture of youeating salad to make them proud.6. Sandwich/WrapIngredients: 2 slices of 100% whole wheat breadOR a large tortillaAny fillings you want (PB&J,PB&Honey with banana,tuna/chicken salad, meat andvegetables with cheese, etc.)Instructions:I think you all have this one down. Make sureto pair this meal with extra fruit orvegetables on the side and a glass of milk.For tuna/chicken salad: drain the can and mixthe meat with plain Greek yogurt, relish,mustard, chopped vegetables, nuts, raisins,etc.7. Roasted VegetablesIngredients: Any vegetables you want: potatoes(regular or sweet), Brussel sprouts,onions, yellow squash, zucchinisquash, mushrooms, asparagus,broccoli, bell peppers, carrots, etc.Olive oilSeasonings (basil, thyme, oregano,salt, pepper, etc.)Instructions:1. Chop up your vegetables into bite-sizepieces2. Place vegetables in a bowl and add 1-3tablespoons of olive oil, depending onhow many vegetables you have.3. Sprinkle seasonings on and mix well4. Place tin-foil on a baking sheet andspray with cooking spray. Addvegetables.5. Bake at 425 F until soft and goldenbrown (about 30-40 minutes)6. Pair with a protein and enjoy!21

8. PastaIngredients: Pasta (whatever size or shapeyou desire)Spaghetti sauce (marinara)Protein (chicken, groundturkey/beef, meatballs, etc.)Cheese (try new types)Instructions:1. Turn on the Italian Dinner Party stationon Pandora or Spotify2. Cook pasta3. Get your Italian on and make the pastayour own! Add any cooked meat,vegetables, and sauce you desire.9. Loaded PotatoesIngredients: Potatoes (Russet or sweet)Toppings: Protein (chicken, ham),vegetables, beans, green onion,avocado, cheese, etc.Instructions:1. Bake the potatoes: Wrap the potatoes intin-foil and bake in the oven at 425 F for50-60 minutes or until soft. Flip half-waythrough. Remove and cool.2. Slice potato in half and load it up. Enjoy!10. Baked Chicken Fingers and FriesIngredients:Chicken Fingers: FlourEggWaterBread crumbsParmesan cheeseBoneless, skinless, chickentendersFries: Potatoes (Russet or sweet)Olive oilSalt/PepperInstructions:Chicken Fingers:1. Heat oven to 425 F. Line a bakingsheet with tin-foil and spray withcooking spray.2. Add flour to one dish and in anotherdish, beat eggs and water. In a thirddish, mix the bread crumbs andparmesan cheese.3. Coat chicken with flour, dip intoegg/water mixture, and then coat withthe bread crumb/cheese mixture.4. Place on the baking sheet5. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until nolonger pink inside6. Let cool before eating22

Fries:1. Heat oven to 425 F. Line a baking2. more meal ideas check the Resourcessection.sheet with tin-foil and spray withcooking spray.Slice potatoes into desired thicknessPlace in a bowl and coat with oliveoil (1 to 2 tablespoons) and sprinklewith salt/pepper as desired.Place on a baking sheetCook for 40-50 minutes or untilgolden brown. Let cool.Have a flashback to your childhoodand enjoy this healthy alternative toyour childhood (or current) favoritemeal. Looking for delicious mealsthat take hardly any effort?Invest in a crock-pot! Simply add the ingredients tothe crock pot, turn it on, andcome back at the end of theday to a warm, home-cookedmeal. Cook meals in large amountsto have leftovers during theweek. Check the Resources sectionfor recipe links. Or get yourPinterest on for plenty ofrecipes!23

Meal-Prep HacksToo tired after a long day to cook? No time to make lunch in-between classes?Invest a few hours each week to meal-prep and make sure that you always havehealthy meals available.HACK #1: Be organizedPlan your meals for the week beforeit starts. Make a grocery list and getall of the foods needed to be able tomake these meals.HACK #2: Be preparedBuy meats in bulk, slicethem, place them in freezersafe zip lock bags, andfreeze them to have themavailable to thaw and use atany time.HACK #3: Tag-team prepTo avoid getting sick of the samemeal, get a group together andhave each person prep a differentmeal. Switch meals within thegroup so that you have differentmeals during the week.HACK #4: Spice it upTry new foods! Add new spices.Find new recipes. Don’t letyourself get bored of the same oldmeals.24

Grocery Shopping GuideHealthy Shopping ListLess Healthy Shopping ListChickenFrozen Chicken FingersLean Ground BeefFrozen MeatballsEggsBaconMilkSodaGreek YogurtIce CreamAvocadoMayonnaisePeanut ButterNutellaOlive OilButterHummusRanchMarinara SauceAlfredo SauceWheat ThinsChipsGraham CrackersOreosClif BarsPop TartsFresh PeachesCanned PeachesNatural ApplesauceApple JuiceFrozen FruitPopsiclesCorn on the CobCanned Cream CornFresh or Frozen Green BeansCanned Green BeansFresh PotatoesInstant PotatoesOatsCrunch Berry CerealRiceTop RamenWhole Wheat BreadWhite BreadBagelMuffin25

Don’t know what to get at the grocery store?PLAN AHEAD!1. Plan your meals for the week2. Make a list with the ingredients you will need3. Stick to your list. Keep your eye on the prize!Tips to Keep in Mind During Shopping: Buy things in bulk that will last over time:frozen meat, frozen vegetables/fruit,canned tuna/salmon, beans, oatmeal,pasta, rice, nuts/nut butter, etc.Don’t buy more than you can eat. Be awareof how much fresh produce that you buy.Shop for weakly deals (on healthy items).Your house is a Safe Zone: YOU control what food is available. Make good choices.SAFE ZONE ARSENAL: LEAN MEATS FRESH AND FROZENVEGETABLES/FRUIT HEALTHY FATS WHOLE GRAINS MILK/YOGURT26

Benefits of having a solid Safe Zone arsenal:1. You will SAVE MONEY by eating at homeUnhealthy MealPanda ExpressFried rice (2 cups)Orange chicken (6 oz.)Total Cost: 6.80Healthy Meal (at home)Instant rice: 0.36 per cupFrozen stir-fry vegetables: 0.83 per cupChicken: 0.13 per oz.Teriyaki sauce: 0.28 per 2 tbsp.Total Cost: 2.252. Hunger will not get the best of you. You will always have food available to put a quick,healthy meal together to avoid going to McDonald’s looking like Patrick:3. It will be easy to make healthy choices. If youhave healthy food in your house, you will eathealthy food. Just ask Kevin Durant.27

Healthy Eating on a Budget Healthy eating can actually help you save money.Below is an example of how to eat healthy while spending only 50/week.The options shown can make 2-3 separate meals depending on the serving size.Tip: Buy ingredients that you can use in multiple meals to save money and eliminatewaste. The next week you can try new ingredients and meals to mix it up!BreakfastBreakfast sandwich Whole wheatbread 2.05Ham 2.98Eggs 1.58Cheese 1.98Hot sauce 1.48Overnight oats Oats 2.48Milk 1.90Cinnamon 0.98Peanut butter 3.32Bananas 0.76DinnerLunchStir fry Ground turkey 2.67Packaged stir fryveggies 2.98Rice 1.98Ham sandwich Whole wheatbreadHamCheeseLettuce 0.98Tomato 0.60Mustard 1.48Burrito bowls Ground TurkeyRiceUltimatesouthwest blendfrozen vegetables 2.28Hot sauceCheeseSnacksApples 1.80Wheat thins 2.56Kind bars 2.98Salad Eggs (hard boiled)Packaged salad kit 2.98Chicken and roastedveggies Chicken 2.70Carrots 0.98Broccoli 0.90Potatoes 0.40Canola oil 2.28Salt & pepper 1.48Total 51.54/weekRed Things already bought for a previous mealBlue Things that will last for multiple weeks28

Dining OutDining out does not always haveto mean eating unhealthy foods.There are healthy optionseverywhere.Choosing healthy options caneven help you save money!Dining OutEvery once and a while it isOKAY to enjoy your favorite,and less healthy, foods.However,There are always healthyalternatives available.Average mealMcDonaldsDouble Quarter Pounderwith Cheese Meal: 7.70Burger (770 kcal)Medium fry (340 kcal)Medium Coke (220 kcal)Regular McFlurry (510kcal): 2.80Total: 10.50 (1,840 kcal)Healthier mealMcDonaldsArtisan Grilled ChickenSandwich Meal: 7.50Sandwich (380 kcal)Side salad withvinaigrette (50 kcal)Water or Milk (0-100kcal)Fruit parfait (150 kcal): 1.00Total: 8.50 (580-680kcal)Make goals to: Substitute sides. Ex:Instead of fries get aside salad, fruit,parfait, etc. Avoid sugary drinkssuch as soda and sweettea. Instead, orderwater, light lemonade,milk, etc. Limit creamysauces/dressings suchas alfredo sauce, gravy,ranch, etc. Instead tryketchup, mustard,marinara, etc. Eat meats that arebaked, roasted, orgrilled instead of fried.29

Every meal can make a difference on your road to better health,so make good choices.Healthier alternatives are available wherever you go:Entrees: Grilled Chicken Sandwichor Grilled Chicken Nuggets Grilled Market Salad Grilled Chicken Cool WrapSides: Greek Yogurt Parfait Side Salad Fruit CupDrinks: Diet Lemonade Unsweetened TeaEntrees: Salad with Cilantro LimeVinaigrette (Tip: Eat thesalad portion, save some ofthe insides, and roll it like aburrito to enjoy later formeal #2) Tacos or burrito (addlettuce, guacamole, andPico de Gallo) Choose chicken, salmon,shrimp, or steak.30

Breakfast: Egg McMuffin Oatmeal ParfaitLunch: Artisan Grilled ChickenSandwich Southwest Grilled ChickenSaladSides/Desserts: Parfait Apple Slices Side Salad Small Ice Cream ConeEntrees: Choose a meat plate,sandwich, or salad.Meats: Chicken, turkey,beef brisket.Sides: ColeslawMashed PotatoesBaked BeansSide SaladCollard Greens31

Entrees: Choose entrees labeled as“Wok Smart” (green imageon the right) such as: Kung Pao Chicken Beef and Broccoli Teriyaki ChickenSides: Mixed VegetablesBrown or White SteamedRiceTips: Add extra vegetables (lettuce,tomato, onion, etc.)Add avocado spread instead ofmayonnaiseChoose wheat bread for extrafiber and proteinSkip the chips and choose aJumbo Dill PickleTips: Add extra vegetables (bell peppers, onions,tomatoes, etc.)Go with a friend and split a pizza and asalad!*Raspberry Pecan Salad is highly recommended!32

Food: WrapsSandwichesFlatbreadsSaladsGet fruit instead of chips as a sideSmoothies: Try the “Superfood Smoothies”and “Supercharged Smoothies”for extra nutrition benefitsAdd proteinAdd spinach/kaleAdd almonds, chia seeds, oats,multi-vitamin, etc.Entrees: All “Guiltless Grill” OptionsCaribbean SaladCalifornia Turkey ClubFajitasGrilled Chicken Fresh Mex BowlsTacosSirloin Steak with a Side ofVegetablesSides: Steamed BroccoliGrilled Asparagus & GarlicRoasted TomatoesMashed PotatoesBlack BeansCorn on the Cob33

Tip: Avoid/limit fried chicken. Go forGRILLED.Limit the usage of dipping saucesChoose unsweetened tea or milkEntrees: Zalads with Grilled ChickenGrilled Chicken SandwichCajun Club SandwichSides: Side salad, celery, coleslawBreakfast Entrees:Choose ham or chicken for the protein Bagel SandwichOmelet (can be made with egg whites)Value Meal: eggs, ham, and potatoesBreakfast Sides: Cottage cheese, applesauce, fruitLunch/Dinner Entrees: Turkey or Ham SubGrilled Chicken SandwichChef or Grilled Chicken SaladAll wraps (choose grilled chicken)Sirloin SteakGrilled TilapiaLunch/Dinner Sides: Salad, mashed potatoes, baked potato,coleslaw, rice pilaf, veggies34

Try any delicious acai bowl &/or smoothies!Benefits of Ingredients: Now open inthe StudentCenter! Acai berry: packed with antioxidants toaid in recovery.Peanut butter: for healthy fats & protein.Protein powder: for additional protein torepair & build your muscles.All other fruits (& spinach): containvitamins & minerals to enhanceimmunity.Granola: contains carbohydrates toprovide energy throughout the day.Have a meal plan? Time to use it!Tips: Scope out all of your options beforefilling your plate!o Have a game plan to build your#PerfectPlateUtilize the stations that are alwaysavailable to make the healthiestchoices possible:o Salad Baro Pasta Baro Sandwich Stationo Stir-fry StationChoose entrees with lean protein(chicken, fish, turkey, eggs, etc.)Load up on fresh fruits andvegetablesLimit fried foods, desserts, and soda35

Pre-Exercise FuelingPRE-EXERCISEFUELING TIPSPre-exercise fueling is entirely up to you.Every person is unique and responds to fooddifferently.Common preferences forpre-exercise fuel: High ComplexCarbohydrates(grains, vegetables,fruit, etc.)-Critical for preexercise fuel!-Too many simplesugars (candy,desserts, etc.) cancause undesired“crashes” duringexercise. Low Fiber-Too much fibercan often causean upset stomachduring exercise. Low/Moderate Fat-Too much fat cantake a long timeto digest. Planmeal timesaccordingly. Moderate Protein-Lean proteins willhelp stimulatemuscle growth.When to eat before exercise:3-4 hours before exercise have LARGE meals2-3 hours before exercise have MEDIUM/SMALL meals1-2 hours before exercise have a SNACK1 hour before exercise drink 1-2 cups of waterTIP: If eating before exercise makes you feelnauseous (especially in the morning) try a “liquidmeal” such as a smoothie for ease of digestion.36

Post-Exercise FuelingFirst things first, REHYDRATE! Drink fluids such as water, sports drinks, chocolatemilk, etc. following intense exercise.If you are not ready to eat a full meal after intense exercise, try drinking asmoothie or protein shake as fluids are often tolerated more easily than food.The Golden HourWithin 1 hour of finishing exercise you should consume a meal that includes leanprotein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates (whole grains, vegetables, etc.)This meal will help repair and build your muscles, refuel your energy stores, andreduce soreness.Salmon with vegetablesand riceChicken burrito withbeans, salsa, vegetables,and guacamoleTurkey sandwich with a sidesalad and fruit37

Alcohol, Caffeine, and SupplementsAlcohol:Negatives: Can cause dehydrationDecreases concentration andcoordinationIncreases chances of cancer and heartdiseaseCan lead to liver failureCaffeine:Negatives: Increases blood pressureCauses upset stomach, diarrhea,irritability, headaches, and loss of sleepCan lead to dependenceSupplements:Recommendations: Utilize the benefits of a healthy dietinstead. Food first! Consult with a Registered Dietitian (RD)to find the safest supplements.38

Resources Additional Recipes: Crockpot Recipes:

Grill: Place meat on a heated grill. Flip over half-way through cooking time. Chicken . 375 F 20-30 minutes . 6-8 minutes per side 10-15 minutes per side . Steak . Not Advised 3-8 minutes per side based on desired wellness 5-10 minutes per side based on desired wellness . Ground Beef/Turkey