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2016 IN REVIEWLooking back at 2016, it is apparent that self-direction isalive and well in Wisconsin! The TMG IRIS Consultant Agency(ICA) has continued to grow throughout the year, and we areproud to partner with nearly 14,000 people around the state.TMG already provides IRIS Consultant (IC) services in everycounty where IRIS is available. In 2017, we will welcome newpeople in Vilas, Oneida, Florence, Forest, Taylor, and Adamscounties, as the IRIS program continues to expand statewide.SEASONAL TIPSIS YOUR HOUSE READY FOR WINTER?Before you settle in for the winter months, prepyour home for the cold. By doing a few simplethings, you could prevent damage to your homeand ensure your safety.Heat your home safely. Check your thermostatto be sure the house is properly heated. If youuse a space heater, turn it off when you leaveand never place it close to anything that couldcatch fire, such as curtains or papers.Check your detectors. Make sure your carbonmonoxide detectors and smoke detectors areworking properly and replace old batteries.FUN FACT:2If all of the people enrolled in the TMG ICA andall of the TMG staff came together in one place,that group would fill over 80% of the KohlCenter in Madison and about 28 airplanes!Maintain your water pipes. Extreme cold cancause water pipes to freeze or burst. Keep yourhome heated at all times and leave your waterfaucets slightly open during extreme cold sothey can drip continuously.Clean your chimney. If you plan to heat yourhome with a wood-burning fireplace, be sure tohave your chimney cleaned and inspected first.

IS YOUR CAR READYFOR WINTER?ARE YOU READY FORWINTER?Road conditions are oftenbad in the winter months.Before you travel, be sureyou have these things withyou:Dress warm. Before leavingthe house, be sure to dress inwarm layers. Cell phone andportable charger Shovel Windshield scraper Flashlight withextra batteries Water and snack foods Extra hats, coats,mittens and blankets Road salt or sand Battery booster cables First aid kit Tool kit Road mapsEat and drink safely. Eatingwell-balanced meals will helpyou stay warm. Avoid drinkingalcohol outdoors as it canmake it difficult to monitor andcontrol your body temperature.Watch out for frostbite.When you’re outside, keepyour skin covered. If yourskin turns red, blue or white,or becomes painful, headindoors to warm up!Walk carefully and preventfalls. Walk slowly and beaware when getting out ofvehicles. Watch for wet floorscoming in and out of buildings.NEED ASSISTANCE MEETING YOUR WINTER NEEDS?The Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP)supports Wisconsin households to meet the challenges that cancome with a cold winter. Services are provided locally throughcommunity organizations.In addition to regular heating and electric assistance, specializedservices include: Emergency fuel assistance. Counseling for energy conservation and energy budgets. Pro-active copayment plans. Targeted outreach services. Emergency furnace repair and replacement.For more information and help, call WHEAP at 1-866-HEATWIS(1-866-432-8947).Help with other winter needs can be found by calling theUnited Way Information Resource Hotline at 211.3

MEET FAYE KUFAHL,TMG ICA’S LONGEST TENURED IRIS CONSULTANTIn 2009, Faye Kufahl joined TMG as an IRIS Consultant (IC). A visitwith one of the earliest TMG IRIS Participants, Jordan Hoff, beganwith a simple conversation and the right attitude. “We talked aboutself-direction before we even had the words for it,” said Faye. “Itwas exciting for me to help someone maintain their independence.”For Jordan, that conversation and Faye’s supportchanged the direction of his path in life. “Faye hasbeen instrumental in helping Jordan to create the lifehe wants and providing the support he needs. We feelso fortunate to have her on our team!” said Jordan’smother, Jody. Through self-direction, Jordan has beenable to gain independence and become employed.Jordan now works at Stein’s Garden & Home and afterall these years, their relationship continues with Fayeas his IC.Faye explains that she has learned something fromeach of her relationships with people enrolled in TMG’s IRISConsultant Agency (ICA), Jordan included. “I’m able to use thoselessons to continue to improve what I do,” said Faye. “I picked up aphrase from my IRIS Consultant Supervisor, Camie Wood: ‘Movingforward.’ It’s been a part of the way I think and work ever since.”With this mantra, a determined attitude and a willingness to learn,Faye has built valuable relationships and provided much-neededsupport to many.4Faye partners with a group of 40 diverse people enrolled in theTMG ICA. In her role as an IC, Faye works to understand eachperson’s individual story, culture and lifestyle. Since much ofher work as an IC happens with people in their homes, the trustand respect they have for Faye is very important to a stable andbalanced partnership.Throughout the years, Faye has helped mentor her fellowIC team members. TMG’s focus on ongoing learningencourages teams to share their experiences with oneanother, and shapes how work is done within the TMGICA. Today, more than 330 TMG ICs work hard to remainengaged in learning and provide quality service andsupport, just as Faye has since the beginning.For Faye, it comes naturally. “I feel like the IC job is aglove over my hand,” said Faye. “I am an IC at heart. Itruly feel that is the core of me.”Faye says that though she is approaching 65, she has no plans toslow down. The work and the people she partners with keep hergoing.“The love that I get from these people is amazing,” commentedFaye. “I can’t help but get bonded. I’m that kind of person.”With the new year approaching, TMG will continue ‘movingforward’ by building on the foundation that Faye and many othershelped lay to create partnerships that clear the path ahead.

YOUR INPUT MAKES TMG BETTERA core principle of self-directing is making your choices known. Your voice is your greatestasset as you self-direct your services and supports for an empowered, independent life.Your voice is also a powerful tool in helping all of us at TMG become better partners foryou. This year, we began asking people who are new to the IRIS program to take a shortsurvey about three months after enrolling in IRIS.We are already learning from those surveys and hearing great information aboutindividuals’ early experiences with TMG, their feelings about self-directing, andrelationships with their IRIS Consultants.2017 WISCONSINTRANSITIONCONFERENCEFebruary 9-10, 2017Kalahari Resort and ConventionWe also asked new IRIS Participants about their long-term goals.So far, their top three answers are:32%“I want to become or remain as healthy as possible.”29%“I want to remain in my home or find a new place to live.”14%“I want to spend more time with the people who are important to me.”We look forward to hearing more from people beginning their journey of selfdirecting with TMG as a partner. We are also excited to launch an Annual Surveyin January 2017. This survey will provide people an opportunity to share ongoinginformation that can create better experiences and opportunities.We hope you’ll consider taking a few minutes to participate. We promise to use yourfeedback to continue improving everyone’s experience with the TMG IRIS ConsultantAgency!Center – Wisconsin Dells, WISessions will be appropriate forbeginning, intermediate andadvanced level learners. Participantshave the opportunity to attendsessions and visit the Exhibit Hall tolearn more about transition servicesand products, meet entrepreneurswith disabilities and network duringbreaks. For more information orto register, visit: n-conference-2017.5

2016 SD CONFERENCECOUNT ME INMore than 600 people gathered at the 9th Annual Wisconsin SelfDetermination Conference, November 8-10 at the Kalahari Resort inWisconsin Dells, WI. The event had a “Count Me In” theme and eachlearning session was presented in partnership with a self-advocate.TMG employees participated in the event as planning committeemembers, event supports and attendees. They enjoyed theopportunity to learn alongside the individuals with whom theypartner and their families. TMG staff also partnered to host learningsessions related to Community Building using Person-CenteredThinking, and Building Social Networks Using Social Media.TMG ICA Operations andQuality Team Members (from left):Molly Bandt, Yer May Yang,Jami Jaeggi and Nancy VodakDESTINATION WISCONSINBeing an active part of local communities in Wisconsin isan important part of the fabric that builds quality lives.TMG staff support individuals using our service each dayin identifying ways to contribute to their community.In addition, many TMG employees took this belief a stepfurther by taking personal action throughout Wisconsin.In 2016, Madison office staff worked to support a fooddrive, that not only encouraged our staff to participate,but our Madison office building neighbors as well.The Fall TMG Regional Staff Meetings included effortsto raise funds for local United Ways to be used tosupport local community efforts. In addition, some staffaccessed a newly added employee benefit that supportsvolunteering time at local organizations. These activitiesincluded volunteering at local food pantries, seniorcenters, veteran’s events, homeless shelters, communitynon-profits and camps for kids. (See graphic below formore information).TMG Employees Active in Communities(from left): Carol Sickler,Dave Verban, Kandace Stott644% Food Pantry14% Youth Education11% Senior Centers11% Disability11% Poverty6% Homeless3% Veterans

ONLINE DIRECTORYBelow is a list of websites that we’d like to share with you, as we have foundthem to be helpful resources. If you’d like to learn more about resources inWisconsin, please visit our website -linksDisability Rights Wisconsinwww.disabilityrightswi.orgDisability Rights Wisconsin helps people across Wisconsin gain access toservices and opportunities through advocacy and legal expertise.Another example is Meme Miholavic,a TMG IRIS Consultant who partneredwith members of her neighborhood andlocal churches to highlight and celebratelocal community strengths by holdingthe 2016 Northside Neighborhood BlockParty. When we talked with Meme aboutit, she said, “A community is built on ourneighbors and getting to know themfor who they are. When you are proudof where you come from, you know thatcommunity is going to stand behind you.Building community is getting to knowyour neighbors at their level and thenlistening to their story.”For more information about the NorthsideBlock Party, see the article online Wisconsin Agency on Aging Resources (GWAAR)www.gwaar.orgGWAAR is committed to supporting the successful delivery of aging programsand services in 70 counties and 11 tribes in Wisconsin.InControl Wisconsinwww.incontrolwi.orgInControl Wisconsin partners with individuals and families, advocacy groups,government agencies and many other community partners to promote SelfDetermination and Self-Directed Supports.Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities (WBPDD)www.wi-bpdd.orgWBPDD was established to advocate on behalf of individuals with developmentaldisabilities, foster inclusive communities, and improve the disability service system.Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging (WIHA)www.wihealthyaging.orgWIHA was launched in 2010 to help the state’s citizens live healthier livesthrough evidence-based prevention programs.7

one south pinckney street, suite 320madison, wisconsin 53703(844) E’RE HERE TO HELP!At the TMG IRIS Consultant Agency (ICA), we value the fact thatour employees live and work in communities all around Wisconsin.Our Area Associate Directors provide local leadership for our IRISConsultant Teams throughout the state. If you have questionsabout TMG and the services we provide, please visit our TMGwebsite at for more information.Questions about IRIS,call: 1-800-223-6048For information about TMGIRIS Consultant Agency, visit:www.tmgwisconsin.comPRST STDUS POSTAGEPAIDMADISON WIPERMIT #2783

4 TMG IC Highlight 5 Your Input Makes TMG Better 5 Events 6 2016 SD Conference 6 Destination Wisconsin 7 Online Directory 8 We're Here to Help! IN THIS ISSUE: . Emergency furnace repair and replacement. For more information and help, call WHEAP at 1-866-HEATWIS (1-866-432-8947).