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Grade 4to StateGrade4 5 problems a week One- and two-stepproblems Logic puzzles Scope & sequence chart Answer keyEnhE- anbo ceok dEMC 3004Correlated Standards

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How to Use This BookA Variety of Presentations1. Make overhead transparencies of the lessons. Present each lesson as an oral activity withthe entire class. Write answers and make corrections using an erasable marker.As the class becomes more familiar with Daily Word Problems, have students mark theiranswers first and then check them against correct responses marked on the transparency.2. Reproduce the problems for individuals or partners to work on independently. Check answersas a group, using an overhead transparency to model the solutions’ strategies. (Use thesepages as independent practice only after much group experience with the lessons.)3. Occasionally you may want to reproduce problems as a test to see how individuals areprogressing in their acquisition of skills.Important Considerations1. Allow students to use whatever tools they need to solve problems. Some students will chooseto use manipulatives, while others will want to make drawings.2. It is important that students share their solutions. Modeling a variety of problem-solvingtechniques makes students aware that there are different paths to the correct answer.Don’t scrimp on the amount of time allowed for discussing how solutions were reached.3. Teach students to follow problem-solving strategies: Read the problem carefully more than one time. Think about it as you read. Mark the important information in the problem.What question does the problem ask?What words will help you know how to solve the problem (in all, left,how many more, etc.)?What facts will help you answer the question? (Cross out facts that are NOT needed.) Think about what you need to do to solve the problem (add, subtract, multiply, or divide). Solve the problem. Does your answer make sense? Check your answer.Matrix Logic PuzzlesThe Friday problems for weeks 18, 32, and 34 are matrix logic puzzles.Here are some guidelines for helping students solve this type of logic puzzle: Read all the clues. Find clues that give a definite Yes or No. (For example:John plays the clarinet. Sally does not play the flute.) Mark boxes with X(for no) or Yes. When you mark a box Yes, mark Xs in all the other boxes in that row and inthe column above and below the X. Find clues that give information, but not enough to tell you how to mark theboxes. Make notes in the boxes for later use. Go over each clue again. Look for clues that fit together to give enoughinformation to make a box Yes or No. 2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.3004New.indd 11Daily Word Problems EMC 30049/6/11 8:35 AM

2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.2Daily Word Problems EMC 3004 Division, w/o RemainderLogic ProblemsPatternsInterpreting DataInterpreting Graphs Time Weight and Capacity Temperature 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36Linear MeasurementMoneyEstimationComputation withDecimals, PercentComputation with Fractions Division, with Remainder2 3 4 5 1Multiplication,with RegroupingMultiplication,without RegroupingMultiplication &Division FactsAddition & Subtraction,with and without RegroupingAddition &Subtraction FactsWeekScope and Sequence—Grade 4

Daily WordProblemsName:Monday–Week 1Work Space:School SuppliesDid you ever stop to think abouthow important math is whenbuying school supplies? Here isan example. Dan wants to have2 pencils for every week ofschool. If there are 36 weeks ofschool, how many pencils will heneed?Answer:pencilsDaily WordProblemsName:Tuesday–Week 1Work Space:School SuppliesDan uses 5 sheets of lined papereach day at school. He has120 sheets of paper left overfrom last year. How many dayswill this paper last?Answer:days 2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.3Daily Word Problems EMC 3004

Daily WordProblemsName:Wednesday–Week 1Work Space:School SuppliesDan bought 1 glue stick for 56 and 2 pencils for 12 each. Howmuch change should he get backfrom 1 dollar?Answer: Daily WordProblemsName:Thursday–Week 1Work Space:School SuppliesDan bought 10 computer disks.Each disk cost 98 . How muchdid the computer disks costin all?Answer: 2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.4Daily Word Problems EMC 3004

Name:Daily Word ProblemsSchool SuppliesFriday–Week 1Dan saw this ad in the newspaper forschool supplies.seilppuSloohSc.0 0Backpack, 9.25Markers, 21.75Pencil bag, 0Binder, 4.0ils, 2.10Colored pencn ary, 3.9 0Pocket dictio How much will it cost to buy all ofthese school supplies? 2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.5Daily Word Problems EMC 3004

Daily WordProblemsName:Monday–Week 2Work Space:SeedsMs. Holloway’s class wanted tofind out how long it would takefor a bean seed to begin togrow. First they placed seeds injars that were lined with a moistpaper towel. Draw a seed thatis between 2½ and 3 centimetersabove the bottom of the jar.Daily WordProblems5 cm4 cm3 cm2 cm1 cm0 cmName:Tuesday–Week 2Work Space:SeedsTo keep the seeds moist, thestudents added 2½ centiliters ofwater to the jars each schoolday. How many centiliters ofwater were added each week?Answer:centiliters 2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.6Daily Word Problems EMC 3004

Daily WordProblemsName:Wednesday–Week 2Work Space:SeedsThe seeds were put into jars onSeptember 3rd. The first seedstarted to grow on September7th. The last seed started togrow on September 10th. Howlong did it take for the firstseed and the last seed to startto grow? How much longer did ittake for the last seed to startto grow than the first seed?Daily WordProblemsAnswer:days for the first seeddays for the last seeddays longerName:Thursday–Week 2Work Space:SeedsTwo weeks after all the seedshad started to grow, the classmeasured the length of thenew growth. The length of thefirst plant’s new growth was106 millimeters. The length ofthe last plant’s new growthwas 57 millimeters. How muchlonger was the first plant’s newgrowth? 2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.Answer:millimeters longer7Daily Word Problems EMC 3004

Name:Daily Word ProblemsSeedsFriday–Week 2The class made this chart to show the numberof days it took for each seed to start to grow.When the Seeds Started to GrowSeed A Seed B Seed C Seed D Seed E Seed FNumber of Days447564Use the chart to answer the following questions. Which seed or seeds took the most time to start growing? Which seed or seeds took the least time to start growing? Seed A started to grow on day 4 and then grew 20 centimeters a day.Seed C started to grow on day 7 and then grew 25 centimeters a day. Which plant was the first to reach 100 centimeters long? 2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.8Daily Word Problems EMC 3004

Daily WordProblemsName:Monday–Week 3Work Space:Student CouncilGail is a member of the studentcouncil. There are 30 studentcouncil members. If there are2 members from each classroom,how many classrooms are there?Answer:classroomsDaily WordProblemsName:Tuesday–Week 3Work Space:Student CouncilMembers of the studentcouncil voted to have an all-dayRead-A-Thon. The vote was19 to 8. There are 30 members,so how many members did notvote?Answer:members did not vote 2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.9Daily Word Problems EMC 3004

Daily WordProblemsName:Wednesday–Week 3Work Space:Student CouncilGail and Toby ran for studentcouncil president. A total of405 students voted. Gail got247 votes. How many studentsvoted for Toby? Who won theelection?Answer:students voted for Tobywon the electionDaily WordProblemsName:Thursday-Week 3Work Space:Student CouncilThe student council held afundraiser. They sold candybars for 1.00 each, making aprofit of 50 on each bar. Thestudents sold 350 bars. Howmuch money was collected? Howmuch of the money was profit? 2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.Answer:10 collected profitDaily Word Problems EMC 3004

Name:Daily Word ProblemsStudent CouncilFriday–Week 3Student council members want to buyplayground equipment. They can buy acomplete basketball set for 300 orthey can buy the items separately.Basketball EquipmentPole 125Backboard 45Complete Basketball SetNet 15Set includesBasketballs 30 eachPole, Backboard, Net, and 4 Balls!Only 300Which is the better deal? Explain why. 2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.11Daily Word Problems EMC 3004

Daily WordProblemsName:Monday–Week 4Work Space:Garden ShopOlisa has a garden shop.One customer wants to buy42 snapdragon plants. Thereare 6 snapdragons in a pack.How many packs should Olisasell to her customer?Answer:packsDaily WordProblemsName:Tuesday–Week 4Work Space:Garden ShopOlisa charges 12.00 an hour tofix lawn mowers. If Olisa works2» hours on a lawn mower, howmuch should she charge?Answer: 2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.12Daily Word Problems EMC 3004

Daily WordProblemsName:Wednesday–Week 4Work Space:Garden ShopA customer wants to buyfertilizer spikes for her trees.Olisa knows that each treewill need a total of 6 spikesthroughout the season. Thecustomer has 17 trees. Howmany spikes should the customerbuy? What is the total cost ifeach spike costs 50 ?Answer:spikes Daily WordProblemstotal costName:Thursday-Week 4Work Space:Garden ShopA customer wants to buy60 flowering plants. He wants½ of them to be alyssum, » ofthem to be bells of Ireland, and» of them to be calendula. Howmany of each type of flowershould Olisa sell to hercustomer?Answer:alyssumbells of Irelandcalendula 2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.13Daily Word Problems EMC 3004

Name:Daily Word ProblemsFriday–Week 4Garden ShopA customer bought a cart full of floweringplants. Help Olisa complete the bill shownbelow. Remember to find the total.Number ofPlantsType of PlantPrice forEach Plant5zinnia 0.754wallflower 0.953vinca 0.852torenia 0.991sweet pea 1.05Price forAll PlantsTotal 2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.14Daily Word Problems EMC 3004

Daily WordProblemsName:Monday–Week 5Work Space:ScienceExperimentsStudents in Ms. Holloway’s classwere learning that two bitsof matter, like marbles andwater, cannot occupy the samespace. She demonstrated thisby dropping marbles into a jarthat was filled with water. Thelevel of the water rose from55 milliliters to 72 milliliters.How much did the water levelrise?Daily WordProblemsAnswer:millilitersName:Tuesday–Week 5Work Space:ScienceExperimentsMs. Holloway showed that someliquids are heavier than others.She poured molasses, water, andcooking oil into a jar. The liquidsseparated into 3 layers. If shepoured 20 milliliters of molassesinto the jar, how much water isin the jar? How much cooking oilis in the jar?cooking oilwatermolassesAnswer:milliliters of watermilliliters of cooking oil 2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.15Daily Word Problems EMC 3004

Daily WordProblemsName:Wednesday–Week 5Work Space:ScienceExperimentsMs. Holloway demonstrated howinsulation can keep ice frozenlonger. She wrapped 1 ice cubein cardboard and left another icecube unwrapped. The unwrappedice cube melted after 55 minutes.The insulated ice cube meltedafter 1 hour, 27 minutes. Howmuch longer did it take for theinsulated ice cube to melt?Daily WordProblemsAnswer:minutes longerName:Thursday-Week 5Work Space:ScienceExperimentsTo show that black paper absorbsmore light waves than white paper,Ms. Holloway placed a thermometercovered with black paper and athermometer covered with whitepaper under a 100-watt lamp. Thethermometer under the black papermeasured 84 ; the one under thewhite paper measured 79 . Howmuch hotter was the thermometerunder the black paper? 2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.Answer: hotter16Daily Word Problems EMC 3004

Name:Daily Word ProblemsFriday–Week 5Science ExperimentsMs. Holloway demonstrated evaporation—when a liquid becomes a gas. She poured135 milliliters of water into a jar. Then thestudents measured how much water was leftin the jar each day.Water Left in the JarDayLevel ofWater1135 ml2110 ml373 ml441 ml50 mlUse the chart to answer the following questions. How much water evaporated each day? On which day did the most water evaporate? The least? Estimate how many days it would take for 200 milliliters of water toevaporate. Explain why. 2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.17Daily Word Problems EMC 3004

Daily WordProblemsName:Monday–Week 6Work Space:SwimmingGail is on a swim team. Herbest time for the 100-meterbackstroke is 1 minute and45 seconds. She just beat herbest time by 9 seconds. What isher new best time?Answer:minutes,Daily WordProblemssecondsName:Tuesday–Week 6Work Space:SwimmingRobert swims the 200-meterbutterfly and the 150-meterfreestyle at each swim meet. Ifhe swims in 8 meets a year, howmany meters will he swim?Answer:meters 2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.18Daily Word Problems EMC 3004

Daily WordProblemsName:Wednesday–Week 6Work Space:SwimmingGail practices swimming for1» hours every day. How muchtime does she practice in aweek? In 5 weeks?Answer:hours in 1 weekhours in 5 weeksDaily WordProblemsName:Thursday-Week 6Work Space:SwimmingRobert can swim the first50 meters of a race in1 minute. Then he slows down by12 seconds for each of the next50 meters of a race. How longwill it take Robert to swim a400-meter race?Answer:minutes, 2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.19secondsDaily Word Problems EMC 3004

Name:Daily Word ProblemsFriday–Week 6SwimmingGail is on a 4-person freestyle relay team.The chart shows how fast each person onthe team swims her leg of the race.4-Person Freestyle Relay TeamPersonTimeGail1 minute, 15 secondsBonnie1 minute, 18 secondsMichelle1 minute, 25 secondsJean1 minute, 12 secondsUse the chart to answer the following questions. How much faster is Jean’s time than Gail’s time? How long will it take the team to finish the race? The water was cold one day. This slowed everybody down by 3 seconds.How much slower was this race compared to their normal time? If each swimmer improves her leg of the race by 4 seconds, what willtheir new overall time be? 2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.20Daily Word Problems EMC 3004

Daily WordProblemsName:Monday–Week 7Work Space:Baby-sittingAli baby-sits almost everyweekend. This Friday night shewill baby-sit from 6:00 p.m.to 9:00 p.m. She will be paid 3.50 an hour. How much moneywill she earn?Answer: Daily WordProblemsName:Tuesday–Week 7Work Space:Baby-sittingOn Saturday night, Ali startedto baby-sit at 5:30 p.m. Shebaby-sat for 3 hours and10 minutes. What time was itwhen she was finished?Answer:: 2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.21p.m.Daily Word Problems EMC 3004

Daily WordProblemsName:Wednesday–Week 7Work Space:Baby-sittingOne night Ali was paid 12.00for baby-sitting from 5:00 p.m.to 8:00 p.m. How much was shepaid for each hour?Answer:per hour Daily WordProblemsName:Thursday-Week 7Work Space:Baby-sittingAli baby-sat 3 children from10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. She waspaid 2.00 an hour for eachchild. How much money did sheearn?Answer: 2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.22Daily Word Problems EMC 3004

Name:Daily Word ProblemsFriday–Week 7Baby-sitting Ali makes about 23.00 baby-sitting each weekend.How much money will she make in a year? She puts half of what she makes in the bank.How much money will she have in the bank after 1 year?The money that she doesn’t put in the bank is her spending money. Shemade this list of things that she would like to buy.CD player 40, camera 20, video game 20, CD 15, book 5 List 3 different combinations of things that she can buy with herspending money after 4 weeks.List 1 2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.List 2List 323Daily Word Problems EMC 3004

Daily WordProblemsName:Monday–Week 8Work Space:EdisonThomas Alva Edison was oneof the most important inventorsin the United States. Heinvented the incandescent lamp,the phonograph, moving pictures,and much more. He was born in1847 and died in 1931. How manyyears did he live?Answer:yearsDaily WordProblemsName:Tuesday–Week 8Work Space:EdisonEdison’s first light bulb stayedlit for 40 hours. Today atypical light bulb can stay litfor 1,000 hours. How many ofEdison’s light bulbs would burnout before one of today’s lightbulbs burns out?Answer:light bulbs 2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.24Daily Word Problems EMC 3004

Daily WordProblemsName:Wednesday–Week 8Work Space:EdisonOne of Edison’s first cylindersfor a phonograph could play foronly 4 minutes. Today a compactdisc can play for 72 minutes.How many 4-minute cylinderscould be played in the sameamount of time as one compactdisc?Answer:cylindersDaily WordProblemsName:Thursday-Week 8Work Space:EdisonEdison’s early films were shownon Kinetoscopes. Only oneperson could see the film at atime and it cost 5 . Today amovie ticket can cost as much as 10. How many of Edison’s filmscould a person watch for theprice of a movie ticket today?Answer:films 2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.25Daily Word Problems EMC 3004

Name:Daily Word ProblemsEdisonFriday–Week 8Some of Edison’s first inventions were to improve thetelegraph. He invented the automatic telegraph, duplextelegraph, and message printer. The telegraph allowedpeople to send messages by using short and long beeps.Different combinations of beepsA —represented letters and numbers.B — These different combinations ofC — — beeps are called Morse Code.D — E F — G —— H I J ———K — —L — M ——N — O ———P —— Q —— —R — STUVWXYZ1234567890 — — — ——— —— ———— ———— ——— —— — — —— ——— ———— —————Use the chart to write these numbers given in Morse Code. ———— ——— ————— ——— ———— —— ———— ———— ——————— — ———— 2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.26————— —————— Daily Word Problems EMC 3004

Daily WordProblemsName:Monday–Week 9Work Space:Fish TankKen is setting up a tropical fishtank. He bought 5 angelfish for50 each, 4 guppies for 40 each, and 3 neons for 30 each.How much money did Ken spendon the fish? How many fish didhe buy?Answer: fishDaily WordProblemsName:Tuesday–Week 9Work Space:Fish TankKen’s fish tank cost 35.30. Theair pump cost 12.50. The rocksfor the floor of the tank cost 3.99. Fish food cost 4.25.How much money did Ken spendon these items?Answer: 2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.27Daily Word Problems EMC 3004

Daily WordProblemsName:Wednesday-Week 9Work Space:Fish TankKen has good news: 4 of his5 angelfish hatched babies!They each hatched 8 babies.How many babies were therein all? How many angelfish arein the tank now, including theadults?Answer:babies in allangelfish in allDaily WordProblemsName:Thursday-Week 9Work Space:Fish TankKen wants to sell some of thebaby angelfish when they are oldenough. He wants to sell 24 ofthe angelfish for 40 each. Ifhe sells all 24 of them, how muchmoney will Ken receive? Ken soldonly 23 of the fish. How muchmoney did he receive? 2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.Answer:28 for 24 angelfish for 23 angelfishDaily Word Problems EMC 3004

Name:Daily Word ProblemsFriday–Week 9Fish TankKen wants to buy a larger tank so he can havemore fish. The pet store manager said that2 fish can live in 1 gallon of water, 5 fish in2 gallons, 8 fish in 3 gallons, or 11 fish in 4 gallons.Complete this chart to show how many fish can live in larger fish tanks.Number ofGallons ofWaterNumber ofFish12253841156Explain the rule you used tocomplete the pattern.7891015203050 2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.29Daily Word Problems EMC 3004

Daily WordProblemsName:Monday–Week 10Work Space:TimeMaggie had a school projectto time different events. Shefound that her classmates took1 minute and 12 seconds to lineup for recess and 2 minutesand 20 seconds to line up afterrecess. How much longer did ittake her classmates to line upafter recess?Answer:min(s).,Daily WordProblemssec. longerName:Tuesday–Week 10Work Space:TimeMaggie timed how long it tookher to finish a jigsaw puzzle.The first time she finished in12 minutes. She was able tofinish the puzzle twice as fastthe second time and three timesas fast the third time. Howlong did it take her to finishthe puzzle the second and thirdtimes? 2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.Answer:minutes the second timeminutes the third time30Daily Word Problems EMC 3004

Daily WordProblemsName:Wednesday–Week 10Work Space:TimeMaggie timed how long it tookher pet mouse to go througha maze to find food. The firsttime the mouse found the foodin 1 minute and 5 seconds, thesecond time in 55 seconds, andthe third time in 45 seconds.Predict how fast the mouse willfind the food a fourth time.Explain your answer.Daily WordProblemsAnswer:secondsName:Thursday-Week 10Work Space:TimeMaggie timed how long it takesher to shower in the morning.She uses 1½ gallons of water foreach minute that she showers.How much water will she use ifher shower lasts 7 minutes?Answer:gallons 2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.31Daily Word Problems EMC 3004

Name:Daily Word ProblemsFriday–Week 10TimeMaggie checked the reflexes of 10 students.First she held a ruler between the student’sfinger and thumb. Then she dropped the rulerand the student grabbed it. She recorded theresults.Student ReflexesStudentABCDDistanceon Ruler 12 cm 10 cm 12 cm 8 cmEFGHIJ16 cm 10 cm 14 cm 12 cm 10 cm 12 cmStudents with the quickest reflexes had a shorter distance on the ruler.Use the chart to answer the following questions. Which student or students had the quickest reflexes? Which student or students had the slowest reflexes? Which distance on the ruler did most students have? If it takes 0.1 seconds for the ruler to drop 2 centimeters, what was thefastest time? The slowest time? 2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.32Daily Word Problems EMC 3004

Daily WordProblemsName:Monday–Week 11Work Space:MakingSandwichesDan is making 30 sandwiches.Each sandwich will have 4 slicesof turkey. Each package ofturkey has 26 slices. How manypackages of turkey will Danneed?Answer:packagesDaily WordProblemsName:Tuesday–Week 11Work Space:MakingSandwichesDan needs to buy tomatoes toput on 30 turkey sandwiches.If the slices of one tomato cango on 4 sandwiches, how manytomatoes should he buy?Answer:tomatoes 2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.33Daily Word Problems EMC 3004

Daily WordProblemsName:Wednesday–Week 11Work Space:MakingSandwichesTomatoes cost 1.98 a pound.Explain how Dan can estimatethe cost of 4 pounds oftomatoes without using paper orpencil. Then give the estimatedcost.Answer:estimated cost: Daily WordProblemsName:Thursday-Week 11Work Space:MakingSandwichesDan needs to know how manyloaves of bread to buy to make30 sandwiches. If each sandwichhas 2 slices of bread, and eachloaf of bread has 18 slices, howmany loaves should Dan buy?How many slices of bread areleft over?Answer:loavesslices left over 2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.34Daily Word Problems EMC 3004

Name:Daily Word ProblemsFriday–Week 11Making SandwichesDan’s sandwich business is going well. Hewants to know how much profit he makeson each sandwich. He wrote down the costof all the items that he uses in a sandwich.2 slices of bread - 10 per slice2 slices of tomato - 15 per slice4 slices of turkey - 22 per slicemayonnaise - 8 per sandwich Dan charges 3.50 for each sandwich. Fill in the chart to show how muchprofit he will make.Number of SandwichesProfit11050 If each slice of turkey goes up 3 , how much profit will Dan make oneach sandwich? 2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.35Daily Word Problems EMC 3004

Daily WordProblemsName:Monday–Week 12Work Space:ClassroomPartyMs. Holloway is having aclassroom party. She asked her27 students to help plan it.Ms. Holloway wants to giveeach student 15 jelly beans.How many jelly beans shouldshe buy?Answer:jelly beansDaily WordProblemsName:Tuesday–Week 12Work Space:ClassroomPartyMs. Holloway has planned4 different party activitiesfor the class. Each one takes25 minutes. If the party startsat 1:00 p.m., at what time willthe party be over?Answer:: 2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.36p.m.Daily Word Problems EMC 3004

Daily WordProblemsName:Wednesday–Week 12Work Space:ClassroomPartyMs. Holloway has 4 bags ofminiature candy bars. Each bagcontains 30 candy bars. Howmany candy bars will each of the27 students receive? How manywill be left over?Answer:candy bars eachleft overDaily WordProblemsName:Thursday-Week 12Work Space:ClassroomPartyMs. Holloway wants to knowhow much the party will cost.The drinks cost 7.25. The jellybeans cost 4.75. Each of the4 bags of candy bars cost 3.50.What is the total cost for theparty?Answer: 2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.37Daily Word Problems EMC 3004

Name:Daily Word ProblemsFriday–Week 12Classroom PartyMs. Holloway has 3 secret numbers. Whoeverguesses her secret numbers will win a prize atthe party. Can you guess her numbers?This number is a factor of 12.There are three letters used to spell the name of this number.It is a multiple of both 3 and 2.This number is .This number is a factor of 20.It is less than 15 and greater than 3.It is not an even number.This number is .This number is a factor of 40.It is a multiple of both 2 and 5.It is not a multiple of 4.This number is . 2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.38Daily Word Problems EMC 3004

Daily WordProblemsName:Monday–Week 13Work Space:GleaningEvery fall Ms. Holloway’s classgathers vegetables that stayin a field after the field hasbeen harvested. This is calledgleaning. The class plans toglean some fields for 2½ hours.If they start at 8:15 a.m., atwhat time will they be finished?Answer::Daily WordProblemsa.m.Name:Tuesday–Week 13Work Space:GleaningMs. Holloway’s class gleaned anonion field. Each student gleanedan average of 9 pounds of onions.There are 27 students in theclass. About how many pounds ofonions did the whole class glean?Answer:pounds 2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.39Daily Word Problems EMC 3004

Daily WordProblemsName:Wednesday–Week 13Work Space:GleaningThe students spent 2½ hoursat the fields. During that time,they took 3 ten-minute breaks.How much time did studentsspend gleaning the fields?Answer:hoursDaily WordProblemsName:Thursday-Week 13Work Space:GleaningEach of the 27 students gleanedabout 18 pounds of carrots.About how many pounds ofcarrots did Ms. Holloway’s classglean in all?Answer:pounds 2001 by Evan-Moor Corp.40Daily Word Problems EMC 3004

Name:Daily Word ProblemsFriday–Week 13GleaningMs. Holloway’s class also gleaned a potato field.This chart shows how many pounds of potatoesthe students gleaned.Pounds of Potatoes Gleaned10 pounds 11 pounds 12 pounds 13 pounds 14 pounds 15 poundsNumber ofStudents465831Use the chart to answer the following questions. How many students gleaned more than 13 pounds of potatoes? How many students gleaned fewer than 13 pounds of potatoes? How many pounds of potatoes were gleaned in all? 2001 by E

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