Project - 3 Republic Day Celebration


Project - 3Republic Day CelebrationDate: 26-Jan-20131

Table of Contents[Project] — Scope of WorkStatement of Scope . 3Medical Camp . 4Isha Yoga . 4Drawing Competition . 5Sapling Master - Motivation . 5Accounts / Sponsors . 7Volunteers . 9Benefits . 9Lesson and Learns . 10Summary2

[Project] — Scope of WorkStatement of ScopeThe project scope is defined below. The statement of scope consists of the following subsections: Medical Camp — Free Diabetes, Foot Test & Blood Pressure Test & Checkup, Associated withM.V Hospital for Diabetes - Royapuram , Chennai. Isha Yoga — an Introduction to "Isha Kriya", free guided meditation Program by Sadhguru. Drawing Competition —identify the Problems and Solution to Improve the best atmosphere Inand around of Rajiv Nagar through Drawing and Painting, Sapling Master’s — motivated the Children’s who took the Special care and Maintain properly aTree in Rajiv Nagar. Accounts/Sponsor’s - — A Details statement of every credit and debit money transaction forCurrent Project, also Highlighted the Sponsor’s Hero. Volunteers — Real hero’s on ground who dedicated themselves to help for current projectexecution. Benefits — % of People who get benefit after Medical test, Actual unknown finding after the test. Lesson and Learn — Study the mistakes and understand for avoid the same errors in futureprojects. Additional References — Defines what other documentation and/or other relevant referencematerials3

Medical CampFree Diabetes Screening, Foot Test, Blood Pressure Checkup for open people on associated withM.V Hospital for Diabetes - Royapuram, Chennai.The 4 hours Continuous checkup held, Event starts at and ends with 02.00PM, 5 People ina team lead by Dr.Rajeswari from M.V Hospital who has served people start from 1) registration, 2)Blood Sugar test, 3) Blood Pressure, 4) Foot Test and 5) Medical data entry of each Patients,134 people utilized free Medical Camp and “31” people identified the Diabetes Problem after thetest.Hospital Details:M.V Hospital for Diabetes,4, West Mada Church Street,Royapuram, Chennai-600013,Phone: - 25954913/15, 6561 2288, 6561 2299Camp conducted TeamDr.RajeswariDr.Balhiwal Ahamed Khan ( P G )Mr. SelvamMr.PrabagaranMr.MuruganIsha YogaAn Introduction to "Isha Kriya", free guided meditation Program by Sadhguru, to offer ‘one drop ofspirituality’ to every individual. Through Isha Kriya,Total 4 Sessions, One hour per session, 4 hours Continuous Class held, Event starts at and endswith 02.00PM,Both men and Women are participating the program, 2 volunteers from Yoga foundationswho has Conducted this program,Session-1 – 22 PeopleSession-2 – 26 PeopleSession-3 – 26 PeopleSession-4 – 19 9 People102 people utilized free meditation camp and Isha foundation Distribute the free DVD which we canlearn and do at home.Center Details:- Isha Yoga foundation , Porur Center, Chennai4

Drawing CompetitionOur Moto to motivate the School students for bring their ideas & thoughts to identify the Problems andalso Solution how to Improve the best atmosphere in and around of Rajiv Nagar through Painting onchart,it’s a one hour thirty minutes competition, three students in a team and 15 teams are involved the gameshow, and also students are explained the picture what they draw and which way they want to change theRajiv Nagar,It was a Good entertainment and we got more information above our expectation from students,Painting Competition:Duration: - 1.30 HoursNo of students in a team – 3 per teamTotal no of teams – 15Winners: Best Innovative Drawing /Painting /Presentation –1st Prize – D. Suresh & team1st Prize – Jayadharshini & Team2nd Prize – Manoj & Team3rd Prize – Rahul & teamPainting –1st Prize – Vetri & team2nd Prize –Sweata and TeamSapling Master’sThe Name Sapling Master’s, represents children’s who took the special care and maintain properly aRoad side young tree in Rajiv Nagar, on August 15th-2012 we planted the young tree on every road inrajiv nagar with the help of children’s, For each tree we assign one children’s which is the plant neartheir home, they should take care plant, pour the water every day,Based on their performance and motivating point of view, we surveyed the street, identified the tallestand healthy tree, based on the output we selected 23 people, motivation point of you, Distribute theaward for all 25 children’s,5

Sapling Gifts:Total no of gifts: - 25Worth of each gift: - 100rsNames:-BEST THREESTUDENT alPillayar ashArunviki(Yuvararaj)VidhyaMahalakshmiManojSwetha rilayaSharmilaLogeshPillayar kovilPillayar kovilPillayar kovilDevagiammal(Association Office)Devagiammal(Association Office)Devagiammal(Association Office)Devagiammal(Association Office)Devagiammal(Association Office)Devagiammal(Association thamal1st Main RoadDuraisammy(Vizhuthugal Office)Duraisammy(Vizhuthugal Office)1st Main Road(1st Cross)6

Accounts and SponsorsSponsor 7-JanSponsorMr.Balaji HomesMr.VenkatMr. Sasi & TeamMr.Suresh tesh(Chokalingam Ngr)Mr.Sathish D.BMr.PurushothamanMr.Vijay Makkal IyakamMs.Undial - PublicMr. cycle SeenuMr.PrabhuMr.LogeshMr.ElumalaiMr.Harikrishnan D.BMr.Vishnu Kumar 800150500800650500500RemarksCashFor PamphletCashCashFor BannerCashCashCashCashCashFor FoodCashCashCashCashCashCashCashCash

Master Accounts StatementDebitRemarksSl noDateDescCredit113-JanSponsor :- Mr.Balaji Homes1000218-JanSponsor :- Mr.Venkat750318-JanPamphlet Printing @ Porur750420-JanPamphlet Distribution by Auto200Auto Fuel Charge520-JanPamphlet Distribution Refreshment140Ice-cream - 70(10*7) & Fanta - 70623-JanSponsor :- Mr. Sasi & Team1000723-JanSponsor :- Mr.Suresh (Seenu)1000823-JanGift For Best Sapling2300Shopping By Mr.Sathish.D.B @ Anna Nagar923-JanSponsor :- Mr.Siva for Banner1023-JanBanner Printing1000Responsibility taken by Mr.Vinoth1123-JanPrint out201223-JanPoster Print out - Penguin291Print taken by Mr.Thanagi for Isha PamphletPrint taken by Vishnu of Sapling/Blood donorphoto1324-JanSponsor :- Ms.Anitha20001425-JanSponsor :- Mr.Kamesh3001525-Jan5001625-JanSponsor :- Mr.PradeepSponsor :- Mr.Venkatesh(ChokalingamNgr)1725-JanSponsor :- Mr.Sathish D.B2001825-JanChart50For Location Identification, Arrow Mark1925-Jan700For Drawing Competition2025-JanChart, Paint, Bat, Gift & Stationarychocolate, Decorations, Petrol,cleaning2126-JanSponsor :- Mr.Purushothaman4002226-JanSponsor :- Mr.Vijay Makkal Iyakam13002326-JanSponsor :- Ms.Undial - Public8002426-JanSponsor :- Mr. cycle Seenu1502526-Jan5002626-JanSponsor :- Mr.PrabhuCool Drinks (Isha & M.V HospitalWorkers)2726-JanBreak fast200From Bala vignesh2826-JanTea650For all ( Public)2926-JanLunch (Isha & M.V People)6505 2 7 Members from Bala Vignesh & Non Veg3026-JanLunch - Viludhugal5603126-JanM.V Diabetes27103226-JanSponsor :- Mr.Logesh10 Members - Non VegMedical Fee :- 134*20 2680 30(Book) total2710Sponsor for Samiyana ( Tent)3326-JanSamiyana3426-JanSponsor :- Mr.Elumalai6503527-JanSponsor :- Mr.Harikrishnan D.B5003627-Jan5003727-JanSponsor :- Mr.Vishnu Kumar JGift For Best Sapling, Painting, Shuttlebat3827-JanTelecasting in Makkal TVPamphlet Sponsor10003001000Shopping By Mr.Logesh for Flag HostingPaid Additional Cost for Tea1058008001020136508Paid Additional Cost for Break fast50013646Shopping By Mr.Sathish.D.B @ Porur

VolunteersReal hero’s on ground who dedicated themselves to help for current project execution. They are trulywork hard for made the event successfully, Project -3 is not like the previous projects, our goal isconcentrate the Quality of Service, each and every action, place, food, time, execution, hospitality etc.,However here we split in two categories1) Primary volunteers :- From the day one to end, who has taken 100% Responsibility for completethe each task2) Secondary Volunteers :- The Guys who were worked, a small task or whenever the help requiredPrimary VolunteersPRIMARY1.Vishnu Kumar ry thi10.BabuBenefitsEvent 1: - Medical Camp24 % of people got benefit after the camp, Like People who came to know that he/she as havingDiabetics Problem.Event 2:- Isha Yoga,Who are practicing will get the Benefit, we could not decide any Number, and it’s all about the peopleEvent 3 :- Drawing CompetitionThe Result will reflect for coming Projects and Action taken by Team RN-Viludhugal9

Lesson and Learn1) Instruction to team for each task, not in Advance2) No clarity on some task, Few task missed to assign the responsible person3) Team not reporting in time4) Not properly approach for Sponsor’s5) Regular Team meetings is must6) People Management like Standing in Queue / Proper Symbol / Add more Students for this roll7) Charts Work in advance and more efficiency8) Improve the Quality and think professionalism, because all volunteers are Educated, can dobetter plan and execution9) Take care of games/Competition for all age groups, if not planned for all, make sure to answerfor why not planned with proper reason10) We Trust after confirmation by the lead of Vijay Makkal Iyyakam that they will take theComplete Medical Camp responsible ( Financial & Manpower), Both ways completely fails,Moving forward if the team says confident and assure they able to do, then commit else, StopTrust!!!11) Volunteers must know the clear motive of the projects and should create inspiration about thebenefits12) Should find the root cause , why the rest of the people in rajivnagar not utilizing this campSummaryA Special thanks to Sponsors, M.V Hospital for Diabetes, Isha Foundation, Rajiv Nagar Housing &welfare Association, All Volunteers and Children who are participating Drawing competitionAuthor:J.Vishnu KumarP.PradeepD.B.Sathish Kumar10

Through Isha Kriya, Total 4 Sessions, One hour per session, 4 hours Continuous Class held, Event starts at and ends with 02.00PM,Both men and Women are participating the program, 2 volunteers from Yoga foundations