BOHAIRIC - ENGLISH DICTIONARYaeympuwhb6inrvsjgzkxc,f[d/lot'q]

Abbreviations(2b). Reference to page 2 col b of Crum's Coptic Dictionary, . etc.adjAdjectiveadvAdverbd.o. Direct Objectdef. DefinitefFeminine NounfmFeminine or Masculine Noun, mostly femininegenGenitiveGkOf Greek originGk? Perhaps of Greek originHeb Of Hebrew originimperatImperativeindef. Indefiniteinterj Interjection or exclamationinterog InterrogativeLatOf Latin originLit.LiterallymMasculine NounmfMasculine and Feminine Nounn,nn NounnegNegativep.c.part ParticleplPluralprep. Prepositionprfx veSingularSubjectView (cross reference)VerbVerbalVerbsIntransitive verbTransitive VerbWith

Coptic KeyboardCopticCharacterKey 1234567890 \ !@# % &*() qwer 1234567890 \ !@# % &*() qwer CopticCharacter t y u i o p [ ] Q W E R T Y U I O P { } a s d f g h j k l ; ' A er D F G H J K L : " z x c v b n m , . / Z X C V B N M ?KeyDFGHJKL:"zxcvbnm,./ZXCVBNM ?

Aa: (1a); First letter of the alphabet;a: One;a: Thousand.a: (1a); vbal prfx derived from iri, itcharacterizes:a. Perfect tense,b. Pluperfect tense,c. Aorist tense.a: (1a); imperat prfx of vbs; lo, nau,ouwm, ouwn; or alioui, amou andderivatives, ari, au.a-, au-: (1a); adv of indefinitness "about",often with n- prfx.a-: (Gk); neg prfx "without, un-".aaf v.(2)af - Fly.ab v. (2)af - Fly.abayra: (Gk); n. Bridge, dam; Lit.'without base'.abakicye: (Gk?); n. Wild gum.aban v. aouan - Color.abaj/ini, -jini, bajini, -j/ini, j/ni: (3a); mf. Glass, an object of glass,a thing seen in glass;canabaj/ini: m. Glass-blower orseller.abba: (Gk); m. Father; a title of respectgiven to elderly monks, abbot, orsuperior of a monastery.ab/n v. aouan - Cargo.ab/t v. abot - Months.abi aban v. aouan - A variety of colors.abin v. aouan - Cargo.abit: (2b); n. Monday.abok v. abwk - Crow.aboki v. abwk - She-crow / crows.abot,pl. ab/t, sg as pl.: (53b); m. Month.aboui v.(1)af - Flesh.abraciwn: (Gk?); n. The abundance ofgrass and plants.abrem: (2b); n. Something cooked, baked,ripe.abrilloc: (Gk?); n. The month 'April'.abcwn, aucon: (2b); m. Wild mint.abw: (2a); f. Dragnet, net.abwk, abok (seldom), f. aboki, pl.aboki and sg as pl: (2b); m. Crow.raven.agayartoc akayartoc - Unclean.agay/ v. agayoc - Good (f).agayon v. agayoc - Good.agayoc, -on, f. -y/: (Gk); adj. good,righteous, noble.agalma: (Gk); Unknown.agap/, -/c: (Gk); f. Love, brotherly love,love of God, charity, alms, a love feast;agap/toc: adj. beloved;eragapan: vb. To love.agap/c v. agap/ - Love.agap/toc v. agap/ - Beloved.agariyonikon: (Gk); n. A kind of treefungus.aggelia: (Gk); f. A message, tidings,news, word, speech.aggelikenoc: (Gk?); m. English in origin.aggeloc: (Gk); m. Angel, messenger,envoy.agg/n: (Gk?); n. Pot, vessel.age, pl. agete: (Gk); imperat of agw come!, come on!; interj. come now!agel/: (Gk); Unknown.ageli, akeli: (Gk); f. A herd of oxen,company.agete v. age - Come (pl)!agia v. agioc - Holy.agiazin: (Gk); (w/ er-) vb. To hollow,sanctify, purify, consecrate.agiacma: (Gk); A holy place, sanctuary,holiness.

agiacmoc:(Gk);m.Consecrationsanctification, holiness.agion v. agioc - Holy.agioc, -on, f. -a: (Gk); m. Saint; adj.sacred, holy.agiocun/, -ot/c: (Gk); f. Holiness,purity.agiot/c v. agiocun/ - Purity.agm/: (Gk); Eruption (on the face), acne.agn/ v. agnoc - Pure.agnia: (Gk); f. Purity, chastity, celibacy.agnoc, f. -n/: (Gk); adj. Pure, upright,chaste.agora v. agwra - Marketplace.agoreoc: (Gk); m. Lawyer, advocate; f.court.agrammatoc: (Gk); adj. Illiterate; n.uneducated or unlearned person.agria v. agrioc - wild.agriolakonon v. agrioc - Wild gourd.agrion v. agrioc - Wild.agrioc, -on, f. -ia: (Gk); adj. Wild, fierce,savage, vehement, harsh;agriolakonon: m. Wild gourd.agw v. akw - Filth.agwn: (Gk); m. Agony, struggle, trial,battle;eragwnizecye, eragwn/zecye: vb.To agonize, fight, /c, agwn/yet/c: (Gk);Unknown.agwra, agora: (Gk); f. Marketplace,place of commerce;agwreuc: m. Vendor.agwreuc v. agwra - Vendor.adamac: (Gk); m. Diamond.adikoc: (Gk); adj. Unrighteous, unjust.adikia: (Gk); f. Wrong offence, treason,injustice.aetoc: (Gk); m. Eagle.a/r: (Gk); Air, atmosphere.ay- v. at- - Un-.ayanatoc:(Gk);adj.Undying,everlasting, immortal.ayah v. wth - Burden.ayetin: (Gk); (w/ er-) vb. To set aside,disregard.ay/neoc: (Gk); m. Athenian.ay/r v. hay/r - Hammer.ayl/cic, aylucic: (Gk); f. Conflict,combat, struggle, contest.ayl/t/c, aylit/c, aylut/c: (Gk);m. One who struggles, athelete, strongperson.aylit/c ayl/t/c - Strong person.aylon: (Gk); Unknown.aylovoroc: (Gk); m. Endurer of struugle.aylut/c ayl/t/c - Strong person.aylwvoroc aylovoroc - Endurer ofstruggle.ayreu v. atre - Twin.ayrioc: (Gk?); n. Thou al-qaada, the 11thmonth of the Arabic lunar calendar.aywr: (728a); n. Hatur, the 3rd month ofthe Coptic v. iri - To do.aiai, oi (Q): (1b); vi. To increase, advancein age; (Q) great, honored;---: m. Increase, growth.aiguptia v. aiguptioc - Egyptian.aiguptiazecye: (Gk); (w/ er-) vb. To belike an Egyptian, to follow the Egyptians,to speak like an Egyptian.aiguptioc, f. -ia: (Gk); m. Egyptian;aiguptogen/c: of Egyptian race;aiguptoc: m. Egypt, the Nile.aiguptogen/c v. aiguptioc - OfEgyptian race.aiguptoc v. aiguptioc - Egypt.aik: (3a); m. Consecration of a place;eraik: v. To consecrate;[iaik: v. To consecrate.

ait/ma, et/ma: (Gk); m. Request,akw, agw: (3b); f. Thing destroyed,demand, assumption, petition.aiou: (19b); n. (w/ er-) means to go ortravel.akayoc agayoc - Good.akayarton v. akayartoc - Unclean.akayartoc, -on: (Gk); adj. Unclean,defiled, filthy (in body or mind).(1)akakia, -ac: (Gk); f. Acacia tree.(2)akakia, -ac: (Gk); adj. Innocence,simplicity.akakiac v. (1)akakia - Acacia.akakiac v. (2)akakia - Innocence.akeli v. ageli - Herd of oxen.akereoc: (Gk?); adj. Meek.akeroc: (Gk); adj. Ill-timed, unseasonable.ak/c: (3b); m. Girdle, breeches.akia agia - Holy.akilia: (Gk?); f. A type of flies or plants.(1)akinoc: (Gk?); f. A worm (?).(2)akinoc: (Gk); m. Basil-thyme.(1)akl/, kal/: (3b); f. Weasel.(2)akl/, kal/, akli, alk/: (3b); f. Apottery vessel used for food or liquidstorage.akli v. akl/ - Pottery vessel.akm/n: (Gk); adv. Still as yet.akxiwma axiwma - Honorakolouyia: (Gk); Unknown.akon/, -/c: (Gk); f. Whetstone, bone.akon/c v. akon/ - Bone.akraton v. akratoc - Unmixed.akratoc, -on: (Gk); adj. Unmixed, pure,unadulterated.akribwc: (Gk); adv. Precisely.akt/n v. aktic - Ray.akt/r v. aktic - Ray.aktin v. aktic - Ray.aktic, akt/n, aktin, akt/r: (Gk); m.Ray, sunbeam; brightness, splendor,glory.carrion, filth, (3a); m. Pebble; hailstone; testicle; spot,patch on skin, v. aloli - Grape.alabactron v. alabactroc Alabaster.alabactroc, -on: (Gk); m. Alabaster,white marble; a case box or casket madeof alabaster esp. vessel for perfume.alableb v. alaplep - To be weary.alak v. halak - Ring.alanon: (Gk); A type of plant.alaplep, alableb: (671a); vi. To beweary, despondent;---: m. Weariness, distress.alacw]: (6a); pl. Armies.ala,ictoc: (Gk); adj. Smallest, least;poor miserable.alektor v. alektruwn - Cock.alektruonoc v. alektruwn - Cock.alektruwn, -truonoc, -twr, -tor:(Gk); nn mf. Cock, hen.alektwr v. alektruwn - Cock.alexanarinoc: (Gk); m. Native v. al/yinoc -, -on: (Gk); adj. Real,trustworthy, al/ywc - (Gk); adv. Truely, actually, (4a); imperat of ali ; vi. To mount,go up, go on, go on board;--- ehr/i: vi. To mount up, ascend inyears;--- ejen-: vi. To ascend, go up;--- eqr/i ejen-: vi. To descend upon.alyilia: (Gk); m. A type of gum.ali v. wli - Hold.ali: (4b); m. Fenugreek.

aligwn: (Gk?); m. A kind of candy oraloli, al-, el-, leli-: (54b); m. & sgsweets.alil, alili: (6a); m. Field mouse.alili v. alil - Field mouse.aliyinon al/yinoc - True.alit v. wli - Hold.alioui v. wli - Hold.aliji: (6b); m. Fuller's earth.alke, alk/: (5b); m. Last day of themonth.alk/ v. akl/ - A pottery vessel.alk/ v. alke - Last day of the month.alkoproc: (Gk?); m. A brittle metal usedin making red ink.alkou: (5b); f. Flask.alkou v. elkou - Fruit of sycamore tree.alla: (Gk); conj. But;allakai: But also.allenoc: (Gk?); m. A certain kind oftrees.all/goria: (Gk); f. Allegory.all/louia: (heb); Hallelujah, praiseGod.allogen/c: (Gk); adj. Stranger, ofanother race.(1)allo/: (6a); m. Salamandar; an easternbird.(2)allo/: (Gk?); m. A plant.alloki v. allwki - Banana.allou: (5a); f. Eye's pupil.allotrion: (Gk); Unknown.allovuloc: (Gk); adj. Of another tribe,foreign, strange; of a different kind.allwk/ v. allwki - Banana.allwki, -wk/, -oki: (6a); m. Banana.alogon v. alogoc - Irrational.alogoc, -on: (Gk); adj. Speechless,unutterable, irrational, absurd.alo/, -/c: (Gk) f. The aloe.alo/c v. alo/ - Aloe.alok: (5b); m. Corner, pl. Grape, vine;alswou: m. Raisen;bw naloli: f. Vine;lele,/mi: m. Bruise;ma naloli: m. Vineyard.aloj, pl. alwj: (7a); m. Arms (pl);knees (pl); shoulder (pl); thigh.alou, pl. alwoui: (5a); mf. Youth, boy,girl, maiden, servant;metalou: f. Time of youth,youthfulness;metrefqatebalou: m. Childslaying;eralou: vb. To be young.aloubeh: (3b); n. A white shining spot.aloubeh v. balmbeh - Bald.alva: (Gk); m. 1st letter of the alphabet;alvab/toc, -on: m. The alphabet;alvab/tarion: m. Pronunciationbook, elementary reading book.alvab/tarionv.alvaPronunciation book.alvab/ton v. alva - Alphabet.alvab/toc v. alva - Alphabet.alwm: (670a); m. Cheese.alwou, -oui: (6b); pl. Bunch (of grapes).alwoui v. alou - Youth.alwoui v. alwou - Bunch.alwj v. aloj - Arms.alswou v. aloli - Raisin.alaji: (6b); pl. Whales.amaiou v. iom - v. ham- - Craftsman.amal/j: (7b); vi. Embrace;jineramal/j: m. Act of embracing.amahi: (9a); vi. To prevail, rule, be inpossession, lay hold on, restrain; vt. Tograsp, embrace, possess, restrict, detain;--- ejen-: vb. To rule have power over;--- nem-: vb. To hold with, support;--- hijen-: vb. To hold back, detain;

---: m. Power, possession;atamahi: adj. Unrestrained, uncontrollable;metatamahi: f. Uncontrolledness, incontinence.ame, am/: (55b); f. Hoe (for digging).ameyuctoc: (Gk); m. A precious stone Amethyst'.ameleia: (Gk); n. Character or conduct ofa carelss, heedless or negligent person;indeference.amelec amel/c - Careless.amel/c: (Gk); Negligent, careless,heedless.amen]: (8b); m. Hades.ametr/t/ v. ametr/toc - Immense.ametr/t/c v. ametr/toc - Immense.ametr/toc: (Gk); adj. Unmeasured,unmeasurable, immense, unnumbered,countless, exhaustless;ametr/t/, -/c: Same v. ame - v. amou - Come!am/iri: (56a); f. Inundation, high (Heb); adv. Verily, of a truth, so beit; (679a); m. Arms, (7a); m. Herd (of cattle or sheep).am/s: (56a); m. Anvil.amiantoc: (Gk); adj. Undefiled, pure.amin: (7b); m. Pot (of soapstone).amici: (56a); m. Dill, anise.ammoniakon v. ammoniakoc - Ammonia.ammoniakoc,, -on: (Gk?); m. A kind ofplant; ammonia.amn v. mna - Manna.amna: (7b); m. Type of herb or perfume;manna.amnoc: (Gk); m. A lamb.amoi: (675a); interj. Would, o that.(1)amoni: (8a); vi. To prevail, be inpossession, be strong; vt. Seize, possess,detain;--- ejen-: vb. Same meaning;--- nem-: vb. To support, help;--- nten-: vb. To hold, be in possessionof; endure, wait for;--- hijen-: vb. To overcome;--- hijwf, atsamoni nten-: adj.Unrestrained, uncontrollable;metatsamoni nten-: f. Uncontrolledness, intemperance;---: m. Handle;--- nten-: m. Endurance, patience;metrefamoni nten-: f. Endurance;jinamoni: m. Arrest, restrain.(2)amoni, moni, manou , manouou ,menn/t : (173a); (I) vi. To pasture,feed; vt. To feed, tend cattle;ma mmoni: m. Place of pasture;refamoni: m. Shepherd;mani n-: Herd of;mani, man-: pl. man/ou, meneu, &sg as pl.: m. Herdsman, pastor;(II) vi. To be made fast, come to land,come into port (of ship);moni eqoun-: vi. To come in toshore, lie in port; vt. To bring into shoreor port;ma mmoni: m. Harbor.(1)amre, pl. amr/ou & sg as pl.: (8b); m.Baker;manamre: m. Bakery;metamre: f. Art or process of baking.(2)amre: (9a); f. Cleansed, winowed(wheat).amou: (7b); vb imperat. Come, come you(m);am/: vb imperat. Come you (f);amwini: vb imperat. Come you (pl).amwini v. amou - Come you (pl).amse v. se - Carpenter.

(1)an-: (10b); m. lit. The great one of.(2)an-, pl. anan-: (10b); Prfx in collectivenumerals.(3)an: (10b); neg. part. following subj. andpredicate; not.(4)an: (56b); interrog. part., precedes subj.ana v. wni - Stone.anabaymoc: (Gk); m. Flight of steps,stair.anabat/c: (Gk); m. Horseman, rider(cavalry).angkazin: (Gk); v. (w/ er-) To force,constrain.anagkeon: (Gk); Unknown.anagk/: (Gk); f. Force, constraint,necessity, distress, violence, suffering,compulsion by force.anagnwcma: (Gk); m. A passage readaloud, lecture, reading.anagnwct/c: (Gk); m. Reader.anayema: m. An accursed thing, curse,excommunication, a person devoted tothe devil.anay/ma: (Gk); m. A votive offering (setup in a temple).anai: (11a); vi. To be pleasing, pleasant,grow better;---: m. Beauty;rana: vi. To be pleased; vt. To please;ranaf: m. That which pleases;metranaf: f. Act of pleasing;refrana : f. One who pleases;metrefrana : f. Act of pleasing;jinranaf: fm. Meaning as last;ini: adj. Pleasant, always with ctoi perfume.anaiw: (218b); f. Peg, stake (for tent ropesor ship hawsers).anakl/ton: (Gk); Unknown.anal/m'ic nal/'ic - Ascension.anal/'ic: (Gk); f. Feast of ascension,ascension.analum'ic anal/'ic - Ascension.anam/i: (524a); m. Precious stone, jewel.anan- v. an- - prfx in collective numerals.anantwri v. antwri - Minor.(1)anapai: (12a); f. Hen.(2)anapai ia: (12a); m. Valley.anapaucic: (Gk); f. Repose, rest, ease.anarouhi v. rouhi - Eveninganar,ia, -ac: (Gk); f. Anarchy, lawlessness.anar,iac v. anar,ia - Anarchy.anar,on v. anar,oc - Without beginning.anar,oc, -on: (Gk); adj. Without head orchief, without beginning.anar,wc anar,oc - Without beginning.anactacic: (Gk); f. Resurrection, awakening, standing up; feast of resurrection.anactrov/: (Gk); Unknown.anatol/, -/c: (Gk); f. The rising of thesun or moon; east.anatol/c v. anatol/ - East.anaus v. anas - Oath.anavora, -ac: (Gk); f. Offering, sacrifice; liturgy.anavorac v. anavora - Liturgy.ana,wrin: (Gk); (w/ er-) vb. Act of retirement.ana,writ/c, -tou: m. Anchorite.ana,writou v. ana,writ/c - Anchorite.anas, pl. anaus & sg as pl.: (12b); m.Oath;metref]anas: f. A swearing.anahwr v. aho - Storehouses.andro, -w: (Gk); m. Man, human.andrw v. andro - Man.anecy/toc: (Gk); Unknown.anelywn: (Gk?); vb. To rise, walk.anemro embrw - (12a); f. School.anyas: (12b); m. Sneeze.

anyemic: (Gk); f. A herb like camomile.anyera v. hay/r - Hammer.any/r v. hay/r - Hammer.anyimoc: (Gk?); m. 1st month of the arabicyear.anyropoc, -ou: (Gk); m. Man, human,body.anyropou v. anyropoc - Human.anyupatoc, -ou: (Gk); m. Proconsul.anyupatou v. anyupatoc - Proconsul.anyouc: (11b); m. A species of lizard'.anikam: (12b); m. A kind of vitriol',metallic sulfate.anicon, -ou: (Gk); m. Dill, anise.anicou v. anicon - Anise.anict/: (Gk); vb. To raise up, set up, wakeup; to raise from the dead.anioui v. ini - Bring.ankevaloc: (Gk); m. Head, brain.ankoki, ankouki, enkoki: (12a); m. 3rd(ring) finger.ankouki v. ankoki - Ring finger.annonna annwnna - Unknown.annoser: (12a); m. Wild endive, chicory.annwnna: (Gk); Unknown.ano/ton v. ano/toc - Silly.ano/toc, -on: (Gk); adj. Unheard of,senseless, silly, not thought on.ano/twc: (Gk); adv. In foolishness, inthoughtlessness.anok: (11b); pers. pron. I'.anom: (12a); m. Skin.anomia: (Gk); f. Iniquity, sin, lawlessness;eranomin: vb. To transgress, sin.anomon v. anomoc - Lawless.anomoc, -on: (Gk); adj. Without law,lawless, impious.anon: (11b); pl. of anok, we'.anoni: (12a); vi. To live luxuriously orwantonly.anocioc: (Gk); adj. Unholy, profane.anro v. ro (hanro) - Porch.anti: (Gk); prep. Opposite, against, in placeof, for the sake of.antigramma: (Gk); f. Duplicate letter.antigraveuc: (Gk); m. Checking- orcopying-clerk, a public officer.antigrav/, -on: (Gk); f. Written reply,plea, transcribing.antigravon v. antigrav/ - Plea.antidikoc: (Gk); m. Opponent or adversary in a suit.antikumenoc: (Gk); Unknown.antilegin: (Gk); vb. (w/ er-) To speakagainst, gainsay, contradict.antilogia: (Gk); f. Contradiction, controversy.antilogoc: (Gk); m. Contradictory, reverse.antion v. antioc - Opposite.antioc, -on: (Gk); adj. Set against, face toface, opposite, contrary.antl/ma: (Gk); m. Bucket for drawingwater.antoli: (12a); m. Fish-eating bird.antwri: (12a); m. One of mature age;atantwri, anantwri: m. Minor,underage.anwnna annwnna - Unknown.ansiri, an[iri: (12b); m. Species of bean,phaseolus.anjwj v. (1)jwj -[iri v. ansiri - Bean.(1)axia: (Gk); f. Worth, value, amount,reputation, dignity.(2)axia v. axioc - Worthy.axioin: (Gk); Unknown.axioc, -ia: (Gk); adj. Worthy, goodly,estimable, deserving.axiwma, -atoc: (Gk); m. Honor,reputation.axiwmatikoc: (Gk); (adj) Honorable,esteemed.axiwmatoc v. axiwma - Honor.

apa: (13a); m. Apa (title of reverence).apay/c: (Gk); adj. Not suffering, withoutapodexic v. apodeixic - Proof.apod/mon, -oc: (Gk); adj. Away frompassion or feeling, apathetic.apantan: (Gk); v. (w/ er-) To meet,encounter, face.apant/ma: (Gk); f. Meeting, chance.apax: (Gk); adv. Once for all, once, onceonly.apax aplwc: (Gk); adv. In general.apar,/: (Gk); f. Beginning of a sacrifice,primal offering, first fruits.apac: (17a); adj. Old;metapac: f. Oldness;erapac: vb. To become old;jinerapac: m. The process of growingold, aging.apat/, -/c: (Gk); Trick, fraud, guile,treachery, Deceit.apat/c v. apat/ - Deceit.apeiroc v. apiroc - Ignorant.apelpizin: (Gk); v. (w/ er-) To bedespaired.aperanton v. aperantoc - Infinite.aperantoc, -on: (Gk); adj. Boundless,infinite, countless, unlimited, endless.aperaton, -reton: (Gk); Unknown.apereton v. aperaton - Unknown.apioc, -ou: (Gk); f. Pear tree.apiou v. apioc - Pear tree.apiroc, apeiroc: (Gk); adj. Inexperienced,ignorant.apictoc: (Gk); adj. Not to be trusted,disloyal, faithless, disobedient, unbelieving, suspicious.aplwc: (Gk); adv. Singly, in one way,simply, absolutely, plainly, frankly,generally.apograv/: (Gk); Unknown.apodazecye: (Gk); v. (w/ er-) To bidfarewell.apodeixic, -dexic: (Gk); f. Demonstration, showing forth, making known,exhibition, publication,'s country; m. traveler, tourist.apod/moc v. apod/mon - Abroad.apoy/k/, -/c: f. Magazine storehouse,refuge.apoy/k/c v. apoy/k/ - Refuge.apokalum'ic apokalu'ic - Apocalypse.apokalu'ic: (Gk); f. Disclosing (ofhidden springs), uncovering (of thehead), revelation (esp. of divine mysteries), manifestation; biblical book ofApocalypse.apokricic: (Gk); Unknown.apolabin apolauin - Pleasure.apolauin, -aucic: (Gk); f. Act ofenjoying, pleasure.apolaucic v. apolauin - Pleasure.apoleuyeroc: (Gk?); m. Slave, bondman.apolle: (Gk?); mf. Youth.apollwn: (Gk); m. The god "Apollo".apologia: (Gk); f. Apology.apomeroc: (Gk); vb (w/ er-) To divideoff, separate.aponia aponoia - Unknown.aponoia: (Gk); Unknown.aporin: (Gk); Unknown.apoctat/c: (Gk); m. Apostate; deserter,rebel, seceder.apoctolik/ v. apoctolikoc - Apostolic.apoctolikon v. apoctolikoc - Apostolic.apoctolikoc, -/, -on: (Gk); adj. Apostolic.apoctoloc: (Gk); m. Apostle, messenger,messenger from God, ambassador,envoy.apocunagwgoc: (Gk); m. One expelledfrom the synagogue.aprokr/cic apokricic - Unknown.apul/: (Gk); Unknown.

apoun v. (2)apouc - Lame.(1)apouc: (14b); m. Bald (from ringworm).(2)apouc, -oun: (Gk); m. Lame, withoutfoot or feet.apovacic: (Gk); f. Sentence, decision,assertion, judgement.apuroc: (Gk); m. Without fire, cold,cheerless, brand-new, unsmelted.(1)ara: (14b); m. Door-ring.(2)ara: (Gk); prep. Since, thence.arabia: (Gk); f. Arabia.arabikoc: (Gk); adj. Arabic.arabioc: (Gk); m. (Gk); adj. Arabic;acpi nremarab/c: f. The Arabiclanguage.ararim v. arim - Saltwort.arbot v. arbwt - Staff.arbwt, -ot: (702a); m. Wand, staff.areioc pagoc, arioc pagoc: (Gk);The hill of ares at Athens; Arios Pagos.aret/: (Gk); f. Goodness, virtue, valor,excellence.aresan: (59a); Conditional vbal prfxformed from 2nd present san, sa; if.areh: (707b); vi. To guard, keep;--- e-: vb d.o.;---: m. watch, guard;ma nareh: m. Watching-place;refareh: m. Watcher, guard;metrefareh: f. Watchfulness;jinareh: m. Act of watching,, er/b, r/b: (15a); m. Pledge,deposit (of money).(1)ar/ou: (15b); adv. Perhaps, if;eb/l ar/ou adv. Except.(2)ar/ou, er/ou: (59a); nn mf. mostly w/poss. prfx agreeing in gender and mostlyin number w/ the subject of the clause;fellow, companion; each other, together,mutually.ariymoc, -ou: (Gk); m. Number, arithmetic; Numbers (biblical book).ariymou v. ariymoc - Number.ariki: (15a); m. Blame, fault;atariki: adj. Blameless;jemariki: vb. To blame, find fault;---: m. Fault-finding.arim, ararim: (15b); n. An edible plant"saltwort".ariopagoc areioc pagoc - Ariospagos.arioc pagoc v. areioc pahoc - Ariospagos.arictolo,ia, -ac: (Gk); f. A herb usedin healing of gaut, it is said that originallyit was invented to ease the birth process.arictolo,iac v. arictolo,ia - Akind of herb.aricton, -ou: (Gk); m. Morning meal,breakfast, luncheon; banquet.arictou v. aricton - Breakfast.arioui v. iri - Do.arkan/, arkl/: (Gk); f. The bar to whichthe threads of the warp are fastened.arkl/ v. arkan/ - A kind of bar.aro: (15a); n. Cyperus (tree, or wood).artemonoc v. artemwn - Pulley.artemwn, -monoc: (Gk); m. The foresailof a ship, the pricipal pulley (in asystem).ar,aioc v. ar,eoc -,ei: (Gk); f.,eoc, ar,aioc: (Gk); adj. Antiquated,ancient,,/, ar,i: (Gk); f. Beginning, origin,foundation, heavenly power, magistrate;metar,/: f. Leadership, authority,government;erar,ecye: vb. To begin, start,/aggeloc: (Gk); m.,/gin: (Gk);,/diakonoc: (Gk); m. Archdeaconate.

ar,/diakwn: (Gk); m.,/epickopoc: (Gk); m.,/ereuc: (Gk); m. Arch-priest,,/ylit/c: (Gk);,/mandrit/c: (Gk); nn mf. Abbot,head of a monastery or a,/cunagwgoc, -ou: (Gk); m. Ruler ofa,/cunagwgou v. ar,/cunagwgoc- Ruler of a,/tektwn: (Gk); m. Master-builder,,/telwn/c, -ou: (Gk); m. Chiefpublican, chief,/telwnou v. ar,/telwn/c Chief,/triklinoc: (Gk); m. President of abanquet,,i v. ar,/ -,iereuc ar,/ereuc - high,ontoc v. ar,wn -,wn, -,ontoc: (Gk); m. Ruler, commander, chief magistrate, governor.arwma, -atoc: (Gk); m. An aromaticherb or spice; aroma.arwmatizecye: (Gk); v. (w/ er-) to spice,perfume.arwmatikon v. arwmatikoc - Aromatic.arwmatikoc, -on: (Gk); adj. Aromatic.arwmatoc v. arwma - Aroma.arwoui, rwoui: (306b); m. Stubble.ars/t, ers/t: (16b); vb. Same astarso, to multiply'.arsin: (16b); m. Lentil.acron, -ou: (Gk); m. A plant, hazelwort.acrou v. acron - Hazelwort.acaf: (18b); n. A plant explained as bark,rind of caper root'.acbol/: (Gk); f. Soot.aceb/c: (Gk); adj. Ungodly, unholy, profane, sacrilegious; m. ungodly one;metaceb/c: f. Ungodliness, profanity.acyeneia: (Gk); f. Want of strength, weakness, sickness, feebleness.acyen/c: (Gk); adj. Weak, feeble, infirm,sick.aciai, aciwou (Q): (17b); vi. To be light,be relieved, be swift; vt. to lighten;---: m. Lightness, alleviation; Q. hastiness;qen ouaciwou: adv. Lightly.aciwou v. aciai - Lighten.ack/cic: (Gk); f. Asceticism, exercise,practise, training.ack/t/c, -ou: (Gk); m. Hermit, monk,ascete.ack/tikoc: (Gk); adj. Ascetic, laborious.ack/tou v. ack/t/c - Hermit.ackoc: (Gk); m. Wineskin, bellow.acma: (Gk); m. Song esp. lyric ode, (317a); n. w/] forms vi. to spare,refrain;]aco: n. Forbearance;a[ne ]aco: adj. Without sparing,unhindered;at]aco: adj. Unsparing;metat]aco: f. Unrestrainedness.acofper: (18b); n. Explained as bitter nut(or plant).acpazecye: (Gk); vb. (w/ er-) Towelcome kindly, greet, salute, kiss,embrace.acpi: (18a); f. Language, speech;remntacpi: m. Eloquent man.accuria: (Gk); f. Assyria.accuria v. accurioc - Assyrian.accurioc, f. -ia: (Gk); adj. Assyrian.actrologia: (Gk); f. Astronomy, astrology.actrologoc: (Gk); m. Astronomer; later astrologer.

acoui: (18b); f. Purse, wallet; bag.acouli: (18a); pl. Butterflies.acvalton v. acvaltoc - Asphalt.acvaltoc, -on, -ou: (Gk); f. Asphalt,bitumen, pitch, kind of petroleum.acvaltou v. acvaltoc - Asphalt.acvoui: (18b); n. 1st year of reign.acwmatoc: (Gk); adj. Disembodied,, ay- (before liquids): (18b); A neg.prfx forming adj.; un-, without;metat-: forming f. n.atamantinon: (Gk); Unknown.atamac adamac - Diamond.ataouin v. aouin - Without cargo.atonon v. atonoc - Weak.atonoc, -on: (Gk); adj. Lacking of elasticity, weak, slack.atopon v. atopoc - Foul.atopoc, -on: (Gk); Out of place, out ofthe way, disgusting, foul, extraordinary.atparaba: (Gk?); adj. Without taking byforce.atre, pl. ayreu, atreu: (726b); Adoubled thing, twin; testicles.atreu v. atre - Twins.atrovia, -ac: (Gk); f. Want of food ornourishment, atrophy, starvation, diet.atroviac v. atrovia - Atrophy.atrovoc: (Gk); adj. Ill-fed, non-viable, illof[ne, a[ne-, at[nou : (25b);[nou v. at[ne- -[r/n v. a[r/n - v. a- About.aouan, aban: (20b); m. Color; appearance;aoui aouan, abi aban: Varietyof colors;aouin: m. Jaundice.aoub/t: (21b); m. Collection, company (ofpersons); (monastic) congregation, monastery.augouctoc, -ou: (Gk); m. Augustus,August.augouctou v. augouctoc -, aou/r v. ou/r - About (circa).auyadikon v. auyadikoc - Stubborn.auyadikoc, -on, auyat/c: (Gk); adj.Stubborn, self-willed.auyat/c v. auyadikoc - Stubborn.aoui aouan v. aouan - Variety ofcolors.aouin, ab/n, abin: m. (ship's) Cargo,load;ataouin: adj. Without cargo.aouin v. aouan - Jaundice.auic: (19b); imperat. part. Give, bringhither; come.aul/, -/c: (Gk); f. Open court (before thehouse), courtyard, court, hall chamber,abode, dwelling, steading for cattle.aul/c v. aul/ - Courtyard.aul/ou: (20b); pl. Part of monk's dress.auxon: (Gk); Unknown.aur/j : (16b); n. Limit, end; always withsuffix of things limited;ataur/j : neg adj. Limitless,boundless.autokratwr: (Gk); adv. One's ownmaster, free, independent, absolute ruler,possessing full powers.autourgoc: (Gk); m. Self-working,husband-man, simple, native.aouw, ouw: (62b); f. Pledge, surety;] naouw: vb. To give as pledge;,w naouw: vb. To deposit as pledge;[i naouw: vb. To take as a pledge.(1)aouw v. ouw - Cease.(2)aouw v. ouw - Cease.aouwn: vb. imperat. of ouwn, to open.aujal: (704a); m. Anchor, hook.

aujwl v. jwl - To cover.ave, pl. av/oui: (13b); f. Head: of a livingas: (22a); I. interrog. pron. Who, what?;varies with nim, ou; II. indef. pron. Abeing; metaphor; as title, chief; capital (ofmoney);atave: adj. Headless;metatave: f. Headlessness;erave: vb. To be at the head of, lead.av/t v. avot - Cup.av/oui v. ave - Heads.avopi v. avwv - Giants.avot, pl. av/t: (14b); m. Cup, sacramental "chalice".avovi v. avwv - Giants.avoui v. (1)af - Flesh.avwt v. evwt - Crocodile.avwv; pl. avovi, avopi: (21b); m?,aric: (Gk); adj. Without grace orcharm, ungracious, thankless, unpleasant,disagreeable.a,at/c: (Gk); m. Agate (precious stone).a,i v. aqi - Sedge.a,rantoc: (Gk); adj. Undefiles, immaculate.a,w, pl. a,woui & sg as pl.: (662b); m.Magician, wizard;meta,w: f. Magic.a,wrictoc: (Gk); adj. Not parted, undivided, inseparable.a,writoc: (Gk?); adj. Not comprehended,vague, mysterious, endless.a,woui v. a,w - Magician.a'ikon v. a'u,oc - Lifeless.a'ikoc v. a'ukoc - Lifeless.a'inyon v. a'inyoc - Wormwood.a'inyoc, -on: (Gk); f. Wormwood.a'u,on v. a'u,oc - Lifeless.a'ukoc, -on, a'ikoc, -on: (Gk); adj.Lifeless, inanimate, spiritless, fainthearted.awratoc: (Gk); Unknown.certain, whatever; III. indef. v. asi - To (p.c.) v. ws - read.asai, os (Q): (22b); vi. To become many,multiply; Q. many;---: m. Multitude, amount;metasai: f. Number, multituderefasai: m. Multiplier;ase: f. Multitude.ase v. asai - Multitude.aseben: (23a); m. Enchanter.aseu: (23a); pl. Astrologers.asi (Q) v. isi - To be hung.asin ncyoi v. a[in - Aromatic plant.asira: (23a); f. Chameleon.asiri v. iri - Diligent person.asikap v. skap - Cry.asmi v. wsem - Soot.(1)af; pl. afoui, aboui, avoui, & sg aspl: (23a); m. Flesh (human or animal),meat;canaf: n. Meat dealer or seller;eraf: vb. To become flesh (of consecrated bread);ouemaf: vb. To eat flesh or meat(2)af, aaf, ab: (23b); mf. insect, fly;--- nebiw: n. Honey fly, bee;--- nouhor: n. Dog fly.afleli: (741a); f. Lizard.afoui v. (1)af - Flesh.afjir: (23b); m. Greedy one of shamfulgain;metafjir: f. Greed of shamfule gain.aqi, a,i: (25a); m. Marsh herbage, sedge.aqo : (25a); interrog. pron. with suffixesreferring to subject of phrase; what,why?aqori v. aqwri - Asp.aqwiri v. aqwri - Asp.

aqwm: (25a); m. Eagle; orig. falcon,vulture.aqwri, aqwiri, aqori: (23b); m. Asp.aha, ah/: (64b); part. yes';a. Answers questions affirmatively,b. Varies with ce',c. Sometimes ce - more emphatic,contradictory, answers m/,d. With conditional icje or eswp, if so,if indeed,e. Verily, well then, indeed,f. Introduces questions.ah/ v. aha - Yesahi: (24a); m. Length, limit of life, life span;erahi: vb. Pass life;nebahi: n. Long-lived, only with metor er-;metsarahi: f. Short life;ersarahi: vb. To be short-lived;jemahi: vb. To have (find) ling life.(1)aho, ahor, pl. ahwr & sg as pl: (24b);m. Treasure; treasury, store-house;anahwr: pl. Store-houses.(2)aho: (24b); n. Dwelling, abode.ahom: (24b); m. only with fi- forming sigh, groan;fiahom: m. Groan, yawn, roar.ahor v. (1)aho - Treasure.ahwr v. (1)aho - Treasures.aje- v. jw - To say.ajo v. (1)ajw - Viper.ajo v. jw - To say.ajol]: (26a); n. Wagon, cart.ajot v. jw - To say.ajp, pl. ajpi: (777b); fm. Hour;mvnau najp: adv. At the time of,about the . hour.ajpi v. ajp - Hours.ajou v. (1)ajw - Viper.(1)ajw, ajo, ajou, ejw, ejou: (25b);f. Viper.(2)ajw, jo: (753b); m. Crook-ba

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