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Possibleservices andsupports Photo ID Guardianship orPower of Attorney Psychological Eval Waiver Services Voc Rehab Selective Service

A Few Main Characters.Amy almost Adult Selective ServiceSamFor concerns regardingnot making goodfinancial choices,guardianship may be animportantconsideration.Even though the draftis no longer in effect,all males 18-26 arelegally required tosign up.Val ID VoterEvaluation EvanA simple photo ID canbe very important tostudents who do nothave their driver’slicence.Documentation of anpsychologicalevaluation prior to age18 can be critical forsome services &supports.

Photo IDIf the student doesnot have a driver’slicense, it is stronglyrecommended thatthey get a photo ID.

WHY?Photo ID(continued)As an adult, it isneeded for: EmploymentBankingProof of age/identityVoting, etc.

Photo ID(continued) Do this at your localdriver’s license office Must show certified birthcertificate & SocialSecurity card If under 18, a parent orguardian must attend Must be renewed when itexpires (in 8 years) Cost: 8.00

Documented Psychological Examination Required for eligibility of most adult programs/services If not completed before age 18, person may not be eligiblefor services If there is documentation this was previously done, great! If it has been more than three years sincethe previous examination, it will need tobe updated

Documented Psychological Examination(continued) Request an evaluation from a licensed psychologist ofyour choice DHS recommendations Counseling services (LSI, Berryhill, etc) Costs vary If currently on Title 19, check to see ifthey can set this up

Iowa has 7 waivers, but themain ones students use are:WaiverServices Intellectual Disability (ID)Brain Injury (BI)Health & Disability (HD)Child’s Mental Health (CMH)(The pink link above explains each onein more detail)

WaiverServices(continued) If the psychological examdocuments a full scale IQof 70 or below, considerapplying for the ID waiver Parents will initially get aletter stating they are“denied” due to the wait list

WaiverServices(continued) There is a three year waitperiod AFTER applying Start the conversation atleast by middle school Parents may need tohear this multiple times If parents move, theyneed to update theiraddress ASAP. Start a folder to keepall information together

WaiverServices(continued) If eligible, the iD waivercan provide: Respite SCL services Waiver home Job coaching, etc.(The ID waiver (& all waivers)may help provide serviceswhen parents are no longerable to do so )

GuardianshipFor who: Person in need of appointed guardian / powerof attorneyWhy: To assure informed consentBy when: Four to six months prior to age 18How: By hiring a lawyer, who must petition the court forguardianshipCost: 500 and up, dependent on attorney rates.

Guardianship (continued)Some links to help: What Parents Need to Know About Becoming TheirSon’s or Daughter’s Guardian or Conservator How to Set Up a Guardianship or Conservatorship Attorney, Court and Guardianship or ConservatorshipFees

IowaVocationalRehabilitationService(Voc Rehab) Pre-Ets begins last twoyears of High School Helps with obtainingemployment after highschool Complete application asdirected by the VRcounselor Signed by parent whenunder 18 FREE!

IowaVocationalRehabilitationService(Voc Rehab)continued Voc Rehab may be able tohelp fund future services

Selective Service Registration Legal requirement for all males 18-26 years old Register online ( or pick up a card at thepost office Must be completed 30 days before or afterthe 18th birthday Free to register

Supplemental Social SecuritybenefitsFor: SSI (Supplemental Security Income)SSDI (Social Security Disabiity Income)Why: May provide financial support; medical benefits, etc.Required eligiblilty for some programs/servicesHow: Contact your local office to schedule anappointmentNote: Often denied the first time, so appeal if needed

Supplemental Social Securitybenefits (continued)By when: begin gathering required documents 3 monthsprior to age 18Documents you may need: Social Security CardBirth certificateProof of income/savings account records, etc.Proof of living arrangementsMedical reports

Special Needs Trust/ABLE ActIowa ABLE ActSpecial Needs Trusts The above information describes special needs trustsand is not an endorsement of thisparticular Law Firm. It is important to use a lawyer whoworks in special needs trusts.

Plan aheadStudents may not need allof these services, butplanning early for thosethey may benefit from canmake a big differenceonce they become legaladults.

Contact usIf you have families that need more information, please let us know. Weneed to make sure they can make informed decisions for potential supportsthat may be beneficial for future services.Elaine Cook ( Tammy McKimmey (

Apr 09, 2019 · Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Service (Voc Rehab) Pre-Ets begins last two years of High School Helps with obtaining employment after high school Complete application as directed by the VR counselor Signed by parent when under 18 FREE!