REQUIREMENTSTO COMPLETEImmunizationTHECompliance&Verifying YourHealth InsuranceIMMUNIZATION OFFICE(336) 334-5340STUDENT INSURANCE OFFICE(336) 334-5759North Carolina law requires individuals attendinga college or university, public, private or religious,to receive certain immunizations. Students canupload their immunization records through thePatient Portal located on our website at Checklist*Required ImmunizationsDTap/DTP/Td-3 dosesTdap BoosterPolio- 3 dosesMMR ( Measles Mumps Rubella)-2 dosesHepatitis B seriesVaricellaTuberculin Skin Test (only if born outside of U.S)Recommended ImmunizationsMeningococcal vaccineMeningococcal B VaccineHepatitis AHuman PapillomavirusTuberculin Skin Test*Immunizations Requirements May Vary By Ageshs.uncg.edu2.Waive or EnrollHow do I provide proof of my insurance?To Waive:1. You must register for classes first.Go online to Click “New Student Blue User” and "RequestWaiver".3. Fill in the waiver form with the insuranceinformtion found on your insurance card.4. Once completed, you should receivesubmission confirmation. Please keep foryour records.To enroll:1. You must register for classes first.Go online to Click “New Student Blue User” and "Requestenrollment Coverage".3. Once completed, you should receive anenrollment confirmation number.

SERVICESM ED I CA LCLI N I C Allergy Injections Immunizations Laboratory & X-Ray Nurse Clinic Women’s Health Primary Medical Care PharmacyPRIMARY MEDICAL CARESCHEDULESCHEDULEAFTER-HOURSONLINEBY PHONEEMERGENCYOnline appointments can bemade for some services throughthe online Student Health Portal.(336) 334-5340Student Health Front Desk(336) 334-5340Medical Clinic Nurse TriageHOURS OF OPERATIONMONDAY - THURSDAY8AM - 6PMFRIDAY8AM - 5PMSUNDAY5PM - 8PMSummer, holiday and break hours may vary.YOUR HEALTH ISOUR #1 PRIORITYStudent Health Services providesprimary health care services for UNCGreensboro students, as well asconvenient care for UNCG facultyand staff. As a health organizationoperating within an academicinstitution, we are committed to thesupport of the educational, researchand service missions of the University.WOMENS HEALTHLAB & X-RAYOUR STAFFThe Staff at Student Health Servicesis made up of Licensed MedicalProfessionals including:Board Certified PhysiciansNursesNurse PractitionersPhysician AssistantsLaboratory & X-Ray TechniciansPharmacistsIN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY, STUDENTS SHOULD CALL 911 OR CAMPUS POLICEAT (336) 334-4444. AFTER HOURS NURSE TRIAGE SERVICES ARE ALSO AVAILABLE.

PHA R MACYYES,Student Healthhas an edicationsWe accept most insurance benefitsfor prescriptions and co-pays can becharged to a student’s account if preferred.OnlineRefillRequestsRefill requests can be made online onthe Student Health website or anytimeby phone at (336) 334-3530.Requests made after hours will beavailable for pick-up the next business day.Lower Costson medications We can transfer all of your medicationsfrom your previous pharmacy to the StudentHealth Services Pharmacy for your convenience.PrescriptionTransfer fromyour pharmacyto oursLanguageLineSolutionsPHARMACY HOURS OF OPERATIONMonday thru Thursday8:30am - 6:00pmFriday8:30am - 5:00pmSunday5:00pm - 8:00pmLanguageInterpretationServicesUnwanted orExpired DrugDisposal Box

AFTER HOURS EMERGENCYIF WE ARE CLOSED AND THIS ISAN EMERGENCY, PLEASE CONTACTCAMPUS POLICE AT:(336) 334-4444 (24 HR.)FOR COUNSELING CENTERAFTER HOURS URGENT SUPPORT,PLEASE CALL (336) 334-5874 (24 HR).HOURS OFOPERATIONSUMMER, HOLIDAY AND BREAK HOURS MAY VARYMonday -Thursday8am- 6pmCO U N SELI N GCENTERGROWTHGROUP THERAPYCRISIS INTERVENTIONRETENTIONCONSULTATION &OUTREACH ACTIVITIESMENTAL HEALTH SCREENINGSUICIDE PREVENTIONREFERRALSCLOSEDThe Counseling Center offers a wide rangeof services designed to support and challengethe personal growth, academic success andemotional health of currently enrolled UNCGstudents, as well as services and programsto promote positive mental health throughoutthe University community.As a unit within Student Health Services,the staff of the Counseling Center providesservices that not only enhance the qualityof students’ college experiences but alsocontribute to their academic retention andsuccess.SHORT TERMINDIVIDUAL COUNSELINGPSYCHIATRIC SERVICES8am- 5pmWeekends#FindYourWayHereTH EWELLNESS & SKILLBUILDING WORKSHOPSFridaySUCCESSOur staff includes Licensed Psychologists,Licensed Counselors, a Licensed ClinicalAddictions Specialist, Licensed ClinicalSocial Workers and a Board Certified NursePractitioner and Psychiatrist, as well asGraduate Trainees.We are committed to meeting the needs ofpeople of diverse racial, ethnic and nationalbackgrounds, gender, sexual/affectionalorientations, mental and physical abilities,religious/spiritual beliefs and socioeconomicbackgrounds and all types of diversity.

SPA RTA N R ECOVERY PRO G RA MFind your Recovery Here!E6058EmpowermentPSpartan Recovery Programprovides recovery supportservices that promote thepersonal, academic andprofessional goals of studentsin recovery from alcohol andother drug addiction.PurposeIOURM I SSI O NThe Spartan Recovery Programcreates a recovery-mindedcommunity of Empowerment,Purpose and Inclusion in whichUNC Greensboro students in allphases of recovery can pursuetheir personal goals for thepurpose of enhancing personalwellness and contributions tothe global Community. It’s E.P.I.C.!InclusionCRecovery ZoneCommunityRecovery Zone offers recovery messaging trainingto reduce the stigma associated with addiction andcreate a broader recovery-minded campus.

StudentBlueMEDICAL PLAN RATESBilled on a semester basisStudent Premium (charged in tuition bill)BENEFIT highlightsFall Semester: Effective Dates08/01/2020- 12/31/2020Cost: 1,308.40If you visit your Student HealthCenter or doctor in the StudentBlue network: (In-network provider)Spring Semester: Effective Dates01/01/2021- 07/31/2021Cost: 1,308.40If you visit your Student HealthCenter or doctor in the StudentBlue network: (In-network provider)All dollar amounts and percentages are what you, as a plan member, would payPolicy year deductible 0 at Student Health Center 500 per insured member in-network 500 per insured memberPolicy year out of pocket maximum 0 at Student Health Center 4,000 individual 8,000 individualStudent Health Center: No ChargeOffice visitsPrimary care provider and/orSpecialist: 25 copayment, then 20% afterdeductiblePrimary care provider and/orSpecialist: 25 copayment, then 30% afterdeductibleNo Charge at both Student HealthCenter and in-network30% after deductibleUrgent care centers: 75 copayment,then 20% after deductibleUrgent care centers: 75 copayment,then 20% after deductibleEmergency room: 400 copaymentthen 20% after deductibleEmergency room: 400 copaymentthen 20% after deductibleAmbulance service:20% afterdeductibleAmbulance service:20% afterdeductibleInpatient and Outpatient hospital services20% after deductible30% after deductiblePrescription drugs 15 copayment for 30-day prescriptionsat Student Health Center regardless of TierIncludes telehealth3 , office surgery, X-rays and labsPreventative CareRoutine examinations, well-child care, immunizations,gynecological exams, cervical cancer screening, ovariancancer screening, screening mammograms, colorectalscreening, bone mass measurement, newborn hearingscreening and prostate specific antigen tests (PSAs).Urgent care centers and emergency roomUrgent Care centers(Copayment waived if referred to ER)Emergency room visit (Inpatient hospital benefits apply ifadmitted. If held for observation, outpatient benefits apply.See “Inpatient & Outpatient Hospital Services”).Ambulance ServicesUp to 30 days supply. 31-60 day supply is two copayments and61-90 day supply is three copayments. Infertility, Weight Loss,and Sexual Dysfunction Drugs are not covered by the plan.Mental health and substance abuse servicesOffice visitsInpatient / OutpatientVision carePreventative eye examDiagnostic eye examLens and frame coverage(Reimbursement up to benefit period maximum of 200for prescribed glasses-lenses and frames-and hard, soft ordisposable contact lenses.)Tier 1: 20 copaymentTier 2: 45 copaymentTier 3: 60 copaymentTier 4: 120 copaymentCopayment charge over in-networkallowed amountOffice visits: 25 copayment, then20% after deductibleOffice visits: 25 copayment, then30% after deductibleInpatient / Outpatient: 20% afterdeductibleInpatient / Outpatient: 30% afterdeductiblePreventative eye exam: No ChargeDiagnostic eye exam: 25 copayment,20% after deductibleDiagnostic eye exam: 25 copayment,30% after deductibleOther ServicesSkilled Nursing Facility (60 days per Benefit Period), HomeHealth Care, Durable Medical Equipment and Hospice,Maternity (Maternity Delivery includes Prenatal and Post-DeliveryCare, Transplants20% after deductible30% after deductible

UNDERSTANDINGFINANCIALYESRESPONSIBILITYHAVE YOU ENROLLEDIN STUDENT BLUEHEALTH INSURANCE?GOOD NEWS!STUDENT HEALTH WILLFILE THE CLAIM FOR YOU.YESNO. I HAVE MYOWN INSURANCEAND I HAVE WAIVED.ARE YOU COVEREDUNDER CIGNA ORMEDCOST?GOOD NEWS!WE ARE IN NETWORKWITH YOUR PROVIDERSTUDENT HEALTH WILLFILE THE CLAIM FOR YOU.PAYMENTSStudent Health Services charges a nominalfee for laboratory testing, immunizations,X-Rays, medications, specialty services,office procedures and some appointmentno-shows.Charges for all services provided by UNCGStudent Health Services are the patient’sresponsibility, regardless of insuranceclaims filed for those services or anyassociated benefits provided by thepatient’s insurer.Payment for charges is expected the dayservices are provided by using Cash, Check,Visa or Mastercard. The student’s namemust be on the credit card. HSA and Flexcards may be declined because of theUniversity tax identifier.If unable to pay at checkout or if one doesnot checkout, any unpaid balance will betransferred to the student’s Banner accountand needs to be paid at the Cashier’s andStudent Accounts Office. These charges cancreate a hold on the student’s Banneraccount if left unpaid.NONO WORRIES!WE CAN COURTESYFILE YOUR SERVICESON YOUR BEHALF.STUDENT WILL NEED THEIR INSURANCE CARDOR INSURANCE INFORMATION FOR US TO FILE:-STUDENT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR CHECKING CLAIM STATUS-SERVICE CHARGES WILL BE PLACED ON STUDENT'S ACCOUNT-INSURANCE COMPANY WILL SEND PAYMENT TO STUDENT-STUDENT NEEDS TO SEND PAYMENT TO CASHIER’S OFFICEFILING INSURANCEStudent Health Services will file insurance claimsfor eligible services and receive payment for StudentHealth Insurance Plan (offered through the school),CIGNA and Medcost. Contact your insurance companyto see if Student Health Services is in network.Student Health Services uses an outside laboratoryto process some testing. If the student has privateinsurance that contracts with Student Health Services,the outside lab company will file with insurance notStudent Health Services.Receipt for ServicesStudents can be given a receipt or “walk out statement”for medical charges. The student can submit this, alongwith the appropriate insurance claim form forreimbursement if their insurance does not contractwith Student Health Services (there are a few exceptions).

Accessing YourPati ent Porta lUNCG students have access to the Patient Portal. Students can view theirmedical records, schedule some appointments online, upload immunizationrecords, gain access to secure messaging and upload insurance cards.This is your dashboard.You can scheduleappointments, accessyour medical recordsand EducationStatementsUploadStudent Health Services Patient PortalWe take your privacy seriously; we are committed to protecting your personal information. Data that you provide cannot be viewed by anyone else on the Web and issecurely maintained by industry standard SSL (secure socket layer) encryption anddecryption technology when needed. We do not share your information with anyoneelse.To Do ListYou can set appointmentreminders and alerts soyou are never late foryour appointment.View and download yourwalk-out statement (receipt)for services at the StudentHealth Center.Upcoming AppointmentsMessagesUploads StatementsUpload your Immunization RecordsPLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR NAME,DATE OF BIRTH AND STUDENT IDNUMBER ARE ON ALL SUPPORTINGDOCUMENTATION!Secure messaging for students.Send and receive private messagesfrom your doctor and/or nurse.Students can access the Patient Portal onthe Student Health Services website under the “Appointment” tab.

Access your patient portal right at your fingertipsAnytime. Anywhere.ONLINE APPOINTMENTSSome types of appointments are not conducive to online scheduling due to thecomplexity of the service, e.g. women’s health. We ask that you call to scheduleimportant appointments so we may provide you with the most appropriate level of care.MEDICAL CLINIC Allergy Injections Immunizations Laboratory & X-Ray Nurse Clinic Women’s Health Primary Medical Care PharmacyTHE COUNSELING CENTER Brief Outpatient Counseling Consultation & Outreach Activities Psychiatric Services Crisis Intervention Group Therapy WorkshopsFor appointments not available through the new online service,please call to schedule by phone. Please read our policy onlate/ no show appointments. Faculty and staff may not use theon-line scheduler for Workers’ Compensation appointments.UPLOADING DOCUMENTSYou have immunization documents that need tobe uploaded. Login to your patient portal, click theUpload link to send us your immunization records.It's quick & easy.UPLOADOur Nursing Staff will verify your reocrds andemail your uncg email with your immunization status.Save some time and uplaod your insurance cardinformation in the Patient Portal ahead of your visit.Student Health Services will file insurance claims for eligible services.Contact your insurance company to see if Student Health Services is in network.DISCLAIMER: UPLOADING YOUR INSURANCE INFORMATION IN THE PATIENT PORTAL DOES NOT COMPLETE THE INSURANCE VERIFICATION PROCESS.

Anna M. GoveStudent Health Services Center107 Gray Drive, Greensboro, NC 27412(w) (p)336.334.5340

Social Workers and a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner and Psychiatrist, as well as Graduate Trainees. We are committed to meeting the needs of people of diverse racial, ethnic and national backgrounds, gender, sexual/affectional orientations, mental and physical