Request For Proposal (RFP) Yuba Community College District .


Request for Proposal (RFP)Yuba Community College District: Woodland CommunityCollegeArchitectural Services: Performing Arts/Culinary ServicesFacilityNo. RFP 19-01Issue Date: July 25, 2019RFP Due: September 6, 2019, 1:00pm, District Office1

RFP Due Date: September 6, 2019, 1:00pm Sharp, YCCD District Offices LocationDelivered To:Yuba Community College District, District OfficesAttn.: David WillisDistrict Director of Facilities Planning, Maintenance & OperationsRFP No. 19-01, YCCD WCC, Architectural Services: Performing Arts/CulinaryServices FacilityAddress: 425 Plumas Blvd., Suite 200, Yuba City, California, 95991Yuba Community College DistrictDistrict Offices425 Plumas Blvd, Suite 200 (second floor)Yuba City, California, 95991Proposal DeliveryLocation, Front Counterat Second Floor2

TABLE OF CONTENTS1.0 INTRODUCTION1.1 District Information1.2 Yuba Community College District Background1.3 Purpose of Request: WCC Performing Arts and Culinary Services New Facility1.4 Applicable Codes2.0 Professional Services Scope of Work2.1 District Staff Contacts during Proposal Process3.0 Proposal Format Organization3.1. Proposal Delivery, Contents, and Format4.0 Statement of Qualifications / Additional Information Requested5.0 Selection of Professional Services Provider6.0 Basis of Award7.0 Non-Discrimination8.0 Evaluation of Proposals9.0 Responses to RFP10.0 Requests for Information (RFI)11.0 Proposal Schedule12.0 District Parking13.0 RFP Proposal Requirement Clarifications: Prompt and Complete Proposals14.0 Award of Contract15.0 Reservation of RightsAppendix A, Fee ProposalAppendix B, Detailed Descriptions of Services ApproachAppendix C, Other Areas of ConcernAppendix D, Previous Project Examples of “Like” Projects-- with Performing Arts and/or Culinary ServicesComponent.Appendix E, Critical Project Success CriteriaAppendix F, Contractor Change Order Processing Procedure Recommendations—Proven Approaches atCommunity College Districts in California.Appendix G, Academic CalendarsAppendix H, Map of Woodland Community CollegeAppendix I, Performing Arts / Culinary Services Facility, Preliminary Planning DocumentsAppendix J, Non-Collusion Affidavit FormAppendix K, References FormAppendix L, Signature Proposal FormAppendix M, Acknowledgement of Addenda FormAppendix N, Firm W9 FormAppendix O, Insurance FormAppendix P, Licenses, Certifications, Documents Proving Qualifications by Team Members.Appendix Q, Previous Performing Arts and/or Culinary Services Project Awards, Leed Certifications, andRecognitions by various associations.3

1. INTRODUCTION1.1 District Information:The District consists of two colleges, Woodland Community College and Yuba College, withcampuses located at six different locations: Yuba College in Marysville, CA; Sutter CountyCenter in Yuba City, CA; Beale Education Center, Beale AFB, CA; Woodland CommunityCollege in Woodland, CA; Colusa County Center in Williams, CA; and Lake County Campus inClearlake, CA.1.2 Yuba Community College DistrictThe Yuba Community College District (YCCD) was founded in 1927 and spans eight counties(Yuba, Sutter, Colusa, Yolo, Lake, Butte, Glenn and Placer) and nearly 4,200 square miles ofterritory in rural, north-central California. It has colleges in Marysville and Woodland, aneducational center in Clearlake, an educational center in Williams, an educational center inYuba City, and outreach operations at Beale Air Force Base.1.3 Purpose of Request: Architectural Services ProposalsThe District requests Architectural Services Proposals from pre-qualified firms. Services includeplanning, design, cost estimating, constructability analysis, Division of the State Architectsubmission and full project coordination/support from start to completion/close-out, and contractadministration for the New Performing Arts/Culinary Services Facility at the WoodlandCommunity College Campus. The anticipated total project budget is approximately 37,281,000at the “midpoint” per the State FUSION software JCAF 32.1.4 Applicable CodesAll planning work shall meet all Local, State, and Federal Codes, Regulations, and Ordinances.4

2.0 Professional Services Scope of Work:This Request for Proposal (RFP) requests Architectural Professional Services from PreQualified Firms for the new Performing Arts/Culinary Services Facility located at the WoodlandCommunity College Campus located at 2300 East Gibson Road, Woodland, California, 95776.The scope of work includes the full and comprehensive development of the following:1) Verification and Programming/Scope development into an “Owners Project Requirements”document describing the detailed District/College Requirements. Multiple meetings with the“Project Team” will be required for this phase of the work.2) Preliminary/Schematic Design Documentsa) Drawings (Site Plan, Layouts, Elevations, 1 Colored Rendering of Building Front)b) Fly – Through Video Rendering with shading, students, and example use of the spaces.c) High Level Milestone Schedule Listd) Rough Cost Estimate of Probable costse) Re-alignment of scope with project budget.3) Design Development Documentsa) Drawings and Specificationsb) High Level Project Schedulec) Constructability Review by Qualified General Contractor or Qualified Professional SubConsultantd) Cost Estimate and re-alignment process with the Project Team to align with the projectbudgete) Update after College/District reviews4) Construction Documentsa) Drawings and Specificationsb) Initial More Detailed Overall Project Schedulec) Constructability Review by Qualified General Contractor or Qualified Professional SubConsultantd) Cost Estimate and re-alignment process with the Project Team to align with the projectbudgete) Update after College/District reviews5) Division of the State Architect Submission and Coordination6) Contractor Bidding7) Contract Administration8) Commissioning and Project Close-OutPlanned Service Schedule Per the JCAF 32 Form:5

2.1 District Staff Contacts during the Proposal process:Firms interested in submitting a Proposal are directed not to make personal contact with theBoard of Trustees, District staff, or members of the evaluation committee. Any contact shallconstitute grounds for disqualification from consideration.Single Point of Contact during the Request for Proposal (RFP)Process:David L. WillisDistrict Director of Maintenance, Operations, and Planning425 Plumas Blvd., Suite 200 (Second Floor)Yuba City, California, 95991Cell Phone: 916-747-4262Email: dwillis@yccd.edu3.0 Proposal Format OrganizationThe Firm is requested to use the following proposal format:3.1. Proposal Delivery, Contents, and Format:Proposals should provide straightforward, concise information that satisfies the requirementsnoted in this RFP. Emphasis should be placed on brevity, conformity to the Districts instructions,selection criteria of this RFP, and completeness and clarity of content. Each Respondent’sproposal should clearly and accurately demonstrate specialized knowledge and experiencerequired for consideration.In a sealed box or envelope (clearly marked “), submit the following: One (1) flash memory stick containing the complete proposal and supportingdocumentation;One (1) original and ten (10) copies in paper form of the proposal, which consists of aProposal Letter and responses to the proposal requirements listed in Section 2.3Proposals shall be no more than 100 physical pages (printing on both sides of each page, 200pages) in total length.Firms must comply with the provisions of these instructions for completion and submission ofthe Proposal. The failure of a Firm to comply with the Proposal Instructions and Requirementswill result in rejection of the Proposal for non-responsiveness.6

PROPOSAL CONTENTS INFORMATION (TABBED IN PROPOSAL):Proposal Section1. Cover Letter2. Table of Contents3. Identification of the Firm4. Executive Summary5. Staffing Resources6. Experience: (Firm, Team Members, Professional Sub-Consultants)7. Proposed Project Approach8. Technical Competence9. Fiscal Stability of Firm10. Fee Proposal (See Appendix A)AppendicesA. Fee Proposal:1. Preliminary Plans: .2. Working Drawings (Design Development, Contract Documents) : .3. Division of the State Architect Submission, Fees: .4. Contract Administration: .5. Project Close-Out: : .6. Other Fees: .7. Total of Fees: .B. Detailed Description of Services Approach—By ProposerC. Other Areas of ConcernD. Examples of Previous “Like Projects” Architectural Planning andProfessional Services Work. Description of and examples of cost control,constructability, minimization of change order, traditional Design/Bid/Builddeliverable method, and innovative Performing Arts and Culinary ServicesProjects with specific details. More information scores higher.E. Critical Project Success Criteria: Specifically, what can theDistrict/College expect regarding the following:1. Project Cost: /- % Within Budget2. Change Orders: /- % After Award3. Schedule: Compared to State Milestone Dates in JCAF32 Form.F. Contractor Construction Change Order Processing ProcedureRecommendations for the District to make timely changes, meet DSArequirements, provide a proper review and cost estimate of the changes,provide a qualify and performance review, and keep construction workmoving forward without delays. Provide example forms.G. Academic PDFPDFPDFPDF7

H.I.J.K.L.M.N.O.P.Map of Woodland Community College CampusPreliminary Planning DocumentsNon-Collusion Affidavit FormReferences FormProposal Signature FormAcknowledgement of Addendum FormFirm W9 FormInsurance FormLicenses, Certifications, Documents Proving Qualifications by TeamMembersPDFPDFPDFPDFPDFPDFPDFPDFPDFINCLUDE THE FOLLOWING CONTENTS IN THE PROPOSAL PACKAGE:The following is a summary of the Contents. Please address each section in a Tabbed Format.A. Cover LetterThe Proposal shall include a Cover Letter on Respondent’s official business letterhead, whichshall be signed by an individual authorized to legally bind Respondent. The Cover Letter shallalso identify the name and telephone number of a person who may be contacted during theProposal evaluation process.B. Table of ContentsProvide a Table of Contents that outlines in sequential order the major sections and subsections of the Proposal. All pages in the Proposal shall be clearly and consecutively numberedand correspond to the Table of Contents. Use tabs to allow information to be more easilylocated. Follow the table in section 3.1 for tab numbers and descriptions.C. Identification of the Firm1. Legal name and address of company.2. Legal form of company (corporation, partnership, etc.).3. Name, address, phone number, facsimile number, email address, website address, directemail address for the following: Firm’s Principal in Charge, person(s) who will be primarilyresponsible for providing services for this Proposal Package, and the contact for schedulingan in-person interview if the Firm is selected for one.4. California Business License Number8

D. Executive SummaryThe Proposal shall include an Executive Summary that briefly describes the Proposal, theTeam, and the approach to meet the District’s goals. The Executive Summary shall describethe approach that will be used to keep costs as low as possible yet provide the servicesrequired as described in this RFP and by California State regulations and codes.E. Staffing Resources1. Firm Staffing and Key Personnela. Provide total number of professional staff currently employed by the firm.Identify person/s who will be principally responsible for working with the District.Indicate the role and responsibility of each person/s, and how many years theyhave been with the company. Include a brief description of the project teammembers experience, certifications, licenses, past projects, role on the projects,availability, and capacity to support the project.If the Firm is chosen as a finalist, the proposed individual/s are stronglyencouraged to attend the interview and in-person presentation.c. Provide brief biographies and work experience history of individual/s that willbe working directly with the District, highlighting the skills identified with theirtasks.d. Link each named person with the specific tasks, responsibilities, anddeliverables.e. If more than one person is named as a candidate for a specific role,include above information for all listed persons.f. List all Subcontracted Professional Consulting Firms and provide informationregarding the above items 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d, 1e.2. Interviews: The District does wish to interview the top scoring Firms. The exactnumber of those firms will likely be at least 2 and as many as 4 firms.3. Subcontracted Professional Consulting Firms: Firms are encouraged to bringstrategic main subcontracting consultants representatives such as the Cost EstimatingFirm, the Constructability Review Firm, Performing Arts Firm, and Culinary ServicesFirm to the Finalist Interviews.9

G. Experience (Firm, Team Members, Professional Sub-Consultants)1. Provide a description of how the Firm’s experience, technical, and professionalskills will meet the goals and fulfill the general functions identified in this RFP.2. State the number of years the firm has conducted business. Firm must have at least ten(10) years’ experience in providing the outlined scope of required professional services forpublic clients, preferably community college districts.3. Describe in detail, the depth and extent of design experience in providing Performing ArtsAND Culinary Services design and planning services for California Community Colleges,Universities or other large public institutions.4. Experience (References)Provide a description of at least Five (5) most relevant “Like” project services contracts thatinclude either Performing Arts or Culinary Services features by the firm, preferably involvingprojects for California community colleges or four-year colleges and universities, within thelast ten (10) years, to include:a.b.c.d.e.f.g.h.i.j.k.l.m.n.o.Role of the firm and relationship to clientPlanning budget estimateDollar value of the Firm feeProject Estimate AmountContractor Bid AmountChange Order Amount and Percentage of Contractor BidDelivery MethodYear CompletedLocation and Name of Owner/Community College District/University/OtherPlanning scope descriptionKey Features of the ProjectChallenges overcome during the projectStaffing and major sub-consultants usedProject Schedule, Planned Completion Date vs. Final Completion DateDuration of Project Detailed Project Description How the project best met the Owners Requirementsp. Contact name, position, entity name, telephone number, facsimile number andemail10

H. Proposed Project ApproachDescribe the conceptual overall project approach that would be taken to complete theproposed project. Describe means and methods, processes and strategies that the Firm hasused in the past to generate the types of information and plans that are requested.Describe the approach proposed to work with a diverse College/District Project Team withAdministrators, Faculty, Classified, Students, and Community representatives with diverseopinions, needs, and interests. How does your approach work and who will be leading thisfacilitation process. Provide examples describing how the Architect’s Team Representativehas worked with other diverse higher education teams.Describe overall approach to aligning the scope of the project with both the strategicdeliverable criteria by the Owner and the cost of the project without compromising quality andperformance and features.Describe objective examples of how the firm will maximize value, provide lowest “Total Costof Ownership” using innovative design and construction best practices.Describe how ethnic cultural diversity of both the students and communities served will beincorporated and encouraged in the design and features of the project.Describe the phases of the project, how each phase supports the next phase, and theColleges/Districts role and responsibilities in supporting the Professional Consultants in thecompletion of the work. Make recommendations and provide examples of how the abovestrategies and processes have been successful at other higher education institutions.Describe the Firm’s project communication and coordination processes that will enhance thesuccess of the project and promote timely informed decision-making. Describe the software /cloud-web based systems used to coordinate, manage, approve, document contractinformation and if access will be provided to the District Project Manager, General Contractor,and strategic other firms and consultants.I. Technical Competence1. Description of “in-house” resources.2. Description of “contracted-in” resources. Note: Both Architectural and ArchitecturalEngineering Firms are encouraged to participate in the RFP process for this project.3. Ability to draw upon multi-disciplinary staff (in house or contracted) to address theservices requested in this RFP.11

J. Fiscal Stability:The Firm should provide evidence of Firm stability including:1. A current report from any commercial credit rating service such as Dun andBradstreet or Experian; or2. A letter from a financial institution stating a current line of credit; and3. Latest audited financial statement and/or annual report that has been certifiedby a CPA.Note: If the Firm would like this information to be “Confidential”, please place this information ina sealed envelope and mark it “Confidential”. The District will not publish or share thisinformation.K. Fee Proposal – A fee proposal is not requested as part of the RFP process.A fee proposal is requested as part of this RFP. Submit both a fixed price with a list ofanticipated reimbursable expenses and a list of professional position hourly rates:1. Provide a list of hourly rates for anticipated positions within the Architect’sorganizational structure. Additional services shall be billed to the District at theArchitect’s contracted hourly rates. Such rates shall include all labor, materials,overhead and profit (OH&P), and other direct and indirect costs.2. Fees shall be based on an estimated project contractor bid construction cost and notto exceed 11% of the total construction costs as bid by contractors after the designdocuments are generated and contractors bid the projects, per the JCAF 32 form forthe project. Note the percentage that the firm will charge as a percentage of the totalcontractor construction costs. The 11% maximum fee percentage does not includefees associated with reimbursable expenses, DSA fees. Changes required to thedesign as a result of the DSA review process shall be covered by the baseArchitectural Firm proposal per this RFQ/RFP. If travel expenses are to be includedas part of the reimbursable fee structure, describe in detail the rate charges forspecific items and the context in which these fees would be applied. Travelexpenses shall be kept to an absolute minimum.3. The delivery method for these projects will be the traditional design, bid, buildapproach. This RFP scope is only associated with and to only include the servicesdescribed in this RFP, which include the design and project administration services,and all other services that are required from the Preliminary Plans and OwnersProject Requirements documents through the Final Project Close-out process.4. Provide a schedule of values with each item listed separately and to serve as a basisfor future progress payments calculations/documentation.12

Fee Proposal section continued:Fee Proposal:1. Preliminary Plans: .2. Working Drawings (Design Development, Contract Documents) : .3. Division of the State Architect Submission, Fees: .4. Contract Administration: .5. Project Close-Out: : .6. Other Fees: .7. Total Fees : .Add additional description of fees, as needed to clearly describe what is and is notincluded in the above fee structure. Please describe all reimbursable expensesantici

The Yuba Community College District (YCCD) was founded in 1927 and spans eight counties (Yuba, Sutter, Colusa, Yolo, Lake, Butte, Glenn and Placer) and nearly 4,200 squa