A Better Building A Better Building Experience!


A Better Building A Better Building Experience!

We’re interested in building lastingrelationships based on a collaborativeapproach. Left to right: Robert Downey,Kevin Mosher, John Stump, Cathy Robb,and Jared Wright.OUR HISTORYFlint Builders is a general contractingfirm, licensed in five states, withtheir corporate office in Roseville,California. We specialize in designbuild projects that are developedcollaboratively between theowner, contractor, designers, andsubcontractor partners. Flint hasbeen the recipient of the DesignBuild Institute of America “Project ofthe Year” award three times in thelast five years, and they were chosenas the “2015 General Contractorof the Year” by the AssociatedSubcontractors Alliance.For more than 100 years, the Flintfamily has maintained an unequaledreputation for quality and innovationin construction. Opening ourNorthern California office in 1995,we focused on “teaming” styleproject deliveries that promote onlythe highest quality projects and yieldthe greatest value for our clients.Today, Flint Builders, Inc. (formerlyFlintco Pacific) continues the traditionof values, ethics, quality design andconstruction.We believe our success rests on thesuccess of our clients and partners.Our clients understand mostreputable construction companiescan get to an acceptable ending,but the “Flint Experience” is whythey choose us. Our employees andpartners truly are some of the bestprofessionals you will ever work within the industry. When it comes todelivering quality projects, it’s notjust about the bricks and mortar.It’s about the people who make thedifference. Our ongoing quest forquality has led us to integrate qualityassurance into the very essence ofour culture. Our value-added servicessuch as design and constructabilityreviews, value engineering, LEED/sustainability management andphased construction can reducecosts, enhance schedules, and makeyour building run smoother.OUR QUALIFICATIONSFlint has successfully completedseveral multi-story, structural steelframed projects, with fast-trackschedules and extreme site logisticalchallenges to the high praise ofour clients. Our team membershave professional designations thatinclude P.E., DBIA, LEED AP BD Cand belong to associates such asLEAN Construction Institute, USGreen Building Council, DesignBuild Institute of America and theAssociation of General Contractors.Our team brings an extensiveexperience that ranges from largemulti-story offices, higher educationfacilities, laboratories, medicaloffices, tenant improvements andmany other building types. Thisdiversity of project experience allowsus to provide a solution orientedproject team with a vast depth.OUR PLEDGE TO OURCLIENTSOur goal is to provide a quality ofwork and standard of excellence thatsurpasses the expectations of ourpartners and clients alike. At Flint,we create an extraordinary buildingexperience through collaborationwith passionate professionals. Westrive to:Manage Complexity. We pre-planevery detail and deliver the most

respected professionals from everytrade. We ask the right questions andnavigate the best options, alwayswith a focus on value, efficiency, andsustainability.Create Value. Flint’s value goesdeeper than price. We safeguardyour budget, use resourcesefficiently, and create lastingeconomic and community value.Mitigate Risk. We listen, think,plan, and protect our clients first,in an effort to guide them to smartdecisions, predictable processes,successful outcomes, consistent highquality, and no stress.Integrate Sustainability. Sustainablesolutions should add value andmitigate risk. Beginning with the endin mind, we are working toward alegacy that our clients and Flint canlive with.Evolve Delivery. Everyone on theextended project team is part ofthe solution. When we all cometogether, we see the big picture:budget, schedule, constructability,safety, efficiency, sustainability,communication, life cycle, and everyother factor that impacts projectsuccess, both today and in thefuture.We maintain fully collaborativeproject environments that usecutting-edge technology andstate-of-the-art planning practices,including BIM technology andthe LEAN process. Design andconstruction is streamlined throughthe LEAN pull-planning system,integrating relationships andinteractions within the networkof specialized professionals.Communication is seamless andtimely with use of the latest P-6scheduling software, SharePointcollaboration sites, and hyper-linkedconstruction documents.Because Flint specializes in designassist and design-build services, wecontinue to be a highly sought aftercontractor of choice by designersand owners alike. When you have thebest and brightest people on yourproject, you’ll discover the value ofthe “Flint Experience.” When you’vegot the best construction companyin the business on the job, peace ofmind is priceless.Flint’s full rangeof mentDesign-BuildLease-LeasebackProgram and ProjectManagementGeneral ContractingClient Testimonials

EDUCATIONDeliveringBest Value inDesign BuildProjects

EDUCATIONEDUCATION PROJECTS»» Dublin High School Science &Math Building Phase 1»» Folsom Lake College NewGymnasium Building»» Yerba Buena High School StudentUnion & Quad Transformation»» San Joaquin Delta College BuddCenter Locker Room»» Sherman Indian High School»» San Joaquin Delta College DataCenter»» Napa Memorial Stadium»» Arcohe Middle School Additionand Renovation»» W-73 Middle School Sitework»» West Placer MS Phase 2»» Barrett Ranch Elementary SchoolSitework»» Vista Del Lago»» Navigator School Sitework“The Flint teamhad a tremendousamount ofcooperation and areal team spirit. ”Jaime Derrick, DSA Inspector»» Mitchell Middle SchoolModernization»» Roseville School District W-75Sitework»» Allan Hancock IndustrialTechnology & Physical Education»» CSU Hayward Business andTechnology»» Diablo Valley College StudentCommons»» San Joaquin Delta CollegeGoleman LRC»» San Joaquin Delta College StudentCenter»» UC Davis Chilled Water»» UC Davis Core GreenhouseComplex»» UC Davis Earth & Physical Science»» UC Davis International Complex»» UC Davis Mondavi Institute forWine & Food Science»» UC Davis Student Community Ctr.»» UC Davis Tupper Hall 2nd FloorLaboratory»» UC Davis Veterinary Medicine 3ABuilding»» UC Davis Giedt Hall»» UC Merced Science andEngineering Building

HEALTHCAREHEALTHCARE PROJECTS»» San Jose Valley Health Center»» Mariposa Indian Health Clinic»» Boulder Plaza Health ClinicRenovation»» Shingle Springs Tribal HealthClinic»» Toiyabe Indian Health Clinic»» Tule River Indian Health Center»» Tuolumne Native American HealthClinic»» Warner Mountain Indian HealthProject»» Yocha Dehe, Wintun NationCommunity Center RenovationsHealth and Wellness Offices»» University of California, DavisVeterinary Medicine 3A BuildingLaboratory

INDUSTRIALINDUSTRIAL PROJECTS»» Altamont Commuter ExpressMaintenance Facility»» Sacramento FedEx Hub»» American Modular SystemsManufacturing Facility»» Sacramento Airport FuelDispensing FacilityWe placed our trust and confidence in FlintBuilders to deliver a quality project on timeand at a fair price, and were rewarded withcomradery, a great relationship. and an overallbuilding experience that was exceptional.Brian Schmidt-SJRRC Director of Operations

OFFICE/RETAILWe have confidence that Flintis a professional organizationthat is interested indelivering that happy client.We have similar focus on ahappy client and Flint will dowhatever it takes to makesure we achieve that.Tyler Babcock, MFDB ArchitectsOFFICE/RETAIL PROJECTS»» San Jose Downtown HealthCenter»» Northern California Power AgencySound Attenuation»» Franchise Tax Board TenantImprovement»» Barrish Pelham Partners OfficeBuilding Tenant Improvement»» Shingle Springs Ambulatory Clinic»» Zeiden Properties StructuralRepair»» Blue Oaks Plaza»» Summit at Douglas Ridge OfficeBuilding»» Manderes Tenant Improvement

HOSPITALITY/ENTERTAINMENTThis was a very challenging project yet the Flintteam always provided a positive, results-driven,and highly proactive approach toward a beneficialoutcome. Their team has been a pleasure to workwith and their commitment to the success of ourproject is evident in the partnership that we’ve built.Mandy Mager, Assistant Planning DirectorYurok TribeHOSPITALITY/ENTERTAINMENT PROJECTS»» Cachil DeHe Village Gymnasiumand Wellness Center»» Gold Run Comfort Stations andSafety Roadside Rest Area»» Colusa Casino Remodel andExpansion»» Hilton Garden Inn»» Colusa Community Building»» Sacramento Regional Arts MusicCircus at Wells Fargo Pavilion»» Coyote Valley RecreationalFacility»» The Lodge at Feather Falls»» Donner Comfort Stations andSafety Roadside Rest Area»» Redwood Hotel Casino»» Folsom Public Library»» Thunder Valley Casino Resort»» Winchester Golf Club House

At Flint, we do not consider ourselves justa brick and mortar business. Our businessis people. Over the years, our success hasbeen a direct result of the high caliber,innovative, and motivated professionalswe bring together to provide the bestservice to our clients. Flint’s ongoingeducation and certification programs, firmculture, and entrepreneurial structure helpus attract, develop, and retain the finestconstruction professionals in the industry.

Our company culture is based on the commonvalues of integrity and honesty, and areunwavering in our allegiance to the principlesof respect for one another, dedication to hardwork, always acting with the highest ethicalstandards, and having fun! We work hard toprovide the superior services and quality thatmake each project a successful and rewardingexperience.JOHN STUMP, DBIA, LEED APPresidentKEVIN MOSHER, DBIA, LEED APVice President of OperationsROB DOWNEY, P.E., DBIA, LEED APDirector of PreconstructionJARED WRIGHT, CPE, DBIA, LEED APChief EstimatorCATHY ROBBDirector of AdministrationRYAN TOGNETTIPreconstruction Manager

OUR TEAM“Ultimately, the gauge of a goodcontractor is their ability to workcollaboratively, meet commitments, actwith integrity, and build an excellentproject at a fair cost.Flint does all of this.”Michael Ryan, Principal, Greenbough DesignJUSTIN SIEBERT, QSP, CESSWISuperintendentFRANK RILEYSuperintendentDOUG GAMMELGARDSuperintendentDAVID GARNER, LEED APProject ManagerMARK MENNUCCIProject ManagerMICHAEL KLINGMANProject Manager

We recognize the importance of smart growthand fiscally-sound business practices. During ourlong history, we have weathered world wars,cold wars, natural disasters, the dust bowl,and global economic booms and busts. Thesepeaks and valleys forged our strategy based ondiversification and some hard-nosed financialrules that Flint follows to this day — maintaina healthy balance sheet to operate from aposition of strength and rely on current equityrather than debt for the company’s growth andexpansion.STANDINGON SOLIDGROUNDBUILDING FOR THEFUTUREThis also means Flint stands out in amarket where bonding companieshave cut their approved contractorlists by an order of magnitude anddrastically reduced the coverageof most of those it has retained.Our superior ratings, due to a longhistory of performance and positivefinancial status, make us one of thefew contractors that have retainedour pre-recession high bondingcapacity.Flint is a growing commercial builderwith the ability to draw upon deeppools of resources from industryprofessionals to equipment andinventory. This ensures you havethe finest talent in the constructionindustry who are supported by theresources and latest technologies foryour project.Due to our outstanding employeeretention rate of 89% and an average10-year tenure, we provide Ownerswith an unrivaled level of stability,experience and ability. Flint has avested interest in our employee’sdevelopment and provides growthopportunities through continuingeducation, training, and utilizingthe latest technology to promotesuccess.BONDING WITH THE BESTFlint’s sound financials have beeninstrumental in our companyachieving superior ratings from oneof the most prestigious bondingcompanies in the world — ZurichNorth America Surety. As one of thelargest and most financially securecommercial contracting companiesin the county, you can rest assuredthat Flint has the talent, equipment,and bonding capacity to meetyour construction needs. ZurichNorth America Surety specializes incontract bonds for the constructionindustry. The fist to bond projects ona national scale, Zurich has earnedan excellent rating from Standard &Poor’s (AA), Moody’s (Aa2), and A.M.Best (A ), and they are a multibillion dollar international leader inthe financial services industry.

Flint established a benchmark in greenconstruction through early adoption of, andongoing education on, emerging techniques andproducts resulting in buildings in synchronismwith the environmental concerns. Our teamconsists of top professionals who have beencertified by the USGBC as LEED AccreditedProfessionals (LEED APs) to promotesustainability throughout the industry. Theseindividuals include estimators, project managers,and executives who are qualified to manage theprocess required to certify buildings based onLEED design guidelines.BEING GREENLEED is the nationally acceptedbenchmark for the design,construction and operations of highperformance green buildings. Flint’sLEED APs have proven experiencein navigating the owner and projectteam successfully through the LEEDproject certification process. Theyhelp owners find environmentallyfriendly construction alternatives andsave money. More companies andbuilding owners are considering thefuture of building and operationalsystems that bring a reductionin dependence on renewableresources. Flint has a firm belief thatgreen construction is not just goodstewardship of the earth, it’s goodbusiness that can produce significantcost savings related to both energyconsumption and the use andreuse of more economical buildingmaterials.TAKING A “WHOLISTIC”APPROACHOur top LEED APs are focusedon a

Clinic » Toiyabe Indian Health Clinic » Tule River Indian Health Center » Tuolumne Native American Health Clinic » Warner Mountain Indian Health Project » Yocha Dehe, Wintun Nation Community Center Renovations Health and Wellness Offices » University of California, Davis Veterinary Medicine 3A Building Laboratory