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An Outstanding CareerOpportunityThe City of Santa Barbara is seeking adynamic and engaging Police Chief tolead during a period of immense changeand opportunity. As Chief, you can leadthe City in building an innovative andcommunity-connected police facilityand help stand-up civilian oversight ina way that increases accountability andshowcases the good work of the policedepartment.Santa Barbara Police ChiefPage 2

The Santa Barbara CommunityIdyllically located on the central California coast, Santa Barbara (Spanishfor “Saint Barbara”) is the county seat of Santa Barbara County. The Citycomprises a total of 21 square miles, with a culturally diverse population ofapproximately 92,000, and enjoys a nearly perfect climate year-round. Visitorsand residents alike have an abundance of world-class shopping, dining, resortaccommodations, and miles of beautiful pristine beaches and coastline tochoose from. In addition, the region offers a variety of amenities that arehighly attractive to those with an active lifestyle. Residents and visitors canenjoy jogging, bike riding, rollerblading, or just taking a leisurely stroll alongthe numerous pathways, wharf, and harbor. You may also choose to takeadvantage of the opportunity to go kayaking, boating, sport fishing, or whalewatching in the area’s scenic harbor.Santa Barbara is home to such iconic attractions as the Mission SantaBarbara, the Santa Barbara Zoo, Stearns Wharf, the Botanic Gardens, andbeautiful Shoreline Park. It is also home to many of the country’s great artists,winemakers, and chefs. To add to this tremendous lifestyle and superb qualityof life, the City offers numerous parks and championship golf courses.With Santa Barbara and the immediate adjacent area serving as home toseveral colleges and universities, educational opportunities are in abundance.They include the acclaimed research institution University of California, SantaBarbara, Westmont College, Antioch University, Santa Barbara City College,as well as several graduate and trade schools. Santa Barbara Airport isconveniently located for travelers and commuters, and bus and rail systemsoffer transportation options that help to further enhance the area’s quality oflife.In Santa Barbara, each day begins and ends in a near-perfect climate andunparalleled natural beauty.With its spectacular mountains, sparkling blueocean, incredible landscapes, mission style architecture, and year-roundsunny weather, it is no wonder Santa Barbara is one of the most beautifulplaces to live and work and is often referred to as “the American Riviera”.Santa Barbara Police ChiefPage 3

City GovernmentSanta Barbara is managed by the Council/CityAdministrator form of government. City governmentservices are provided by fourteen departments: CityAdministrator, City Attorney, Airport, CommunityDevelopment, Finance, Fire, Human Resources,Information Technology, Library, Parks and Recreation,Police, Public Works, Sustainability and Resilience, andWaterfront. The City Administrator is also the appointedCity Clerk/Treasurer. Santa Barbara has 1,096 fulltime equivalent employees, an Operating Budget ofapproximately 139.6 million for Fiscal Year 2021, andeight recognized bargaining units. The seven-memberCity Council is elected by district except the Mayor,who is elected at-large.Santa Barbara PoliceDepartmentThe Santa Barbara Police Department providespolicing services to the City with an annual budgetof 44.7 million and 210 employees, including 142sworn officers. The Department is organized intwo major divisions with one Captain overseeingField Operations and another Captain overseeingOperations & Personnel, Internal Operations andCriminal Investigations. Other direct reports to thePolice Chief include an administrative assistant anda Lieutenant overseeing Professional Standards.Santa Barbara Police ChiefThe Department provides the full slate of municipalpolicing services, including a 911 communicationscenter, parking enforcement, and animal control.Robust capabilities include a number of specializedpersonnel and units. An organizational chart isavailable at: (Police Department Org Chart).Page 4

Mission StatementThe mission of the Santa Barbara PoliceDepartment is to provide for the public safetythrough the philosophy of community-orientedpolicing. It is to protect and serve our communitywhere all people can live in peace without fearof crime. It is to ensure a professional qualityof service and accountability to the citizens ofSanta Barbara and to all who should call uponour service.Santa Barbara Police ChiefPage 5

The Ideal CandidateThe selected candidate for the next Police Chief will: Seek collaborative approaches to issues. Most all problems in Santa Barbara require the collectiveefforts of city and community organizations. Embrace civilian oversight and promote its acceptance and benefits to the community and the department. Have a proven track record of using collaborative strategies to address complex issues such as mentalhealth and homelessness. Have strong budget skills, as well as the ability to marshal grants and other external funding to supportthe Police Department’s operations and improved use of technology. Be able to connect to people from all backgrounds. Santa Barbara is highly diverse in many manners,including concentrations of wealth and poverty. The next Chief should be a bridge builder acrosscommunities and be comfortable interacting with all people. The ability to speak Spanish is a significantplus. Be able to balance the needs of the Department, the community, and the broader City organization. TheChief should be able to help others see and understand other perspectives and bring people togetherbehind common goals and solutions. Strong communication skills are essential. With a strong bench of talented officers and staff, the next Chief will continue to build a spirit ofteamwork and common purpose while advancing the Department toward higher use of evidence-basedpolicing and innovative practices. Honor and grow the strong organizational culture of the department that helps attract and retain officersand employees. The Police Department has real opportunities to build a stronger recruitment pipelineto hire local residents. This will help ensure the Department’s demographic mirrors the community andhelp overcome the challenges related to housing costs.Santa Barbara Police ChiefPage 6

Opportunities and ChallengesThe next Police Chief will be presented with a number of foreseeable challenges andopportunities: The national conversation on transforming policing will present opportunities forthe next Chief to engage in community conversations and build support for thefuture of policing in Santa Barbara. These community dialogues and collaborationswill provide the needed focus on improving equity and social justice in SantaBarbara. The next Police Chief will have an incredible opportunity to lead the Departmentas the City designs and constructs a new police facility. The new facility will breakfrom norms in design by having an emphasis on building bridges between thepolice and community. Approximately five years from completion, the next PoliceChief will need to play a strong leadership role in this effort. Santa Barbara’s endless beauty and limited growth opportunities translate to a highcost of living that creates significant recruitment challenges for both sworn andnon-sworn professional staff. Few employees can afford to live in the community,and many commute significant distances, but a strong compensation and winningculture help retain good employees. Recruitment will be an ongoing challenge forthe foreseeable future. With an economy heavily fueled by tourism, the pandemic has affected the City’sbudget. The next Police Chief will likely need to address lingering impacts on theCity’s budget, and ensure the Department is adequately resourced in the longterm. Like many cities, especially on the West Coast, homelessness is a significant issuein Santa Barbara that requires extensive collaboration with other City departmentsand community organizations. The City’s libraries and parks are especially impactedso close partnerships with those departments are critical. Ongoing conversationsabout how to best align resources in a collaborative way to address the issue willneed to be among the next Chief’s priorities. Santa Barbara’s stunning natural beauty belies the ever-present extreme hazards,including wildfires, flooding and debris flows. The Santa Barbara Police Departmentplays a critical role in the region’s emergency responses.Santa Barbara Police ChiefPage 7

QualificationsAny combination of experience and training that wouldlikely provide the required knowledge and abilities isqualifying. A typical way to obtain the knowledge andabilities would be:Education: A Bachelor’s degree with major courseworkin criminal justice, public administration, or a relatedfield. A Master’s degree is highly desirable, as are topleadership programs such as the FBI National Academy,Senior Management Institute for Police (SMIP), orCommand College.Experience: At least ten years of progressively responsibleexperience in municipal policing, including at least fiveor more of these years in a management capacity. Aproven track record in community engagement andbridge building is highly desirable.Santa Barbara Police ChiefPage 8

Compensation and BenefitsThe successful candidate will be offered a competitive salary with an outstanding benefits package. Thecurrent range is 192,343 - 233,795 annually. The starting salary extended to the selected candidatewill reflect the candidate’s work experience and track record of career success.The City of Santa Barbara offers an outstanding benefits package, including:Retirement: CalPERS: “Classic” members 3%@ 50, employee contributes 9%. “New” members 2.7% @57, employee contributes 13.5%.Health Insurance: Insurance includes medical, dental, and vision benefits available under a Cafeteria 125Plan. The employee receives an annual allotment of 20,616 ( 1,718 monthly). If the allotted amount isnot fully utilized for benefits coverage, the employee will receive the remaining balance in “cash back.”Vacation: Accrued at the rate of 160 hours per year, credit for prior public service will be considered.Sick Leave: Accrued at the rate of 96 hours per year, credit for prior public service will be considered.Management Leave: 40 hours per year each July 1st (pro-rated the first year).Personal Leave: 32 hours per year each July 1st (pro-rated the first year).Holidays: 10 paid holidays (80 hours) per calendar year.Deferred Compensation: 457 Savings Plans are available.Car Allowance: Monthly allowance of 604 (depending on annual adjustments for cost of living).Life Insurance: Provided equal to one-year salary.Employee Assistance Program (EAP): A City-paid Employee Assistance Program is available for employeesand family members.Relocation: The City will assist with a portion of the moving expenses and housing if the candidateneeds to relocate to the Santa Barbara/South Coast region. The City is a member of the Coastal HousingPartnership which offers home loan assistance and rental reductions.Questions regarding more specific details of the compensation package may be directed to Ralph Andersen& Associates.Santa Barbara Police ChiefPage 9

The Selection ProcessTo be considered, candidates must submit a compelling cover letter and resume Candidates are strongly encouraged to apply early in the process for optimalconsideration. The closing date for this position is Tuesday, July 6, 2021.Ralph Andersen & Associates will conduct the initial evaluation of submitted materials to determine the bestoverall match with the established criteria as outlined in this recruitment profile. The selection process mayalso involve a supplemental questionnaire. Only a select group of highly qualified candidates will be invitedto interview. It is anticipated that the new Police Chief will join the City in September or at a mutuallyagreeable date.Confidential inquiries are welcomed to Chief Greg Nelson (ret.) or Chief Bryan Noblett (ret.) at916-630-4900.Santa Barbara Police ChiefPage 10

The City of Santa Barbara is anEqual Opportunity Employersantabarbaraca.govSanta Barbara Police ChiefPage 11

With Santa Barbara and the immediate adjacent area serving as home to several colleges and universities, educational opportunities are in abundance. They include the acclaimed research institution University of California, Santa Barbara, Westmont College, Antioch University, Santa Barbara City College, as well as several graduate and trade schools.