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Rules Table of ContentsITEMSUBJECTITEM 300ITEM 162ITEM 150ITEM 159ITEM 328ITEM 329ITEM 330ITEM 331ITEM 332ITEM 333ITEM 345ITEM 360ITEM 361ITEM 362ITEM 359ITEM 365ITEM 171ITEM 755ITEM 483ITEM 390ITEM 486ITEM 994ITEM 545ITEM 430ITEM 432ITEM 435ITEM 770ITEM 440ITEM 450ITEM 2020ITEM 2400ITEM 465ITEM 470ITEM 364ITEM 480ITEM 481ITEM 499ITEM 110ITEM 995ITEM 751ITEM 751-50ITEM 751-60ITEM 330ITEM 331ITEM 485ITEM 754ITEM 750ITEM 752ITEM 753Advance Charges ProhibitedAlternate Application of Rates and WeightsApplications of Classification RulesApplication of RatesArbitrary Charges (Ferry Fees)Arbitrary Charges (South Dakota)Arbitrary Charges (New York City)Arbitrary Charges (North Dakota)Arbitrary Charges (Northern Alberta, CN) (Oil Sands)Arbitrary Charges (Saskatchewan High Cost Destination)Arrival NoticeBills of LadingBills of Lading CorrectedBills of Lading, Freight Bills and Statements of ChargesBill of Lading Description RequirementsBlind ShipmentsBumping Clause (Non-application)California Compliance SurchargeCanada Consolidation FeeCapacity LoadsChicago Handling ChargeClassification of Exempt CommoditiesCoastwise FreightCOD ShipmentsCollection of Freight ChargesCollection of Freight Charges / Extension of CreditCollection of Freight ChargesCommercial ZonesCommingling - Intrastate and Interstate TrafficCommodity ListsCommodity ListsContainers - Shipments Transported inControl of VehiclesCorrected Bills of Lading – Description, Density, Class and/or WeightCustoms or Inbond FreightCustoms Processing & Administration Fee (CPAF)Dead Head ChargeDefinitionsDefinition of CrateDelivery Charges in the Florida KeysDelivery Charges in Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket Island, MADelivery Charges in Harbor Points in WADelivery Charges in New York CityDelivery Charges in North DakotaDelivery Charges on Shipments Destined to Walmart Distribution CentersDelivery - Convention CentersDelivery ServiceDelivery Service - After HoursDelivery Service - Private Residence

ITEM 756ITEM 757ITEM 757-50ITEM 757-75ITEM 490ITEM 502ITEM 504ITEM 500ITEM 501ITEM 505ITEM 507ITEM 508ITEM 169ITEM 510ITEM 820ITEM 161ITEM 1000ITEM 1100ITEM 1200ITEM 1300ITEM 1400ITEM 1500ITEM 470ITEM 545ITEM 560ITEM 810ITEM 811ITEM 360ITEM 362ITEM 563ITEM 563-50ITEM 563-75ITEM 100ITEM 769ITEM 565ITEM 565-30ITEM 565-40ITEM 566ITEM 567ITEM 568ITEM 545ITEM 570ITEM 480ITEM 566ITEM 545ITEM 520ITEM 170ITEM 753ITEM 576ITEM 578ITEM 580ITEM 596ITEM 611ITEM 642ITEM 647ITEM 650Delivery Service - Saturdays, Sundays or HolidaysDelivery Service – High Cost Service Area SurchargeDelivery Service – High Cost Service Area SurchargeDelivery Service – Coastal Area SurchargeDensity - method of determiningDetention - LTL or AQ shipmentsDetention - Use of Vehicle at DestinationDetention - Vehicles with Power UnitsDetention - Vehicles without Power UnitsDetour Charges – Alberta, CNDiscounts - Non-application ofDiscounts - Non-application ofDispute ResolutionDistancesDiversionEnd of Month RefundsExceptions to Governing ClassificationExceptions to Governing ClassificationExceptions to Governing ClassificationExceptions to Governing ClassificationExceptions to Governing ClassificationExceptions to Governing ClassificationExclusive Use of VehiclesExport FreightExtra Labor - Loading or UnloadingFreezable ProtectionFreezable Embargo Guaranteed Pick-UpFreight Bills and Statements of ChargesFreight Bills and Statements of ChargesFuel SurchargeFuel Surcharge – Special LTLFuel Surcharge – Special LTLGoverning PublicationsGuarantee of Freight ChargesGuaranteed DeliveryGuaranteed AM Delivery Service (GSAM)Guaranteed Hourly Window Delivery Service (GSHW)Handling Freight at positions not immediately adjacent to vehicleHazardous Materials or SubstancesHazardous Material Off Shore FeeImport FreightImpracticable OperationsInbond FreightInside Delivery/PickupIntercoastal FreightLift Gate EquipmentLimitation of LiabilityLimited AccessLimitation of Size and WeightLoading By ConsignorMarking FreightMaximum WeightsMinimum Charge - Household Goods or Personal EffectsMultiple Shipments TenderedNotification Prior to DeliveryOperating Rights

ITEM 3100ITEM 3200ITEM 3300ITEM 363ITEM 670ITEM 680ITEM 680-BITEM 687ITEM 688ITEM 710ITEM 720ITEM 751ITEM 330ITEM 754ITEM 750ITEM 752ITEM 753ITEM 756ITEM 757ITEM 757-50ITEM 757-75ITEM 769ITEM 770ITEM 775ITEM 993ITEM 780ITEM 482ITEM 484ITEM 892ITEM 510ITEM 646ITEM 820ITEM 830ITEM 845ITEM 753ITEM 880ITEM 882ITEM 883ITEM 363ITEM 900ITEM 910ITEM 580ITEM 160ITEM 940ITEM 950ITEM 955ITEM 957ITEM 959ITEM 345ITEM 860ITEM 578ITEM 985ITEM 992ITEM 998Operating RightsOperating RightsOperating RightsOrder Notify ShipmentsOver Dimension FreightPacking or Packaging – RequirementsPacking or Packaging - GeneralPacking or PackagingPacking Material, Debris, Trash Removal and/or Disposal ofPallet Use or ReturnParticipating CarriersPickup Charges in the Florida KeysPickup Charges in New York CityPickup - Convention CentersPickup or Delivery ServicesPickup Service - After HoursPickup Service - Private ResidencesPickup Service - Saturdays, Sundays or HolidaysPickup Service – High Cost Service Area SurchargePickup Service – High Cost Service Area SurchargePickup Service – Coastal Area SurchargePrepayment of Freight ChargesPrepayment of Freight ChargesPrinciples and Practices - Failure to Make Payment of Freight ChargesProduct Display ClassificationProhibited or Restricted ArticlesPuerto Rico Port Scanning SurchargePuerto Rico Tax Processing FeeQuotation of Estimated ChargesRate Basis NumbersRates, Non-Application ofReconsignmentRedeliveryReference to TariffsResidential DeliverySealing of TrucksSegregating ChargesShipments Tendered as a TruckloadSpecial Services (Order Notify Shipments)StopoffsStorageTagging FreightTariff ApplicationTerminal AreasTerminal Charges at PortsThird Party BillingTollsTransfer of LadingUndeliverable FreightUndeliverable FreightUnloading By ConsigneeVehicle Furnished But Not UsedWeight VerificationZip Codes

ITEM 100GOVERNING PUBLICATIONSThis tariff is governed, except as otherwise provided herein, by the following described publications, and bysupplements thereto and subsequent issues thereof:NOMENCLATUREClassification, GoverningZip Code Basing TariffZip Code DirectoryZip Code Mileage GuideTARIFF NUMBER SERIESNMF 100RNLO 101NMF 103HGB 105ITEM 110DEFINITIONSThe terms:1. "Business Day" means each day, Monday thru Friday, excluding Holidays.2. "Business Hours" means time during which operations are generally conducted by the carrier at the pointwhere the service is performed.3. "Carrier", "Consignor" or "Consignee" include the authorized representatives or agents of such "carrier","consignor" or "consignee".4. "Consignee to unload the shipment" means that the consignee will perform the complete service ofunloading the freight from the position in which it was transported in or on the carrier's vehicle.5. "Consignor to load the shipment" means the consignor will perform the complete service of loading thefreight in or on the carrier's vehicle and the proper stowing and/or stacking thereof to withstand thenormal hazards of transportation. When blocking or bracing is necessary to insure safetransportation, such blocking or bracing must be furnished and installed by and at the expense of theconsignor.6. "Holiday" means: New Years Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, orany other day generally observed as a holiday by the carrier at the point where the service isperformed. When the holiday falls on Sunday, the following Monday will be considered as a holiday.7. "Joint-line traffic" means the transportation of a shipment via two or more motor carriers, not includingcarriers performing pickup service at a point of origin or delivery service at point of destination or atintermediate interchange point as agent of the originating or delivering carriers.8. “Less than Truckload (LTL)"- Shall be specifically designated as that quantity of freight weighing lessthan 20,000 lbs., loaded not to exceed 20 linear feet and rated subject to the limitations of theMC-M10M rate columns.9. "Place" (See Note A), means a particular street or other designation of a factory, store, warehouse, placeof business or private residence at a "point".10. "Point" means a particular city, town, village, community or other area which is treated as unit for theapplication of line-haul rates.11. "Single line traffic" means the transportation or a shipment via one carrier or via two or more motorcarriers specifically designated as being considered as one carrier, whether pickup service at point oforigin or delivery service at point of destination is performed by the carrier or for its account byanother carrier as its agent.12. "Site" means a particular platform or specific location for loading or unloading at a "place".13. "Traffic handled direct" means the transportation of a shipment via only one motor carrier (not includingcarriers specifically designated as being considered as one carrier), whether pickup service at pointof origin or delivery service at point of destination is performed by such carrier or for its account byanother carrier as its agent.14. "Truck" or "vehicle" means any vehicle or vehicles propelled or drawn by a single mechanical power

unit and used on the highways in the transportation of property.15. "Two-line haul", "three-line haul" or "four-line haul" includes the carrier for whose account the provisionsare published. Unless otherwise specifically provided, two or more carriers specifically designated asbeing considered as one carrier will be considered as only one line.16. "Any Quantity(AQ)” - An AQ rate or rating is one which is specifically designated AQ in this tariff or intariffs making reference to this tariff and are those applicable to the quantity of articles weighing lessthan 20,000 lbs. and loaded not to exceed 20 feet. (MC-M10M rate columns)17. "Convert-Van" means a trailer that can be used as a flatbed by removing side panels.18. “Less than Truckload (LTL)" - An LTL rate or rating is one which is specifically designated LTL in thistariff or in tariffs making reference to this tariff and are those applicable to a quantity of freightweighing less than 20,000 lbs. and loaded not to exceed 20 feet. (MC-M10M rate columns)19. "Volume or Truckload (VOL or TL)"-A VOL or TL rate or rating is one which is specifically designatedVOL or TL in this tariff or in tariffs making reference to this tariff and are those for which a VOL or TLMinimum Weight is specifically provided.20. "TIR CARNET" means a document used to expedite the movement of goods in international trade andit guarantees the custom duties, if any.21. "Shipment" means a lot of freight received from one consignor at one point (or place within the confinesof a single plant), on one day, consigned to one consignee at one destination and covered by one Billof Lading.22. "Capacity Load" or "Loaded to Capacity" means the extent to which a standard truck is loaded withfreight, each term meaning that quantity of freight which, when loaded in or on a standard truckweighs not less than the TL minimum weight applicable to a shipment of such freight; or, that quantityof freight, which in the manner loaded, so fills a standard truck that no more of the shipment in theshipping form tendered can be loaded in or on the truck; or that quantity of freight which because ofunusual shape or dimensions or because of necessity for segregation or separation from other freightrequires the entire capacity of a standard truck.23. “Upper Peninsula” (UP) is defined as zip codes 49710, 49715, 49719, 49724, 49725, 49726, 49728,49736, 49745, 49748, 49752, 49757, 49760, 49762, 49768, 49774, 49775, 49780, 49781, 49783,49784, 49788, 49793, 49801, 49805, 49806, 49807, 49808, 49812, 49814, 49815, 49816, 49817,49818, 49819, 49820, 49821, 49822, 49825, 49827, 49829, 49831, 49833, 49834, 49835, 49836,49837, 49838, 49839, 49840, 49841, 49845, 49847, 49848, 49849, 49852, 49853, 49854, 49855,49861, 49862, 49863, 49864, 49865, 49866, 49868, 49870, 49871, 49872, 49873, 49874, 49876,49877, 49878, 49879, 49880, 49881, 49883, 49884, 49885, 49886, 49887, 49891, 49892, 49893,49894, 49895, 49896, 49901, 49902, 49903, 49905, 49908, 49910, 49911, 49912, 49913, 49915,49916, 49917, 49918, 49919, 49920, 49921, 49922, 49925, 49927, 49929, 49930, 49931, 49934,49935, 49938, 49942, 49945, 49946, 49947, 49948, 49950, 49952, 49953, 49955, 49958, 49959,49960, 49961, 49962, 49963, 49964, 49965, 49967, 49968, 49969, 49970, 49971, 54102, 54103,54104, 54119, 54120, 54121, 54125, 54151, 54156, 54177, 54202, 54209, 54210, 54211, 54212,54234, 54246, 54433, 54434, 54437, 54439, 54447, 54456, 54459, 54470, 54490, 54493, 54498,54511, 54512, 54513, 54514, 54515, 54517, 54519, 54521, 54524, 54525, 54526, 54527, 54529,54530, 54531, 54532, 54534, 54536, 54537, 54538, 54539, 54540, 54542, 54543, 54545, 54546,54547, 54548, 54550, 54552, 54554, 54555, 54556, 54557, 54558, 54559, 54560, 54561, 54562,54563, 54564, 54565, 54566, 54568, 54731, 54766, 54771, 54801, 54806, 54813, 54814, 54816,54817, 54818, 54819, 54820, 54821, 54827, 54828, 54830, 54832, 54834, 54835, 54836, 54837,54838, 54839, 54840, 54841, 54842, 54843, 54844, 54845, 54846, 54847, 54848, 54849, 54850,54854, 54855, 54856, 54857, 54859, 54861, 54862, 54864, 54865, 54867, 54868, 54870, 54871,58472, 54873, 54874, 54875, 54876, 54880, 54888, 54890, 54891, 54893, 54895, 54896.24. “NY Boroughs” is defined as zips 103-104 and zips 110-119.25. “Manhattan” is defined as zips 100-102.26. “WP (West Pennsylvania)” is defined as zips 150-166.27. “EP (East Pennsylvania)” is defined as zips 167-196.28. “CN (Canada) direct” is defined as AB (Alberta), BC (British Columbia), MB (Manitoba), SK(Saskatchewan), ON (Ontario), QC (Quebec), NB (New Brunswick), NF (Newfoundland), NL(Labrador), NS (Nova Scotia), and PE (Prince Edward Island),29. “CN (Canada) indirect” is defined as AI (Alberta Indirect), BI (British Columbia Indirect), IC (IndirectCanada), NT (Northwest Territories), NU (Nunavut), OI (Ontario Indirect), QI (Quebec Indirect), and

YT (Yukon Territory).NOTE A: The "place" shall include only contiguous property which shall not be deemed separate ifintersected by a public street or thorough-fare.EFFECTIVE FEBRUARY 17, 2020ITEM 150APPLICATION OF CLASSIFICATION RULES AND REQUIREMENTS IN CONNECTION WITH RULES,RATES AND EXCEPTION RATINGS SPECIFIED IN THIS TARIFFA)Except as otherwise provided, rates and rating specified in this tariff are subject to the rules ofNational Motor Freight Classification 100 Series, supplements thereto or subsequent reissues thereof.B)Where a rule is published in this tariff covering the same service published herein, to the extent ofits application, will apply in lieu of the rules published in the NMFC.C)On exception ratings where the form of shipment (loose, bulk, bundles, etc.) or the kind of container(bag, barrels, boxes, crates, etc.), is specified in the description of article upon which ratings are provided inthis tariff, such ratings apply only when such articles are tendered for shipment in the shipping form or in thekind of container specified, and the alternate container provisions of Rule 685 of NMFC will not apply.ITEM 159APPLICATION OF RATESRates and/or provisions in tariffs governed by this tariff are not applicable on commodities that are exemptfrom regulation as a result of provisions contained in the Motor Carrier Act of 1980 as well as thosecommodities already classified as "exempt" under previous provisions found in Title 49, CFR, Sub Title B,Part 1047 and clarifying administrative rulings.ITEM 160TARIFF APPLICATIONFor inbound collect shipments, the debtor region applies using the inbound collect discount and minimum.EFFECTIVE FEBRUARY 1, 2017ITEM 161END OF MONTH REFUNDSThis rule covers all end of month refunds including but not limited to: Loading Allowances, UnloadingAllowances, end of month discount, commissions, and volume incentive pricing.Payments will only be made on invoices paid within 60 days. Payments will only be made on refunds thattotal at least 20/month/pricing agreement. There will be no accumulation from month to month. Anyaccount that doesn’t qualify for a payment for 3 consecutive months will have the refund cancelled fromtheir pricing agreement.When a customer pricing agreement includes provisions for a monthly refund the refund calculation will

NOT include: surchargeAccessorialsExpeditedSpot, Volume, TL or capacity loadMinimum charge floorInterlinePallet rate or Flat rateAny discrepancies in amounts paid must be presented to Carrier in writing within 180 days of the date of theshipment. Clear detail on how much is owed and why must be included.EFFECTIVE FEBRUARY 17, 2020ITEM 162ALTERNATE APPLICATION OF RATES AND WEIGHTSIn no case shall the charge for any shipment be greater than the charge for a greater quantity of the samekind of freight at the rate and weight applicable to such greater quantity of freight.ITEM 169DISPUTE RESOLUTION(Exception to NMFC 100 Item 300160 and Item 300530)Any dispute arising between the parties regarding the interpretation, application, or enforceability of theterms or conditions of this Tariff or carrier’s offer to pay, decline, or make a firm compromise settlement offerregarding a cargo claim or otherwise will be construed according to federal law governing transportationand the laws of the State of Ohio, and the parties hereby stipulate that any action must be broughtexclusively, as appropriate, in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio or a statecourt located in Clinton County, Ohio. Each party agrees to personal and subject matter jurisdiction in eithercourt.EFFECTIVE FEBRUARY 5, 2015ITEM 170LIMITATION OF LIABILITY(See Note A)(a) Unless otherwise provided as set forth in Item 170, articles with an invoice value exceeding thelimitations shown below in Column B, relative to the corresponding Class in Column A, will beconsidered to be of extraordinary value. Articles of extraordinary value accepted fortransportation will be considered to be released at the value per pound shown in Column B,subject to a maximum liability of 100,000.00 per occurrence. The maximum value per poundwill be arrived at by determining the actual Class of the articles tendered, as published inNMFC 100 series, or at an Exception Class, if applicable, whichever is less, and will apply tothe weight of the lost or damaged articles. The maximum value allowed will be that which isshown in Column B opposite the Class indicated in Column A, as follows:COLUMN ACOLUMN BCOLUMN ACOLUMN BCOLUMN ACOLUMN B

CLASS505560657077.5MAXIMUMVALUE PERPOUND 2.00 2.00 2.30 3.95 6.00 7.75CLASS8592.5100110125150MAXIMUMVALUE PERPOUND 12.00 15.75 19.75 21.75 24.75 25.00CLASS175200250300400500MAXIMUMVALUE PERPOUND 25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00EXCESS LIABILITY COVERAGE – ITEMS OF EXTRAORDINARY VALUE(b) If shipper desires to tender a shipment requiring carrier liability in excess of carrier’s maximumliability as defined in Item 170 (a) of this tariff, then shipper must indicate in writing in Note (1) ofthe Bill of Lading, the agreed or declared value of the property being shipped. Carrier willassess an additional charge, in excess of the total freight charges, 3% by which the agreed ordeclared value exceeds the carrier’s maximum liability as defined in Item 170(a) of this tariff, ora specific released value provision found in the NMFC where applicable. Excess liabilitycoverage charges shall be paid by party specified in the bill of lading as responsible for thepayment of freight charges. Excess Liability Coverage charge is subject to a minimum of 100.00 per shipment. Notwithstanding the agreed or declared value represented by theshipper, Excess Liability Coverage and the Carrier’s Maxim

shipping form tendered can be loaded in or on the truck; or that quantity of freight which because of . requires the entire capacity of a standard truck. 23. “Upper Peninsula” (UP) is defined as z