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Hosanna’s Founding Pastor, Bill Bohline and his wife, Nancyrecall his time as Lead Pastor over the past 35 years.IN THEJOURNEYosanna! Lutheran Church may have never happened. A dramaticstatement? Perhaps but not so far fetched. Hosanna’s foundingpastor, Bill Bohline, had other plans in mind for a career. Doctor,psychologist, dentist, accountant— the high school aptitude tests said thesemight be good career choices.Whether Mamaw was justbeing playful or speakingprophetically, or both —the seed was planted.

n the other hand, Bill’s maternalGrandmother, “Mamaw,” as she wasaffectionately called by the grandkids, hadalways called him her “little preacher boy.” WhetherMamaw was just being playful or speakingprophetically, or both— the seed was planted.Pastor Bill’s childhood was pretty much the picture ofidyllic suburbia. The middle child with an older sisterand a younger brother, he grew up in Robbinsdale,MN with a steady stream of kids coming over toshoot hoops or hang out. There was also a consistentflow of pastors and church council members inthe living room or dining room as Mom and Dadhosted. Dad was a painting contractor and Momwas the parish secretary. Church and home lifewere intermingled in the Bohline home and Mom’sdramatic experience with Jesus in her early 30’shelped to shape the home environment.1983 Family Photo – Bill, Nancy,with a B.A. in psychology and by then, Nancy hadbegun what would become a 44-year career atRegions Hospital as a cardiac nurse. In the fall of 1970,“Even as a brand new pastor,Bill, Betsy, and I were treatedwith much respect and love”Bill enrolled at Northwestern Lutheran TheologicalSeminary and on November 28, he and Nancy weremarried. Their daughter, Betsy, was born in the fall of1975 during the period when Bill stretched four yearsof seminary into six by driving an ambulance, servingas a chaplain at Lutheran Social Services, and doingsome graduate work.Bill’s first “call” was to Bethany EvangelicalSwedish Lutheran Church in Minneapolis.It was a cozy environment with 6 or 7 staffmembers and a warm congregation. Nancyrecalls, “Even as a brand new pastor, Bill,Betsy, and I were treated with much respectand love. The people of Bethany had ‘heartsof gold’ and their kindness overflowed inhomemade goodies, dinners, andcards during our seasonthere.” Then a phone callfrom the Bishop, witha suggestion that Billconsider starting achurch in the Lakeville/Burnsville area shookup the routine. Bill felthonored to be askedand thought that itwas a uniqueopportunity.So, with thefeeling that theLord was in it,Betsy, & Luke BohlineBill and Nancy met in high school. Bill’s impressionof Nancy was that she was a bubbly, adorablecheerleader and part of the “in” crowd. Nancyremembers Bill as being cute, smart, shy, andresponsible but her interest was really piqued whenshe saw him drive into the school parking lot withhis Mom’s 1964 Pontiac Bonneville convertible.And so it began. They started dating after a yearof acquaintance. After high school, Nancy went tonursing school and Bill went to the University ofMinnesota.Thoughts of becoming a doctor were soonredirected to a call to ministry. Bill graduated

Prom 1966 – Bill & Nancyand a safety netsalary of oneyear, Bill set outto start a churchcalled “Hosanna!”Knocking ondoors to askpeople if theywanted to join anew church wasan unappealingventure for theself-describedintrovert butin January of1980 Bill beganthe somewhatlonely and oftendefeating taskof knocking ondoors. On the morediscouraging days,Bill leaned on theroutine of dailywalks and dinners with candles andconversation that he and Nancyhad implemented since their veryearly days of marriage. And in whatwould continue to be a themefor 35 years of ministry, Bill foundthat God wouldplace the rightpeople inthe right place at the righttime for Hosanna! Peopledid say, “yes” to wanting tobe a part of Hosanna! and acommittee was formed.Hosanna! was birthed onNovember 16, 1980 with180 Charter members.Bill and Nancy grewthe church, too,when their son,Rev. Bill Bohline – 19761964 Pontiac Bonneville convertibleLuke, was born in the spring of 1982. What started ina school gym and a ski chalet soon became a globalministry. Nancy has joined Bill on a number of hismission trips to England, France, Tanzania, Malaysia,Jamaica, and India. Central to Hosanna’s growth hasbeen the Holy Spirit whose winds have blown strongsince first encountering Cursillo (a 3-day Christianretreat) and then, the Alpha Course. Prayer andCare Ministries have been cornerstones in shapingHosanna’s DNA and its Youth Ministries (Birth-Grade12) continue to grow and are well regarded. Bill and

?WW?“ We have experienced God’shand and the love ofGod’s people in this place.It’s very satisfying.”W?Nancy remarks, “Bill and I will forever feel thatHosanna! is our third child. We look at what God hasdone and feel very blessed to have had a ‘parenting’part in its beginning.” Hosanna! has changed itsaddress, meeting place, size, and has adapted itsministries and offerings throughout the years, butBill would like the congregation to know and beconfident that they are part of “God’s grand andglorious story and that the God we read about isdoing things and we are a part of that narrative.” Hewould like the congregation to know, appreciate,protect, and celebrate how unique Hosanna! is andhow faithful God is. Bill remarks, “He will show upon time and with what you need and you can trusthim with that.” God’s nature is always “more” andin line with “if you think that’s good, you haven’tseen anything yet.” And so, when people comment,“Wow, that took courage to start a new church,” Billsoftens that sentiment, and with a twinkle in his eyeexplains, it has simply been the adventure of comingalongside what God wants to do. Has there beenhard work? Absolutely but there has been joy in thejourney and a sense, now and always, that the best isjust ahead.WNancy have enjoyed the extraordinary growth anddynamic changes for Lakeville, a community theyhave come to love.WW?W?W?Wso much of its original DNA remains. Pastor Billreflects, “I am deeply grateful that God invited meinto something like this. I never imagined it. It is thebest of blessings. We have experienced God’s handand the love of God’s people in this place. It’s verysatisfying.”?Bill and Nancy look forward to having more time withtheir three young grandchildren, to have fun, teachthem, Wand speak into their lives. Bill anticipates thetime heWwill have to invest in people, and encourageW or 700 at a time. Theythem, whether one-on-onehave a travel “bucket list”, but they are also leavinga little room for God to show them what theirretirement looks like. After all, He has always been sofaithful to do so. Bill and Nancy would want to closetheir story with this simple familiar sentiment:?W?WlessYOURHEARTS, and MicahBill & Nancy’s grandchildren: Ellen, Lauren“B“

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hosannalc.orgWE’RE GLAD YOU CAMEWherever you are on your faith journey,you are welcome here!WHAT TO EXPECTToday is a special service as wemark Founding Pastor Bill Bohline’sfinal weekend after 35 years asLead Pastor.75-80 minutes Order of servicelisted insideGUEST SERVICESIf you have questions, stop by Guest Services.Volunteers and staff are available before and afterall services to assist you! If you are new, pick up aGUEST GUIDE for a quick overview of Hosanna!KIDSFirst Look6 weeks-Pre K During weekend servicesChildren’s ChurchK-Grade 5 During weekend servicesMISSION:Parent Room A place for restless little oneswhere you can still see/hear the service.Located just outside the Worship Center.Advancing God’s Kingdom everywhere,one person at a time.STRATEGY:Worship Grow ImpactVALUES:Experiencing God Building BridgesRestoring Lives Living GenerouslyPRAYER REQUESTSIf something is weighing heavy on your heart; if youhave concerns, health issues, struggles.whateverthe case might be, we would love to pray with/foryou! Pick the option that works best for you: Prayer Room: Stop in to receive prayer fromtrained prayer ministers before, during,and after all services. Email: Text: 651-252-1779 (1PRY)WATCH/LISTEN TO THE SERVICEONLINE Hosanna!

Nov 15, 2015 · time for Hosanna! People did say, “yes” to wanting to be a part of Hosanna! and a committee was formed. Hosanna! was birthed on November 16, 1980 with 180 Charter members. Bill and Nancy grew the church, too, when their son, Luke, was born in the spring of 1982. What started in a school