Commencement Program Fall 2020 - MSU Billings MSU


THE ACADEMIC PROCESSIONThe tradition of the academic procession and academic apparel goes back to theearly days of the oldest European universities, where gowns and hoods began to berequired in the fourteenth century. Although European institutions continue to showgreat diversity in their specifications on academic apparel, current practices in thiscountry follow the code established by the American Council on Education.Academic apparel indicates the most advanced degree held by the wearer. Gowns forthe bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees are distinguished by the variation in sleevelength and by the width of the edging. The color of the edging of the hood indicates thesubject of the degree (e.g., white for arts, yellow for science, light blue for education,dark blue for philosophy) and the colors of the lining of the hood indicate the institutionfrom which the degree was received. For Montana State University Billings the colorsare blue and gold. Apparel for the doctoral degree is distinguished by the panels on thesides of the hood, the gold tassel on the cap, and the velvet trim on the gown. MontanaState University Billings’ baccalaureate candidates who have excelled academically wearhonor cords. Gold honor cords (signifying summa cum laude) distinguish graduatingseniors who have attained a grade point average of 4.0. Gold and silver entwined honorcords (signifying magna cum laude) distinguish graduating seniors who have attaineda grade point average between 3.75-3.99. Silver honor cords (signifying cum laude)distinguish graduating seniors who have attained a grade point average between 3.50and 3.74. Blue and white entwined honor cords (signifying high honors, 3.75-4.0, andhonors, 3.50-3.74) distinguish recipients of Associate degrees and Certificates. Honorsdesignations are based on the cumulative grade point average which includes gradedtransfer work from other institutions. Red, White, and Blue cords signify faculty, staff,and students who have served in the armed forces or are active duty military.The marching order for the Montana State University Billings academic procession isas follows: grand marshal, emeritus faculty, faculty marshal, faculty, senior marshals,candidates for academic degrees, platform party, color guard. This program lists graduates from the commencement originally scheduled forMay 2020, as well as graduates from summer and fall semesters of 2020.

2020 CANDIDATES FOR DEGREESCITY COLLEGEAssociate of Applied ScienceLanden L. BattWorden, MTComputer Programming andApplication DevelopmentKailee BermesLaurel, MTWelding and Metal FabricationCamille Blocher-SullivanGilroy, CAParamedicJeremiah Shah CochranBillings, MTProcess Plant Technology Jaime CortezHelena, MTAccounting TechnologyJennifer A. CullenBillings, MTProcess Plant TechnologyNathan L. BoltShepherd, MTRadiologic TechnologyJoshua S. CuntapayGreat Falls, MTAuto Collision Repair andRefinishingNicholas BonineStillwater, MNAutomotive TechnologyHailey Fox DeanBillings, MTRadiologic Technology Dennis BoshartBig Timber, MTParamedic Lyle DegenBelgrade, MTParamedicJoshua Nicholas BrunBillings, MTWelding and Metal FabricationSpencer Thomas DoughertyShepherd, MTProcess Plant TechnologyMichael J. BullardBillings, MTComputer Desktop/NetworkSupportDylan Anthony DraperRed Lodge, MTDiesel Technology Benjamin BundyBillings, MTWelding and Metal FabricationChristopher RobbinDrowatzkyBillings, MTRadiologic Technology Tylar Katherine BushfieldBillings, MTRadiologic TechnologyMorgan EcklundBillings, MTParamedic Zachary T. CampbellBridger, MTProcess Plant TechnologyDanny EderPoplar, MTDiesel Technology Sharon K. ClarkeBillings, MTAccounting TechnologyWesley EwingBillings, MTProcess Plant TechnologyPhilip ClimentiColumbus, MTComputer Programming andApplication DevelopmentDaisy FlanaganBig Timber, MTAccounting Technology Honors High Honors1Garett FrankLaurel, MTComputer Desktop/NetworkSupportSebastian FrankLas Vegas, NVComputer Programming andApplication DevelopmentJoseph M. FrankforterBillings, MTSustainable Energy TechnicianAshlee Renee FritzlerBillings, MTParamedic Chad Daniel GeckWorden, MTProcess Plant TechnologyAllen GoffBillings, MTWelding and Metal Fabrication Caleb GollBillings, MTDiesel Technology Ashlie Marie GrinsteinerHuntley, MTAutomotive Technology Ashlie Marie GrinsteinerHuntley, MTAuto Collision Repair andRefinishingJay HanewaldBillings, MTComputer Systems TechnologySonny HaneyBillings, MTAutomotive TechnologyMeg HarasymczukSpring Creek, NVRadiologic TechnologyRea HealyBillings, MTAccounting Technology

Karissa J. HendricksonLaurel, MTRadiologic Technology Josiah LaszloffyLaurel, MTParamedicJordan HigaredaBillings, MTAuto Collision Repair andRefinishingPatrick LawlerBillings, MTProcess Plant Technology Caitlin M. HillBillings, MTGeneral BusinessCyrus HintzSidney, MTConstruction Management Dustin R. HostetlerBillings, MTConstruction ManagementTyrel HunterBillings, MTComputer Programming andApplication DevelopmentDeryk W. JeterBillings, MTParamedicJoshua Earl JohnsonBillings, MTComputer Desktop/NetworkSupport Emily JonesJoliet, MTRadiologic Technology Justin KaldahlHardin, MTComputer Desktop/NetworkSupportJacob P. KauffmanLaurel, MTComputer Programming andApplication Development Carrie LehmanBig Timber, MTAccounting TechnologyMichael T. ListonGreat Falls, MTSustainable Energy Technician Kendra K. LisumNewton Falls, OHAccounting Technology Leonard Little Light, Jr.Lodge Grass, MTAutomotive TechnologyEmilio David LopezBillings, MTConstruction ManagementAaron LurzLaurel, MTAutomotive TechnologyCalley Jo MannWilliston, NDParamedic Kaleb John McNeilBillings, MTWelding and Metal Fabrication Dylan D. MillerGildford, MTAuto Collision Repair andRefinishingKullen MillerBillings, MTWelding and Metal FabricationNathan KennedyBillings, MTAutomotive Technology Steven MoewesBillings, MTAutomotive TechnologyBreanna KinnFromberg, MTProcess Plant TechnologyCorey NaillonForsyth, MTDiesel TechnologyJessie KrankBillings, MTAccounting TechnologyKent NelsonBillings, MTProcess Plant TechnologyRyan LaheyBillings, MTComputer Programming andApplication DevelopmentAudrey D. NewmanThree Forks, MTParamedic Honors High Honors2Kaj J. NicholsonBillings, MTComputer Programming andApplication Development Ellise NienaberBillings, MTParamedic Crystal Lynn O’ReillyLaurel, MTRadiologic TechnologyAdam Marc Olivas IIILaurel, MTWelding and Metal Fabrication Brady Alan OstermillerShepherd, MTProcess Plant TechnologyTrey Allen OstrumBillings, MTProcess Plant TechnologyMatthew Orion OyolaBrooklyn, NYComputer Programming andApplication DevelopmentHannah Rose PearsonBillings, MTParamedic Brittany A. PrinkkiRoberts, MTRadiologic TechnologySamuel ProcivBillings, MTAutomotive Technology Jamie PuckettHuntley, MTWelding and Metal FabricationAshley M. RayRoundup, MTAccounting TechnologyQuinlan ReelBillings, MTParamedicJustin RetzloffYuba City, CADiesel TechnologyTheodore Timothy RiehlHuntley, MTWelding and Metal FabricationCaleb RobertsColumbus, MTProcess Plant Technology

Michael Lane RobertsBillings, MTComputer Programming andApplication DevelopmentAustin StricklandBainville, MTComputer Desktop/NetworkSupport Dustyn RobinsonColstrip, MTRadiologic TechnologyBenjamin Stringari PlymaleAbsarokee, MTWelding and Metal Fabrication Brody SchilloBillings, MTComputer Programming andApplication DevelopmentIsaac J. StuartBillings, MTComputer Programming andApplication DevelopmentNathan Drew SederLaurel, MTProcess Plant TechnologyAyden SylvynPark City, MTWelding and Metal Fabrication Aaron Thomas SheaBillings, MTComputer Programming andApplication DevelopmentRichard Nathan TaylorBillings, MTProcess Plant TechnologyHunter K. SmithBillings, MTWelding and Metal FabricationZachary SmithBillings, MTParamedic Russell Jerome Somes IIIMount Clemens, MI.Sustainable Energy TechnicianSarah SorensonArlee, MTAccounting TechnologyCharles SpangenbergBillings, MTDiesel TechnologyWeston StadstadBillings, MTComputer Programming andApplication DevelopmentGary ThibaultBaker, MTComputer Systems TechnologyJoshua Richard ThomasBillings, MTAutomotive TechnologyTaylor TilzeyBillings, MTRadiologic TechnologyMurray August TownsendActon, MTDiesel TechnologyTaylor A. TrollopeBillings, MTComputer Programming andApplication DevelopmentFinnissa Tafolla UdelhovenShepherd, MTAccounting TechnologyDylan VaughtThompson Falls, MTProcess Plant TechnologyPhillip VoightBillings, MTDiesel TechnologyJustin WaltonBillings, MTParamedicAlexandria Renae WatsonHardin, MTRadiologic TechnologyRaymond WegnerBeach, NDWelding and Metal FabricationHunter Naomi WesenBozeman, MTParamedicGregory J. WheelockAmes, IAParamedicRoberta J. WhiteSarpy Creek, MTParamedicChandler WordenBillings, MTAutomotive TechnologyCrystal Shelly WrightBillings, MTRadiologic TechnologyTye ZimmermanBillings, MTComputer Programming andApplication DevelopmentAssociate of ScienceKaylor John AlthoffBillings, MTFire SciencePegah AtshaniBillings, MTBusiness AdministrationDylan C. BentonBillings, MTCriminal JusticeDominic AndersonBillings, MTBusiness AdministrationRobin M. BacaBillings, MTNursingBrittney K. BergrenHavre, MTNursing Katie AnestRapelje, MTNursingCasey BanksCowley, WYNursingKelly R. BjornstadBillings, MTNursing Solomon B. ArnoRapelje, MTFire ScienceCortlin M. BeckLaurel, MTNursingJodi BlakeBillings, MTNursing Honors High Honors3

Racheal Anna BloomquistLavina, MTBusiness AdministrationTheodore CrandellBozeman, MTBusiness AdministrationMichael Allen FreemanBillings, MTApplied Human ResourcesMikayla M. BoggsButte, MTNursingGrant CraneBillings, MTGeneral StudiesNatasha K. FuquaLaurel, MTNursing Peter James BorbergBillings, MTGeneral StudiesKaylee CummingsBillings, MTGeneral StudiesBrayden L. BrandtMissoula, MTFire ScienceHeather DalyDickinson, NDNursing Ryan M. FussHelena, MTCyber Security/NetworkTechnology Cortland BrennaHavre, MTNursingLisbeth Maricela DenaBillings, MTGeneral StudiesMichele Caitlin BridgefordLewistown, MTBusiness AdministrationLacee DeTonancourButte, MTHuman ResourcesAshleyanna ByrdBillings, MTNursing Alexis DudleyColstrip, MTNursingTate D. CarterBillings, MTFire ScienceAshley Leann DurellBillings, MTNursingJoshua Edward CasaresBillings, MTCriminal JusticeMeghan DuryeaBillings, MTNursing Jessy CattBillings, MTNursingKris EllingtonBillings, MTNursing Kendyl Kaylee ChartierSand Coulee, MTGeneral StudiesTaylor EmerichChandler, AZNursingTerra ChavezHardin, MTNursing Brianne Emily FandekHuntley, MTNursing Jenifer ClarkBillings, MTNursingMatthew Reed FischerAberdeen, SDFire ScienceMelissa ClarkBillings, MTHuman ResourcesLauren Lynn FlattClyde Park, MTBusiness AdministrationEvan CorneliusenBillings, MTFire ScienceMatthew FolstadSidney, MTBusiness Administration Pamela Dean CraigMurray, KYNursingMercedes FrazerBillings, MTCriminal Justice Tommi Lee GallupBillings, MTNursingCori GammonSparks, NVNursingCourtney GarciaAnaheim, CAGeneral StudiesAuguste GoodellBillings, MTBusiness AdministrationBrice GreeneBillings, MTCriminal Justice Danielle GreenoBillings, MTNursingJennifer HarrisBillings, MTNursing Honors High Honors4Cheyenne HarrisonBillings, MTNursing Hannah Joe HarrowTremonton, UTGeneral StudiesJada HayfordBillings, MTNursingChelsea HensleyBillings, MTBusiness Administration Bailee Danielle MyonaHobbsKalispell, MTNursingAdam HogeBozeman, MTNursing

Krystal HudakVerona, PANursingJordan J. LemmBillings, MTBusiness AdministrationSarah L. ParksLaurel, MTFire Science Courtney HuttonBillings, MTNursing Anna Elaine MackBillings, MTApplied Human ResourcesMorgan Ann PattersonBillings, MTNursingCam L. JamesBillings, MTNursingJennifer M. MackWorden, MTNursingChristy PreeceColumbus, MTBusiness AdministrationBlanca M. JimenezBillings, MTGeneral StudiesRonni MadiganBillings, MTNursingDavid L. Radcliff-EstradaBillings, MTGeneral StudiesHolly JohnsonBillings, MTNursingCierra MarquezRawlins, WYNursingMorgan RadonskiBillings, MTNursingTre JohnsonReno, NVNursing Claire MartinezBillings, MTNursingBenjamin H. ReedJoliet, MTFire ScienceHossein KazemiKuala Lumpur, MalaysiaGeneral StudiesMeghan MassingaleBozeman, MTNursingSara RidgwayBillings, MTHuman ResourcesKade KetterlingBillings, MTGeneral Studies Kelcey R. McCarvelGreat Falls, MTGeneral StudiesBreauna Theresa RobinsonTwo Dot, MTBusiness AdministrationStephannie F. KleinHavre, MTGeneral StudiesBailey MoenBillings, MTGeneral StudiesChad Leo RoussanHelena, MTGeneral Studies Makayla Marie KosteleckyLaurel, MTNursing Hannah Lee MonsonBillings, MTNursingAimee N. SchelleBillings, MTApplied Human ResourcesLeah L. Carey-KurttilaBillings, MTHuman Resources Tarieka MooreBillings, MTNursing Madison SchumacherLaurel, MTApplied Human ResourcesKorah LachenmeierBillings, MTNursingKatelyn E. NeibauerChinook, MTNursing*Sarah SheldonBillings, MTNursingLorne Thomas LacyMurrieta, CABusiness AdministrationNicole Rene Old CrowBillings, MTNursingJulia Jeanette ShiryaevLafayette, LAGeneral StudiesStacey LaheyBillings, MTNursing Arisa C. OLoughlinBillings, MTNursingKasey N. ShivarShepherd, MTBusiness Administration Paul C. LawBillings, MTApplied Human ResourcesVivian Achieng OrayKisumu, KenyaNursing Dena SiebertBillings, MTNursingSuzan LehmanJoliet, MTNursingJacquelyn Bassett ParksGreen Cove Springs, FLBusiness Administration Violeta Andrea SmithBillings, MTGeneral Studies Honors High Honors5

Erin Danielle SteinerBillings, MTCriminal JusticeAidan WagnerBillings, MTBusiness AdministrationChase E. WilliamsNashua, MTFire ScienceAlyssa StrauchMissoula, MTBusiness AdministrationAlishea Rae WaiteBillings, MTFire ScienceDestiny WilliamsBillings, MTGeneral StudiesRebecca Anne SwensonBillings, MTGeneral Studies Jill Ann WashburnCabot, VTApplied Human ResourcesEmily WilloughbyCasper, WYNursingShydawn J. ThibeaultBillings, MTBusiness Administration Alexis DudleyColstrip, MTNursingAlexis Ann WolfBillings, MTFire ScienceAlyssa TjadenBillings, MTGeneral StudiesJordan WhitePhilipsburg, MTFire ScienceRachel L. WolffLindsay, MTGeneral StudiesCourtney VanDykeBillings, MTNursingRodney J. WiersemaManhattan, MTFire ScienceDuane Ashton YoungBillings, MTCriminal JusticeRaven Michelle VolkomenerGreat Falls, MTBusiness Administration Austin Shannon WilliamsMissoula, MTBusiness AdministrationCertificate of Applied ScienceRebecca BrunerNew Meadows, IDMedical Coding and InsuranceBillingMelissa D. CostaBillings, MTMedical Coding and InsuranceBillingLori BurgessBillings, MTMedical Coding and InsuranceBillingMelissa May DavisBillings, MTMedical Coding and InsuranceBillingBecky CampbellBillings, MTPractical NursingDanielle DewellJoliet, MTPractical NursingKatherine BeltranBillings, MTMedical Coding and InsuranceBillingKaitlin ClairmontRonan, MTMedical Coding and InsuranceBilling Megan DybaMiles City, MTMedical Coding and InsuranceBillingLeah BickBillings, MTPractical Nursing Daniel L. ClarkBillings, MTConstruction Management Mary Lisa BoucherHavre, MTPractical Nursing Sharon K. ClarkeBillings, MTHuman Resource ManagementKymberly EdelmanBillings, MTMedical Coding and InsuranceBillingJoanne Lukia Charity KonanuiBrooksColumbus, MTMedical Coding and InsuranceBillingJacqueline A. CorcoranBillings, MTMedical Coding and InsuranceBillingNathan Paul ArnholtBillings, MTAutomotive TechnologyMadison H. BalasBillings, MTMedical Coding and InsuranceBilling Lauren Leigh BaumBallantine, MTMedical Coding and InsuranceBillingJordan EstrellaTucson, AZPractical Nursing Annette Devina FalconBillings, MTPractical Nursing Honors High Honors * Cum Laude ** Magna Cum Laude *** Summa Cum Laude # Honors Scholar § Honors Graduate6

Nicole FisherLaurel, MTMedical Coding and InsuranceBillingSusan E. KitchelAnaconda, MTMedical Coding and InsuranceBillingWhitney FjelstadBillings, MTMedical Coding and InsuranceBillingSusan Lunte KnudsenPotomac, MTPractical NursingTa’Te Rider FortuneMilesville, SDMedical Coding and InsuranceBilling Taya GappmayerBozeman, MTMedical Coding and InsuranceBilling Katilee GebhardCody, WYMedical Coding and InsuranceBillingLaTricia D. GoldyLaurel, MTMedical Coding and InsuranceBillingPhoebe GustafsonBillings, MTMedical Coding and InsuranceBilling Ashley Lynn GuthridgeBillings, MTPractical Nursing Hannah Joe HarrowTremonton, UTUltrasound TechnologyPaula HunthausenDeer Lodge, MTHuman Resource ManagementChristina Lee JareForsyth, MTPractical NursingJolyssa JimenezLewistown, MTMedical Coding and InsuranceBillingNicole Cheyenne KellyBillings, MTPractical NursingEmily KimmelBozeman, MTPractical NursingOnesti LappCulbertson, MTMedical Coding and InsuranceBillingApril Marie MadisonBillings, MTPractical Nursing Kristy Leore MartinezBillings, MTPractical NursingSuellen Hope MazingoLaurel, MTMedical Coding and InsuranceBillingKirra McDonaldLaurel, MTPractical NursingRebecca Leigh McEuenBroadus, MTPractical NursingJennifer N. MeansMissoula, MTMedical Coding and InsuranceBillingMandi MengedohtBillings, MTMedical Coding and InsuranceBillingKristinna NewmanRoundup, MTPractical Nursing Samantha Ariah OakesButte, MTPractical Nursing Sapphira OlsonWestby, MTMedical Coding and InsuranceBillingClay James ParksRoundup, MTAutomotive Technology Randi M. PaxtonCorvallis, MTPractical NursingJade PhelpsLewistown, MTMedical Coding and InsuranceBillingMorgan A. PlumbtreeBaker City, ORMedical Coding and InsuranceBilling Gloria PowellBillings, MTMedical Coding and InsuranceBillingKristen RagoLaurel, MTMedical Coding and InsuranceBilling Amanda ReicheltBillings, MTPractical NursingAlysha N. MillerSan Bernardino, CAPractical NursingAlicia Royce ReichertBillings, MTPractical Nursing Jordan A MillerLaurelUltrasound TechnologyDustin RivelandLaurel, MTDiesel Technology Dylan Mittal-LohseLewistown, MTConstruction ManagementLibbi WattersBillings, MTMedical Coding and InsuranceBillingCaleb MooreGrants Pass, OREnergy TechnicianSara MoultonCoram, MTMedical Coding and InsuranceBillingRosalinda RosalesCrow Agency, MTMedical Coding and InsuranceBilling Honors High Honors * Cum Laude ** Magna Cum Laude *** Summa Cum Laude # Honors Scholar § Honors Graduate7

Ronalda RossButte, MTPractical NursingNicole StampBillings, MTMedical Coding and InsuranceBillingAlecia SandmeierBillings, MTPractical NursingSarah Kristine SchmollColorado Springs, COMedical Coding and InsuranceBillingLacy L. ShullBillings, MTMedical Coding and InsuranceBilling Katarina K. SindelarColumbus, MTHuman Resource ManagementNatalie L. SmallMiles City, MTPractical NursingJames D. SoumasBillings, MTHuman Resource ManagementLoralee StrengthLincoln, MTMedical Coding and InsuranceBilling Calcie Anne StubbsCut Bank, MTAccounting Assistant Emily SwartzColumbus, MTMedical Coding and InsuranceBillingLori Nicole TaylorBillings, MTMedical Coding and InsuranceBilling Jennifer Elizabeth ThometzBillings, MTUltrasound TechnologyApril Dawn MusicBillings, MTMedical Coding and InsuranceBillingBrynn Hawley TurcotteBelgrade, MTPractical NursingSavannah UmlandBelgrade, MTMedical Coding and InsuranceBillingJessica L. VikerBillings, MTPractical Nursing Emily WatersKalispell, MTAccounting AssistantLibbi WattersBillings, MTMedical Coding and InsuranceBillingLindsey WittakBillings, MTMedical Coding and InsuranceBillingJacquelyn Yamanaka-WilliamsBillings, MTUltrasound TechnologyCOLLEGE OF BUSINESSBachelor of Science in Business AdministrationCiara AbstetarHuntley, MTAccountingAbdulelah AltorkiBillings, MTManagementKirsten Marie BarnhartBillings, MTAccountingBeau AckermanGlendive, MTManagementEvelyn AmponsahAgona Swedru Ghana, WestAfricaAccountingDarrell BaumanHelena, MTGeneral BusinessShujaa Mofareh AlbaqamiRiyadh, Saudi ArabiaFinanceAbdulmajeed AbdullahAlGassimRiyadh, Saudi ArabiaManagementMohammed Moalla AlmotairiSaudi ArabiaManagementFahad Fehaid AlShammariBillings, MTManagement#**Kaitlin Grace AngelRoundup, MTAccounting*Whitney Amber BachScobey, MTAccountingAbdullah MohammedBalharithSaudi ArabiaGeneral Business*Rachael Johanne BarnesHelena, MTAccountingLaura BeardHelena, MTManagementTristen Talea

This program lists graduates from the commencement originally scheduled for . Paramedic Nathan L. Bolt Shepherd, MT Radiologic Technology Nicholas Bonine Stillwater, MN . Honors High Honors * Cum Laude ** Magna Cum Laude *** Su