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Jataka Mani ManjushaParasara Astrology

Jataka Mani ManjushaParasara AstrologyJysothisha Vignana BhaskaraChalla Soma Sundaram

Jataka Mani ManjushaParasara AstrologybyJyothisha Vignana BhaskaraChalla Soma SundaramAll rights reserved with the Author. No part of this publication can be reproduced, stored in retrieval systemor transmitted in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying or otherwise) withoutprior permission in writing of the Author.First Edition: 2 February 2014Price: Rs. 450Cover Design: T. Shashi KumarISBN: 978‐81‐7233‐897‐8eISBN: 978-93-8774-185-0Copies are available with the Author. Please send requests to:Sri Challa Soma Sundaram3 Type IV, Kendranchal Colony, GPRAVivek Vihar, New Pali RoadJodhpur 342005RajasthaneMail: somasc2@yahoo.co.inPrinted by:Scientific Publishers5A New Pali Road, PO Box 91Jodhpur 342001RajasthaneMail: tanay@scientificpub.com

On Namo Sri Venkatesaya Namaha ::Vina Venkatesam Nanaado Nanaadah Sadaa Venkatesam Smaraami Smaraami Hare Venkatesa Praseeda Praseedah Priyam Venkatesa Prayascha Smaraami

Om Yaa Sivonaama Roopaabhyaam Ya Deevee Sarva Mangalaa Tamoo Tam Samsmarana Deevaa Sarvatoo Mangalam Tundamu Neeka Dantamunu Doorapubojjayu Vamahastamun Menduga Mrooyoyu Gajjelunu Mellani Choopulu Mandahaasamun Kondoka Gujjaroopamuna Koorina Vidyalakella Nojjayai Yundedi Parvateetanaya Yooyi Ganaadhipa Neeku Mrokkedan

PrefaceSri Vadrevu Suryanarayana Murty garu was a famous Astrologer ofRajahmundry. He was born on 8 October 1904 in Vijayanagaram at 1:55pm, andattained moksha on 5 May 1978 at Rajahmundry at 22:10pm. During hisdistinguished life period 1904-1978, he made special contributions to the subjectof Astrology. He wrote a book initially in Telugu in two volumes, the first in 1925titled Jataka Narayaneeyam in 227 pages and the second in 1945 titled YogavaliKhandamu in 146 pages. For the benefit of non-Telugu readers, he wrote theEnglish version of the book in a single volume with the combined title JatakaNarayaneeyam & Yogavali Khandam, in 268 pages. The Citizens Committee ofRajahmundry honoured him on 7 July 1957 by conferring the title Jyothisha VidyaBhushana. He was living in Danavaipeta, Rajahmundry, where my father used tolive too. Just then, I had graduated from College of Engineering, Kakinada, andjoined engineering service.A brief analysis is given below of the English text authored by SriSuryanarayana Murty garu, which was in the form of running notes. Part I of thebook, titled Jataka Narayaneeyam, deals with 16 adhyayas, namely Saungna, GrahaBala, Ayurdaya, Rahu and Ketu Graha Bala, Kalatra, Putra, Matru, Pitru, Bhatru,Shasta, Karma, Raja Yoga, Moksha, Niranika, Stri Jataka and Pretyeka Yoga Adhyayas.Also, it covers Jaimini Jataka Phalas. And, Part II, titled Yogavali Khandamu, dealswith Yogas of naturally good and bad planets for the 12 bhavas, baalaarishtam,ayurdayam, and misraphala khandamu. In this part, Sri Suryanarayana Murty garudealt with the Yogas given by each planet from Sun to Rahu-Ketu for all the 9planets. While dealing with each planet, he gave examples of variouscombinations for all the 12 lagnas against the planet and the results there on. Fora student of astrology or for practicing astrologers, the results for a particularLagna have to be referred to the examples given for various planets at differentpages of the book. It is tedious and time consuming exercise unless one is fullyconversant with the entire text of 146 pages. Also, it is impractical to rememberall the rules laid down therein. This limitation was the motivation of writing thisbook, with a view to make it simpler and easy to use by students of astrologyand practicing astrologers.In this book, all examples and sampradayas given by Sri SuryanarayanaMurty garu are re-written to make it easy to understand and implement thevarious rules and examples laid down by him. This book has descriptions of thesubject for 9 planets and their combinations, lagna-wise separately for each of the

12 Lagnas. This method of presenting the material brings out all the rules andexamples given for each Lagna at one single place, with which one canunderstand the meanings easily. Also, the examples are further simplified bypresenting their essence in numerical tabular form for all examples given in eachlagna. From these tables, an astrology student or a practicing astrologer canreadily assess a planet or a combination of planets for the Horoscope beingexamined, and immediately say whether the planet (whose dasa and antardasacurrently running) will give yoga or avayoga, and indicate results of the planetscoming at a later date. This book Jataka Mani Manjusha in English covers issuesdiscussed in both the Telugu and English books written by Sri SuryanarayanMurty garu, namely Jataka Narayaneeyam (in Telugu), Yogavali Khandamu (inTelugu) and Jataka Narayaneeyam & Yogavali Khandamu (in English). The sameprinciples of bringing out rules and examples are adopted, but lagna-wise and ina tabular form.The subject is presented in 14 relatively independent Chapters for easyunderstanding and quick grasping of the subject. Chapter 2 presents with detailsof Saugnas along with information available on Vedic Astrology in literature.Sketches have been included to give the reader a good idea of the state of the artof astronomy related to astrology; these sketches are adapted from availableliterature. Further, two special chapters are included, namely Satellites (asChapter 12) and Fundamentals of Medical Astrology (as Chapter 13), for the benefitof students of astrology. Invisible planets are called Satellites in AstrologicalScience, and as Upagrahas in Vedic Astrology. Satellites are powerful andresponsible for adverse influence and effects on results of astrology. Descriptionsof Satellites are presented along with their effects and results as presented inclassical texts like Brihat Parasara Hora Sastram, Phaladeepika, Uttarakalamrutam,and Jataka Parijatam. Satellites influence the fixing of auspicious time forundertaking journeys, purchasing vehicles, matters of money and progeny, andscience of horary astrology; they have evil influences on the houses they occupy.Today, medical astrology is a relatively less developed branch of astrology. Nonoteworthy research has been conducted in this direction. Medical practitionersare too busy in their professional work, and astrologers seem to have littleinclination towards understanding elements of medical science. Therefore, at theoutset, it is appropriate to accept that astrological combinations for most of theailments are not well understood in the present state of knowledge of Astrology.In this book, an attempt is made to explain the basics within the limitedunderstanding. Planetary combinations are identified that give rise to variousdiseases as given in literature.This book is expected to serve as a ready reckoner for interested studentsand astrologers.Challa Somasundaramvi


Sri Madhura Krishna Murthy SastryPresident of India AwardeeVaachaspatiJyotisha Vijnana BhaskaraVaastu KalanidhiEditor, Jyotisha Vijnana PatrikaRajahmundry 53310428 November 2013I have perused all the fourteen chapters of the book in detail. The reasonselucidated for examination of Bhavas in respect of predictive part to arrive at the resultsfor the twelve Lagnas have been well explained. Chapter 1 gives information andreferences in Vedas that bore knowledge and astronomical siddhantas, which is necessaryfor a student, has been brought out clearly through relevant sketches for greaterunderstanding. Chapter 12 deals with the effects of nine Upagrahas (Satellites). Theinfluences of these Satellite planets as a greater bearing on the results of predictiveastrology in the matter of Yogas and Avayogas of planets and will aid astrologers inarriving at accurate results. Chapter 13 deals with fundamentals of Medical Astrology inarriving at periods propitious for performance of surgical operations for the sick limbs ofhuman body and for the expeditious recovery of the patient to normal health. The lifeperiods specified for such operations are detailed for the rehabilitation of the patient.This book of Sri Challa Somasundaram Jyothisha Mani Manjusha is not only usefulto a student of Astrology, but serves as a guide to scholars in the subject.Madhura Krishna Murthy Sastry

Dr. C. V. B. SubrahmaniamHeadDepartment of Jyotisha–VastuPotti Sriramulu Telugu UniversityHyderabad28 December 2013Jatakachandrika is popularly known as Laghuparasari and explains the views ofSage Parasara. There is a custom in our society to teach this to the students of astrology inthe beginning stages. Sri Vadrevu Suryanarayana Murty garu made an attempt to studyand explain it vividly. Sri Challa Somasundaram in his work Manjusha explained themethod of assessment of benefic and malefic planets for different ascendants byconsolidating and explaining the principles given in the work of Sri VadrevuSuryanarayana Murty. Actually, the book of Somasundaram is very good in its welldisciplined study and detailed explanations. Moreover, it is very lucky that the famousscholar of India, Sri Madhura Krishnamurty Sastry suggested the title to this book.Sri Somasundaram’s work is full of clarity. Sri Somasundaram designed thisbook first in Telugu language and after with more expansion in English, without givingscope to any doubts. We can say that this work is an original work rather than atranslation. While appreciating his attempt, I feel that there is a necessity for scholars aswell as astrology students to make use of this work. This attempt is very muchcommendable, which surpasses the work of a Ph.D. thesis and demonstrates thelaborious work of Somasundaram forgetting his age factor.C. V. B. Subrahmanyam

Pandit Sadashiv RudraswamyPresident, Vedic Astrology, AhmedabadChairman, Jyothish Vishwavidalaya, BangaloreDirector, Indian Forum of Yoga SamskrutamUniversity, Florida, USAChairman, Bharadwaj Institute of VedicSciences, AhmedabadAhmedabad 3750154 January 2014Though I have not met Sri Challa Somasundaram in person, the book Jataka ManiManjusha, written by him in English, made me understand his abilities and deepknowledge in Vedic Astrology. The book is a treasure trove of Astrology, not only for thebeginners, but also for the learned astrologers, as the book covers from Astronomy toAstrology, important subjects, like casting of horoscope to fine tuning of predictiveastrology, introduction of satellite planets in predictive astrology, giving total details ofsickness and cure, remedial measures, etc., in Medical Astrology, which is nothing, but aboon to a beginner of Astrology.The book will definitely serve as a ready reckoner and reference book, as itcovers every aspect of astrology. I have gone through the book in detail and I am verymuch impressed with the technique incorporated in writing the book, which is possibleonly by stalwarts, like Challa Somasundaram. I wish him every success in his futureendeavours and pray the almighty to guide him to write more books on astrology tobenefit modern astrologers.Sadhashiv Rudraswamy

Dr. K. S. CharakHeadDepartment of SurgeryESI HospitalNew Delhi 11001525 December 2013Vedic astrology, over the past years, has become an extremely popular andrevered subject all over the world. This has been largely due to the availability of thissacred body of knowledge to the English knowing public. Rendering the principles ofthis hoary wisdom into a widely spoken and studied modern language has helped in thespread of this knowledge for the general good of mankind all over the world. Now,several Sanskrit classics are available in reasonably good translated forms to be of use tothe English knowing reader. A vast effort of scholars of Vedic astrology has gone into thisdirection to make this subject familiar to the world in general and to the seeker ofknowledge in particular.This grand effort of Shri Challa Soma Sundaram is the latest step in this directionof disseminating Vedic knowledge to the present-day reader. His presentation of theJataka Mani Manjusha is not only a tribute to Sri Suryanarayana Murty, a famousastrologer of Rajahmundry, but a major effort in the service of Vedic astrology. He hasreorganized the work of Sri Suryanarayana Murty to present this valuable knowledge ina more readable and easy-to-assimilate form. This work covers several aspects of Parasaraastrology and does not overlook the Jaimini astrology as well.The present author has also added two special chapters to the original work. Thechapter on Upagrahas is an important addition in the sense that most of the routineastrological predictions are made without taking into consideration these valuable andimportant factors. The other chapter is on the Fundamentals of Medical Astrology. Withoutdoubt, the subject of medical astrology is one of the most important and useful branchesof Vedic astrology. I am pleased to put on record that the worthy author considered myown work on medical astrology as of enough relevance to be a part of the work of SriSuryanarayana Murty as much as of his own.I have no doubt that the Jataka Mani Manjusha would prove to be a worthyaddition to the body of Vedic astrological knowledge in English language.K. S. Charak

Professor N. V. R. A. RajaNaadi Jyothisa KesariAsthana Jyothisa Vidwan, Sri Ahobila Muth,Chairman,JKR Astro Research FoundationHyderabad12 December 2013Om Sri Veeraraghavaya Namaha:Om Sri Mattapalli Natham Pranatosmi Nityam Namaha:Mangalam Bhagavan Vishnuh Mangalam Madhusudanah Mangalam Pundarikakshah Mangalayatano Harih Garuda PuranaJataka Mani Manjusha is a classic work and a wonderful outcome of Sri ChallaSomasundaram’s experience and knowledge manifest in the form of a book for all Astrolovers. Astrology is the study of human experiences-past, present and future in thebackdrop of time and space. The translation and explanation of Sri VadrevuSuryana

astrologer of Rajahmundry, but a major effort in the service of Vedic astrology. He has reorganized the work of Sri Suryanarayana Murty to present this valuable knowledge in a more readable and easy-to-assimilate form. This work covers several aspects of Parasara astrology and does not overlook the Jaimini astrology as well. of Jataka Mani Manjusha