Scale-out Power8 Systems Introduction


Scale-out Power8 SystemsIntroductionDale

Power Processor Technology RoadmapPOWER9POWER822 nmPOWER5/5 130/90 nm2004POWER6/6 65/65 nm2007 2014 International Business Machines CorporationPOWER7/7 45/32 nm20102014

Driving value for Big Data & Analytics, Cloud and Mobileapplications with Power Systems SoftwareSimplified Virtualization and Cloud ManagementExpanded choice and enhanced value for the industry’s most scalable & flexiblevirtualization infrastructure for UNIX, Linux and IBM iNewOpenVirtualization forscale-out LinuxSystemsVirtualizationwithout r: IncreaseIT productivityand agilitySmartCloud Entryfor PowerSystems** Will announce in May3

Delivering Innovation for IBM i 7.2 with POWER8Systems of Engagement & Systems of Record Easier integration on a single system and single architecture IBM i 7.2 locks down business data and improves performance Minimize risk as you extend business systems to customersthrough mobile and cloudKey Capabilities Powerful new features of DB2 for I IBM Navigator for i Integrated Security SSO application suite PowerHA SystemMirror for i Express Edition Analytics: combined value of DB2 WebQuery andCognos on Linux on Power Free Format RPG4

The OpenPOWER Foundation: Open & Collaborative InnovationGrowing FastSystem/Software/ServicesI/O, Storage, AccelerationBoards/SystemsChip/SOC5

OpenPOWER: Architecture to unleash innovationComputeCOMPUTEMEMORYIO NETWORKSTORAGEDifferentiating DB2database on Power/Linuxusing GPU accelerationCost optimized “in memorylike” noSQL infrastructurewith CAPI IBMFlashSystemDistributed storeaccelerated by RDMANext-gen big dataarchitectureleveragingGPFS/GSS, Platform,& FPGA basedcompressionacceleration6

POWER8: The First Processor Designed for Big DataIBM 22nm Technology Silicon-on-Insulator 15 metal layers Deep trench eDRAMPOWER8 ProcessorCompute 12 cores (thread strength optimized) SMT8, 16-wide execution 2X internal data flows Transactional MemoryCache 64KB L1 512KB L2 / core 96MB L3 up to 128MB L4 / socket 2X bandwidthsSystem Interfaces 230 GB/s memory bandwidth / socket Up to 48x Integrated PCI gen 3 / socket CAPI (over PCI gen 3) Robust, Large SMP Interconnect On chip Energy Mgmt, VRM / core7

POWER8 Memory Buffer ChipDRAMChips“L4 cache”MemoryBufferDDR Interfaces16MBScheduler &POWER8MemoryManagement Cache LinkIntelligence Moved into Memory Previously on POWER7 chip onto bufferProcessor Interface High speed interfacePerformance Value 2014 International Business Machines Corporation

POWER8 Memory 128GBPOWER8DCM Architecturally: Up to 1 TB / Socket First POWER8 Systems: 512 GB /Socket announced 2014 International Business Machines Corporation(Max Config shown)

POWER8 Integrated PCI Gen 3POWER8POWER7GXBusPCIe Gen3I/OBridgePCIe Gen2PCIDevices 2014 International Business Machines CorporationPCIDevice

POWER8 Multi-threading Options SMT1: Largest unit of execution work SMT2: Smaller unit of work, but providesgreater amount of execution work per cycle SMT4: Smaller unit of work, but providesgreater amount of execution work per cycle SMT8: Smallest unit of work, but provides themaximum amount of execution work per cycle Can dynamical shift between modes asrequired: SMT1 / SMT2 / SMT4 / SMT8 Mixed SMT modes supported within sameLPAR– Requires use of “Resource Groups”43.532.521.510.50P7P8P8P8P8SMT1 SMT1 SMT2 SMT4 SMT8 2014 International Business Machines Corporation

IO BandwidthPOWER8POWER7 POWER7POWER6050100GB/Sec 2014 International Business Machines Corporation150200

Memory Bandwidth per SocketPOWER8POWER7POWER6POWER5050100GB/Sec 2014 International Business Machines Corporation150200

Possible Example: CAPI Attached Flash strategy()iodone()LVMstrategy()iodone()Disk & Adapter DDPin buffers,Translate,Map DMA,Start I/OInterrupt,unmap,unpin,Iodonescheduling 2014 International Business Machines Corporation20KInstructions

Possible Example: CAPI Attached Flash OptimizationApplicationAttach flash memory to POWER8 viaCAPI coherent )20KInstructionsLVMstrategy()iodone()Disk & Adapter DDPin buffers,Translate,Map DMA,Start onPosix AsyncI/O Style APIUser Library 500InstructionsSharedMemoryWork Queue Issues Read/Write Commands from applications to eliminate 97% ofinstruction path length CAPI Flash controller Operates in User Space Saves 10 Cores per 1M IOPs 2014 International Business Machines Corporationaio read()aio write()

Power System Portfolio 1Q 2014Extending the portfolio to reach new clients and drive new workloadsPureApplicationSystemPower 795Power 780Flex SystemPureFlex SystemPower 770PureData Systemfor Operational AnalyticsPower 760Power 750PowerLinuxTM 7R2Power S822LPowerLinuxTM 7R1Power S812L16Power 730Power S824LPower S822Power 710Power 740Power S824Power 720Power S814

POWER8 Scale-out Systems POWER8 roll-out is leading with scale-out (1-2S) systemsExpanded Linux focus: Ubuntu, KVM, and Open StackScale-up POWER8 ( 2S) systems will be rolled out over timePCI Gen3 right out of POWER8 processorOpenPOWER Innovations1 & 2 Socket Power SystemsS812L 1-socket, 2UPOWER8 processorLinux onlyCAPI support (1)2H14S822L 2-socket, 2UPOWER8 processorUp to 24 cores1 TB memory9 PCI Gen3 slotLinux onlyCAPI support (2)PowerVM &PowerKVMS822 2-socket, 2UUp to 20 cores1 TB memory9 PCIe Gen 3AIX & LinuxCAPI support (2)PowerVMS814 1-socket, 4UUp to 8 cores512 GB memory7 PCIe Gen 3AIX, IBM i, LinuxCAPI support (1)PowerVMS824L 2-socket, 4UUp to 24 coresLinuxNVIDIA GPU2H14S824 2-socket, 4UUp to 24 cores1 TB memory11 PCIe Gen 3AIX, IBM i, LinuxCAPI support (2)PowerVM

Scale-out Systems - DCMs and POWER8 Chips1S & 2S servers use DCM (Dual Chip Module)§1 DCM fills 1 socket . Similar to POWER7 750 / 760§1 DCM has two Scale-out POWER8 chips§1 DCM can provide 6-core, 8-core, 10-core or 12-core sockets6-core Processor Chiptwo 3-cores for 6-core DCMtwo 4-cores for 8-core DCMtwo 5-cores for 10-core DCMtwo 6-ocres for 12-core DCMMax 8 Threads per CoreExcellent I/O bandwidth per socket 2014 International Business Machines CorporationCoreCoreCoreL2L2L2L3 Cache & Chip Intercon MemCtrlL2L2L2CoreCoreCore

POWER8 2S2U LayoutPCIe Gen3 x82X SASPortsPCIe Gen3 x16MemoryPCIe Gen3 x16POWER8MemoryPCIe Gen3 x8POWER8Up to12 SFF BaysUSB-36 SSD Slots** with backplaneSlim DVD 2014 International Business Machines CorporationUSB-3Memory2xHMCSerialUSB-2HMC

POWER8 1S4U LayoutPCIe Gen3 x84x 1Gbt Enet2x SAS PortsPCIe Gen3 x162xUSB-3MemoryPOWER8Up to18 SFF BaysMemory2xUSB-3Slim DVD 2014 International Business Machines CorporationNo SSD Cage2xHMC1xSerial2xUSB-2

POWER8 2S4U LayoutPCIe Gen3 x84x 1Gbt Enet2x SAS PortsPCIe Gen3 x16PCIe Gen3 x16Memory2xUSB-3MemoryPCIe Gen3 x8POWER8MemoryPOWER8SSD Bays *Up to18 SFF Bays2xUSB-3* with backplaneSlim DVD 2014 International Business Machines Corporation2xHMC1xSerial2xUSB-2

POWER8 1S4U Scale-out SystemPower S814 Form Factor: 4U or Tower Single Socket Cores: Memory: Slots:6 (3.0 GHz) or 8 (3.7 GHz)Up to 512 GB7 PCIe Gen3 Full-high (Hotplug) Ethernet: Quad 1 Gbt in PCIe slot Integrated ports: USB (4/5), Serial (1), HMC (2) Internal Storage DVD 12 SFF Bays -- Split Backplane: 6 6 or 18 SFF Bays with Easy Tier with 7GB write cache Hypervisor: PowerVM OS: AIX, IBM i (P10 software tier), Linux3 Yr Warranty 2014 International Business Machines Corporation

POWER8 2S4U Scale-out SystemPower S824 Single Socket populated Cores:6 (3.8 GHz) or 8 (4.1 GHz) Memory: Slots:Up to 512 GB7 PCIe Gen3 full-high (Hotplug)Both Sockets populated Cores: Memory: Slots:12 (3.8 GHz), 16 (4.1 GHz), or 24 (3.5 GHz)Up to 1 TB11 PCIe Gen3 full-high (Hotplug) Ethernet: Quad 1 Gbt in PCIe slotIntegrated ports: USB (4/5), Serial (1), HMC (2)Internal Storage DVD 12 SFF Bays -- Split Backplane: 6 6 or 18 SFF bays & 8 SSD bays with Easy Tier with 7GB write cache Hypervisor: PowerVMOS: AIX, IBM i (P20 software tier), Linux 2014 International Business Machines Corporation3 Yr Warranty

POWER8 4U Scale-out Comparison – S814Power 720Power System S814ProcessorSocketsCoresMaximum MemoryMemory CacheMemory BandwidthPOWER7 14/6/8512 @ 1066 MHzNo136 GB/secPOWER816/8512 GB @ 1600 MHzYes192 GB/secMemory DRAM SpareNoYesCAPI (Capable slots)PCIe Hot Plug SupportIO bandwidth6 PCIe Gen2 FHOpt 4 PCIe Gen2 LPN/ANo40 GB/secEthernet portsQuad 1 Gbt (x4 slot)Quad 1 Gbt (x8 Slot)SAS bays in system unit6 or 8 SFF-1 bays12 SFF-3 baysOr 18 SFF-3 baysIntegrated write cacheEasy Tier SupportIntegrated split backplaneService ProcessorOptional 175 MBNoYes ( 3 3 )Generation 1Optional effectively 7GBYesYes ( 6 6 )Generation 2System unit PCIe slots 2014 International Business Machines Corporation7 PCIe Gen3 FHOneYes96 GB/sec

POWER8 4U Scale-out Comparison – S824Power 740Power System S824ProcessorSocketsMax CoresMaximum MemoryMemory CacheMemory BandwidthMemory DRAM SparePOWER7 1 (upgradeable) / 28 / 16512GB / 1TB @ 1066 MHzNo136 GB/secNoPOWER81 (upgradeable) / 28 / 24512GB / 1TB @ 1600 MHzYes384 GB/secYesSystem unit PCIe slots6 PCIe Gen2 FHOpt 4 PCIe Gen2 LP7 / 11 PCIe Gen3 FHCAPI (Capable slots)PCIe Hot Plug SupportIO bandwidthEthernet portsN/ANo60 GB/secQuad 1 Gbt (x4 slot)TwoYes192 GB/secQuad 1 Gbt (x8 Slot)SAS bays in system unit6 or 8 SFF-112 SFF-3 baysOr 18 SFF-3 8 SSD baysIntegrated write cacheEasy Tier SupportIntegrated split backplaneService ProcessorOptional 175 MBNoYes ( 3 3 )Generation 1Optional effectively 7GBYesYes ( 6 6 )Generation 2 2014 International Business Machines Corporation

Power 740 / POWER8 S824 CPW ComparesPerformanceDual SocketPerformanceper Core24Core16Core16Core740P740 S824P740 2014 International Business Machines Corporation16CoreP740 S824S824

CPWS814 (1 socket)6-core8-coreS8243.0 GHz3.7 GHz59,50085,500(1 or 2 socket)6-core 3.8 GHz12-core 3.8 GHz72,000130,0008-core 4.1 GHz16-core 4.1 GHz94,500173,50012-core 1-socket not offered24-core 3.5 GHz230,500 2014 International Business Machines CorporationMeasured usingSMT8SMT4 would besomewhat lower

CPW Comparison720 POWER7 4-core6-core8-core3.6 GHz3.6 GHz3.6 GHz740 POWER7 (1 socket)28,40042,40056,300(1 or 2 socket)6-core 4.2 GHz12-core 4.2 GHz49,00091,7008-core 3.6 GHz16-core 3.6 GHz56,300106,5008-core16-core64,500120,0004.2 GHz4.2 GHz 2014 International Business Machines CorporationS814(1 socket)6-core8-coreS8243.0 GHz3.7 GHz59,50085,500(1 or 2 socket)6-core 3.8 GHz12-core 3.8 GHz72,000130,0008-core 4.1 GHz16-core 4.1 GHz94,500173,50012-core 1-socket not offered24-core 3.5 GHz230,500

POWER8 Delivers up to TWICE the performance across key workloads25000ERP – SAP 2-Tier (Users)2.1x su RX300 S8POWER S8242s/24c/48t2s/24c/192tIntel Xeon Ivy Bridge IBM POWER83)4)250002000001)2)Java - SPECjEnterprise2010 (EjOPS)2x PerformanceOracle Sun X4-22s/24c/48tIntel Xeon Ivy BridgePOWER S8242s/24c/192tIBM POWER8Results are based on best published results on Xeon E5-2697 v2 from the top 5 Intel system vendors.SAP results are based on the two-tier SAP SD standard application benchmark running SAP enhancement package 5 for the SAP ERP 6.0 application. Results valid as of April 28, 2014. 2010 results are valid as of 4/22/2014. For more information go to PECcpu2006 results are submitted as of 4/22/2014. For more information go to

Standard Optional Not AvailableRAS Feature OverviewRAS ItemRedundant / Hot Swap Fans & BlowersHot Swap DASD & MediaHot Swap PCI AdaptersConcurrent Firmware UpdateRedundant / Hot Swap Power SuppliesDual disk controllers (split backplane)Processor Instruction RetryAlternate Processor RecoveryStorage KeysPowerVM /Live Part. Mobility/Live App MobilityDynamic Processor SparingRedundant Service ProcessorsRedundant System ClocksHot GX Adapter Add and Cold RepairDynamic Service Processor &System Clock FailoverEnterprise Memory ( Memory Sparing )Integrated TPMD FunctionHot GX Adapter RepairActive Memory Mirroring for HypervisorPower PoolsDynamic Processor Sparing 2014 International Business Machines CorporationPOWER7 POWER7 POWER8710 / 730720 / 740models N/A N/A

IBM i Support for Scale-out ServersIBM i 7.1 TR8POWER8Supported – adds SMT8, more threadsIBM i 7.2POWER8Supported -- adds SMT8, more cores/partition, more threads 2014 International Business Machines Corporation

New I/O Announced with Scale-out Servers SOD for PCIe3 expansion drawers– SOD states will have PCIe Gen3 drawer in future– Important planning consideration for clients with lots of I/O.Emphasize multi-port adapters available to virtualizeEmphasize bandwidth of Gen3 PCIe slots to virtualize Disk/HDD–New capacity - 600GB 15k rpm–New 4k block drives SSD–New 1.8-inch 387GB for POWER8 servers SSD cage 2014 InternationalBusinessPrices areUSA Machineslist pricesCorporationfor a Power S822 and are subject to change. Reseller prices may vary.

Power Enterprise Systems built on POWER8Announcing Enterprise Pools on Power 770 & 780and Statement of Direction for POWER8 supportPOWER8Enterprise SystemsIBM plans to Bring POWER8 capability to the full Power Systems portfolio Deliver the most scalable, highest performing enterprise-classPower System with an advanced version of the POWER8processor. Provide upgrade paths From the current POWER7 Power 770 and 780 servers toenterprise-class POWER8 processor-based servers. Preserve client investment in Power Systems Enable POWER8 processor-based Power systems tointeroperate and share Mobile Capacity on Demand (COD)resources with POWER7/7 processor-based Power systemsin a single Power Enterprise Pool. Architectural strengthsof Power 795Modularity & efficienciesof Power 770/780Performance andinnovation of POWER8Greater Scalability &ReliabilityIncreased Efficiency(Space, Energy)33

SR-IOV 2014 International Business Machines Corporation

SR-IOV . A Technology of InterestLPAR #1LPAR #2 Single Root I/O VirtualizationLPAR #3 Runs “closer to the silicon” potentially offering someperformance efficiencies Doesn’t require VIOS as a pre-req and thus can do simplevirtualization under PowerVM without VIOS . BUT .VIOS continues to offer many additional advanced functions Architecturally can virtualize a resource like an Ethenetadapter and allocate/provide a user-defined minimum level ofbandwidth to a partition Quality of Service (QoS) Ethernet NIC announced.FCoE and FC not announced. Can use VIOS & SR-IOV together 2014 International Business Machines Corporation

SR-IOV (Single Root I/O Virtualization) for Ethernet NIC Simple virtualization without VIOS With quality of service controlsLPAR #1LPAR #2QoSMin of y%Gen 2 *LPAR #3LPAR #4 2014 International Business Machines Corporation * For specific Gen2 Adapters with SR-IOVcapable electronics In PCIe Gen2 (or later)slot For specific Integrated Multifunction Cardswith SR-IOV capable electronics Under latest 7.8 firmware With recent OS level software

SR-IOV (Single Root I/O Virtualization) Dual VIOS Redundant VIOS with redundant hardware resource Minimum amount of bandwidth for Quality of Service (QoS)QoSQoSSRIOV virtualization VIOS virtualizationGen 2VIOS - ALPAR #2LPAR #3VIOS - B 2014 International Business Machines CorporationSRIOV virtualization VIOS virtualizationGen 2

SR-IOV and POWER8 Servers No announcement or SOD was issued for SR-IOVfunction in April 2014 However, this capability is being worked on by IBMdevelopment. No architectural problems are known.The only known challenge is working it into busy testschedules and ensuring things are tuned properly onthe POWER8 PCIe Gen3 slots Note that SR-IOV requires an HMC 2014 International Business Machines Corporation

A New Generation of IBM Power SystemsOpen Innovation toput data to workDesigned for Big DataSuperior Cloud EconomicsOpen Innovation PlatformCall your IBMrepresentativeand visit a localbriefing centerWatch the Webcast“Open Innovation toPut Data to Work”Contact your IBMBusiness Partnerand tap into IBM’secosystem resourcesLearn more


Open innovation to put data to work41

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Power System Portfolio 1Q 2014 Power 720 Power 730 Power 710 Power 740Power S824L Power 750 Flex System PureFlex System PowerLin