Making COATS Work For You: Resume Parsing


Making COATS Work for You:Resume ParsingSave time on data entry, and focus on your business1/8

Is data entry a good use of time? Entering data from resumes intoCOATSsql takes a lot of time that youcould spend doing other, more profitenhancing thingsHave COATSsql enter the data The Resume Parsing option for COATSsqlStaffing Software saves you time, moneyand effort“Many clientshave found thatwhile they don'thave animmediateopening, aresume parsingcandidate wasplaced in thefuture wherethey might havebeen missed ifnever havingbeen added tothe database.”—Karen Connor,COATS StaffingSoftware2/8

How it works COATSsql converts the information froma resume in electronic format into aMaster Employee Record Formats supported:– Microsoft Word– .tif image format– Raw text Resume scanning also supported“We regularly usethe ResumeParsing featureand have foundthe tool to beinvaluable forquickly creatingsearchablerecords withinCOATS We havemade a numberof placementsdue to theResume Parsingfeature.”—Randy Shelton,SPHR,Madden IndustrialCraftsmen3/8

Two ways to enter a resume Scanning:– Click Integrated Solutions, then ResumeParsing– Click Scan Resume to open your scannersoftware window, then click Scan Drag and drop:– Click Integrated Solutions, then ResumeParsing– Drag and drop the resume icon or copy andpaste text from the resume“Our clients lovethe ResumeParsing feature.It allows them toquickly create anapplicant recordbased upon theresume data.Resume Parsing efficiency placements revenue!”—Karen Connor,COATS StaffingSoftware4/8

Fields populated automatically Fields populated:–––––Employee Record informationClerical and/or Industrial skillsJob historyEducationSearchable field with parsed skills“We primarily usethe feature forcandidates whoseskills do not matcha current opening,but who we wantto easily find in thefuture. Rather thanrequiring acandidatecomplete anapplication, wecan parse theirresume directlyinto our database.”—Randy Shelton,SPHR,Madden IndustrialCraftsmen5/8

For existing candidates If the candidate is already in COATS, youcan still parse a new or updated resumeinto their candidate file COATS Resume Parsing will update theirBoolean skill sets and create a new PDFresume to send to job offers“Resume Parsingis a real gamechanger for ourcompany; the easeof use and thecutting-edgetechnology allowsus to quicklymatch applicants’skill sets with ourclients’productivityneeds.”—Christopher Lihzis,The Alpha Group6/8

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To learn more about resume parsing, online applications, job boardposting, texting or any of the other powerful features and optionsin COATS Staffing Software, call us at 1-800-888-5894or email kconnor@coatssql.comcoatssql.com8/8

Staffing Software saves you time, money and effort 2 / 8 “Many clients have found that while they don't have an immediate opening, a resume parsing candidate was placed in the future where they might have been missed if never having been added to the database.