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TABLE OF CONTENTSABOUT VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER .10VUMC HISTORY AND OWNERSHIP .10VUMC Mission . 11VUMC CREDO . 11Credo Behaviors. 11VUMC Vision – We value: . 11VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER BOARD.12VUMC CENTER FOR PROGRAMS IN ALLIED HEALTH BOARD .13VUMC CENTER FOR PROGRAMS IN ALLIED HEALTH ADMINISTRATIVE LEADERSHIP .14CENTER FOR PROGRAMS IN ALLIED HEALTH MISSION STATEMENT.14ACCREDITATIONS AND APPROVALS .15VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER EDUCATIONAL FACILITIES .15ACADEMIC YEAR 2020-2021 ADMINISTRATIVE CALENDAR .17VUMC CENTER FOR PROGRAMS IN ALLIED HEALTH .17STUDENT SERVICES .18Libraries . 18Dining Facilities. 18Post Office . 18Parking. 19VUMC Email Accounts . 19VUMC Identification Badges . 19Orientation . 19Intent to Enroll Form .19Accessibility for Disabled Students . 19Emergency Preparedness and Emergency Numbers . 20Campus Security and Crime Prevention. 20Occupational Health Center and Off-Campus Health Resources . 20VUMC Employee Assistance Program (EAP). 21Employment Assistance. 21Academic Advising / Tutoring. 21

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Career Assistance and Planning . 22Professional Liability Insurance . 22ADMISSION .23Minimum Requirements for Admission . 23Late Enrollment .23Admission/Application Procedures. 23Program Requirements for Admission. 23Blended Programs’ Admission Requirements (Distance Education) . 23TRANSFERABILITY OF CREDITS DISCLOSURE .24International Applicants . 25Instructional Language. 25Foreign Transcript Evaluation . 25Student Technology Requirements (All Students) . 25Health Insurance. 26Immunization and Health Records . 26Readmission Policy . 26Employment Requirements in Allied Health Fields . 27Transfer of Clock Hours or Credit to VUMC . 27Advanced Placement and Experiential Learning . 27Transfer of Credits or Clock Hours to Other Institutions. 27GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS .28SATISFACTORY ACADEMIC PROGRESS (QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE ELEMENTS) .28Qualitative Elements of SAP . 28Quantitative Elements of SAP. 30Progress Evaluations and Reports . 31Academic Probation . 32Student Dismissal Policy . 32Temporary Student Suspension . 33PROGRAM DELIVERY .34Residential Format . 34Blended Distance Education format . 34Off-Site Learning Activities . 34Learning Management System (Spark Learn) . 34Spark Learn and Blended Distance Education Orientation. 35Academic Year 2020-2021 Catalog – Center for Programs in Allied HealthPage 3 of 137

Surveys of Enrolled Students and Graduates. 35Attendance . 36Leaves of Absence . 36ADMINISTRATIVE POLICIES, RULES AND REGULATIONS .37Enrollment Agreement . 37Financial Responsibilities / Estimated Cost of Attendance. 37Federal Student Financial Aid Funds . 39Private Loans . 39Student’s Right to Cancel / Cancellation Refund Policy. 39Student Withdrawal from the Program / Withdrawal Refund Policy . 39Refund Policy . 40Student Rights and Responsibilities. 40Student Rights . 40Student Responsibilities. 41Standards of Professional Conduct. 41Honor Code of the VUMC Center for Programs in Allied Health / Academic Integrity. 42Student Grievance Policy and Procedures . 42Employment While Enrolled at VUMC. 43OTHER ADMINISTRATIVE POLICIES .44Anti-Harassment, Nondiscrimination, and Anti- Retaliation. 44Services for Students with Disabilities . 45Student Records. 45Transcripts/Verification Statements. 45FERPA Rights (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) . 45Copyright Infringement Policy . 47Official Program Communications . 47Change of Contact Information . 48Course Syllabus Policy. 48Uniforms/Dress Code. 48News/Media Inquiries . 48Personal Possessions . 48Smoking/Tobacco Policy. 48Alcohol/Drug Use and Under-the-Influence Policy . 49Weapons Policy . 50Academic Year 2020-2021 Catalog – Center for Programs in Allied HealthPage 4 of 137

Computer Use Policy. 50VUMC Emergency Preparedness . 50VUMC Exposure and Infection Control Policy . 51Infection Control for Patients . 51Mandatory Student Training Requirements/Compliance . 51Maintenance of Program-Issued Equipment. 52Limits of Confidentiality. 52Program-Specific Policies, Rules and Regulations . 52Catalog Changes. 52Community Resources . 52DIAGNOSTIC MEDICAL SONOGRAPHY (DMS) .53Program Description. 53Certification/Credentialing . 53Length of Program. 53Program Delivery . 53Mission, Credo, and Goals . 53Programmatic Accreditation/Approvals. 54Program Staff and Faculty. 55Program Academic Calendar – 2020-2021 Program Calendar . 56Admission . 56Application Procedures. 58Interview . 58Student Selection and Acceptance . 58Academic Program . 59Curriculum Integration . 59Curriculum Sequence/Program Delivery . 59Didactic Education Plan . 61Course Descriptions . 62Student Assessment and Grading. 66Student Clinical Assessment . 66Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (SAP). 67Graduation Requirements . 67Student Conduct . 68SDMS Professional Code of Ethics . 68Code of Ethics for the Profession of Diagnostic Medical Sonography . 68Other Program Policies. 69Professional Progression, Career Advising . 69Academic Year 2020-2021 Catalog – Center for Programs in Allied HealthPage 5 of 137

Employment Placement for Program Graduates . 69Certification/Credentialing/National Examination/State Licensure. 70Organizations Related to Sonography . 71Equipment List .71DIETETIC INTERNSHIP (DI) .

emergency transport program, the Voice Center, the Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Center, and 19 specialty services of Children's Hospital, including the Level IV neonatal intensive care unit, are the only programs of their kind in middle Tennessee. Vanderbilt University Medical Center is authorized by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission. This