Circus Report, November 3, 1980, Vol. 9, No. 44


Novembers, 1980\"TV111\'IIITHE FLYING PADILLASRingling Bros., Barnum & Bailey Circus Blue Unit

Page 2Novembers, 1980Joseph C. ReisingerA C T S - Are you listed with us ?ATTORNEY AT LAWD W I G H T DAMONEntertainment UnlimitedEntertainment Law - Civil Trials - ImmigrationFor Free Consultation or AppointmentCall: 415 -472 -1050Lane Manor. Box 685, Merrimack, NH 03054603-424-3341MAGK LIMITIDLlOYD [ (ONES -J91H AVE OAKLAND. (A W9BY LLOYD E. JONESWell, the trip to Smogville was worth itl Wenot only saw a good "It's Magic" show, butattended the SWAP SESSION at the Castleand also saw three performers there worthnoting.Many local magicians said they had no desire to see this 27th edition of "It's Magic"since they had seen most of the acts before.But those who attended had a fine eveningof magic. Show, well attended, opens withBRANDON SCOTT and two scantily cladassistants who gyrate and do small magic alaDracula, dim lights and light and music effects. Left me cold, but others liked it Second was PETRICK and MIA, now familarto many but I enjoyed because I could watchhis skill at manipulating and the act seemsbetter dressed. Others were unimpressed.JOHN SAL ISE of the London Magic Circleamused with his duck that loses an eye, alathe great late French entertainer. Rate himaverage as well as his MC chores of the 2ndhalf. MARVYN ROY and wife Carol werenext and gave magicians their first view ofhis jewel act and all were unimpressed. Itlacks the sparkle (that's a joke son) of hiselectric light act and tricks and steals wereordinary.ROBERT DORIAN slowed down the billwith a mental routine in which spectors madevarious choices and he showed alt had beenpredicted via a taped earlier filming. QuiteTHE CIRCUS REPORT is published each weekby Don Marcks, 525 Oak St. El Cerrito, Calif.9453O - Phone: (415) 525-3332.SUBSCRIPTION RATES: 15.00 for the year,Overseas rate via surface mall is 20.00 a year.ADVERTISING RATES: (Per issue on a firstcome basis) Minimum Ad 5.00; Quarter Page 10.00; Half Page 20.00; Full Page 35.00impressive but to me, ho-hum. However,the hit of the bill was SHIMADA who nowdid his what coutd be called modem act withmanipulations and dove productions thatNO one has ever done better. Excellent - andworth the long trip alone. A slimmed downDeanna was an asset. ALI BONGO, the eccentric English comic, who also was MC forthe first half, had some funny gags and hiszany actions were well received. Silly, butentertaining.The show closed with Shimada and his dragon act. A new background and reworkingmake this an outstanding act worthy of LasVegas or Paris, and follows a long run in Japan. Smoke, fireworks from the dragon andJapanese assistants made this an act to leavethe theatre pleased with the whole eveningswork.Perhaps you saw the front page article in theWall Street Journal on the Larson brothersand their enterprises. They are now big business and a credit to magic.The Castle's SWAP MEET was fun. The bigbuilding was packed with sellers and buyersat tables, and coffee was on the house. HotDogs were available and they were awful)Next time I'll bring my own sandwich.We took the opportunity to introduce ournew books "The Birthday Magician's Handbook" by Dave Fiscus and "Magic on Stage"by Wally Reid. The first covers the field surprisingly well from pros and cons to getting(Continued on Page 19)License PlatesOfficial Clyde Beany-Cole Bros. CircusLicense Plates. Limited edition of 500.Bright colon embossed on sturdy metal.- 6.00 post paid B. F. B. ADVERTISINGP. 0. Box 578 Winter Park, Fla. 32790

JENDA SMAHAANDTANYA THE ELEPHANTHosts Burgess Meredith, Jim Stafford and Priscilla PresleyABC-TV

Page 4Show DatesBeatty-Cole CircusNov. 5-9 Cincinnati, OhioGarden-Johnson CircusNov. 7-9 Columbus, Ga.Great All Arner. Youth Cir.Nov. 7-9 San Bernardino,Ca.Hoxie Bros. CircusNov. 3 Altamonte Springs4 Tarpon Sprgs, Fla5 Punta Gorda6 Ft. Myers Beach7 Naples8-9 Deerfield Beach— End of Season King Bros. CircusNov. 8-9 Sarasota, Fla.Ringling-Barnum Blueto Nov. 16 Rosemont, III.Ringling-Barnum - Redto Nov. 9 Cleveland, OhioRoyal Hanneford CircusNov. 4-9 Baltimore, Md.Royal Palace CircusNov. 4-8 Birmingham, AlaTNT& Royal OlympicNov. 4-8 Beaumont, TexasNovember 3,1980Royal Lichtenstein CircusNov. 3 Boca Raton, Fla.4 Jensen Beach5 Tampa6 Winter Park7 Orlando---OTHER DATES----Texas Shrine CircusNov. 6-15 Ft. Worth,TexasCentury 21 Showsto Nov. 9 Miami, Fla.Wonderland Circus RevueNov. 3 Ruffin, SC5 Varnville6 Branson7 RidgelandJames H. Drew ExpositionNov. 3-8 Dublin, Ga.- End of Season -Hubler Int'l CircusNov. 1-2 Troy, NY----MAGIC---Kellmar's Showtime USANov. 3 Pandora, Ohio4 No. BaltimoreSMcClure6 Holgate7 Oeshler8 Spencerville- End of Tour Pf. Miller's Magic Time USANov. 3 Falls City, Nebr.6 Fayette, Mo.7 Boonville8 IndependenceMichaelNov. 6789R. BaldridgeSpring Arbor,MichGrove City, Pa.PittsburghJohnstownLos UtinosNov. 6015 Ft. Worth, TexasThe SikorskysNov. 8 New Brunsw'k, NJ


THIS COLUMN is being written towards theend of the Houston run. It is still hot downhere during the daytime but it cools downenough at night for comfortable sleeping without air conditioning. Most of us will be glad tosee real fall weather for a change.A number of acts were taken to the HoustonAstrodome before the first Astro-Phillies gameand those acts included ORESTO, AWADA,RON and PAM PERRY, the TANGERTROUPE, IRVING HALL, ISABELLA, POCO, SLO-POKE, REX and SANDY YOUNG,ringmaster ERNIE McLEAN and musiciansLEO MASCITTO and STEVE LOCKWOOD.JIM SWAFFORD made his annual pilgrimmage from L.A. to Houston, then on to theGIL GRAY Circus at the Dallas Fair, stopping over in Las Vegas enroute home. RAULPRADA and PATH GATTI also visited, thenleft to catch Circus Vargas, the Dallas Fair,and Carson & Barnes. Also on tap lookingover talent and visiting friends was LUCASATAYDE.Juggler PICASSO visited BRIGET BALLENTINE. He had just concluded something likeeight years in Las Vegas and was on his wayto the Lido Club in Paris for nearly a year'srun.GUNNAR AMANDIS also came in for aquick visit and tilled me in on much of hisactivities. He handled the bookings for thenew ELIZABETH MONTGOMERY NBCmovie "When The Circus Came To Town",which included the use of the Stebbings Circus. The movie is to be televised in February.Gunnar plays a cameo scene in the movie, bythe way.The Amandis Agency also set the PIRATESOF THE SKY and JOHNNY LUXEM for theCBS Circus of the Stars, and they have theROLLING DIAMONDS at the Palace Theatrein San Juan, P.R. So far the act has been there12 weeks.ITEMIZING: BILL and TRUDY continuetheir breakdown saga when the transmissionwent out of their pick-up just as they pulledinto the Sam Houston Coliseum Parking lot. .Some of the talent on King Bros. Circus includes MIKE RICE with his animal acts, theSCOTT'S UNRIDEABLE MULE (and boxerdogs), ALBULET BROS, hi-wire/motorcycle,the GAONAS flying/teeterboard acts; NAN-CY GIORDANO, CO CO and COCONUT,The DAVISONS.the GREAT SEBASTIAN,EDDIE SCHMIDT'S tigers, a six piece bandand other acts that Gunnar Amandis (whogave me the rundown) couldn't remember.WADE BU RCK parked for a few minutes ina no-parking zone to make a hurry-up purchase and emerged to find his truck impounded. Wife MARGARET came on during H o u ston and soon the Burcks wilt have a newbaby. By the end of the year it looks like.YOLANDA ZOPPE played six weekends atsomething called the 14th Century Renaissance Festival, held in Houston, with a bearact. LEE and J E A N E T T E KEENER werein with the Diano bulls for Houston only andfrom there went to a date in Troy (Oh) forHubler and the Charleston (W.Va) date forSam T. Polack. BUCKY STEELE andBARBARA TATA were also on tap withtheir bulls and will continue for the balanceof the Texas dates. .In Houston the elephantdisplay was an impressive one with 19 bulls.Don't whatever you do, ask BETTY HUBER for directions) Betty, incidentally, makesan excellent homemade prune juice. BRIGET BALLENTINE looks hardly old enoughto have an 8 yr old daughter. LEO MASCITTO and STEVE LOCKWOOD (drummer)played the Baton Rouge Fair for Eddie Zacchini between San Antonio and Ft. Worth.I made a mistake, it is after Ft. Worth thatHERBIE WEBER flies to San Francisco forSID KELLNER. .For the first time ever.Herfaie finally did his "fake fall" on two successive nights in Houston and tore down thehouse; got, in fact, the biggest reaction ofANY act in the program and he was workingthird from closing. You just can't top the oldpros.Drawing "mini-show" duty during Houstonwere Ron and Pam Perry, Oresto, Isabella,Lee Keener with a baby bull, Bucky Steelewith a baby bull, Davide Zoppe, Rex Youngand Sandy, Irving Hall, Poco and Slo-Poke,and Herbie Weber.For the first time in years the Shrine scheduled a matinee on Monday and Tuesday, bothshows at 1 p.m. and the shows cost more toput on than they were worth - what with themusicians, spotlight operators, clean-up men.(Continued on Page 30)


Page 8Novembers, 1980WANTEDKING BROS. CIRCUSBY DR. PAUL FITZPATRICKMy son and I attended the King Bros. Circusat Opelika, Ala., on Sept. 13th and thoroughly enjoyed it We were well received and hada chance to talk with Ned Toth, Coco andson (clowns), Charlie Stevenson (bandmaster)to Mike Martin (announcer) and several otherperformers I had met over the years, including Mike Rice and his wife Randy.Shows were at 4:30 and 8 p.m. and they hada % house for the opening show, with a fullhouse at night There were a number of actssome working one show and not the otherand they were juggled around for each presentation.They have a flying act, single traps, clowns,elephants, dog and pony, trampoline, jugglerand so on. There was some confusion due toa lack of organization, but they put on a realgreat show.The band is all circus and even though someof the members are new to working under atent they do a superb playing job. Both HorstGeyer, tuba, and Charlie Stevenson, baritone,are pros.The lighting started out disorganized, but hadimproved by the time we saw the show. Theyopened in Ozark, Ala. on Sept. 10th, and NedToth plans a full season next year.Their tent is the old King top of some 3 seasons back. They are using an old Beatty-Colemarquee, side show, etc. There is a brand newconcession trailer, first used at this date andthree new Int'l trucks. The pole truck andgenerator are from the old King show.GIRL or YOUNG WOMAN for jugglingact - Good pay and living accommodations.Write, sending details to:Juggler, c/o Circus Report525 Oak StreetEl Cerrito. Calif. 94530FROM CHECKERS AND PATCHESActs for the Dr. Pepper Circus at the StateFair of Texas, in Dallas, included: JimmyHall's Bears; The Ramos Family; Sir Lancelot, risley; the Checkers and Patches CanineRevue; The Olmedas; The Gutis Family; Peteand Petrova, cradle; The Swaying Stars (bythe Coca Cola stage); Bill and Carol Golden,elephants; and both of the Hall families baboon acts. Clown Alley featured Checkers(Steve Baker) and Patches (Gary Ray), plusPaulo (Paul Neibauer) and Phillippe (PhilShear). Cleo Plunkett was the singing ringmaster.The show ran Oct. 3 thru Oct. 19th and wasproduced by Gil Grey.Sales and promotion of our new book "TheAdventures of Checkers and Patches" hasbeen very successful. Autograph sessions inconjunction with personal appearances havebeen planned for the Christmas season.While in New York promoting the book wevisited with our friend and business associate, Josh Silver, who runs the big apple talent agency called Joshola Entertainment.Included in the visit was a chance to see theshow"Barnum,"

ERIK and BOBBI ADAMSARE STILL ON THE ROAD UNTIL DEC. 10, 1980With a Very Funny Dog Act and Chimpanzee Act FOR 1981 WE ARE BOOKED THRU EUGENE LAMBART IN:March 22 to March 28 - Dayton, OhioApril 2 to April 11 - Columbus, OhioApril 23 to April 26 - Indianapolis, IndianaApril 30 to May 3 - Wichita, KansasMay 5 to May 17 — CanadaMay 22 to May 24 - Minot, N, D. June 5 to June 19 - Bill Kay's Shrine Circus in Idaho Booked thru Amandis Agency We love to talk BusinessCall or Write for OpenTime . . .E R I K A D A M S , Sr.P. O. Box 595Gibsonton, Fla. - 33534Phone: 813 -677 - 1469

Page 10Novembers, 1980CIRCUS BOOK "The Circus Life andAdventures of Adam Bardy" A truly interesting life story for old-timers especially.Only 7.95 a copy. Order from: AdamBardy, Thompson, Conn. 06277.Magic Time USAWANTS - For Balance of SeasonElectric Guitarist and DrummerContact as per route in Circus Reportor leave message at office:THE BIG JOHN STRONG CIRCUSThe Big John Strong Circus was back in itihometown of Yucaipa, Calif., on Oct, 26thwhere the final performances of the 1980season were presented. Thus ended what wasdescribed by Big John as "one of the mostdifficult years we've had since the show firstwent on the road."When the circus started its 1980 tour it wason a high note, with both the program andpersonnel roles greatly expanded. From Mayto October there was a gradual decline inpersonnel, as one by one most of the peopleleft for a variety of reasons. When seen lastmonth Big John was back on the show handling the announcing and production, therewere new people handling the canvas and several new people working concessions. Theshow continued to move smoothly, howeverand audiences seemed to enjoy the performance. Teardown and setup were takingabout two hours each.The end of the season program featured:Bill Schreiber, pony drill (4); Jay Evans andFlippo, juggling; Sugar & Spice, cradle; Billand Sandy, dog acts (2 acts); Flippo andChrissy, clown high jumping; Kiss Cry

new books "The Birthday Magician's Hand-book" by Dave Fiscus and "Magic on Stage" by Wally Reid. The first covers the field sur- prisingly well from pros and cons to getting (Continued on Page 19) License Plates Official Clyde Beany-Cole Bros. Circus License Plates. Limited edition of 500. Bright colon embossed on sturdy metal. - 6.00 post paid - B. F. B. ADVERTISING P. 0. Box 578 Winter .