Steps To Our Strategic Plan


STEPS TO OUR STRATEGIC PLANDISCOVERY/GAP ANALYSIS FUTURE ROADMAPDepartmental ProgramsCurrent TechnologySWOT AnalysisArchitecture AlignmentCultureVISION2026ACGOV VISION 2026 Shared Vision Operating Principles Strategic Focus Areas 10x Goals ITDSTRATEGICPLANDISCOVERY Project RoadmapEnterprise Architecture RoadmapPlan MeasurementPlan ReviewsTHEROADMAPITD STRATEGYRedefine Vision, Mission and ValuesOperating Principles5-Year Focus AreasEnterprise Reference ArchitectureEnterprise ProgramsProcess Improvement InitiativesMeasurements and Analysis2


ALAMEDA COUNTY VISION 2026vision2026.acgov.org4

OUR “CALL TO ACTION”Rapid and transformationalimpact of newtechnologiesCounty-wide expectationsfor universal access andservice deliveryOngoing need to reduce“carbon footprint” and be“green” in all we do01020304Infrastructure that isforward looking, efficientand cost-effective05Proven, flexible and dynamicCybersecurity strategy andframework06Service delivery andoperations that are robust,reliable and customercentric5


OUR VISIONOUR VISIONSecure digital governmentaccessible anytime, anywhere.7

OUR MISSIONOUR MISSIONPartner with County Agencies tosupport the delivery of servicesthrough secure, effective andinnovative technology solutions.8


OUR VALUESWe are a culture that is open, honest, ethical, and fair.10

OUR VALUESWe respect our customers above all else and will strive to providethem with innovative solutions through technology.11

OUR VALUESWe thrive on creativity and ingenuity at all levels of the organizationand are not afraid to take informed, responsible risks.12

OUR VALUESWe strive to help and improve our community by supporting theCounty’s mission to provide Safety Net Services.13

OUR VALUESWe welcome, respect and honor the diversity of our employees,customers and community.14

OUR VALUESWe strive for excellence in all we do, encourage friendly competitionand hold ourselves accountable for delivering the best technicalsolutions and services possible.15

OUR VALUESWe are continuous learners who are curious and motivated to pursueknowledge and understand the latest advancements in our industry.16

OUR VALUESWe find value in humor and celebrate achievement.17

OUR VALUES Integrity - We are a culture that is open, honest, ethical, and fair. Customer-Centric - We respect our customers above all else and strive to providethem with innovative solutions through technology. Innovation - We thrive on creativity and ingenuity at all levels of the organizationand are not afraid to take informed, responsible risks. Community - We strive to help and improve our community by supporting theCounty’s mission to provide Safety Net Services. Diversity - We welcome, respect and honor the diversity of our employees,customers and community. Excellence - We strive for excellence in all we do, encourage friendly competitionand hold ourselves accountable for delivering the best technical solutions andservices possible. Life-Long Learners - We are continuous learners who are curious and self-motivatedto pursue knowledge and keep abreast of the latest advancements in our industry. Fun - We find value in humor and celebrate achievement.18


OUR OPERATING ytime,Any deviceHigh QualityDeliveryPartnershipSustainabilityCulture of Innovationand Creativity20

OUR FOCUS AREASCounty AlignmentIT objectives and priorities based onCounty-wide 10x goals and valuesProgressive TechnologySustain a scalable, flexible andprogressive technology footprintTalent and InnovationTechnology RationalizationAttract, develop and retain optimal talentto drive innovationRight-size systems and infrastructureTechnology StandardsCybersecurityEnsure that technology products andservices are deployed most effectively tomeet County business needs andobjectivesEnsure secure and protected computersystems in an increasingly turbulentenvironmentInformationDigital ExperienceCounty data that is secure andaccessible from any device at any timeDeliver a “user friendly” and reliabledigital customer experience21

OUR ALIGNMENT WITH VISION 2026ITD Operating PrinciplesPartnershipSustainabilityCulture of Innovation and CreativityHigh Quality DeliveryAnywhere, Anytime, Any DeviceFinancial AccountabilityValuesITD Focus AreasCounty AlignmentTalent and InnovationTechnology StandardsInformationProgressive TechnologyCybersecurityDigital ExperienceTechnology Rationalization22


SWOT Knowledge of business processes andrequirements Expertise in Digital Services (video, mobile andopen data) Ability to learn new technologies to buildinnovative and modern systems Computing and server technology expertise Relational database technologies Citizen Engagement Increased partnership with County Departments Culture is a highly skilled, “can-do” andinnovative Cyberattacks – risk to County data andcomputing resources Pace of technical innovation Retaining valued employees Aging population in Alameda County High cost of living New legislative initiatives that negativelyimpact ITD Outdated technology Traffic and congestion Increase in virtual services and remote workStrengthsSTThreatsWeaknessesWOOpportunities Lack of standard service delivery processes Inadequate actionable metrics Inconsistent value derived from ITinvestments Inadequate staffing to fully protect Countycomputer assets Less than optimal Asset Management forsoftware and hardware Commodity services not centralized Disaster recovery procedures Efficiencies gained by centralization of ITcommodity services Partnership with other counties to share skills,process, systems and best practices Some technology costs are decreasing andmore accessible Proximity to Silicon Valley allows us toleverage technology innovation and talent Technology will enable County initiatives forcommunity outreach programs Increasingly diverse workforce Post-pandemic changes in technology andculture.24



OUR TALENT AND OUR TALENT PROCESSOur Differentiators:High Performance Team: 95% of all projects led internally by highlyskilled staffCommunity Focus: 32% women73% diverse backgroundOur Goal Progress: AttractRecruit Build and maintain a highperformance team that isskilled and adaptable tochanging technologies Tech-Savvy Socially conscious Start-up Culture Modern workspace Post broadly and leveragesocial media Network with industry andCounty forums Leverage Student Internprogram Onboard quicklyRetainDevelopAssess Provide a Career path Practice Herzberg Celebrate success Encourage CommunityService Participate in Fun Fridays Training plans Stretch opportunities Participate in technicalforums and conferences Participate in CommunityEngagement Performance Evaluation Leadership Assessment New technology skills gapStaffed COVID-19 Vaccination SitesSchool Supplies DriveStudent Intern ProgramCombined Charities ( 13,446 pledged in2021, up from 11,351)Diversity – New Hires: PlanVoluntary attrition stayed low at to 7%Several managers completed leadershiptrainingCreated New Manager Training Program andStay Interview ProgramTransition Succession planning Knowledge sharing Training27


ITD ENTERPRISE PROGRAMS Enterprise Architecture Radio Systems Cloud Strategy andRoadmap Cybersecurity Unified Communications Digital Transformation Data Initiatives Hybrid Workplace Organizational Realignment Virtual First Data Center Reinvention ERP Enhancements Website Accessibility and SelfService Digital Transactions GIS Capabilities Criminal Justice Roadmap SSA Initiatives Property Roadmap29

TIMELINE FOR ENTERPRISE PROGRAMSHybrid WorkplaceVirtual FirstGIS ExpansionDigital TransformationCloud Strategy & RoadmapProperty RoadmapEnterprise ArchitectureDigital TransactionsData InitiativeOrganizational RealignmentCybersecurity FrameworkData Center ReinventionSSA Initiatives20192024202220202021Modern WorkspaceCross-Agency Radio SystemsWebsite Accessibility andSelf ServiceCriminal Justice RoadmapERP Enhancements2023Unified CommunicationEnterprise Application ProgramsTransformation ProgramsArchitecture For The FutureCustomer Experience30


ITD PROGRAMS LINKED TO VISION 2026 10X GOALSLower Effort, Higher RiskHigher Effort, Higher RiskLegend – Linkage to V2026 10X GoalsDataInitiativesCloudStrategy &RoadmapEliminate Poverty and HungerUnifiedCommunicationAccessible InfrastructureCrime Free CountyData CenterReinventionVirtual FirstProgram WebsiteAccessibilityand SelfServiceERPGISEnhancements CapabilitiesLower Effort, Lower RiskDigitalTransformationProgram eLower Effort, Higher Risk32



ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE – ACTION OPPORTUNITIESCall To Action #1: Rapid and transformational impact of new technologies Transformational roadmaps and architecturesOptimized systems development processesRetirement of aged solutions and platformsCall To Action #2: County-wide expectations for universal access and service delivery Device-independent applicationsExpanded connectivityLocation-independent security designVirtual FirstCall To Action #3: Ongoing need to reduce “carbon footprint” andbe “green” in all we doSTRATEGY Modernized and consolidated Data Centers “Green” work including Digital Business InitiativesGAPEXECUTION35

ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE – ACTION OPPORTUNITIESCall To Action #4: Infrastructure that is forward looking, efficient and cost effective Hybrid cloud architecture and strategyLeverage rapidly evolving as-a-service offeringsHyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) architecturesCall To Action #5: Proven, flexible, dynamic Cybersecurity strategy and framework County-wide Cybersecurity standards and policiesComprehensive person-based authentication and access controlCall To Action #6: Delivery and quality processes are robust, customercentric and dependable Customer-centric endpoint management strategiesStandard architecture, development, and deliveryComprehensive monitoring and fault predictionSTRATEGYGAPEXECUTION36


User Experience andService DeliveryCore ApplicationsFinanceAdministrationHuman ResourcesAnalyticsPropertyBudgetRegistrar of VotersCriminal JusticeSocial ServicesDigital BusinessData ManagementProcess and Program GovernanceShared Services Provided By County / ITDCollaboration &ProductivityApplication IntegrationData IntegrationHybridInfrastructureData and GIS ServicesPlatformApplicationDataData HubsCore Infrastructure ServicesCommon ToolsEndpointStorageComputeMediaNetworkingVoice, RadioSystems OperationsOn-premisesCybersecuritySecure Access Any Time, Any Place, Any DeviceEmployees, OfficialsIDENTITY MANAGMENTPlanning, Budget, and ArchitectureOffice/365Microsoft CloudAzure, AWSConnectivityVirtualFirstServicesCustomer Service and Endpoint ManagementCommunitySecurityDistributed Services Provided By DepartmentsVendors, State & OtherGovernment ServicesDepartmentalDataCybersecurity and connectivity boundariesApplicationsBusinessProcessesCloud providersInfrastructure as a Service (IaaS)Technology Policies and StandardsCounty-vendorCounty-outside worldVendor-outside world38


OUR PROCESSESImprovementProcess1 - Ad Hoc2 – Managed3 – Integrated4 - OptimizedFoster partnership with departments to enable effective use of IT resources and assetsSecure optimal value from IT-enabled initiatives, services and assetsAchieve business innovation and improved operational effectiveness via technologyDeliver IT services as planned; service levels are measured and communicatedEnsure that unplanned outages for IT servicesC are detected, prevented and managedAccount for all IT assets and optimize the value provided by these assetsAEnsure that IT-related risk does not exceed risk tolerance; risk is identified and managedEnsure scope, schedule and budget for IT services and projectsEnsure that a vendor management process is in place and managedEnsure engagement and advocacy for Vision 2026 and ITD Strategic PlanCurrent process maturity levelFuture process maturity level40


OUR MEASURESCustomerServiceProject ss% Abandonment Rate# Calls Answered% Scope/Schedule/Budget% Availability% Employees Trained% Phishing ManagementData InitiativeDigitalBusinessDigitalTransformation% Evaluations Completed# of Refreshed Datasets# of PowerBI Users# of Envelopes# of Salesforce Users% Current Windows 10# Trusted/Untrusted r beautiful the strategy, you should occasionallylook at the results.”— Sir Winston Churchill42



OUR ANNUAL STRATEGIC PLAN UPDATE PROCESSAssessPrior Year mentalRevise ProjectList Alignment toVision 2026Funding/BudgetSubmissionAssessCritical ProcessMaturityProjectsUpdate Plan YearUpdateEnterpriseArchitectureUpdateSWOT at EMMRevised Plan45


ASSUMPTIONSVision 2026 serves as the overarching guidepost for all our initiatives.The Enterprise Architecture is foundational to the County’s success.Our team is a high performing technology team with exceptionalknowledge, skills and abilities.The Board of Supervisors and County Administrator guide us as wedeliver technology solutions that meets the County’s needs.Our partnership with County Agencies and Departments, thecommunity and vendors is key to delivering exceptional technologyservices.47

OUR PATH TO TRANSFORMATIONFoundationImprove Outstanding Customer Service Anywhere, anytime, any device Architecture Roadmap Enhanced security monitoring Employee Retention Program Expanded self- service for Enterpriseapplications Web enablement Cybersecurity Standard MetricsOptimize Modernization programs founded onstandard enterprise architecture Data integration and access Project valuation and measurement Hyper converged infrastructure End-Point ManagementTransform County-wide digital transformation Enterprise systems modernization Seamless access to information484848

"Strategy is not the consequence of planning, but the opposite:it’s a starting point."― Henry Mintzberg494949

Architecture Alignment Culture. ITD . STRATEGIC. PLAN. ITD STRATEGY Redefine Vision, Mission and Values Operating Principles 5-Year Focus Areas Enterprise Reference Architecture Enterprise Programs Process Improvement Initiatives Measurements and Analysis THE ROADMAP. FUTURE ROADMAP Project Roadmap .