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PortuGalo- real portuguese -

PortuGalo- real portuguese -“We eat, we drink, then all else comes later”From a family with a natural gift and passion for cooking food, theidea was born to open a REAL Portuguese restaurant. Authentic,simple recipes, that have been passed down from mothers todaughters and cherished in our family, prepared and enjoyed by usover festive, memorable Sunday lunches over several generations.Tia bringing wholesome homemade Portuguese food from herkitchen to your plate.PortuGalo has been created by bringing across these REALtraditional Portuguese dishes, at the same time reinventing the oldtraditional interiors and creating an old vintage, yet modern lookingenvironment with REAL Portuguese cuisine.Our open Volcanic rock grill brings out the unique fresh and naturalflavours of our grilled meals.

P late of the Day/ Prato do DiaIn Portugal, a family Sunday lunch will centre around a traditionalPortuguese dish made to old authentic recipes and chosen according to theregion’s specialties.We here at PortuGalo offer you these traditional dishes better known as the“Prato do Día”-Please ask your waitron for theselected plate-There is no sincere lovethan the love of food.All products subject to availability. Prices inclusive of VAT.Service charge not included.Traces of nuts may be found in certain of our products.

Tapas / Petiscos- A Little Taste of Portugal MIXED STARTER PLATTER165Calamari, chicken livers and chouriço slices.KALE SOUP CALDO VERDE50CHICKEN LIVERS FIGADOS DE GALINHA60CHICKEN GIBLETS MOELAS GUISADAS69CHICKEN WINGS ÁSAS DE FRANGO85PORTUGUESE STYLE CALAMARI LULAS COM MOLHO A PORTUGUÊSA95HOUSE STYLE MUSSELS MEXILHÕES À CASA75GRILLED SARDINES SARDINHAS ASSADAS78Hearty Portuguese soup made with fresh kale, blended potatoes,sliced chouriço, onion & drizzled with olive oil.Grilled livers in a white wine tomato-based sauce. Served lemon &herb or pírí-pírí.Sautéed giblets cooked in a spicy white wine tomato-based sauce.NEWVolcanic rock flamed, basted with lemon herb or piri-piri.Marinated in our signature marinade, scorch grilled or fried.NEWSautéed in onions, garlic and white wine and finished off withcoconut milk and fresh coriander.Volcanic rock flamed, salt crusted sardines topped with grilledgreen peppers and onions.NEWRISSOLES RISSOISChicken 49 Prawn 65TRINCHADO PICA PAUChicken 69 Rump 90Deep fried, crumbed turnovers with a spicy filling.NEWMarinated and pan-fried with white wine, garlic, paprika and bayleaves.FIRED UP CHOURIÇOSmoked spicy Portuguese sausage flambeed with Portuguese“Fire Water”.NEWCOCONUT RICE CROQUETTES CROQUETES DE ARROZ DE COCO50MUSHROOMS À BULHÃO PATO COGUMELOS À BULHÃO PATO69With roasted coconut flakes and lime zest, deep fried andserved with our chilli mayo.NEW105Sautéed with garlic, butter and white wine.PORTUGUESE BREAD ROLLComplimentary bread rolls will be provided at initial seating only.8

Salads / SaladasADD ONCreamy Feta 18- From the Vegetable Patch -Avocado 25PORTUGUESE SALAD SALADA PORTUGUÊSAsingle 78Mixed lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, red onions & Galega olives withPortuguese dressing. CHICKEN SALAD SALADA DE FRANGO110PRAWN & LIME SALAD SALADA DE CAMARÃO E LIMA155Portuguese salad topped with chargrilled chicken breast strips andgreen peppers with our Portuguese dressing.NEWTomatoes, avocado, green pepper, red onions, fresh coriander, prawnswith a lime vinaigrette.NEWtable 135CHICKPEA SALAD SALADA DE GRÃO98Chickpea salad with tomato, cucumber, avocado, green peppers, cubedcheddar cheese and red onions with our Portuguese dressing.Traditional Rolls / Papo Seco Tradicional- Served with our traditional fried, thin, round cut potatoes PREGOMarinated and pan-fried with white wine, garlic, paprika and bayleaves in a Portuguese roll. Served piri-piri or plain.chicken 95 rump 120PORTUGUESE BURGER HAMBURGER À PORTUGUÊSA115BEYOND BURGER HAMBURGER VEGANO (PURE VEGAN)160A family recipe grilled on our Volcanic rock grill topped with chouriço slices.Volcanic rock flamed plant-based burger with tomato, lettuce, grilled onions,avocado and plant-based mayo.Pasta /MassaCHICKEN & CHOURIÇO PASTA MASSA COM FRANGO E CHOURIÇOCubed chicken fillet & chouriço in a creamy tomato, white wine sauce.NEWVEGETARIAN PASTA MASSA VEGETARIANOBlack olives, red onion, green peppers and sliced button mushrooms in ourspicy creamy tomato, white wine sauce.NEWSEAFOOD LINGUINE MASSA DE MARISCOSautéed prawns, calamari & mussels in a white wine tomato-based sauce.(Seasonal)11595165ADD ONFried Egg 8Hickory Ham 15Cheddar Cheese16PortuGalo- real portuguese -

NEWOld style Traditional PortuguesePortugalo P latters Combos- Tia’s Sunday Lunch Family Feasts! -- Served with a side of your choice -SEAFOOD RICE ARROZ DE MARISCO215CHICKEN & PRAWN CURRY CARIL DE CAMARÃO E FRANGO175Spicy tomato rice with hake, mussels, calamari and prawns.Cubed chicken fillet & deshelled prawns in our mildcoconut milk curry sauce, served with coconut rice.CHICKPEA CURRY CARIL DE GRÃOPotato, butternut, spinach, green peppers and chickpeas in ourmild coconut milk curry sauce, served with coconut rice.NEW135Volcanic rock flamed pork loin cutlets served with white rice,salad & round potato friesNEW95DOBRADAPORK CUTLETS FEBRAS DE PORCOTRINCHADO PICA PAUSEAFOOD PLATTER TRAVESSA DE MARISCO MISTO280HAKE & CALAMARI PESCADA E LULAS195HAKE & PRAWN PESCADA E CAMARÃO179PRAWN & CALAMARI CAMARÃO E LULAS210CHEFS PLATTER TRAVESSA MISTA190CHICKEN & PRAWN FRANGO ASSADO E CAMARÃO185Beer battered fried hake and scorch grilled calamari.Beer battered fried hake and grilled LM style mediumprawns.Grilled LM style medium prawns & scorch grilled calamari.NEW140chicken 115 rump 169Marinated and pan-fried with white wine, garlic, paprika andbay leaves. Served with your choice of side.225Hake, medium LM style prawns, calamari, & mussels.135Portuguese style stew made with tripe, pork cuts, chouriçoand selected Portuguese sausage, served with white rice.MIXED GRILL GRELHA MISTAVolcanic rock flamed 150g pork loin cutlets, 120g lambchops, 200g sliced rump.NEWFEIJOADATraditional stew of pork cuts with chouriço, onion, beans &spices, served with white rice.NEWVolcanic rock flamed chicken wings, chicken livers,chouriço slices & LM style medium prawnsVolcanic rock flamed half baby chicken and mediumprawns grilled LM style.

People who love to eatare always the best people!Seafood / Marisco -Peixe- Served with a side of your choice,where applicable BACALHAU ASSADO199BACALHAU Á BRAS175BACALHAU À GOMES DE SÁ165GRILLED SARDINES SARDINHAS ASSADAS175PORTUGALO KINGKLIP MARUCA210BEER BATTERED HAKE PEIXE FRITO EM CAPOTE110GRILLED HAKE PEIXE GRELHADO105PORTUGUESE STYLE CALAMARI195Grilled salted cod, served with boiled potatoes and egg, chickpeas and achargrilled green peppers, onions & olive oil vinaigrette.Shredded salted cod, blended with garlic, onion, egg, shoestringpotato, black olives and fresh parsley.NEWA traditional Portuguese dish made with sauteed onions,shredded salted cod, onions, potatoes and a generous helpingof olive oil and fresh parsley.Volcanic Rock Flamed, salt crusted sardines topped with chargrilled greenpeppers and onions.Whole baby kingklip topped with a chunky tomato and onionrelish with bay leaves, capers, olives and white wine.Beer battered fried hake served with tartar sauce.Grilled LM style served with our Portuguese Vinaigrette.LULAS COM MOHLO A PORTUGUÊSAMarinated in our signature marinade, scorch grilled or fried.LM STYLE PRAWNS CAMARÃO LMGrilled medium prawns. “Lorenzo Marques” LM style. Served inMild pírí-pírí or Lemon & Herb.NEWKING PRAWNS CAMARÃO REI6 Grilled king prawns. “Lorenzo Marques” LM style. Served inMild pírí-pírí or Lemon & Herb.8 220 12 300210

Volcanic Rock Flamed Grills- Fired Over Open Flame Volcanic Rock - Served with a side of your choice -NEWNEWRUMP BIFE DE ALCATRA200g 135Basted with our signature Portuguese marinade. 300g 160FILLET FILETE 300g210PICANHA 500g235Basted with our signature Portuguese marinade.NEWA unique Brazilian cut basted with our signature Portuguesemarinade and served with a compound butter.BITOQUEA traditional favourite. 300g Steak, topped with a fried egg andhickory ham.rump 180RUBY PORT STEAK fillet 230rump 195 fillet 236BIFE COM MOLHO DE VINHO DO PORTO300g steak decked with slices of sautéed white mushrooms andchouriço topped with our Ruby Port sauce.STEAK A PORTUGALO BIFE Á PORTUGALO300g steak topped with our spicy tomato-based chicken livers.rump 180BEEF ESPETADA178LAMB CHOPS COSTELETAS DE CORDEIRO3x 120g Lamb loin chops basted with our signature Portuguesemarinade.220(The Real Way!!) Skewered Rump chunks with an olive oil, bay leaf &course sea salt rub, basted with our signature Portuguese marinade.(Medium to Rare recommended for succulence).NEWLM BABY CHICKEN FRANGO ASSADONo Pre-Cooking done here! Allow approx. 40-45 min. Grilled LMstyle. Served in Hot / Mild pírí-pírí or Lemon & Herb.half105 full 175CHICKEN FILLET PEITO DE GALINHA110CHICKEN FILLET IN A MUSHROOM PORT SAUCE135Grilled LM style. Served in Hot / Mild pírí-pírí or Lemon & Herb.NEW fillet 230PEITO DE GALINHA COM MOLHO DE VINHO DO PORTOGrilled and decked with slices of sautéed white mushrooms andchouriço topped with our Ruby Port sauce.

PortuGaloSides / Acompanhamentos32TOMATO RICE ARROZ DE TOMATE32COCONUT RICE ARROZ COM LEITE DE COCO32SWEET POTATO FRIES BATATA DOCE FRITA32VEGETABLES OF THE DAY VEGETAIS DO DIA32ROUND POTATO FRIES BATATA FRITA ÁS RODELAS32PORTUGUESE SIDE SALAD SALADA PORTUGUÊSA32Rice cooked in a traditional homemade spiced tomato sauce.NEWBasmati rice cooked in coconut milk.NEW- real portuguese -BOILED BABY JACKET POTATOES BATATAS COZIDASTraditional round, thin cut deep fried potatoes.Mixed lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, red onions & black olives with ourPortuguese dressing.For the Little Ones / Para as Criancas- Served with round thin cut chips where applicable -PRAWN SCAMPI85CHEESY PASTA MASSA COM MOLHO DE QUEIJO55CRUMBED CHICKEN STRIPS TIRAS DE FRANGO655 fried medium prawns.Penne pasta in a cheesy sauce.150g crumbed chicken strips with cheese sauce.Sweet Treats / SobremesaPORTUGUESE CUSTARD TARTLETS PASTEIS DE NATA2 Puff pastry cups filled with custard filling, baked & caramelized.32ICE-CREAM WITH CHOCOLATE SAUCEGELADO COM MÔLHO DE CHOCOLATE45DESSERT OF THE DAY SOBREMESA DO DIA60Creamy vanilla ice-cream with homemade chocolate sauce.Ask your waitron about our daily selection.DOM PEDRODOUBLE TOT 50ML 70Choice ofIrish Whiskey – Amaretto - Kahlua - Amarula – Frangelico – Cape Velvet

Cold BeveragesHot Beverages- Decaf Available -ICED 2GALÃO34Portuguese style coffee. 1 Shotespresso, 3 parts hot milk.SPECIAL COFFEESDOUBLE TOT 50ML 70Choice ofIrish Whiskey – Amaretto – Kahlua –Amarula – Frangelico – Cape Velvet- Add Extra Shot of Espresso 14 -HOT CHOCOLATE32TEA’S22Full varietals available.30MILKSHAKES250ml25 320ml38FRUIT JUICE250ml22 320ml32SUMOL330ml30GRAPETIZER / APPLETIZER275ml32SODA’S300ml27SODA’S SUGAR FREE300ml27MIXERS200ml23ICED TEA29RED BULL42ROCK SHANDY28STEELWORX24ROSES CORDIALSNATURAL WATERSStill / SparklingWe eat, we drink,then all else comes latersmall25 50ml9large45

Portugalo Unique Crafted CocktailsCAIPIRINHAA Brazilian Classic, Cachaça cane spiritsmuddled with fresh lime quarters and Moninpure cane sugar. Served short, churned withcrushed ice.RUM ROSABaron Samedi dark rum & ruby port shakenwith Monin Rose extracts and lime juice, servedshort over ice & garnished with Turkish Delightsquares.8579SNOWCONEWatermelon Strawberry Lavender69MOJITO69Bacardi Carta Blanca rum muddled with freshlime, torn mint leaves and pure cane sugar.Churned with crushed ice.Refreshing and unique bittersweet taste thatappeals to people around the world. Made withAperol and Cinzano Pro-Spritz.LONG ISLAND ICED TEAFour white spirits shaken with fresh lemon &Monin Triple sec curacao. Served over ice andcompleted with a coke.MARGARITAEspolon Blanco tequila with freshly squeezedlime juice and Monin Triple Sec Curacao.Served straight up or frozen.COSMOPOLITAN69CHERRY SPRITZWatermelon Lavender85LAVENDER & LIME G & T80SPICY MANGO G & T70ROSE & THYME G & T80STRAWBERRY & LIME G & T70WATERMELON & MINT G & T75TIPO TINTO45Vodka shaken with lime, Monin triple seccuracao & cranberry juice.SKYY Cherry Vodka, flavoured extracts andfresh lemon charged with Cinzano Pro-Spritz.A fun and fruity variation of the classic Gin &Tonic, using Gordon’s Gin enhanced with mangoextracts and fresh chillis. Served plain, mild or hot.75A fun variation of the classic Gin & Tonic, usingBulldog Gin enhanced with rose extracts andfresh thyme.Bacardi Carta Blanca rum blended smooth withfruit puree, fresh limes and fruit juice.APEROL SPRITZ85Silver tequila blended to perfection withblueberry puree and a sprig of mint.A fun variation of the classic Gin & Tonic, usingBulldog Gin enhanced with lavender extracts andfresh lavender.Vodka blended with freshly pressed apple & limejuice. Finished off with a flavoured extract.DAIQUIRIStrawberry Mango BlueberryBLUEBERRY & MINT MARGARITA75A fun and fruity variation of the classic Gin &Tonic, using Gordon’s Gin enhanced withstrawberry extracts and fresh lime.75Bombay Sapphire infused with watermelonextracts and fresh mint leaves.85Rum & RaspberryPortuguese Pitchers / JarrosSANGRIARed wine Lemonade FruitCATEMBEA classic from across the border. Red wine & Coke. (Served separately)glass29 750ml8755

PortuGalo- real portuguese -PORTUGUESE WINES/ VINHOS PORTUGUESWine and port makes us think of numerous visits to ourlate grandparent’s house in Portugal, where there would bethe old fashioned refillable 5lt vat of locally made wine andport wine kept in their crystal decanter on the bottomshelf of their little bar.Wine rations were controlled by Avó and served at mealtimes to Avô. I am not sure what it was but with all ofwines attributes, that one (sometimes more than just one!!)glass brought out the happiness, the glow and the endlesssmiles.Fond memories of watching their interaction over a glassof wine during meals or the shot of port after a meal.WhitesCASAL GARCIA VINHO VERDECitrus Fresh DelicateMARIANA BRANCOGreen apple Citrus fruit Tropicalglass75 225RosêsMATEUSIntense bouquet Fresh Slight fizzMARIANAVivaciously fruity Fresh Melon185glass 75RedsPERIQUITARaspberries Eucalyptus BlueberriesMARIANA TINTOMedium body Red berries Soft tanninAs for our house wine there is a unique love story aboutMARIANA who was a nun in mid-1600s in Alentejo whohad a forbidden affair with a French nobleman/soldier. Hername lives on in her letters -- and in our house wine.Alcohol not for sale to persons under the age of 18.195Not to get technical.but according to chemistry,alcohol is a solution. 225195glass 75 225

LOCAL WINES / VINHOS LOCAISBubblyCHAMPAGNEMOËT & CHANDON NV BRUTWhite-fleshed fruits citrus fruit gooseberry1200METHODE CAP CLASSIQUEPONGRÁCZ BRUTGreat elegance Ripe fruit Firm mousse365BOSCHENDAL LUXE NECTAR DEMIBalanced Alluring lemon cream Vibrant freshness and length325SIMONSIG KAAPSE VONKEL SATIN NECTARSpring Blossoms Caramelised apple Demi-Sec295SPARKLINGJ.C. LE ROUX LA FLEURETTECherry Candy floss Raspberry sorbetBY THE GLASS 250ML37DURBANVILLE HILLS HONEYSUCKLE DEMI SECCitrus Peaches Sweet melon225STEENBERG SPARKLING SAUVIGNON BLANCPassion fruit Litchi Pineapple258Happiness is aglass of bubbly

WhitesSAUVIGNON BLANCTWO OCEANSPassion fruit Green apple Sweet melonglass 44FRANSCHHOEK CELLARGooseberry Pineapple GrapefruitDURBANVILLE HILLSMedium-bodied Subtle citrus Tropical fruit 125175glass 64DIEMERSDALTropical fruit Ripe fig Gooseberry 183198CHARDONNAYWATERSIDE (UNWOODED)Light Fruity Fresh PeachyDURBANVILLE HILLSOrange blossom Pineapples Citrusglass 50 145glass 64 183TOKARALemon Blossom Honeysuckle Roasted Almonds250CHENIN BLANCLE COURRIER BY OLD ROAD WINE CO.Apricot Peach Honeyglass 61 175DURBANVILLE HILLS CHENIN LIGHTFresh Fruit Plums Ripe Pearsglass 64 183WHITE BLENDS / VARIETALSCAPE PORTRAIT BY DURBANVILLE HILLSCitrus Lime Tropical Fruits168BOSCHENDAL LE BOUQUETPeach Apricot Cinnamon Honey160LEOPARD’S LEAP CHESCATOCaramelised pear Orange peel Appleglass 68 195GORGEOUS PINOT NOIR CHARDONNAYOrange blossom Jasmine Pear195BUITENVERWACHTING BUITEN BLANCGooseberry Green pepper Green melon175

PINOTAGERosés / BlushNEDERBURG ROSÉClean Fruity Refreshingglass47 135BEYERSKLOOFRipe plum Red cherry Mochaglass69 195130KANONKOP KADETTEDark chocolate Blackberry Dry finish270ROBERTSONS NATURAL SWEETFruity Fresh floral Sweet berries285BOSCHENDAL BLANC DE NOIRStrawberry Red berries Good balance155DURBANVILLE HILLS COLLECTORS RESERVECinnamon Plum CherryRED BLENDSRedsTWO OCEANS CABERNET MERLOTRed berries Oak spices Soft tanninsMERLOTFRANSCHHOEK CELLAR THE OLD MUSEUMMedium-bodied Black cherries Summer berriesglass 66 188DURBANVILLE HILLSMedium-bodied Sweet red fruit Silky tanninsglass 65 185HERMANUSPIETERSFONTEIN POSMEESTERBlack olive Lavender Cashew nut220CABERNET SAUVIGNONBRAMPTONDark chocolate Full-bodied Red fruitsglass 70glass44 125NEDERBURG DOUBLE BARREL RESERVEBlueberry Black Cherry Oak Spice235CAPE PORTRAIT BY DURBANVILLE HILLSBlack Pepper Cinnamon Blackberry168BOSCHENDAL NICOLASMulberry & plum flavours Smooth Spicy375KANONKOP KADETTERipe raspberry Blackcurrant Mocha255RUPERT & ROTHSCHILD CLASSIQUECranberry Raspberry Earthy400 199NEDERBURG 56HUNDREDRipe red berries Dark chocolate Delicate oak spices160ROXTON BLACK BY BRAMPTONRipe black fruit Subtle oaked spice Full-bodied325Fortified WineSANDEMAN PORTAvailable in Ruby, Tawny & WhiteSHIRAZDURBANVILLE HILLS SHIRAZ LIGHTDark Fruit Vanilla CherriesPROTEAPlum Mulberry Pepperglass 65 185180Where there is no wine,there is no love.50ml45



PortuGalo- real portuguese -

Tapas / Petiscos - A Little Taste of Portugal - MIXED STARTER PLATTER 165 Calamari, chicken livers and chouriço slices. KALE SOUP CALDO VERDE 50 Hearty Portuguese soup made with fresh kale, blended potatoes,