National Product Classification For Services Sector


NationalProductClassificationforServices SectorGovernment of IndiaMinistry of Statistics & Programme ImplementationNational Statistical OrganizationCentral Statistics OfficeEconomic Statistics Division

NationalProductClassificationForServices SectorCentral Statistics OfficeNational Statistical OrganizationMinistry of Statistics andProgramme ImplementationGovernment of IndiaS.P. Bhawan, New DelhiIndia

ContentsPrefacePage no.(i)Back ground note(iii)Section - 5Constructions andConstruction services1-18Section - 6Distributive trade services;accommodation, food andbeverage serving services;transport services; andelectricity, gas and waterdistribution services19-39Section - 7Financial and relatedservices; real estateservices, and rental andleasing services40-47Section - 8Business and Productionservices48-72Section - 9Community, Social andpersonal services73-83Explanatory Notes84-90

Officers associated with preparation of NationalProduct Classification for Services SectorShri Ashish Kumar, ADGShri Dasarathi Sahoo, DDGSmt. G.S. Lakshmi, DDGShri A. H. Ramteke, Asstt. DirectorShri C.S. Bhatia, Asstt. DirectorSmt. Nishi Sharma, PAii

Background NoteAs per the recommendations of the Expert Committee for Standardisation andMapping of National Product Classification (NIC) and Indian Trade Classification, ITC(HS), the Central Statistics Office (CSO) developed the draft Product Classification forthe non-transportable goods (Services), The Services sector covers the areas ofConstructions & Construction services, Distributive trade services; accommodation,food and beverage serving services; transport services; and electricity, gas and waterdistribution services, Financial and related services; real estate services, and rental andleasing services, Business and Production services, Community, social and PersonalServices.2.The ITC (HS) contains 97 chapters in accordance with the Harmonized SystemNomenclature (HS), developed by World Customs Organization (WCO). The chapters98 and 99 which are reserved for individual countries by WCO are used in India for thepurposes of ‘Project imports’ and ‘Miscellaneous goods’ respectively. To maintaincontinuity of the classification of services sector along with the classification oftransportable goods, it has been decided in consultation with DGCI&S, (which is thecustodian of ITC (HS) that the Product Classification for services sector can bedeveloped under the chapter 99.3.Further it has been decided that under the chapter 99, the next five digits may beadopted from the Central Product Classification (CPC), which is a five digited Productclassification developed by United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) for bothtransportable goods and non-transportable goods. To maintain the number of digits aseight similar to ITC and to expand the CPC five digit codes further according to theIndian requirements, each CPC subclass (5 digited) has been classified in to maximumnine categories to arrive at an ultimate eight digited product code.4.Thus, the structure of the National Product Classification for Services Sector(NPCS) may be described as“99 five digited CPC code one digit for Indian requirements”5.The main advantages of this coding structure are the continuation with theexisting ITC and the international comparability.-------------x--------------iii

Section 5 : Constructions and construction tructionsGroup 99531Buildings995311Service Product DescriptionResidential Buildings9953111995311109953112One- and two-dwelling residential buildings99531212Multi-dwelling residential buildingsUnits used by the familiesOldage HomesHostelsOrphanagesHomeless sheltersMulti-dwelling residential buildings n.e.c.Non-residential buildingsIndustrial buildingsBuildings used for production (This includesbuildings used for assembly activities ofindustrial establishments.Workshops99531213Storage buildings9953121999531221Industrial buildings n.e.c.Commercial buildingsBuildings used primarily for trade99531222Exhibition halls995312239953122499531225Office buildingsAir, rail or road transport terminalsParking garages and petrol and servicestationsCommercial buildings n.e.c.Other non-residential buildingsHotels, motels, inns, hostels, restaurants andsimilar buildingsSchools, colleges, universities, libraries,archives and 5312919953129299531293Hospitals, clinics and sanatoria, andveterinary clinics99531294Public entertainment buildings such ascinemas, theatres, concert halls, dance hallsand nightclubs1

531299Group 99532995321Service Product DescriptionConvention centres , Religious buildings,Prison buildings and Law courts, parliamentbuildingsCommunications buildings (radio andtelevision broadcast buildings, telephoneexchange buildings, telecommunicationscentres etc.)Indoor sports centreOther non-residential buildings n.e.c.Civil engineering worksHighways (except elevated highways),streets, roads, railways and airfieldrunwaysHighways (except elevated highways), streetsand roads995321199532111Highways (except elevated istrict RoadsVillage Roads including Panchayat RoadsSafety installations for highways, roads etc.Highways (except elevated highways), streetsand roads tergaugeNarrowgaugeMetro railways99532125995321269953212799532128Railway electrification structuresRailway BridgesLevel crossingsSignaling systems99532129Railways n.e.c.(including tramways)Airfield runwaysMain runwaysTaxiwaysApronsOther related airport structures and buildingsn.e.c.Bridges, elevated highways and 13999532299532219953221199532212Bridges and elevated highwaysBridges and viaducts of metal for all types ofland transportBridges and viaducts of metal for pedestrians2

53221999532229953222199532222Service Product DescriptionBridges of concrete or other materials, for alltypes of land transportBridges of concrete or other materials forpedestriansElevated highways for motor vehicle trafficBridges and elevated highways n.e.c.TunnelsHighway tunnelsRoad tunnels9953222399532224Railway tunnelsTunnels and related undergroundconstructions for underground railway traffic99532229tunnels n.e.c.Harbours, waterways, dams, irrigation andother waterworks9953239953231Aqueducts and other water supply conduits,except pipelines995323119953231299532319AqueductsWater supply conduits other than aquaductsAqueducts and other water supply conduits,except pipelines n.e.c.Harbours, waterways and related facilities99532321Harbour bottoms and harbour channels99532322Breakwaters, quays and piers9953232399532324Jetties and docksWharves and similar structures for99532325Riverworks and Canal construction for watertransport traffic99532326Locks, floodgates, sluices, lifts dry docksslipways, barrages and other hydromechanical structures99532329Harbours, waterways and related facilitiesn.e.c.DamsDams and similar water-retaining structuresEmbankments for coastal areasEmbankments for other waterside areasDams n.e.c.Irrigation and flood control waterworksIrrigation waterworksFlood control 953233999532349953234199532342

ClassSubClassProductcodeService Product Description99532349Irrigation and flood control waterworks n.e.c.Long-distance pipelines, communicationand power lines (cables)Long-distance pipelines (for the conveyance ofpetroleum products, gas, water or otherproducts)99532411Long-distance Overland pipelines99532412Long-distance Underground pipelines99532413Long-distance Submarine pipelines99532414Pumping stations & similar related structures99532419Long-distance pipelines n.e.c.99532499532419953242Long-distance communication and power 42599532426995324299953259953251Long distance overland telecommunicationtransmission linesLong distance Undergroundtelecommunication transmission linesLong distance Submarine telecommunicationtransmission linesLong distance High tension electric powertransmission lines (cables)Electricity power lines for railwaysTransformer stations, pylonsLong-distance communication and power lines(cables) n.e.c.Local pipelines and cables and relatedworksLocal pipelines99532511Local Gas pipelines99532512Local Water mains99532513Local Sewer mains99532514Local Hot-water pipelines99532515Local Steam pipelines99532519Local pipelines n.e.c.9953252199532522Local cables and related worksLocal Electricity transmission cablesCommunication transmission cables excludingtelevision cables99532524

ClassSubClassProductcodeService Product Description9953252399532524Television cablesCable for transformer stations and substations for distribution within local boundaries.99532529Local cables and related works n.e.c.Sewage and water treatment plantsSewer systemsSewage disposal plantsWater treatment and purification plantsSewage and water treatment plants n.e.c.Mines and industrial plantsMining constructionsMine loading and discharging stationsWinding-shafts associated with miningoperationsTowers associated with mining operationsTunnels associated with mining operationsDrifts associated with mining operationsMining constructions n.e.c.Power plantsHydro electric power plants and equipmentsCoal based thermal power plants andequipmentsGas based thermal power plants andequipmentsPlants and equipments for Nuclearpoweredgenerating stationsPower plants n.e.c.Other constructions for manufacturingManufacturing facilities of food processingManufacturing facilities of textilesManufacturing facilities of basic chemicals,compounds and 4Chemical and related manufacturing facilitiessuch as blast furnaces and coke ovens9953269599532696Iron foundriesManufacturing facilities of metals other thanironSpecialized facilities for manufacturing n.e.c995326995

ing No.9954Service Product DescriptionOutdoor sport and recreation facilitiesGrounds for sports generally played in openair such as football and baseball (This includes" grounds for rugby" and Track & Field").Tennis groundsGrounds for Car or bicycle races and HorseracesRecreation installations, e.g., golf courses andbeach installationsRecreation installations, e.g., marinas forpleasure boatsPublic parks and gardens, zoological andbotanical gardensOutdoor sport and recreation facilities n.e.c.Other civil engineering worksMilitary engineering worksSatellite launching sitesWaste dumps and waste incineratorsPlants for treating and processing of nuclearmaterialOther civil engineering works, n.e.c.Construction servicesGroup 99541General construction services of buildings995411General construction services ofresidential buildings9954111995411109954112General construction services of one- and twodwelling residential buildingsGeneral construction services of multi-dwellingresidential buildings99541121Construction Services of Units used by 6Construction Services of Oldage HomesConstruction Services of HostelsConstruction Services of OrphanagesConstruction Services of Homeless sheltersConstruction Services of other one and twodwelling buildingsRepair/alterations etc of multi dwellingresidential buildingsGeneral Construction Services of multidwelling residential buildings n.e.c.99541128995411296

ClassSubClassProductcode995412Service Product DescriptionGeneral construction services of nonresidential buildings9954121General construction services of industrialbuildings99541211Construction Services of Buildings used forproduction (This includes buildings used forassembly activities of onstruction Services of WorkshopsConstruction Services of Storage buildingsConstruction Services of other Industrialbuildings ,n.e.cRepair/alterations etc of multi dwellingresidential buildingsGeneral construction services of industrialbuildings n.e.c.General construction services of nstruction Services of Buildings usedprimarily for tradeConstruction Services of Exhibition hallsConstruction Services of Office buildingsConstruction Services of Air, rail or roadtransport terminalsConstruction Services of Parking garages andpetrol and service stationsConstruction Services of Commercialbuildings, n.e.cRepair/alterations etc of commercial buildings99541229General construction services of commercialbuildings n.e.c.General construction services of other nonresidential buildings99541291Construction Services of hotels, motels, inns,hostels ,Restaurants and similar buildingsConstruction Services of schools, colleges,universities, libraries, archives and museumsConstruction Services of hospitals, clinics andsanatoria, and veterinary clinicsConstruction Services of public entertainmentbuildings such as cinemas, theatres, concerthalls, dance halls and nightclubs99541299954129299541293995412947

ClassSubClassProductcodeService Product Description99541295Construction Services of convention centres ,Religious buildings, Prison buildings and Lawcourts, parliament buildings99541296Construction Services of communicationsbuildings (radio and television broadcastbuildings, telephone exchange buildings,telecommunications centres etc.)99541297Construction Services of other non-residentialbuildingsRepair/alterations etc of other non-residentialbuildings9954129899541299Group 99542General construction services of other nonresidential buildings n.e.c.General construction services of civilengineering works995421General construction services of highways(except elevated highways), streets, roads,railways and airfield runwaysGeneral construction services of highways(except elevated highways), streets and roads995421199542111Construction Services of highways (exceptelevated highways)99542113Construction Services of district roads99542114Construction Services of village roadsincluding panchayat roadsConstruction Services of safety installationsfor highways roads etc.Construction Services of other highways,streets & roads ns etc of highways, streets androadsGeneral construction services of highways(except elevated highways), streets and roadsn.e.c.General construction services of railwaysConstruction Services of broadgauge railwaysConstruction Services of metergauge railwaysConstruction Services of narrowgaugerailwaysConstruction Services of metro railwaysConstruction Services of railway electrificationstructures8

ClassSubClassProductcodeService Product ction Services of railway BridgesConstruction Services of railways n.e.c.Repair/alterations etc of railwaysGeneral construction services of railwaysn.e.c. (including tramways)General construction services of struction Services of main runwaysConstruction Services of taxiwaysConstruction Services of apronsConstruction Services of related airportstructures other than buildingsRepair/alterations etc of airfled runwaysGeneral construction services of other airfieldrunways n.e.c.General construction services of bridges,elevated highways and tunnels995421399542138995421399954229954221General construction services of bridges andelevated 22399542224Construction Services of bridges and viaductsof metal for all types of land transportConstruction Services of bridges and viaductsof metal for pedestriansConstruction Services of bridges of concreteor other materials, for all types of landtransportConstruction Services of bridges of concreteor other materials for pedestriansConstruction Services of elevated highwaysfor motor vehicle trafficConstruction Services of bridges and elevatedhighways n.e.c.Repair/alterations etc of bridges and elevatedhighwaysGeneral construction services of bridges andelevated highways, n.e.cGeneral construction services of tunnelsConstruction Services of highway tunnelsConstruction Services of road tunnelsConstruction Services of railway tunnelsConstruction Services of tunnels and relatedunderground constructions for undergroundrailway traffic9

54239954231Service Product DescriptionConstruction Services of tunnels n.e.c.Repair/alterations etc of tunnelsGeneral construction services of tunnels n.e.c.General construction services of harbours,waterways, dams, water mains and lines,irrigation and other waterworksGeneral construction services of aqueductsand other water supply conduits, 9542333Construction Services of aqueductsConstruction Services of water supply conduitsother than aqueductsRepair/alterations etc of aqueducts and otherwater supply conduits, except pipelinesGeneral construction services of aqueductsand other water supply conduits, exceptpipelines n.e.c.General construction services of harbours andsimilar waterworksConstruction Services of harbour bottoms andharbour channelsConstruction Services of breakwaters, quaysand piersConstruction Services of jetties and docksConstruction Services of wharves and similarstructuresRiverworks and Canal construction for watertransportLocks, floodgates, sluices, lifts, dry docks,slipways to barrages and other hydromechanical structures.Construction Services of harbours and similarwaterworks n.e.c.Repair/alterations etc of harbours and similarwater worksGeneral construction services of harbours andsimilar waterworks n.e.c.General construction services of damsConstruction Services of dams and similarwater-retaining structuresConstruction Services of embankments forcoastal areasConstruction Services of embankments forother waterside areas10

54234Service Product DescriptionConstruction Services of dams n.e.c.Repair/alterations etc of damsGeneral construction services of dams n.e.c.General construction services of irrigation andflood control 9954249954241Construction Services of Irrigation waterwaysConstruction Services of flood controlwaterworksConstruction Services of Irrigation and floodcontrol waterworks n.e.c.Repair/alterations etc of irrigation and floodcontrol waterworksGeneral construction services of irrigation andflood control waterworks n.e.c.General construction services of longdistance pipelines, communication andpower lines (cables)General construction services of 2Construction Services of Long distanceoverland pipelinesConstruction Services of Long distanceunderground pipelinesConstruction Services of Long distanceSubmarine pipelinesConstruction Services of pumping stations andsimilar related worksConstruction Services of long-distancepipelines n.e.c.Repair/alterations etc of long distancepipelinesGeneral construction services of long-distancepipelines n.e.c.General construction services of long-distancecommunication and power lines (cables)Construction Services of Long distanceoverland telecommunication transmissionlines ( This includes high tension electriccables)Construction Services of Long distanceunderground telecommunication transmissionlines ( This includes high tension electriccables)11

ClassSubClassProductcodeService Product Description99542423Construction Services of Long distancesubmarine telecommunication transmissionlines ( This includes high tension electriccables)99542424Construction Services of Long distance hightension electric power transmission linesConstruction Services of electricity power linesfor railwaysConstruction Services of transformer stations,pylonsLong-distance communication and power lines(cables) n.e.c.Repair/alterations etc of long-distancecommunication and power lines (cablesGeneral construction services of long-distancecommunication and power lines (cables) n.e.c.General construction services of localpipelines and cables and related 59954251General construction services of 4Construction Services works of Local GaspipelinesConstruction Services works of Local WaterpipelinesConstruction Services works of hot-waterpipelinesConstruction Services works of steampipelinesRepair/alterations etc of local pipelinesGeneral construction services of localpipelines n.e.c.General construction services of local cablesand related worksConstruction Services works for localelectricity transmission cablesConstruction Services works for localcommunication transmission cables excludingTelevision cablesConstruction Services works for televisioncablesConstruction Services works for laying cablesfor transformer stations and sub-stations fordistributions12

5425299954253Service Product DescriptionConstruction Services works for laying cablesfor transmission towers including antennasConstruction Services works for local cablesand related works n.e.c.Repair/alterations etc of local cables andrelated worksGeneral construction services of local cablesand related works n.e.c.General construction services of sewage andwater treatment plants99542531Construction Services works of sewer systems99542532Construction Services works for sewagedisposal plantsConstruction Services works for watertreatment and purification plantsConstruction Services works for sewage andwater treatment plants n.e.c.Repair/alterations etc of sewage and watertreatment plantsGeneral construction services of sewage andwater treatment plants n.e.c.General construction services of minesand industrial 95426199954262General construction services of minesConstruction Services works for mine loadingand discharging stationsConstruction Services works for winding-shaftsassociated with mining operationsConstruction Services works for towersassociated with mining operationsConstruction Services works for tunnelsassociated with mining operationsConstruction Services works for driftsassociated with mining operationsRepair/alterations etc of sewage and watertreatment plantsGeneral construction services of mines n.e.c.General construction services of power plants99542621Construction Services works for hydro electricpower plants13

693995427Service Product DescriptionConstruction Services works for coal basedthermal power plantsConstruction Services works for gas basedthermal power plantsConstruction Services works in Plants andequipments for Nuclear powered generatingstationsConstruction Services works related to windmillsRepair/alterations etc of power plantsGeneral construction services of power plantsn.e.c.General construction services of otherindustrial plantsConstruction Services works for manufacturingfacilities of food processingConstruction Services works for manufacturingfacilities of textilesConstruction Services works for manufacturingfacilities of basic chemicals, compounds andpharmaceuticals99542694Construction Services works for chemical andrelated manufacturing facilities such as blastfurnaces and coke ovens9954269599542696Construction Services works for Iron foundriesConstruction Services works for manufacturingfacilities of metals other than iron99542697Construction Services works of specializedfacilities for manufacturing n.e.c9954269899542699Repair/alterations etc of other industrial plantsGeneral construction services of otherindustrial plants n.e.c.General construction services of outdoorsport and recreation facilitiesConstruction Services of grounds for sportsgenerally played in open air such as footballand baseball (This includes "Rugby" and"Track and field").Construction Services for tennis groundsConstruction Services for Car or bicycle racesand Horse racesConstruction Services for recreationinstallations, e.g., golf courses and 954270414

399542904995429059954290899542909Group ce Product DescriptionConstruction Services of marinas for pleasureboatsConstruction Services for public parks andgardens, zoological and botanical gardensConstruction Services for outdoor sport andrecreation facilities n.e.c.Repair/alterations etc of outdoor sport andrecreation facilitiesGeneral construction services of outdoor sportand recreation facilities n.e.cGeneral construction services of other civilengineering worksConstruction Services works for militaryengineering worksConstruction Services works for satellitelaunching sitesConstruction Services works for waste dumpsand waste incineratorsConstruction Services works in plants fortreating and processing of nuclear materialConstruction Services works for other civilengineering works, n.e.c.Repair/alterations etc of other civilengineering worksGeneral construction services of other civilengineering works n.e.c.Site preparation servicesDemolition servicesDemolition services of buildings and otherstructuresDemolition services of highwaysDemolition services streets other thanhighwaysDemolition services n.e.c.Site formation and clearance servicesPreparation services of agricultural land,including drainingPreparation services to make sites ready forsubsequent construction workTest drilling and boring and core extractionservices for construction, geophysical,geological or similar purposeHorizontal drilling for the passage of cables ordrainpipes15

Class995433SubClassProductcode99543205Digging of trenches, for site drainage.99543209Site formation and clearance services n.e.c.Excavating and earthmoving servicesLarge-scale earthwork, excavation, slopingand earthmoving services involving making ofembankments or cuttings, prior to highwayconstruction (roads, motorways, railways, p Group 0995452995453995454Service Product DescriptionDigging of trenches, for utilitiesExcavating and earthmoving services n.e.c.Water well drilling and septic systeminstallation servicesWater well drilling servicesConstruction services involving drilling ordigging water wellsInstallation services of water well pumps andpiping systemsInstallation services of water well pipingsystemsWater well drilling services n.e.c.Septic system installation servicesAssembly and erection of prefabricatedconstructionsAssembly and erection of prefabricatedconstructionsInstallation, assembly and erection services ofprefabricated buildingsInstallation, assembly and erection services ofother prefabricated structures andconstructionsInstallation services of all types of streetfurniture (e.g., bus shelters, benches,telephone booths, public toilets, etc.)Assembly and erection of prefabricatedconstructions n.e.c.Special trade construction servicesPile driving and foundation servicesPile driving servicesFoundation servicesConstruction framing servicesBuilding framing servicesRoof framing servicesRoofing and waterproofing servicesConcrete services16

oup 619299546193Electrical installation servicesElectrical wiring and fitting servicesFire alarm installation servicesBurglar alarm system installation servicesResidential antenna installation servicesOther electrical installation servicesElectrical installation services oftelecommunication equipmentInstallation services of heavy electricalequipmentelectrical installation services for illumination &signaling systems for roads, railways, airports,harbours and similar premisesinstallation services of telecommunicationwiring, including of fiber optic cables99546199Other electrical installation services n.e.cWater plumbing and drain laying servicesWater plumbing servicesDrain laying servicesHeating, ventilation and air conditioningequipment installation 329954631099546320Heating equipment installation servicesVentilation and air conditioning equipmentinstallation 999954691099546990Gas fitting installation servicesInsulation servicesOther installation servicesLift and escalator installation servicesOther installation services n.e.c.Building completion and finishing 300995463Group 99547995471995472995473Structural steel erection servicesMasonry servicesScaffolding servicesOther special

distribution services, Financial and related services; real estate services, and rental and leasing services, Business and Production services, Community, social and Personal Services. 2. The ITC (HS) contains 97 chapters in accordance with the Harmonized System Nomenclature (HS), developed by World Customs Organization (WCO). The chapters