Tulsa Zoning Code


TulsaZoningCodeAdopted November 05, 2015Effective January 01, 2016As amended and effective December 24, 2021

Title 42 Tulsa Revised OrdinancesZoning and Property RestrictionsChapter 1 Introductory Provisions . 1-1Chapter 5 Residential Districts . 5-1Chapter 10 Mixed-use Districts .10-1Chapter 15 Office, Commercial and Industrial Districts .15-1Chapter 20 Overlay Districts .20-1Chapter 25 Special Districts .25-1Chapter 30 Legacy Districts .30-1Chapter 35 Building Types and Use Categories.35-1Chapter 40 Supplemental Use and Building Regulations .40-1Chapter 45 Accessory Uses and Structures .45-1Chapter 50 Temporary Uses .50-1Chapter 55 Parking .55-1Chapter 60 Signs .60-1Chapter 65 Landscaping and Screening .65-1Chapter 67 Outdoor Lighting .67-1Chapter 70 Review and Approval Procedures .70-1Chapter 75 Administration .75-1Chapter 80 Nonconformities .80-1Chapter 85 Violations, Penalties and Enforcement .85-1Chapter 90 Measurements .90-1Chapter 95 Definitions .95-1Appendix . A-1Expanded table of contents begins on following page TULSA ZONING CODE December 24 , 2021page i

Detailed ContentsTulsa Zoning Code. iChapter 1 Introductory Provisions . 1-1Section 1.010Title . 1-1Section 1.020Authority . 1-1Section 1.030Effective Date. 1-1Section 1.040Applicability and Jurisdiction . 1-1Section 1.050Purposes . 1-1Section 1.060Minimum Requirements . 1-1Section 1.070Compliance Required . 1-2Section 1.080Conflicting Provisions . 1-2Section 1.090Rules of Language and Construction . 1-2Section 1.100Zoning Map . 1-4Section 1.110Transitional Provisions . 1-6Section 1.120Severability . 1-8Chapter 5 Residential Districts . 5-1Section 5.010Districts . 5-1Section 5.020Use Regulations . 5-1Section 5.030Lot and Building Regulations. 5-4Section 5.040Other Relevant Regulations . 5-6Chapter 10 Mixed-use Districts .10-1Section 10.010General . 10-1Section 10.020Use Regulations . 10-2Section 10.030Character Designations . 10-5Section 10.040Height Designations . 10-12Section 10.050Other Relevant Regulations . 10-14Chapter 15 Office, Commercial and Industrial Districts .15-1Section 15.010Districts . 15-1Section 15.020Use Regulations . 15-3Section 15.030Lot and Building Regulations. 15-7Section 15.040Other Relevant Regulations . 15-10Chapter 20 Overlay Districts .20-1Section 20.010General . 20-1Section 20.020HP, Historic Preservation Overlays . 20-3Section 20.030SA, Special Area Overlays . 20-3Section 20.040PI, Parking Impact Overlay . 20-4Section 20.050RDO, River Design Overlays . 20-5Section 20.060HNO, Healthy Neighborhoods Overlay . 20-20Section 20.070Route 66 Overlay. 20-22Section 20.080NIO, Neighborhood Infill Overlay . 20-24Chapter 25 Special Districts .25-1Section 25.010General . 25-1Section 25.020AG, Agricultural District and AG-R, Agricultural-Residential District. 25-1Section 25.030PK, Parking District. 25-4TULSA ZONING CODE December 24 , 2021page iii

Detailed ContentsSection 25.040Section 25.050Section 25.060Section 25.070CO, Corridor District . 25-5SR, Scientific Research District . 25-10IMX, Institutional Mixed-Use. 25-12MPD, Master Planned Development District . 25-20Chapter 30 Legacy Districts .30-1Section 30.010PUD, Planned Unit Development (Legacy) District . 30-1Section 30.020CDP, Community Development Projects . 30-7Chapter 35 Building Types and Use Categories.35-1Section 35.010Building Types . 35-1Section 35.020Use Categories Generally . 35-6Section 35.030Residential Use Category . 35-8Section 35.040Public, Civic and Institutional Use Category . 35-9Section 35.050Commercial Use Category . 35-12Section 35.060Wholesale, Distribution & Storage Use Category . 35-21Section 35.070Industrial Use Category . 35-22Section 35.080Recycling Use Category . 35-24Section 35.090Agricultural Use Category . 35-24Section 35.100Other Use Category . 35-25Chapter 40 Supplemental Use and Building Regulations .40-1Section 40.010General . 40-2Section 40.020Animal Services . 40-2Section 40.030Apartments/Condos . 40-2Section 40.040Assembly and Entertainment . 40-2Section 40.050Bars . 40-2Section 40.060Bed and Breakfasts . 40-4Section 40.070Colleges, Universities and Hospitals . 40-4Section 40.080Commercial Services . 40-5Section 40.090Community Garden and Farm, Market or Community Supported . 40-5Section 40.100Community Group Homes. 40-5Section 40.110Cottage House Developments . 40-7Section 40.120Day Cares . 40-9Section 40.130Dispersal Standards for Specified Land Uses . 40-9Section 40.140Fraternal Organizations . 40-9Section 40.150Funeral Homes . 40-9Section 40.160Group Living Uses . 40-9Section 40.170Hotel or Motel . 40-10Section 40.180Industrial Uses. 40-10Section 40.190Junk or Salvage Yards . 40-10Section 40.200Library or Cultural Exhibit . 40-11Section 40.210Manufactured Housing Units . 40-11Section 40.220Manufactured Housing Subdivisions . 40-12Section 40.225Medical Marijuana Uses . 40-12Section 40.230Mining or Mineral Processing . 40-13Section 40.240Mobile Home Parks . 40-13Section 40.250Multi-unit Houses. 40-14Section 40.260Offices. 40-14Section 40.270Oil or Gas Wells . 40-15Section 40.280Parking Structures . 40-15TULSA ZONING CODE December 24 , 2021page iv

Detailed ContentsSection 40.290Section 40.300Section 40.310Section 40.320Section 40.330Section 40.340Section 40.350Section 40.360Section 40.370Section 40.375Section 40.380Section 40.390Section 40.400Section 40.410Section 40.420Patio Houses . 40-15Plasma Centers, Day Labor, Package Stores, Bail Bonds, Pawn Shops . 40-16Recycling Uses . 40-17Religious Assembly . 40-17Restaurants. 40-18Retail Sales . 40-18Schools . 40-19Self-Service Storage Facilities . 40-19Sexually Oriented Business Establishments . 40-21Short-Term Rental. 40-22Studios, Artist or Instructional Services . 40-23Townhouses . 40-23Vehicle Sales and Service . 40-23Wholesale, Distribution & Storage Uses . 40-23Wireless Communication Facilities . 40-23Chapter 45 Accessory Uses and Structures .45-1Section 45.010Generally Applicable Regulations . 45-1Section 45.020Accessory Antennas. 45-2Section 45.030Accessory Buildings and Carports in R Districts . 45-3Section 45.031ADU, Accessory Dwelling Units in R, AG, and AG-R Districts . 45-3Section 45.040Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Refueling Appliances . 45-5Section 45.050Dumpsters . 45-5Section 45.051Recyclable Material Bins/Donation Bins . 45-6Section 45.060Electric Vehicle Charging Stations . 45-7Section 45.070Family Child Care Homes . 45-7Section 45.080Fences and Walls. 45-8Section 45.090Geothermal Heat Exchange Systems . 45-9Section 45.100Home Occupations . 45-9Section 45.110Alcoholic Beverage Sales and Service . 45-12Section 45.120Office Support Service . 45-12Section 45.130Parking and Storage of Commercial Vehicles . 45-13Section 45.140Parking and Storage of Inoperable or Unlicensed Motor Vehicles . 45-13Section 45.150Parking and Storage of Recreational Vehicles . 45-14Section 45.160Residential Support Service . 45-15Section 45.170Rooming Units . 45-15Section 45.180Satellite Dish Antennas . 45-15Section 45.185Short-Term Rental – Accessory . 45-16Section 45.190Solar Energy Systems . 45-16Section 45.200Small Wind Energy Conversion Systems . 45-17Chapter 50 Temporary Uses .50-1Section 50.010Description and Purpose . 50-1Section 50.020Authority to Approve . 50-1Section 50.030Authorized Uses . 50-1Section 50.040General Procedure. 50-3Section 50.050Exemptions . 50-4Chapter 55 Parking .55-1Section 55.010General . 55-1Section 55.020Minimum Parking Ratios . 55-2TULSA ZONING CODE December 24 , 2021page v

Detailed ContentsSection 55.030Section 55.040Section 55.050Section 55.060Section 55.070Section 55.080Section 55.090Section 55.100Section 55.110Section 55.120Section 55.130Maximum Parking Ratio for Large Retail Uses . 55-9Calculation of Required Parking . 55-9Parking Exemptions and Credits . 55-10Bicycle Parking. 55-13Use of Off-Street Parking Areas . 55-16Location of Off-Street Parking . 55-16Parking Area Design . 55-18Stacking Spaces for Drive-through Facilities . 55-22Accessible Parking for People with Disabilities . 55-23Loading . 55-23Pedestrian Circulation . 55-23Chapter 60 Signs .60-1Section 60.010General . 60-1Section 60.020Prohibited Signs and Sign Characteristics . 60-2Section 60.030Sign Exceptions . 60-3Section 60.040Sign Regulations of General Applicability . 60-6Section 60.050Signs in R, AG, and AG-R Zoning Districts . 60-7Section 60.060Signs in Office Zoning Districts. 60-8Section 60.070Signs in SR Zoning Districts. 60-9Section 60.080Signs in Mixed-use, Commercial and Industrial Zoning Districts . 60-11Section 60.090Signs in Special Districts . 60-15Section 60.100Dynamic Displays . 60-19Section 60.110Administration. 60-20Section 60.120Nonconforming Signs . 60-20Section 60.130Rules of Measurement . 60-20Chapter 65 Landscaping and Screening .65-1Section 65.010Purposes . 65-1Section 65.020Principles . 65-1Section 65.030Applicability . 65-2Section 65.040Street Trees. 65-2Section 65.050Interior Parking Lot Landscaping . 65-4Section 65.060Vehicular Use Area Buffers . 65-6Section 65.070Screening . 65-8Section 65.080Landscape and Screening Material . 65-11Section 65.090Landscape Installation, Irrigation and Maintenance . 65-14Section 65.100Landscape Plans . 65-16Chapter 67 Outdoor Lighting .67-1Section 67.010Purposes . 67-1Section 67.020Applicability and Exemptions . 67-1Section 67.030General Standards . 67-2Section 67.040Lighting Plans . 67-3Section 67.050Measurement of Illumination. 67-4Chapter 70 Review and Approval Procedures .70-1Section 70.010Common Provisions . 70-1Section 70.020Zoning Code Text Amendments . 70-7Section 70.030Zoning Map Amendments (Rezonings) . 70-8Section 70.040Development Plans. 70-11Section 70.050Site Plans . 70-15TULSA ZONING CODE December 24 , 2021page vi

Detailed ContentsSection 70.060Section 70.070Section 70.080Section 70.090Section 70.100Section 70.110Section 70.120Section 70.130Section 70.140Historic Preservation (HP) Zoning Map Amendments . 70-16HP Permits . 70-20Zoning Clearance and Permits . 70-23Interpretations of Zoning Code, Zoning Map, and Approved Development Plans andSite Plans .

Tulsa Zoning Code Adopted November 05, 2015 Effective January 01, 2016 As amended and effective December 24, 2021