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Jump Rope Workoutswww.csxpro.comThis e-book has been specially created for CSX customers who have purchased a CSX ProSpeed Rope. We would like to help all of our customers get the most from their SpeedRope no matter what their fitness level.Patrick Dale, renowned fitness writer, ex-marine, fitness trainer and author of threefitness books has created a simple template that is easy to follow and will deliver resultsthat most faddy programs will never match.This book includes jumping techniques, 20 workouts, warming up, cooling down andnutrition.Please feel free to share this e-book with anyone you think would enjoy it!To find out more about our CSX products please visit: www.csxpro.comIf you have any questions or have any support issues please do not hesitate to contactus at: www.csxprosupport.comYou can also connect with us on:Facebook: www.facebook.com/competitivesportxtremeTwitter: www.twitter.com/csportxtremeCopyright 2014, Competitive Sport Xtreme. All Rights Reserved2

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Jump Rope Workoutswww.csxpro.comSafety – Please Read Before ExercisingIMPORTANT – Before starting any form of exercise program, consult your doctor ortherapist. If at any time during your exercise you experience discomfort or pain, stop theexercise immediately and consult your doctor.Always Warm up – Cool down and stretch before and after exercising. This will helpprevent straining muscles.5

Jump Rope Workoutswww.csxpro.comContents1) Introduction . 92) Why Jump Rope? . 133) Choosing a Jump Rope . 184) Getting Started . 21Basic jump rope techniques . 23Imaginary rope. 23Double-footed jumps. 23Boxer style . 24Jogging on the spot . 24Additional techniques . 24Travelling . 24Knee lift sprints . 24Cross-overs . 25Lateral or side to side jumps . 25Double-unders . 25Triple-unders . 265) Warming up and cooling down . 27Warming up . 27How to warm up the wrong way . 27How to warm up the right way . 28Incremental Pulse Raising Activity. 28Mobility . 28Dynamic Flexibility . 29Dynamic stretch 1 — alternating leg swings . 29Dynamic stretch 2 — horizontal push and pull . 30Exercise/activity rehearsal. 346

Jump Rope Workoutswww.csxpro.comHow Long Should a Warm Up Be? . 34Cooling down . 35Incremental pulse lowering activity . 35Static Stretches . 35Seven tips for better stretching . 36Your personal stretching prescription . 371. Standing calf stretch . 372. Standing quad stretch . 383. Seated hamstring stretch . 394. Kneeling hip flexor stretch . 405. Seated groin stretch . 416. Prone lying abs stretch . 427. Supine figure four glute and spine stretch . 428. Doorway chest stretch . 436) Jump rope workouts . 451. Three minute intervals . 452. Jump rope and burpee descending pyramid . 453. Jump and swing . 464. Jump rope, press ups and squats . 475. Tabata skipping intervals . 496. The Spartan circuit . 507. 5BX . 538. Double under pyramid . 559. The conditioning pyramid . 5610. Fast feet intervals . 5711. Bag and rope intervals . 5712. Fitness and strength builder . 577

Jump Rope Workoutswww.csxpro.com13. Indoor roadwork . 5814. Timed laps workout . 5815. Double under challenge . 5916. Descending pyramid conditioning workout . 5917. Leg power plyometric circuit . 6018. Twice through conditioning circuit . 6119. Jump rope cardio medley . 6220. Reverse Tabata . 637) Basic Nutrition for Health and Weight Management . 641. Make vegetables the cornerstone of every meal . 642. Pump up the protein . 653. Don’t forget the healthy fats! . 664. Eat like a hunter/gatherer . 665. Time your carbs around exercise . 676. Don’t drink your calories . 677. Forget diet fads and think long term eating habits . 688. Treat yourself – you deserve it!. 689. Make water your primary beverage . 6910. Sugar – bad for more than just your teeth . 698) Conclusion . 709) About the Author . 718

Jump Rope Workoutswww.csxpro.com1) IntroductionOnce upon a time, prior to the early to mid 20th Century, exercise was almost unheardof. Life involved so much general physical activity that it was easy to stay fit, healthy andslim just by going about your daily activities. People walked rather than drove cars orrode buses and trains and food had to be hunted or gathered rather than beingcollected (or delivered even) from supermarkets. Subsequently, many of the diseasesthat are currently plaguing modern man were all but unheard of including type 2diabetes, coronary heart disease and many of the cancers directly attributable toleading a sedentary lifestyle and being overweight.Fast forward to the late 20th and early 21st Century and technology has advancedexponentially and where manual labour jobs, walking and food produced locally wereonce the norm, we now have desk-based jobs, cities designed to all but precludewalking or cycling and a ready supply of food that is often hails from distant lands or hasmore to do with a chemistry set than animals or plants!Subsequently, more and more people are overweight and unfit.Thankfully, technology is a double-edged sword and while more and more people areoverweight and unfit, at least there is lots of information about how to remedy theseproblems. However, there is such a thing as too much information.Many potential exercisers suffer from something called “paralysis by analysis” whichsimply means that they end up getting bogged down in the minutia of exercise andnutrition rather than actually getting out and doing something active and eating morehealthily.Should you do CrossFit? Take up running? Is interval training or steady paced trainingbest? What about weight training? Should you do Pilates? How about yoga? How manytimes a week should you exercise? What about strength training? What diet should Ifollow? How much water should I drink? The list of questions and potential answers isalmost endless!9

Jump Rope Workoutswww.csxpro.comShould YOU be doing yoga?With so much information to wade through and filter, it’s no wonder that manypotential exercisers simply end up dazed and confused and fail to actually start let alonemaintain a routine of regular exercise.Personally, I am a firm believer in the KISS principle of exercise and nutrition – Keep ItSimple Stupid! The more complex an exercise tool, workout approach or diet is, the lesslikely I am to stick with it. As soon as something starts to make my head swim withinformation overload, the more quickly I discard it. I like my exercise and nutrition to bea “no brainer” that involves very little in the way of complication. That way, I am muchmore able to stick with it; I call this approach “No Frills”.No Frills simply means focusing on exercises, workouts and nutritional approaches thatprovide a lot of bang for your buck. Like a smart and savvy banker seeking the bestreturn for your monetary investment, a savvy exerciser should seek out the mostproductive, time effective workouts. No Frills workout tools and methods includebarbells, kettlebells, and bodyweight exercises, walking, running and jumping rope.10

Jump Rope Workoutswww.csxpro.comNot only are these tools and methods effective without being complicated, they are alsovery time efficient. For many of us, and ironically despite the improvement intechnology, time is one of the most important commodities of all. Balancing work withfamilial commitments can mean that many of us have little in the way of leisure timeand what time we do have often disappears in the twinkling of an eye.While joining a gym might seem like a great idea on January 1st, by mid-February, manyNew Year’s resolutions have melted away like the winter snow – usually due to lack oftime. When asked, the vast majority of lapsed exercisers blame lack of time as theirmain reason for not exercising regularly.Of course, if you do go to a gym, it’s not hard to see where all that time goes. A typical45 to 60-minute workout at a gym could end up taking two or more hours out of yourday once you factor in commuting, getting changed, waiting for an exercise class to startor exercise machines to become available, changing out of your exercise clothes,showering and commuting again – and who has time for all that?!Some exercise experts say that the excuse of “not having time to exercise” is the adultequivalent to a child saying “the dog ate my homework” and while I do believe thateven the busiest person in the world can find some time each day to exercise, I alsobelieve that time is limited, is a precious commodity and should be used wisely. If Icould use just one word to describe my approach to exercise, fitness and nutrition, Ithink it would be “efficient”.Maybe it’s the ex-Royal Marine in me but I hate to waste time and energy doinganything that does not produce meaningful results. In the corps, we quickly learnt thatthe more efficiently any given task could be performed, the more time you had forsleeping and eating – two of a Marine’s favourite activities. Tasks still had to becompleted to a very high standard but results were achieved in the most direct andsimple way possible.This approach is the foundation of everything I do in exercise and nutrition. Forexample, while you could do leg extensions, leg curls, hip abductions, hip extensions andcalf raises to work your legs in the gym, instead, I just do squats.11

Jump Rope Workoutswww.csxpro.comI could follow a complicated diet that requires that I weigh and measure everything I eatwhile simultaneously taking fistfuls of expensive supplements but instead I just base allmy meals around protein, vegetables, healthy fats and whole grains.While I could get in my car, drive 30-minutes to the nearest gym and then hop on across trainer or exercise bike to do some cardio training, instead, I prefer to grab myjump rope and work out at home.For me, the best diet or workout is the one that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle and isthe one that is all but excuse-proof. If a workout is overly complicated, takes too long oris not readily accessible, it doesn’t matter how effective it is because, chances are, youwon’t actually do it often enough for it to be beneficial!Jumping rope is the epitome of No Frills exercise – simple, effective and readilyavailable. It might take you a while to master but the humble jump rope is arguablythe best exercise tool around bar none.12

Jump Rope Workoutswww.csxpro.com2) Why Jump Rope?So, with so many exercise options available, what makes the “old fashioned” jump ropeso great? Good question. Let’s take a moment to explore the advantages and benefits ofjumping rope.Easy to learnThe very first time you pick upa jump rope and try and use it,you may well think that it’s animpossible thing to use – letalone enjoy! A couple ofwhipped legs and very fewrope turns may well reinforceyour initial opinion. However,with a few minutes ofperseverance and by followingthe information in the “GettingStarted” section, you aremoments away from learninghow to use this fantasticexercise tool.The thing is, once you haveJumping ropesuccessfully done a few ropeJumping ropeturns, the only way is up. Youmight only manage five or tenturns initially but day by day you will get better and better and soon you’ll be spinningthat rope like a pro!Jumping rope is a relatively simple activity that you can teach yourself and once learntit’s never forgotten. Once you have mastered basic jump rope, you’ll be able to learn allsorts of cool tricks but initially, plain vanilla double-footed jumps will deliver a greatworkout. Ironically, the worse you are at jump rope, the more effective a workout it isbecause you are less efficient, use more energy per turn and frequent starts and stopsmean you’ll be doing a form of interval training from the moment you start!13

Jump Rope Workoutswww.csxpro.comA recent personal training client of mine expressed a desire to learn how to jump ropeand initially his goal was to do 100 rope turns – not in one go but cumulatively. As hebecome more proficient and was able to do more and more rope turns withoutstopping, the workout got shorter and easier. It took a week or so but he worked up todoing 100 rope turns without stopping and is now really enjoying using his jump rope.Unlike many types of exercise and sports that are very technical and hard to learn,jumping rope is a very straightforward activity that is easy to self-teach and learn. Youmight not pick it up instantly – very few people are that fortunate – but a littleconsistency should see you jumping rope proficiently in double-quick time.Hard to masterAt the risk of contradicting myself, while jumping rope is initially easy to learn, it is veryhard to master. As soon as you have learnt how to do basic double-footed jumps, thereare numerous other techniques and tricks you can learn. Some people even go so far asto develop intricate routines involving turns, changes of directions, double and tripleunders (more than one rope turn per jump) and even somersaults!This “free styling” form of jump rope is a blend of dance and gymnastics and it not foreveryone – I only mention it to illustrate that jumping rope is as easy or as hard as youmake it. For the less artistically-inclined, you can focus on increasing your speed atwhich you spin your rope or the length of your workouts rather than the complexity ofthe tricks you perform.The point is, the seemingly simple jump rope provides a workout that is as hard as youwant it to be. If you are a beginner, 100 rope turns is a great workout that will bechallenging and satisfying to complete. However, if you are an advanced exerciser, thereare plenty of additional ways to crank up the intensity too. The bottom line is that, nomatter what your level of fitness and experience, you can modify or create jump ropeworkouts that will challenge and entertain you.No special equipment requiredOther than the actual jump rope, you don’t really need much else to get a great workoutother than some space and appropriate footwear and clothing. Some workouts requirethat you have access (or buy) a whole host of expensive paraphernalia which is fine if14

Jump Rope Workoutswww.csxpro.comyou have lots of space and money but can add up to an excuse not to exercise if youdon’t. Jumping rope is a true No Frills exercise tool.Very cost effectiveJoining a gym can be an expensive affair. Many gyms have an upfront joining fee (nonrefundable of course) and then you have to commit to 12-months or more ofmembership which gets sucked out of your bank account whether you go to the gym ornot. Then there is the clothing you need to buy, and the workout shoes and the parkingfees and the drink in the juice bar afterward – before you know it your new fitnessregime can end up costing you 100.00 a month or even more.In contrast, and for less than a week’s gym membership, you can buy yourself a jumprope and never have to pay another penny out again.You don’t need expensive running shoes, fancy gym clothes or any additional equipmentto enjoy the benefits of jumping rope – it’s a case of less equals more. Add an exercisemat and maybe some resistance bands and you have a virtual gym in a bag for less thanmost people spend on a pair of fancy gym shorts!Very time efficientWorkouts using a jump rope tend to be shorter than going for a walk or a run. Forexample, while I can walk for several hours without getting overly tired, ten-minutes ofnon-stop rope jumping is more than enough to leave me hot and sweaty. This is becausethat, although jumping rope is a lower body dominant activity, you also use yourshoulders, arms and core to spin the rope which means that jumping rope is actually awhole body workout. Jumping up and down against the pull of gravity means you haveto work quite hard even if you are using a relatively slow tempo. Pick up the pace andyour heart and breathing rate will rise significantly. In a nutshell, you don’t need to dolong workouts with a jump rope – just a few minutes a day can be very beneficial.Can be done almost anywhere, anytimeAs I mentioned earlier, for many people, lack of time is the biggest perceived barrier toexercise which is mainly due to the amount of time most will have to spend getting toand then from the gym. With a jump rope, as it is so portable, you can work out almostanywhere and at any time which negates many if not all time-related issues.15

Jump Rope Workoutswww.csxpro.comYou can use your jump rope at home, at school, at the office or anywhere else you findyourself where there is a reasonable amount of space around you. As you can exercisevirtually anywhere, time becomes less of an issue because you can do your workoutwhenever you have a few minutes to spare. Personally, I have jumped rope in rainshelters in parks, on a Royal Navy minesweeper in the Irish Sea, in my garage, in mylounge and in more than a few handy car parks. Basically, if you have enough clearancearound you to swing your rope, you have more than enough space for a very effectiveworkout.Can be used to develop a multitude of fitness componentsWhatever your fitness goal, you can address it by jumping rope.Build basic cardiovascular fitness – moderate paced rope jumping for extended periodsof time is your prescription here.Improve anaerobic fitness for sports – try interval training or short, very fast, bouts ofjumping rope.Increase agility and athleticism – try moves like double unders and cross overs toimprove your ability to control your limbs.Improve speed – run on the spot and spin the rope as fast as you possibly can.Build power – double and tripleunders will get the job done.Burn fat for weight loss – combinebodyweight exercises with bothsteady paced and interval-type jumprope training for the ultimate in getlean workouts.Is proven by the prosVery few sports are as physicallydemanding as boxing. Boxers are,arguably, the most completeathletes on the planet. Weightliftersmay be stronger and runners mayImprove your speed by jumping rope16

Jump Rope Workoutswww.csxpro.combe fitter but when it comes to the total fitness package, boxers have it all. One of thecornerstones of boxing training is jumping rope. Boxers jump rope for weight control,improving footwork and foot speed and for building fitness. With so much to work on,boxers do not have time to do ineffective forms of training – they have to find time forcore work, strength training, running, sparring, bag work and a whole host of othertypes of exercise. The fact they make time to jump rope is testament to theeffectiveness of this form of training.Irrespective of what you want to achieve from your workouts, jumping rope will helpyou get there with no mess, no fuss and very little cost!17

Jump Rope Workoutswww.csxpro.com3) Choosing a Jump RopeIf you have already purchased or are considering purchasing a CSX Pro Speed Jump Ropethen you already know just how good a jump rope that is. However, let’s take a momentto look at the alternatives – if for no other reason than to reinforce your purchasingdecision!There are several different styles and many manufacturers of jump ropes. You can payas little as a couple of pounds for a rope or, if you look hard enough, find jump ropesthat cost upward of 100! As far as I can tell, these very expensive ropes offer little inthe way of benefit over ropes costing almost a tenth as much however its worth lookingat the different types of rope available.Rope ropesNo – not a typo, some jump ropes are actually made of rope. Popular with schoolchildren (in the schools where the kids are actually allowed to use jump ropes that is!)rope ropes are soft and easy to use but they are not very fast and tend to twist becauseof the lack of any real handle. Those with handles don’t tend to spin very well either. Ifall you have is a piece or rope, you can still get a reasonable workout but if you areinterested in a good workout then look elsewhere.Leather ropesNot so long ago, leather ropes were cutting edge technology, especially when coupledwith a ball bearing handle to enhance rope smoothness and speed. Leather ropes arefaster than rope ropes but even with well-designed handles, are not as smooth and fastas more advanced designs. On the plus side, leather ropes tend to be very hard wearingbut are also often more expensive than some of the other alternatives. You could doworse than a leather rope but you could also do better!18

Jump Rope Workoutswww.csxpro.comPlastic speed ropesPlastic speed ropes do exactly what it says on the tin – they’re fast and made of plastic.Usually a very simple design where the rope is threaded through a hollow handle and awasher of some sort (usually carbon or graphite) minimizes friction, these ropes aregenerally cheap and readily available.On the downside, they are notadjustable and the only real way toshorten them is to tie knots in them.Hardwearing and basic, a plasticspeed rope is a good buying choice ifyou want to use it outside, wantsomething that is so cheap it’salmost disposable and want decentperformance but it’s not the fastestor smoothest rope around.Plastic speed ropes; better than nothing!Weighted ropesThere are two main types of weighted ropes – ropes where the handles are heavier thannormal and those with thick, heavy ropes. Both are designed to increase the musculardemand of jumping rope.Weighted handles are designed to give your shoulders a good workout but, because theweight is relatively light (just a couple of pounds at most) you won’t develop much inthe way of strength or muscle size. All you are likely to experience is tired shoulderswhich force you to cut your workout short. Often, the weighted handles are adjustablebut, in my experience, this just means there are more things to go wrong with the ropeand it’s all t

fitness books has created a simple template that is easy to follow and will deliver results that most faddy programs will never match. This book includes jumping techniques, 20 workouts, warming up, cooling down and nutrition. Please feel free t