INFORMATION FROM THEDEAN’S OFFICE Attendance is important - Senioritis last term Be Careful! 7 excused absences per term Notes for documentation upon return, ifapplicable 7 tardies for one class Social Suspension No dances (including prom)

SENIOR DITCH DAY NOT recognized by the school If out of call ins, consequences willbe assigned

LOSS OF PRIVILEGE (LOP) Combination of 3 in or out-of-schoolsuspensions AttendanceTardiesCut Friday SchoolBehaviorLOP No dances (including prom)

PROM INFORMATION Mystic Blue Cruises at Navy Pier 700 E Grand Ave Sunday, May 22, 2022 @ 6:30 p.m. Prom aboard the {DOCKED} Mystic Blueboat Post Prom includes a midnight cruise on theMystic Blue boat, buses should arrive back toEPCHS 1:00 a.m.

PROM DRESS CODE Parent Presentation: December 8th Presentation to Prom goers Dec 9th, in theauditorium during IDEA PowerPoint will be on school website Pictures in Display case near main entrance Any doubts, please take a picture of YOUwearing the attire and show to Mrs. Papasiderisor Mrs. Kazin

Prom PaperworkALL paperwork due BY April 8, 2022***available on Google Classroom***1. Document of Understanding2. Signature Form3. Guest Pass (if applicable)

FORMS NEEDED PRIOR TOPURCHASING TICKET1. Document of Understanding Will be on Google Classroom beginning March 1, 2022 Be sure to list any dietary restrictions on this form2. Signature Form Students must sign acknowledging dress code. Remaining signatures will be done internally, but students should verify with theBusiness Office, Counseling Department, and LRC that they are eligible to attend.3. A Guest Pass - ONLY for NON-EP students Photo ID (High School ID, Driver’s License or State ID) Form must be completely filled out and emailed .No one 21 years of age or older will be allowed at the prom

Signature Sheet Student Signature All school fees must be paid before sale oftickets (District business office and LRC) Counselor sign off on credits Students must sign - all otherdepartments will verify electronically

TICKET SALESApril 11 - April 14DURING ALL LUNCHES ORAFTER SCHOOL IN CAFETERIA Monday, April 11th through Thursday, April 14th Price will be 130.00 per person Any prom questions should be directed to Mrs. Papasideris

SCHEDULE FOR PROM6:30pmSocial hour7:15pmDoors closed/No admittance (Parents/Guardianswill be contacted, students will not be allowed in prom)Do not be late, no excuses6:30-10:00pmDinner/Dancing/Professional Photographer10:00pm-12:00am Cruise Lake Michigan on the Mystic Blue12:10am1:00 amBoard buses for homeReturn to EPCHS

TRANSPORTATION All prom-goers need to arrange transportation TO the prom(Mystic Blue boat at Navy Pier) and FROM EPCHS Limos? Etc. Parents If you need a ride to Navy Pier, there will be a sign-upsheet with Mrs. Papasideris All students will be required to come backfrom Navy Pier on the bus with thechaperones.

Transportation, continuedIf your student needs transportation TOthe prom, they should let Mrs. Papasiderisknow, and we will provide transportation.

Covid ProtocolsWe will follow all Covid protocols that are in placeat the time. We will remind everyone of what thespecific protocols are as we near the date of Prom.There will be a MANDATORY student prommeeting on Friday, May 20, 2022.

Evergreen ParkCommunity HighSchoolProm Dress Standards

Why do we have a dress code?EPCHS staff and administrationwant you to make good choices.We are not trying to inhibit your style.Prom should be fun, but we want everyoneto be comfortable and safe.

With modesty in mind, thefollowing dress code guidelineswill be enforced at theEvergreen Park CommunityHigh School Prom.

#1The top of the dress should come to the top of the bust.The bust continues around your sidesdirectly under the armpit. With arms down at your side, ifflesh touches flesh below the mid-bust line, the dress isinappropriate. Any plunge in the neckline should not bebelow mid-bust.This dress meetsdress code.Top ofBust LineMidBust LineMid-Bust Line(on the side)

Unacceptable Dresses

#2Dresses may be backless as long as theyare not cut below the naval.These dresses meetthe dress code.Please note how thebust is covered on thesides.

Unacceptable Dresses

#3Midriffs will not be exposed.This includes both front and side.With arms down at your side, if fleshtouches flesh in the midriff section,the dress is inappropriate.Midriff SectionThis dress meets dress code.

Unacceptable Dresses

#4Dresses may not beshorter than, nor have aslit that exceeds midthigh as determined bythe standard fingertiprule.This dress meets dress code.

Unacceptable Dresses

#5Tuxedos/Suits:include jacketand tie.These meet dress code.

Unacceptable Tuxedos/Suits

While we will be reasonable in ourinterpretation of these guidelines, we wantyou to know that if you are dressedinappropriately your parent/guardian may becontacted and you may not beallowed into the prom.Most importantly, this dress code does notlimit your ability to show yourstyle and uniqueness.

There are many beautiful and stylish dressesthat DO meet the dress code.

There are many beautiful and stylish dressesthat DO meet the dress code.

There are many beautiful and stylish dressesthat DO meet the dress code.

There are many beautiful and stylishtuxedos/suits that DO meet the dress code.

Acceptable “Gym” Shoes

Unacceptable “Gym” Shoes

Evergreen Park Community HighSchool Prom Make good decisions. Be safe. Have funQuestions about a specific outfit?Please see one of the following people: Mrs. Papasideris Mr. Sanderson Mrs. KazinThank you to Elma High School for use of theirPowerPoint

Google Classroomt7wbzin

Mystic Blue Cruises at Navy Pier 700 E Grand Ave Sunday, May 22, 2022 @ 6:30 p.m. Prom aboard the {DOCKED} Mystic Blue boat Post Prom includes a midnight cruise on the Mystic