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About EMFEMF is a Financial Modelling Consultancy firm specializing in Financial Modelling Automationand Training. We have developed highly sophisticated yet simple to use proprietary FinancialModelling Automation Software, that has challenged traditional methods of modelling.We, at its core, are dedicated in imparting the years of experience and knowledge that wegathered to the newest going-to-be professionals with the latest and best industry practices. Sothat they are ahead of times and beat the ever-growing competition with ease.2

Why Financial Modelling TrainingExcel proficiencyFinance & AccountingFinancial ModellingDashboarding / VBA / Power BIWide-Spread UsageCertifications & Placement AssistanceAlmost all industries and sectors require use of Excel whether it isanalysis, reporting and calculations, it is the backbone of manybusinesses and being proficient in excel helps claim jobs with ease.With the advent of data driven decisions, financial modelling hascome to the center of things. Rarely any deal or transaction goeswithout modelling in some way or the other.Financial modelling is now used across various industries like PrivateEquity, Portfolio Management, Credit Analysis, Banking, M&A, FP&A,Transaction Advisory, Due Diligence, etc.3Without Finance & Accounting concepts it is not possible to getfinance-based job. We teach finance concepts where students learntheoretical concepts through financial modelling.We also introduce other technologies to students which aid inanalysis and teach how to build graphs and charts, sensitivities andscenarios.We provide block-chain validated certificates to deserving candidateswho have cleared our tests and provide placement assistance forgetting the right job.

Financial Modelling EssentialsCourse Offerings A to Z Excel in relation to Financial Modelling (Keyfunctions and features) Financial modelling as per the best modellingpractices Case-study based learning (Project Finance) Commercial knowledge as per industry standards(apart from usual textbooks in Finance) 3Rs of VBA i.e., Record, Read and Re-write Macrofor financial models4 Sensitivity and Scenario analysis Dashboarding Integrity checks and alerts to avoid errors Integrated financial statements (PL, BS, CF) Key ratios and returns (output analysis) and much more.

Course AgendaTime spent on students in teaching various concepts necessary to come up shiningin the corporate worldExcel TrainingExcel TrainingFinancial ModellingTrainingESSENTIALSTRAININGFinancial ModellingTraining30 hours of Financial ModellingTraining based on case studiesDashboarding & ToolsDashboarding & toolsPower BI, VBA, EMFTITLE GOES HEREThis is a sample text.510 hours of Excel training (Optional)in order to digest financial modellingeffectively10 hours of output designing,introduction to Power BI, EMF tool,Valuation introduction, VBA, experttalks etc.

EMF course benefits We provide block chain verifiable certificates only for those whopass our test We provide premium subscription to our proprietary automationtool, which allows students to learn new ways of financial modellingand focus on analysis, interpretation and report writing, acrossdifferent industries / sectors Project Finance modelling (instead of simple historical basedforecasting) via real industry-based case study approved byManagement We will assist in developing financial models and solving queries(for 3 months post getting certificate) 6Industry specific expert talks on financial modelling concepts

PricingPricing for our Financial Modelling Essentials Training is USD 285 per candidate. Thecandidate will also be provided with a digital certificate in case he/she passes the test.7

Our TeamMohit SinghIsha SahnanMayank JainAnurag KushwahaTraining Head &Delivery ExpertTraining ChampionIndustry & FinancialModelling ExpertAutomation & FinancialModelling Champion10 years of Industryexperience across theverticals10 years of experiencein financial modelling &automation8 years of experience inFinancial Modelling &Training deliveryassistance across globe4 years of IndustryExperience & 3 years oftraining expertiseBackground Mohit is an expert financial modelling trainer.He’s Assistant Director in WallStreet Schooland Head trainer in EMF He holds degree in Master of BusinessAdministration (MBA) Prior to joining this firm, we was in F1F9 for 3yearsExperience In the past 6 years, he has delivered multiplecourse in financial modelling, both online andface to face to big corporates including IBM,McKinsey, Deloitte. He has excelled in the artof teaching excel skills and formulas that arenecessary for the use in financial modelling.His participants have been from freshers tomid-level seniors.SkillsBackground Isha is a financial modeller and trainer,currently working as a consultant to EMF Isha holds Post graduate degree inManagement-Finance and graduated in Arts(majoring in English and Economics). Prior to this, she was with F1F9 for 8 yearsExperience In the past 8 years, she has workedextensively on a number of assignmentsinvolving business modelling (Bid model,Financial close model and Operational Model),corporate modelling (Forecasting, Budgeting &Reporting) and strategy models. Further, shehad been responsible for FAST trainingcourses and new recruits training.Skills Mohit’s key area of focus is training in the fieldof financial modelling Isha’s key area of focus is Financial Modellingtraining and financial modeller. He has expertise in using excel and trainingcontent creation including videos and postsand FAST Certified modeler, She is a certified FAST financial modeller byFAST Standard Organization.Background Mayank Jain is Senior Financial Analyst inMasdar support Business development andinvestment decision in Clean energy (AbuDhabi) Mayank holds Post graduate diploma inManagement and graduated in businessadministration. Prior to joining Masdar, He was Associate VicePresident in the Valuations, Modeling andEconomic advisory practice at EY IndiaExperience In the past 10 years, he has workedextensively on number of assignmentsinvolving business modelling (Bid models,Financial close models and OperationalModels), corporate modelling, strategy models,Decision making tools and Financial Modellingtraining (1000 hours). He has extensiveexperience in VBA and Dashboarding as well.Skills Mayank’s key area of focus is FinancialModelling and has worked on projects acrosssectors and geographies He is a certified FAST financial modeller byFAST Standard Organization.Background Anurag is a financial modeller and founder Anurag holds Post graduate degree inManagement-Finance and graduated inEngineering-CS. Prior to joining EMF, he was with EY Businessmodelling team for 3 years and with F1F9 for4.5 years.Experience In the past 10 years, he has worked acrossgeographies and sectors in the field of financialmodelling and automation. He has developednumber of tools that have great value to themodelling community. He has championed theidea of creating the financial modellingautomation tool that fits a long way into thecompany’s vision.Skills Anurag’s key area of focus is Automation in thefield of finance and technology. He is a certified FAST financial modeller byFAST Standard Organization.

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Financial Modelling With the advent of data driven decisions, financial modelling has come to the center of things. Rarely any deal or transaction goes without modelling in some way or the other. Wide-Spread Usage Financial modelling is now used across various industries like Private Equity, Po