Integrating Solar Into Our Life - Asia Clean Energy Forum 2021


Integrating Solar into Our LifeDr. Zhengrong Shishi@zrshi.comJune 2017

Dream of Using Solar EnergyPowering the satellite for over50 yearsLarge scale terrestrial applicationshappening in the recent yearsBarrier is Cost

My Career1988-1991Training UNSW1992-2000Academic UNSW / Pacific Solar2001-2013Entrepreneur Suntech2014Career trough andRe-Start

Roller Coaster of Solar Industry Over Supply Policy Change Material Supply Trade Barrier Financial Crisis

Solar Industry is Becoming Strong and 2011201220132014201520162017ESource: Mercom Capital Group

Solar photovoltaic projections versus real market developments305 GWUntil 2016Source: REN 21 – Global Status Report 2004 – 2016

Cost of Renewable EnergySource: IRENA

The current deployment of solaris primarily in solar farms

Also some retrofitted installationon rooftops

Floating system on water surface

A long time desire of integratingsolar onto buildingsBut, so far, the city is still empty of solar.Why?The current product format cannot be applied to buildings easily

Current ProductWeight of solar panel 20 kgWeight of solar cells 0.72 kgOnly 3.6% makeselectricityThickness of panel 40 mmThickness of cell 0.5 mmOnly 0.0125% makeselectricity

Light tallationEasytransportation

Other Alternative TechnologiesCIGSAmorphous siliconCdTeXXToxicityOrganic PV?PervskiteLab

Our chanicalEasy installationDurabilityAestheticsCostSafetyRecycle

Solar Skin美柔轻薄

Solar Skin


Tile Roof

Metal Roof


Mobile Power




Other Applications

Integrating Solar into Our LifeFree and Endless Source of Energy

My vision of energy in the future

Imagine thepotential!

My Career Career 1988-1991 Training UNSW 1992-2000 Academic UNSW / Pacific Solar 2001-2013 Entrepreneur Suntech 2014- trough and Re-Start