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andtheBy: Roald Dahl

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Charlie andthe ChocolateFactoryBy: Roald DahlName

1. Describe the Bucket family.2. How does Charlie show that he loves chocolate?3. How do you know that Charlie’s grandfatherloves him?4. Who is Prince Pondicherry?5. What unusual fact have you learned about WillyWonka’s factory? Third and Goal

The 5 W’sWhat has happened in the story?Who:What:When:Where:Why: Third and Goal

1. Why did Willy Wonka fire all of his factoryworkers?2. Describe Willy Wonka’s contest.3. Who won the first two golden tickets?4. Why is Charlie at a disadvantage for findinggolden tickets?5. If you wanted a golden ticket, what would you doto get it? Third and Goal

Character NameQuote from the Character:Character’s Thoughts:Picture of the Character:Character’s Feelings:Characterization is how an authordevelops a character. We can studya character’s thoughts, words,actions, and feelings. Third and Goal Third and Goal

1. Use text evidence to describe Veruca Salt.2. What did you notice about Mike Teavee?3. Which grandparent encourages Charlie to tryagain?4. If Charlie doesn’t have a lot of money, predicthow he finds a golden ticket.5. Draw your own golden ticket in the space below. Third and Goal

Visualize what is happening in the story. Infer what eachcharacter’s Facebook status could say. Draw a picture in the box.CharlieLikeCommentWilly WonkaLikeCommentVeruca SaltLikeCommentAugustus GloopLikeCommentMike TeaveeLikeCommentViolet BeauregardeLikeComment Third and Goal

1. How did Charlie win the golden ticket?2. Why did the family choose Grandpa Joe toaccompany Charlie?3. Which part of Willy Wonka’s letter sounds themost exciting to you?4. Charlie’s day changed drastically. Describe thechanges.5. Draw how you imagine Charlie’s face when hefound out that he won the ticket. Third and Goal

Cause and EffectWrite the cause and effect of two events from the story.CauseEffectEffectDraw pictures to prove your thinking.Cause Third and Goal;

1. How does Willy Wonka greet his guests?2. Why does Will Wonka take the groupunderground?3. Describe the Chocolate Room.4. Who are the Oompa-Loompas?5. Draw how you imagine the Oompa-Loompas. Third and Goal

VisualizingWhat would you do if you could tour Mr.Wonka’s Chocolate Factory? Where wouldyou go first? What would your favorite partbe? Illustrate your ideas below. Third and Goal

How’s YourCharacter Feeling?Character: Page: Paragraph:Feeling:Character: Page: Paragraph:Feeling:Character: Page: Paragraph:Feeling: Third and Goal

1. Why did Willy Wonka hire the Oompa-Loompas?2. Which character wants an Oompa-Loompa?3. How does Augustus fall into the chocolate river?4. What did the Oompa-Loompas sing about?5. How does Mr. Wonka respond to the fact thatAugustus is missing? Third and Goal

You have the chance to give Augustus an iPad to help himnavigate his way to safety. Draw and label five appsthat you want to give to him. They can be imaginaryapps or ones that you have used before. Third and Goal

1. What is the everlasting gobstopper?2. What is Mr. Wonka’s most amazing invention?3. Why does Violet ignore Mr. Wonka’s advice?4. How are Violet and Augustus similar?5. Which child do you think is Mr. Wonka’s favorite?Why? Third and Goal

Important QuotesPick three IMPORTANT quotes from the story. The quote you choose shouldprove a character trait or the central message of the story. Draw apicture of the character in the box.”“”“”“““““““ Third and Goal

1. Why does Veruca go in the nut room?2. How does Veruca get thrown in the chute?3. Why do the squirrels think Veruca is a bad nut?4. What happens to Veruca’s parents?5. Predict what will happen to Charlie and MikeTeavee. Third and Goal

WantedVeruca SaltLast Seen:Physical Description:Crime:Reward: Third and Goal

1. What does the group do as a result of Mike beingtired?2. Where do they go once they are on theelevator?3. Were you surprised that Charlie took thechocolate bar from the TV?4. What happens to Mike?5. What do the Oompa-Loompas sing about thistime? Third and Goal

Prediction PROVE IT!Reason 3Reason 2Reason 1Write or draw your prediction in the box. Prove your thinking in the circles. Why do youthink your prediction will come true?My Prediction Third and Goal

1. Why did Mr. Wonka have the contest?2. What does Mr. Wonka decide to do with hisfactory?3. How have the other children changed?4. What kind of child was Mr. Wonka looking for?5. Do you think Willy Wonka is a good person? Whyor why not? Third and Goal

EndCharacter ChangesBeginningThe moment my character changed was Third and Goal

Songs play a large role in this story. Howdo the songs teach a lesson about thecharacter’s behavior? Third and Goal

Would You Rather?Choose one item in each row.Eat a ButtercupORDrink from the Waterfall ofChocolateMeet an Oompa-LoompaORTour the Chocolate FactoryVisit the Marshmallow RoomORVisit the Chocolate RoomRide on the Pink BoatORRide in the Glass ElevatorEat an EverlastingGobstopperOREat gum from the Great GumMachineEat Marshmallow PillowsOREat Lickable WallpaperMeet a Trained SquirrelORSee a Cow that givesChocolate MilkVisit the Rock Candy MineORSkate at the Cokernut RinkSwim in a Fizzy LemonadePoolORHold Magic Hand-FudgeEat a Rainbow DropOREat an Invisible ChocolateBarWatch TVORRead a Book Third and Goal

Draw a picture of how you imagine eachcharacter in the story. Use text evidence tosupport your picture.Charlie BucketVeruca SaltAugustus GloopMike Teavee Third and Goal

Draw a picture of how you imagine eachcharacter in the story. Use text evidence tosupport your picture.Violet BeauregardeOompa-LoompasWilly WonkaGrandpa Joe Third and Goal

Theme or Central MessageThe central message is the moral or the big ideafrom a story. What do you think the centralmessage is here?Theme:Important Quotes to Prove the Theme Third and Goal

Suggested AnswersChapter 1-31.The Bucket Family is a poor family that lives in the same town as Willy Wonka’sChocolate Factory. Charlie is the main character in the book. He lives with his parentsand both sets of grandparents. He is kind, smart, and respectful. He is neglectedbecause he does not have enough food to eat because his family is so poor. Their houseis small and cold. However, the Buckets are good people.2.Charlie savors each bite of his birthday gift. He only gets chocolate once a year on hisbirthday. He also loves listening to his grandfather tell him stories of Willy Wonka’sfactory.3.Visiting with Charlie is the best part of his day. He loves telling stories to Charlie despitehis old age.4.He is an Indian prince who asked for a palace made of chocolate. Willy Wonka made itfor him.5.No factory workers enter or exit the factory.Chapter 4-61. He thought they were spies. He kept seeing copy cats of his chocolate everywhere. Heassumed that the factory workers were giving his secrets away so he fired them.2. He decided to open his factory to 5 lucky children. They will get to tour the factory for anentire day. They will also win an endless supply of chocolate for the rest of their life!3. Veruca Salt and Augustus Gloop4. Charlie only gets one chocolate bar/year on his birthday because he is poor. The otherchildren are rich and can get as many bars as they want. The more bars they open, themore chances they have to win a golden ticket.5. Answers will vary.Chapter 7-101. Answers will vary. Veruca is a spoiled brat that gets anything she wants! She is mean andself-involved. Her parents do anything she says.2. Mike Teavee is obsessed with TV.3. Grandpa Joe encourages Charlie to try again.4. Answers will vary.Chapter 10-121. Charlie found 1 in the snow on the street. He bought 2 bars with the money. The firstbar, he devoured. He bought a second bar and it contained the golden ticket.2. Grandpa Joe is the most excited for Charlie.3. Answers will vary.4. His day began terribly. He was starving, lonely, and cold. It ended when he found thegolden ticket. He was so happy and excited!

Suggested AnswersChapter 13-151. Willy Wonka is very excited! He seems like an eccentric man with endless energy.2. He built underground so that he would never run out of room for all of his ideas!3. Answers will vary.4. The Oompa-Loompas are fun-loving dwarfs that come from Oompa-Land. They perform allof the work in the factory. They like to sing, dance, and beat the drums.Chapter 16-181. They loved the cacao bean so much, he hired them so they would work hard for him. Inexchange, they would get as much chocolate as they wanted.2. Veruca Salt.3. He is drinking and eating so much chocolate from the river, that he falls in. He is so greedyand doesn’t listen to Mr. Wonka’s advice. All he cared about was getting more chocolate.4. They sang about Augustus changing from a greedy boy to one that was loveable.5. Mr. Wonka assures everyone that Augustus is alright. Mr. Wonka does not seem worried atall.Chapter 19-211. It is a piece of candy that never shrinks. It is good for kids with little to no pocket moneybecause it will last a long time.2. He invented gum that tastes like a 3 course meal.3. Violet can’t help herself. She is too greedy. She eats the gum despite Wonka’s warning.4. Both characters are punished for their greed. Violet is now a giant blueberry! Augustus ismissing!5. Answers will vary.Chapter 22-241. Veruca wants a trained squirrel.2. The squirrels throw her down the chute!3. Veruca is a bad child (nut). She is too selfish!4. They go down the garbage chute after her.5. Answers will vary.Chapter 25-271. The group rides the glass elevator2. They go to the TV Room.3. Answers will vary.4. Mike wants to be sent through the TV. He jumps into the TV despite Wonka’s warning. Asa result, he becomes 1 inch tall. However, he is the first person ever to be sent by TV.5. Now they sing about the dangers of too much TV on children. They think children shouldread!

Suggested AnswersChapter 28-301. Mr. Wonka wanted to find a child to take over his chocolate factory.2. He gives the factory to Charlie. Charlie can learn the rules from Willy Wonka. WhenWonka dies, Charlie can take over. Charlie’s family can live at the factory with him, too.3. All of the children are ok in the end. However, they have all changed for the better.4. He was looking for someone like himself. He wanted a child that was excited, imaginative,obedient, and respectful.5. Answers will vary.

factory. 3. Visiting with Charlie is the best part of his day. He loves telling stories to Charlie despite his old age. 4. He is an Indian prince who asked for a palace made of chocolate. Willy Wonka made it for him. 5. No factory workers enter or exit the fac