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Documentation ChangesThe following documentation updates have been made since the last release of thisdocumentation: Directory Servers and Databases (see page 23)—Removed a table that listed all ofthe directory servers and databases that SiteMinder supports. A cross reference tothe Platform Support Matrix replaced the table contents. Periodic Maintenance Tasks (see page 155)—Updated guidance for running XPSSweeper Utility (169270, 168658, 21175885:01).

ContentsChapter 1: SiteMinder Components9Purpose and Audience . 9SiteMinder Documentation. 9Documentation Roadmap . 10SiteMinder Components . 13Policy Server. 14SiteMinder Agents. 15CA Business Intelligence. 15Data Stores . 16SiteMinder Administrative UI. 20Chapter 2: Architectural Considerations21Your Enterprise Environment . 21Operating Systems . 21Web Server Vendors . 22Application Server Vendors. 23Enterprise Resource Planning Systems . 23Directory Servers and Databases . 23Implementation Considerations. 24Policy Management Models. 24Identify the Applications to Secure . 26Identify User Stores. 31Identify Authentication Methods. 32Identify Password Management Options. 33Identify Who Will Manage Your Web Agents . 34Identify Data Centers . 38Identify Resources to be Secured with Multiple Cookie Domains . 39Determine if Partnerships Require Federation Manager . 40Determine if Advanced Encryption Standards are Required . 42Determine if Virtualization is to be Used . 43Determine how to Manage Policy Servers . 43Determine how to Manage Web Agents . 46Architectural Use Cases. 46Simple Deployment . 47Simple Deployment with Optional Components . 48Simple Deployment with Optional Agents . 49Contents 5

Multiple Components for Operational Continuity . 50Clustered Components for Scale . 54Redundancy and High Availability . 56Chapter 3: Capacity Planning71Capacity Planning Introduced . 71Use Case: Capacity Planning. 72How to Estimate a Sustained Authentication Rate . 73Estimate Daily Authentications . 73Estimate a Sustained Authentication Rate . 75Estimate a Peak Authentication Rate . 77How to Estimate a Sustained Authorization Rate . 78Estimate Daily Authorizations . 79Estimate a Sustained Authorization Rate . 81Estimate a Peak Authorization Rate . 83Chapter 4: Configuration Considerations87Security Zones . 87Multiple Data Centers . 89Best Practices . 89Architectural Considerations. 89Multiple Data Center Use Cases. 90Authentication and a Centralized Login Server . 97Centralize Login Pages. 98Best Practices . 99Login Page Use Cases . 100Chapter 5: Performance Tuning105Performance Tuning Introduced . 105Performance Tuning Roadmap. 106Web Tier Performance . 107Server Performance . 108SiteMinder Agent Performance . 111Reduce Traffic between Your Agents and the Policy Server . 116Improve Agent Performance through Load Balancing . 123Application Tier Performance . 125SiteMinder Policy Design and Performance . 125SiteMinder Policy Objects and Performance Roadmap . 126Authentication Guidelines . 129Authorization Guidelines . 1336 Implementation Guide

Auditing and Performance . 138Load Balancing the Application Tier . 138Data Tier Performance . 139Data Tier Guidelines . 139User Store Capacity Planning . 142Periodic Maintenance Tasks. 155Chapter 6: Diagnose Implementation Issues157Diagnose Issues Introduced . 157Policy Server/Policy Store Connection Issues . 158Work with Support . 159Environment Information . 159Log Files . 160Policy Server Crash . 161Agent Crash . 164Resource Leaks. 165Functional Issues . 166Random Issues . 167Locate Knowledge Base Articles . 168Measure SiteMinder Performance. 168Network Sniffers . 169SiteMinder OneView Monitor . 169SiteMinder Test Tool . 170Directory Server Utilities and SQL Analyzers. 170Chapter 7: Product Integrations171CA Arcot WebFort and RiskFort . 171Authentication in an On–Premise Arcot Integration . 172Confidence Levels and SiteMinder Authorization . 173Risk Scores and Confidence Levels Compared . 175Enable Confidence Level Support for Authorization Decisions . 176CA Arcot Integration Use Cases. 176User Store Consideration . 181CA Arcot A-OK . 181Authentication in a Hosted CA Arcot Integration .

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